Bolshy, Bonzai Massacre, Sleep Beggar, Maines @ Comrades Club, Conwy

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Sleep Beggar Conwy1

Wow! What a great gig… The second of such at the Comrades Club, tucked within the medieval walls of Conwy. And what a great turnout..! When you consider that a lot of bands end up playing to the other bands on the bill (if they haven’t gone home straight after their own set), then tonight shows people do exist and we can all have a great time!

Bonzai Massacre, Nexxus Empire @ The North, Rhyl

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‘Download and Leeds Festivals always kill our crowds.’ Promoter Steve Rastin muttered surveying the spaces in between people on this Thursday night in Rhyl. It’s good in a way, as he at least knows his type of audience, and the average age of them (ie; young).
Those of us present were here to pay homage to the industrial psuedo goth and just plain odd but good that was on display tonight.

Bonzai Massacre, Emissaries Of Syn, Los Muchachos, Ugly Fashion @ Comrades Club, Conwy

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MWJ Bomber
What a great night..! It was the EP launch for Emissaries Of Syn, whose ‘Clean Slate’ is out now on Bandcamp with two of those tracks out very soon on vinyl with Spam Javelin on ‘The Split Seven Inch EP’.
Keeping in line with their evocative ethics, proceeds from the evening were raised and donated to Medical Aid For Palestinians – the total being £170.

Pivo Rapist, Ugly Fashion, Bonzai Massacre, Los Muchachos @ Cross Foxes, Prestatyn

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I was arrested in Mexico once, it was a case of mistaken identity; they roughed me up and said, ‘Take a seat Mr Sanchez, the interview will now begin.’
‘You’ve got fuck all on me!’ I screamed, but they reckoned they knew who I was, and although my ‘solicitor’ told me not to speak, I was angry and shouted, ‘Where the fuck is my car!?’