GIG REVIEW – Hellfest 2013, Friday

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Hellfest 2013, Day 1

enter hellClisson, France

If you are planning a trip abroad effective acclimatisation can’t be underestimated.  So for our annual expedition to the eclectically extreme French festival we started on the Wednesday in Rhyl with some excellent punk bands and a general innoculation of scumminess.  Then a trip to the nefarious Capper Arms in Wrexham to ramp up the strength of drinking, followed by the tricky hurdling of a 2 hour delay at the airport Thursday morning with breaking into the emergency rations at the airport bar.  Things were well warmed up by the time we landed in the lands of our Breton brethren, and went subsequently went even more wrong with the discovery of the legendary Maximator (11.6% beer) at the local supermarket.  Caught a couple of warm up bands in the camping entertainment tent but when all the black absinthe had been flamethrowered away it was time to settle in for the proper fun ahead.

Black Breath, Victims, Tormented, Pine Barrens @ Islington Mill, Salford

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(review n pix mwj)

I have Jebus and his associated holidays to thank for the free time opportunity to catch up with one of the favourite finds of recent years, Seattle’s Black Breath. They’ve had the odd festival appearance since I last saw them at the Star and Garter over here, and these dates are a lead up to seeing them at Roadburn in Holland, but they remain firmly underground with their death/thrash style.

Archive – Black Breath, Rot In Hell, Hang the Bastard, Closure @ Star and Garter, Manchester

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Some time, little sleep and much drink later I arrived at the second of my weekends entertainments, going from the future noise dragged back from the past with ATR to something new that’s firmly reflects on some past sounds.