Bloodstock Festival 2018 @ Catton Hall, Derbyshire

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My first full weekend back at the UK’s prime independent metal festival for a while, my hopes are tempered by being spoiled by more exotic trips, the usual repeated/”safe” lineup, but also enlivened by the memories of the great party congregations experienced previously.  Into the pit we go!

Bloodstock 2015 @ Catton Hall, Derbyshire

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If I thought my arrangements for last year’s visit to this, the peak of independent UK metal festivals, were a bit last minute and random, I upped my game in the chaos stakes this year. From not going at all, to having my other clashing commitments taken off my hands, to considering a day ticket on the Saturday, to running some stuck friends down on the Thursday and being gutted to come back from the gathering atmosphere of excited anticipation, to hearing on Friday that there were nefarious ways and means to get me in, to getting a bit carried away with solidarity drinking at home on the Friday meaning I was late to set off first thing the Saturday, to… Bloodstock.

Bloodstock Festival 2012 – Catton Hall, Derbyshire

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(review n pix by mwj)

The final outdoor expedition of the year for me, though I’ll still be camping at The Dirty Weekend in Wrexham. And while spoiling myself rotten with Euro metal parties may have brought a twinge of cynicism over the relative value for money you get here at the largest of the small/independent, rock/metal festivals in the UK, I couldn’t deny the excitement building in the week before. Yes there may be a lot of filler on the lineup, bumped up with battle of the bands winners and obscure euro exchange program acts, but this is offset by the convenience of the festival meaning it is the biggest gathering of likeminded metal head friends from all over, so the crack more than fills in the gaps.

Bloodstock 2011 @ Catten Hall, Derby

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After the great enjoyment of my first visit last year I signed up before Xmas for another expedition to Midgard England. The main factors where the appreciable scale of the event in comparison to the lumpen monsters of Download and Sonisphere, the fact that it would be a great gathering of friends from over the UK (especially those who didn’t make foreign trips), and the single headline announcement made at the previous event of the black metal legends Immortal.