Fudged, Blush @ Venue4Events, Rhyl

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(words n pix by Rob Loughlin)

Blush, Pocket Venus, Homespun – Breeding Ground, Rhyl

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(by neil crud)

North Wales is awash, it’s saturated, and it’s everywhere. No, I’m not talking about hard drugs, though the sentence would be fitting & besides you can visit www.quality-smack.com for all your crystalline needs. No, I’m talking about truly talented local bands, bands who will be noticed by the tossers who need a map to get to the pub across the road from their NME office, let alone know where Watford is. Its hard to think of a bad band in our area, even those youngsters I slayed a couple of weeks ago at the MASE gig have it in them to become what tonight’s bands are; & that’s top class.