Discharge, Doom (+more) @ Temple of Boom, Leeds

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I shuffled off the mortally wounded liver coil of Hammerfest about midday on the Saturday, having certainly had my fill on the proceeding day.  Returned to Conwy then my ambulance driver arrived to take me off to my next appointment with the doctors of distortion.  Over the Pennines gave me some proper Icelandic flashbacks as the snows set in again, I was feeling more husky than enjoying the hair of the dog, but soon enough we were at our destination and ready to get fired up again.

Discharge, Billy Club, Repulsive Vision @ The Continental, Preston

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I can feel Spring springing, so what better time for a pogo. As party season that never stops is picking up pace again, what better way to start celebrating my friend’s 40th (in June) with a trip up to Prestonia. I’d seen punk legends Discharge a handful of times over recent years, mainly at festivals (including Dirty Weekend over in Bangor), but having hung round with a load of scummy Scouse (“plastic” 😉 ) punks for a while recently maybe my appreciation has been enhanced.