REVIEW – North By North Wales Mini Egg Festival @ Skerries, Bangor

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(review by neil crud / pix by michael yaw dally)

I love these kind of events – a hat full of bands, each playing half an hour, therefore not outstaying their welcome, indoors, friendly atmosphere and most importantly – on my doorstep. An hour before soundcheck I was at home making a stir-fry, whereas usually when doing a gig I’d be stuck behind some arse on a motorway or hanging around waiting for the stage doors to be unlocked or the soundman to turn up. Not here… With Kyle Lee in charge of logistics, everything runs like clockwork.

Braxton Hicks – Gone Fishing (new video)

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Taken off Braxton Hicks forthcoming 2nd EP ‘Johnny’s Bench’ (on link2wales records), Gone Fishin’ is a tribute to Johnny Williams…

Johnny Williams

Arcade Avenue, His Finest Hour, What The Dickens? & Braxton Hicks @ Bar Uno, Bangor.

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(review by CombiChris Markwell. pix by neil crud / philip milton)

Bar Uno is a student bar located directly inside the Ffriddoedd campus, and tonight the weekly Christian Union meeting have some special guests: four bands, in fact. Lucky them, I say: Bangor needs a place where the local music scene can ply their trade, and this should be the perfect place. Hallelujah!

Vegetarian Christian Students Against The Bomb

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Ha! Browsing the menu at Bangor University I discovered the Welsh word for Burgers is Byrgyrs… I’m not sure what I expected it to be, nor have I ever had the need to order a byrgyr in the Welsh tongue. Anyway, Joe opted for sgoldion a byrgyr and I took advantage of these cut student prices and tucked into a burrito, vowing to someday soon give up meat altogether. John Lydon once said cows are stupid and deserve to be eaten, but it turns out they’re cleverer than we gave them credit for, nudging their horse cousins into the abattoir and ultimately the UK food chain.

We Went Fishin’

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Johnny WilliamsIt was cold on the promenade in Old Colwyn, the fishermen lined up in thermals, hoods and gloves gave it away as Gwion and myself pulled up alongside Johnny’s Bench.
‘I bet they didn’t get body paint, I bet it was car spray.’ I muttered as we climbed out of the car. My reference was to spraying our hands orange, paying homage to one of the madcap things Johnny used to do, simply for a laugh.
The days when this gang of punks lived carefree lives, throwing each about and throwing up at The Dudley Arms have long gone, some have grown up, some have moved away, some have had kids, some have to work, some have fallen out big time and some have died. This is why Joe organised this day to shoot a video for Braxton Hicks‘ next single Gone Fishing which is, of course about Johnny, he who died six years ago after a night out in Manchester.
It would’ve been brilliant to have had everyone there, the whole gang there, but, like I’ve just said… Those days have long gone.