Bistro Reunion In Rhyl

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This is at The Pot ‘n’ Kettle on Saturday (11th April)

Martin Trehearn RIP

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Martin & Neil
I was told the sad news that Martin Trehearn died of a heart attack this morning (04.12.13), and my heartfelt condolences go out to his family and friends.
Good people are supposed to live forever aren’t they? So why are they taken from us? The ones who always smile? The ones who serve you dodgy pints of Murphys? The ones who stick their necks out for you..?

The Bistro, Rhyl

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This list was compiled from Bistro Promoter – Martin Trehearn’s records and Neil Crud’s memory and is not complete.
If you can help fill the gaps then please do…

Savoy Bistro in Rhyl Closes after 28 Years

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The Bistro is no more… What are we gonna do now…?

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Pineapple / Blue @ Bistro, Rhyl

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(review by neil crud)
‘He’s got a pineapple on his head, he’s got a pineapple on his head.’ Whether Paul Claxton’s dreadlocks are intented to resemble the exotic fruit is open to debate, but the tunes are certainly exotic enough.