Damnation Festival 2014 @ Leeds University

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bolt thrower

I had missed last year’s event and it was only courtesy of Gwyn’s chauffeuring that I would be able attend this one.  Whether it was after having that break, or for the lineup that had been gathered for this year’s 10th anniversary event, but there seemed to be an additional buzz of anticipation from the gathering metal heads from all over.  

Boltfest @ The Forum, Kentish Town, London

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(review n pix by mwj)

Easter Saturday offers a time of quiet reflection on the sacrifice made by a Coventry death metal war machine as they randomly celebrate their 26th anniversary with a birthday bash in London town. Not only have they invited truly special supporting cast but the whole thing is a £6 a throw charity fundraiser at their own cost, summing up their uncompromising down to earth approach and further endearing them to us all who’ve enjoyed their aural battering over the years. The first time for me was an all-dayer in Liverpool Planet X, them co-headlining with Carcass when both where on their first album, a show I only heard about via John Peel, and after which it was fair to say I was never the same again. As they say themselves, it’s very easy to reach these anniversaries just by not splitting up, in 7 years their career will have outlasted Jebus and its arguable that they’ve brought a lot more spiritual ecstasy to a lot of people rather than wholesale slaughter in the latter’s name. Should have stuck to carpentry.

Bolt Thrower, God Dethroned, Bloodstream @ Rio’s, Bradford

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The right band, the right venue, the right company, all the ingredients for one of the best nights I’ve had in a long while.

mwj, bolt thrower, Wrexham, c.1989


mwj, bolt thrower, Bradford, 2006

The band are Bolt Thrower, undying Brummie Death Metallers, first encountered via seismic Peel sessions, then at an all-dayer in Liverpool’s Planet X that I went on the old x5 bus to.  In those halcyon days they totted up as probably one of the bands I’d seen the most times, especially due to regular appearances at Wrexham Memorial Hall while I was in college there, that venue now buried under a tesco’s car park like some disturbed native burial ground.  So while trends moved on the band continued plugging away though mainly in Europe, where they could still entertain thousands as opposed to eking a crowd out here.  In passing in the late 90’s I read an article on Bentley Rhythm Ace that referred to Bolt Thrower’s singer Karl being round their flat and declaring himself giving up the music biz and shaving all his hair off.  The band still continued in some sorts but as of last year he’s been born again in the metal mould, got back beyond mullet stage, and they now line up their first UK tour for over a decade.

Bolt Thrower & Cancer play Wrexham Memorial Hall

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