Babakin discography

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03.94 CASS Visiting Dead Relatives demo
05.94 CASS Hipsipili demo
05.94 CASS Ten Wheels Hilton demo
10.94 CASS Life Inside The Fish Tank demo
1996 CD Supermarket Music demo
1999 CD Sunshine Estate demo
2000 CDs Situations EP demo
2000 CD Northingular Circular demo
2001 CD Live at The Breeding Ground Mr Big Time

see also Orgasmic Funkers, PSST 2001, Hexmarx
**All above titles are still available 
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Babakin, Homespun, Carpet @ Breeding Ground, Rhyl

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A very local feel – Hitchcock had planned to have a live birth on stage but the drummer’s wife chickened out last minute & opted for her local hospital instead. Thankfully Carpet were on hand to fill the spot with 24 hours notice.

Fudged, Goad, Babakin @ Breeding Ground, Rhyl

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(review by neil crud)

Dewi Gwyn & myself were escorted into Rhyl by his brother Aled who was in a rush to get to a wedding/funeral reception. He was in such a hurry that we left the House of Crud at 8.15pm & got to Rhyl at 7.45pm!

Clan Morrigan, Sons of Selina, Babakin @ Cil-y-Bryn, Llanefydd

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(review by Wayne The Bastard)
The Cil-y-bryn Festival is on a farm between Llanefydd & Betws-yn-Rhos in the heart of rural North Wales. It’s held once a year & is attended by friends of friends of friends; usually people connected with the smoking of illegal substances. As the cows, sheep & Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs peacefully grazed the fields of this picturesque valley a little bit of history was being made.
At 10:15pm the Sons Of Selina performed live for the 1st time. It was also the 1st time that Neil, Cumi & Robin had played live together in nearly 4 years since the break up of 4Q.
Neil said; ‘We played a guitared set as Steve Sync was at the Phoenix Festival, & although there were cock ups galore & I was extremely pissed from the copious amounts of homebrew beer freely available, we got a good response from those present.’
The homebrew must’ve been good as Neil hung upside down from a rafter in the barn (stage) while singing On A Promise.

SOS line up for this gig was Neil- vocals. Robin- guitar. Martin- guitar. Bonehead- guitar. Ken Mayanardis- bass. Cumi- drums. Set List; Climb, Terminus, Kalgan, Of The First Water, For Want of a Better Name, Anxiety, On A Promise

The 1st band on were Babakin from Colwyn Bay who played a punky-indie set, the guitarist/singer was very talented, shame about the drummer & bassist. The Sons were followed by Clan Morrigan who have tried in vain to fill the void left when You Slosh split up, I left with the Sons for a tipple at The Bistro rather than get stoned with the hippies.