GIGOGRAPHY – Bar Blu, Rhyl

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safety in numbers blu
Bar Blu in Rhyl town centre closed its doors for the final time on Saturday 19th Jan 2008, not only depriving the community of a nightclub, but more importantly (in my eyes), also ending 5 years of gigs at the most unlikeliest of venues.

Xms3, Mishap @ Bar Blu, Rhyl

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In the absence of a “proper” review I thought I’d share my opinion of the night.

It’s been nearly a year since The Great Eskate Tour landed at Bar Blu in Rhyl and two of tonights bands – (well the only 2 bands on tonights bill, with the no show of P.O. Box) were on that tour. OK so I’m Martin (Green Dragon) it’s a well known fact that I managed both Xms3 and Mishap – I’ve taken the shit from all quarters sometimes because of my “over enthusiastic” style of promotion for my bands, but I make no apologies, thats my job. Tonight however we have nothing or perhaps everything to prove . You see I don’t go with this idea that Rhyl is the be all and end all of the north Wales music scene. Normally I wouldn’t let these two bands come to a venue that pays in beer tokens. So why are we here? Two reasons, firstly as a favour to Steve Rastin, the guy works so hard for the “scene” with very little thanks and secondly – what the hell, let’s rip up Rhyl.

Cadium, Flesh Resonance @ Bar Blu, Rhyl

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One thing to learn when putting on gigs in as fickle a town as Rhyl is keep it local! The kids appreciate seeing bands from out of town, but they won’t drag themselves from their Playstation games on a Wednesday night if their local heroes are not going to be there as well.


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(review n pic neil crud)

When Steve Rastin called me to say the Lonesome Boys were looking for a punk band to support them I decided to be totally selfish & suggested he put Kentucky AFC on the bill.