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(review n pix by neil crud)

‘Any guitar smashing has to be cleared with the management first’ – that’s what it said on the itinery for the bands. You can just imagine in the heat of the moment, the final song and the guitarist gets carried away, he takes off his guitar and the band stop; he asks over the mic if it’s ok to smash his guitar, the management give a nod, the band carry on and the six-stringer is in smithereens.

Bitchpups, Anubis, Jives Room, Oysterboy @ Bar Blu, Rhyl

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(review n pix by neil crud)

Bitchpups, Homespun, A2M @ Bar Blu, Rhyl

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It’s staggering really that I wasn’t staggering by 2am. It was also staggering that I was still out beyond the witching hour. Well, it was a special occasion – The Bitchpups were back in town. Myself and Steve Sync had the following day booked off work – so no 6am starts, no curbing the lager flow and; unfortunately, no cheap taxi home off the Scousemeister.

Bitchpups, Beehive Project, Sona @ Bar Blu, Rhyl

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where's my crack cocaine?

(review n pix by neil crud)

Some bands have it, others don’t, some bands earn it, and others won’t. Hey! I should write songs!
The Bitchpups (pic above) are a band that definitely have it and have undoubtedly earned it. Their professionalism stands way above the rest; not that this is a competition, but if I were in a band and watching I’d be making mental notes for my next performance. The style, the delivery, the songs, the look, it was all there and it would be of no surprise to see this band go far.