4Q, Black Listed @ Swinging Sporran, Manchester

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4Q – Robin, Cumi Pants, Neil Crud, Matt Vinyl, Gumpsh

(from Crud Diaries)
When we got there a crowd of about 20 way out punks who had all bought Crud fanzine over the years were there to greet us, so we thought we were in for a busy night. But apart from Danny Williams [later to be Black Grape‘s bassist] , John Casey & friend showing up no one else came!

4Q, Black Listed @ Grand Hotel, Penmaenmawr

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This could become a regular thing; 2 excellent 4Q gigs on the run. 4Q had quickly adopted the knack of finding venues who would be prepared to put them on or, as in most cases, were unaware what they were letting themselves in for. You’ll notice if you look down the list of gigs that there were not many venues who actually (knowingly) put 4Q on a 2nd time. The Grand Hotel were another one of those unfortunate venues.