GIG BLOG – Addicted To Fish, Braxton Hicks @ Blue Sky Cafe, Bangor

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(review by neil crud) (pix by combi chris, crud and david caleb lee)
Addicted To Fish
Old Bangor punk tarmac grinders of yore Anhrefn were a political band. Political in the sense they had social politics to spread, in a sense, like Crass had a message of goodwill to all others to spread while despising the system we/they had to bow to.
Anhrefn’s aims were clear, they knew that they could preach to the converted until their rugged faces turned blue and those disciples would go home happy after their dose of Anhrefn and play their records ad nauseum.

Bad Excuses, Vices, Addicted To Fish play Vegas, Rhyl

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Rosary, Addicted To Fish, Lucy Was A Decoy @ RJ’s, Bangor

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The start of something new and exciting, or just another false dawn? Well, I guess it’s down to sad old anorak clad gits like me to convince you that sitting at home reading reviews is simply not good enough and does not come a patch close to being there  – the live experience.
In some ways it’s harder for bands nowadays as they do have to compete with peoples’ freedom of choice – at least a gig a week, the comfort of peoples’ homes, the price of beer, the smoking ban, high prices, the weather (lame excuse, put your fucking anorak on). The problem used to be in finding somewhere to play, now it’s finding people to play to…

Melody & Mayhem in Hendre Hall, Bangor

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Something Personal (pic above) played with Facefish, Chillingtons, Addicted To Fish, Run Down, Mojo Saloon