Black Swans / Carbonari – biography

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The Black Swans began life as Utopia on 7th March 1998, formed by Prestatyn based Tom Scriven and James Kershaw (both were only 15 years old), who were joined by Eddie James (vocals) and Carl Hogan (bass) (formerly of Flashbax). Although it did take a year of very little activity to record an EP, “Just The Way” at Rockcliffe Studios in Llandudno, May 1999. Eddie left soon after this session and was replaced by 17 year old Sarah Lipman who took over and added her own mark on songs like Smokin’ Fossil Fuels, Bind Ivy, and Alone. This line-up recorded a new EP called Fake in September 1999 and received rave reviews in the local press. Utopia played a part in local music history when they were the last band to ever perform in The Savoy Bistro in Rhyl before it closed its doors for good in March 1999.

Idlewild, Black Swans @ Bangor Uni

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(Idlewild reviewed by The Goth & Black Swans by Neil Crud)

Black Swans, Hooper, Dusty Moo @ Breeding Ground 2, Chester

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A low key beginning to a potentially huge prospect, the Breeding Ground in Chester opened its doors 2 months after the crew were forced to leave the leaking roof & flat beer of the Marina in Rhyl.
With the Chester Mafia having a price on his head for being blamed for nicking their beer by Pocket Venus, the acoustically challenged Dusty Moo turned up cunningly disguised as a golfer. His magnetism must be immense as there were a couple of punters scattered around until his opening strum, they then started marching in during his short, but very sweet set.

Black Swans, We Start Fires @ Breeding Ground, Rhyl

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tbg flyer
(reviewed by Steve Sync)

THE GATHERING 10 @ Llandudno Conference Centre

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Having surfed over the crowd a couple of times (hey! it’s tradition) & exchanged a few choice words with the security, I decided to take a step back from the sweating pit & look at what exactly was on the stage. We are talking legends here, legends of their day with enough stature to have their faces carved out of the side of a mountain.