Bastard, 4Q @ Duchess of York, Leeds

4Q Leeds
Crud (pretending he can play guitar) & Puke (pretending to play drums)

(from This Patch of Land) – After Cumi’s full debut supporting Destroy Babylon, 4Q then headed for Leeds Duchess of York to play with space-rock outfit Bastard, a group that would have a profound effect on myself and eventually have influence over my musical direction in Sons of Selina. Bastard’s bassist, Ron Tree would eventually join Hawkwind and meet up again with Cumi and me some twelve years later when the two bands were on the same bill. A cassette recording of the Duchess gig was released in the form of ‘4Q 1, Leeds 0’ and received a meek response from the press; Kurt Jacobs of the North Wales Weekly News said, ‘Although you could not call 4Q’s fuzzy guitar and frenzied drums melodic I like the tape, though it will not appeal to non-punks. Best songs are Nein Werk, We Want You and Jerks (dedicated to Su Pollard). The tape has a lot of self¬ knocking humour, although the frequent quips often get on your nerves.’
Chris White of The Pioneer wasn’t that impressed, ‘Musically the band have little to offer, but full marks for their determination and enthusiasm.’