GIG REVIEW – Vermin Suicides, Braxton Hicks, Toby Parker & The Suitcase @ Mello Mello, Liverpool

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(review n pix neil crud / pix by phil newall)
Vermin Suicides
The good thing about playing in a ‘regular gigging’ band is you get to play with and see some ace bands, and sometimes even get paid for the pleasure.
Tonight, was a pleasure, and hey! We even got some petrol money (which really fucks up my diesel engine!).

GIG BLOG – Addicted To Fish, Braxton Hicks @ Blue Sky Cafe, Bangor

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(review by neil crud) (pix by combi chris, crud and david caleb lee)
Addicted To Fish
Old Bangor punk tarmac grinders of yore Anhrefn were a political band. Political in the sense they had social politics to spread, in a sense, like Crass had a message of goodwill to all others to spread while despising the system we/they had to bow to.
Anhrefn’s aims were clear, they knew that they could preach to the converted until their rugged faces turned blue and those disciples would go home happy after their dose of Anhrefn and play their records ad nauseum.

GIG REVIEW – ArtisFiction, Inferno, Braxton Hicks, Atlas Will Atone @ Railway Club, Holyhead

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(review n pix by neil crud)

Like I said about Rob Talbot, the promoter at Preston, the same can be said for James Rozzy in Holyhead. These people are essential to a scene or the scene. Without them there’s no hub. And although sometimes venues are shortlived, people like James will seek out new halls for new civilisations. Bands, punters, venues and scenes come and go, but some promoters live forever, just take a look at Steve Rastin in Rhyl, he’s 97 and still putting on gigs!

UPDATED NEWS – Braxton Hicks / RT Zed on cover CD of Vive Le Rock

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bRAXTON Hicks Preston2
Colwyn Bay / Bangor punk band Braxton Hicks are featured on the cover CD of this month’s Vive Le Rock magazine, alongside the likes of Killing Joke and Wilco Johnson. Available from WH Smiths and other good newsagents, the magazine has a print run of 15,000 and specialises in punk, garage, primal rock’n’roll, new wave and 80s hardcore.
Braxton Hicks track is Never Kill Yourself taken off their debut EP of the same title and is described by Vive Le Rock as ‘a slightly unhinged collision of The Minutemen and Snuff.’ – On hearing the description, mainman, Joe Hovis said, ‘Two fucking ace bands, one of which is quintessentially British which is a bonus.’
The band are soon to release their follow up ‘The Bench EP’ on link2wales records, and plans are afoot for the label to reissue ‘Never Kill Yourself EP’ which has now sold out. There is also a debut album planned for release in September…
Click CD Cover for more info…

By a strange twist of coincidental fate, this CD also features Steve Grantley’s band RT-Zed Steve is Stiff Little Fingers drummer and RT-Zed’s guitarist is Rhyl exile Steve Jones (pic 3rd right), who often shared a stage or two in Sons of Selina with Braxton Hicks’ bassist Neil Crud.
RT-Zed will be releasing their debut album Zed Hed on May 1st – more info here

GIG REVIEW – Goldblade, Evil Blizzard, Braxton Hicks @ The Continental, Preston

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(review n pix by neil crud)

So you’ve been to school for a year or two and you know you’ve seen it all… We were having a bit of a Jellofeast in the tour bus as we fitted and spluttered up the motorways towards Preston, and despite not playing (or singing to) the said Holiday in Cambodia, that line hits the snail firmly on the head, squashing it into the pavement. I had thought I’d seen it all and yet Evil Blizzard took it all to another (sub) level, and this is coming from someone who’s watched Klaus Kinski perform a live orgy, Green Minge stain the reputation of live music, Anti-Nowhere League in their 1981 prime and Dave Cox standing on the edge of the stage taking a piss into the crowd during a Stuntface gig.
No… this was a spectacle, a jaw dropper, an OMFG experience. Louder Than War’s Phil Newall said, ‘Evil Blizzard were a truly mind altering insanity; four bass players (at one point 5 when some other bloke joined them), a singing drummer, alien masks, rivers of dry ice and sheets of doom rock collides with Hawkwind played at dangerous volumes!!’
I’ll be back to them in a bit…