FESTIVAL REVIEW – Bearded Theory (Friday)

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Bearded Theory17
You open your eyes and realise you’re in a tent. The shakes you’ve got tell you that you perhaps partied a little too hard on the first night of Bearded Theory festival – but hey! It’s tradition. As a result, Beer o’clock won’t be for a long while yet and you’ll heed the ‘drink responsibly’ tags they put in the small print on TV adverts.

Mike Peters plays Rhyl Town Hall

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The Gathering 15 @ Venue Cymru, Llandudno

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The Alarm
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review by neil crud, pics by fairziff

The Alarm – Under Attack

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The album (one of my favourite Alarm records), was released today – I’m sure Mike Peters was misquoted by stating they could be bigger than Oasis.
Under Attack reached #138 in the UK charts and came with a limited edition DVD featuring a video for each song filmed and edited ‘guerilla style’ over one weekend in and around Rhyl during November 2005.

The Alarm play The Gathering #14 in Llandudno

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(neil crud) I filmed these videos and spent six weeks editing them for The Alarm, as Mike Peters wanted something with a bit of edge; a bit more than just a live video.

Alarm ucla

Unfortunately, after all the editing, the video company I worked for (I say worked, I wasn’t paid!), took the masters and slapped together a very average live dvd over one weekend. Pity really as the original edits I did had that ‘bit of edge’ Mike was looking for. Thankfully, I have the edits I did, even if they never made it to the DVD – plus the video company didn’t have to pay me if my editing work wasn’t used, although the camera work was used. I also would have happily done it all for free just for the love of music, just a shame someone else got paid for everyone else’s work. That’s the way of the world I guess..