Impaled Existence, ArtisFiction, BBR, Victim of The System, Surrounded By Silence @ The North, Rhyl

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Arriving fashionably two hours late to a gig, I was out fashioned by promoter Steve Rastin who fashionably started the show three hours later than the advertised time. This meant it was going to be a late one and there’d be a few lubricated heads at this charity event.
In an age where the bands quite often outnumber the audience it was great to see the ratio turn the other way tonight with little elbow room and plenty of ‘Oi, you’ve spilt my pint!’ kind of looks in a town that is generally like a scene out of Pulp Fiction.

ArtisFiction, BBR, Psycodeth, Maines @ The North, Rhyl

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The poster told us it started 7.30pm, so I stuck my head in just after 8pm to see promoter Steve Rastin stood on a stage void of equipment staring at a lone extension cable. ‘Some things never change!’ I thought and headed to Wethers for a cheap pint with Steve Sync.
By 9.30pm there was activity at The North… Three police officers were stood outside looking for someone who was on ‘Pub Watch’ (as in Banned from The Pubs) – it takes three cops to stop some chav from going into the pubs; if he’s that bad why not just lock him up, or beat him up? You are the law, you can do as you please…

GIG REVIEW – ArtisFiction, Inferno, Braxton Hicks, Atlas Will Atone @ Railway Club, Holyhead

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(review n pix by neil crud)

Like I said about Rob Talbot, the promoter at Preston, the same can be said for James Rozzy in Holyhead. These people are essential to a scene or the scene. Without them there’s no hub. And although sometimes venues are shortlived, people like James will seek out new halls for new civilisations. Bands, punters, venues and scenes come and go, but some promoters live forever, just take a look at Steve Rastin in Rhyl, he’s 97 and still putting on gigs!

Stormbringer to Bangor

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Stormbringer, Run Down, Artisfiction play the Railway Institute, Bangor

Month of Metal in Holyhead

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Rozzys Rock Nights present 3 very special gigs coming up in Holyhead…