Bright Young People, Bad Earth, Maines, Welsh Rebel Outpost @ Live Rooms, Chester

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(pics by Mark Chesterton)

Bright Young People have that swagger; they’re swag’n’roll – cool as fuck and make a sound synonymous with dimly lit bars, the smell of stale beer and a haze of cigarette smoke. There’s no pretension, no acting the part, no trying to be cool; it comes naturally. Just like the music…

Dead Shed Jokers / Bad Earth @ The North, Rhyl

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Friday is traditionally the day where many of us seek oblivion through drugs and alcohol to numb the pain caused by pointless jobs and the crushing conformity of consumerist culture. Since our post-christmas beer cull we have sought out new highs to subject our Adonis-like torsos to.
Smoking banana skins isn’t doing it for us any more, nor is a lukewarm bowl of Alphabetti Spaghetti, so tonight it was an ‘all you can eat’ Curry Buffet…
Believe me… Jesus literally wept… We gorged so much and the normally brisk jaunt across town to The North was more of a cramped up crawl as we struggled with our childish gluttony.
So, put the curry down and rather than going for the sort of shit puns that make up 90% of Twitter, let’s get on with the review…

Bad Earth, Charred Remains @ Pot & Kettle, Rhyl

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It was gonna be a quiet pint, watching Bad Earth for the simple fact I really like their stuff. No need to be scrawling another review a mere week or so since they were last inside my head, but I’m possessed, and automatic writing has taken me over. A tentative taste of the 3.4% hard stuff during this relatively ‘dry’ January and a bit of Charred Remains (pic below) to whet the appetite, was all I had planned…

Bad Earth, Terminal Voyeurs @ The North, Rhyl

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A cold, blustery Thursday night in Rhyl in January with a ‘party’ gig tomorrow (featuring one of the bands playing tonight) and The Mexican Walking Fish playing on Saturday. These facts don’t bode well for a ‘low-key’ gig at The North – however, it turned out to be a little corker.

Karma To Burn, Desert Storm, Bad Earth @ The Live Rooms, Chester

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(review n pix by Chris Combi)

The Live Rooms in Chester seems to have erupted with a plethora of great acts all of a sudden. Not that I’m complaining: far from it, in fact. Having a venue this close to north Wales means a great deal of us now have a much more accessible place to watch great bands; and, on the 28th of August, four of us North Walians decided to briefly invade England and watch ourselves three bands, all for the ticket price of about £10. Freaking bargain.