Blitzkrieg, 4Q, Suspect Device, Bouquet of Thorns – Richmond, Brighton

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(from 4Q Diaries) – On 3rd August Paul Puke called Cumi to say that he couldn’t play a gig the following day, so Cumi sacked him on the spot, which was odd because Paul was the founding member of 4Q.  Nevertheless Neil Crud (pic below) backed Cumi’s actions & 5 days later they auditioned 16 year old Matt Vinyl.  However 2 days before this gig, Matt called to say he couldn’t do it as he felt he wasn’t good enough.  Neil played him some of the old 4Q tapes which convinced Matt he had nothing to worry about!!

UK Subs, Blitzkrieg, JMT, 4Q @ Planet X, Liverpool

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(from 4Q Diaries) –

The band turned up at this gig after Charlie Harper of the UK Subs said that if they turned up he’d let them play. The promoter; in Neil’s words; ‘a right cocky scouse twat,’ wasn’t having any of it & told 4Q to leave the building & queue up with everyone else to pay to get into the gig. Fair play to Charlie Harper, he told the promoter that if 4Q couldn’t play then neither would the UK Subs. The promoter agreed but gave 4Q five minutes to set up & play.