Yr Anhrefn

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(pic source ‘taken from Pete Telfers galleries on Culture Colony’)

In 1984 one person started something that would have a major effect on Welsh music, Welsh attitudes and the way English people perceive the Welsh.
That forward thinking person set up Recordiau Anhrefn; first as a vinyl outlet for his own band, Yr Anhrefn, (releasing a green vinyl 7″ single), but more importantly to promote and release Welsh language music by bands who were not going to get any joy out of an archaic Welsh music industry and dismal Welsh media.

Ffug, Welsh Rebel Outpost, Ian Rush, Madfall Rheibus @ Fflint FC

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(review by mark williams)

What has “Flint Football Club” and the “San Siro Stadium” got in common?
‘Well, they both host football teams but not much else I guess’, quips Geoff Davies legendary drummer of Emily who drives me past Flint Castle with “Stations Of The Crass” on his car stereo. We make our way to the rather unglamorous surrounds of the Flint football ground car park for the Urdd inspired celebration of Welsh qualification for their first major event football event since 1958. (Before man had landed on the moon) gulp.

Video – ANHREFN – Rhedeg i Paris (Euros 2016)

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Rhedeg i Paris – Cymru 2016 from Ledley Beard on Vimeo.

ALBUM REVIEW – Various – Cam O’r Tywyllwch

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This is the DIY compilation LP released 30 years ago that kick started a Welsh music revolution that still reverberates around today.
Released by Rhys Mwyn on the Anhrefn Label and picked up by John Peel, this album spawned Anhrefn, Datblygu, Super Furry Animals and Catatonia. It made the ignorant English based music media realise there was more to Wales than just sheep shagging farmers. There were sheep shagging musicians too…!

Video – ANHREFN – Rhedeg i Paris

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Great video of this single by Anhrefn, encapsulating their sheer energy…