4Q, Anakonda @ Bee Hotel, Rhyl

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Bee 01.10.87
4Q had found a new singer in the form of 26 year veteran punk rocker BUDGIE from Llandudno, who at the time seemed an ideal replacement for Edi. After all Budgie was a notoriously well known character who had once been outlawed from his home town for being a public nuisance (pulling moonies in the street etc.). He spent a lot of time living in the London squats & jumped at the chance of joining the band.

Scraps, 4Q, Fflaps, Anakonda play Bee Hotel, Rhyl

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Systemisation 2.39
Jerks 2.04
1984 2.32
Video Party 2.16
Not Now Not Never 3.27
Fatallistic Fishbowl* 0.20
Nein Werk no time
Dope Fiend no time
We Want You no time