The Bad Shepherds @ Waterside Arts Centre, Sale

Bad Shepherds
‘And I’m that twat off the telly… Goodnight,’ said Ade Edmundson as The Bad Shepherds wound up their show for the night. He had introduced the other two members with more formal adjectives, as in their real names of Andy Dinan (on fiddle) and Troy Donockley (on all manner of things, ketamine, red bull, guitar).
The tickets had been booked for a while, an early (by a week) birthday present, and despite this, it was still a rush through rush hour traffic to ensure we got to Sale in time (that’s a posh suburb of Manchester). We booked into the B&B and skipped across town to the Waterside Arts Centre…
Due to time constraints it was unfortunately one of those Meal Deals from a garage for tea, rather than anything more appetising, Indigestion Deal, as they should be called as £3’s worth of stomach acid fought with the Kronenbourg for most of the evening.More