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[Editor’s Note]
Adam Walton hosts The Musical Mystery Tour Show on BBC Radio Wales every Saturday night between 10pm and 1am.
He has kindly let link2wales post this interesting piece about the stats behind his show and (in my opinion) THE HUGE IMPORTANCE it plays in the future of Welsh based music in Wales and beyond. Remember, the vast majority of music he plays is NEW MUSIC and the range is from punk to funk, from folk to hardcore.
Use him, abuse him, but most importantly listen in…
Now read the article…

ADAM WALTON – interview

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The Adam Walton interview… DOUGAL



Before you started DJ-ing on radio wales you played in a couple of bands. Did you give up the bands as a result of the DJ job or were you in the musical wilderness before that?

I did my first radio show in June 1991. It was a run of seven half-hour shows on BBC Radio Clwyd called Burst that I was offered after telling local [to Mold] BBC Radio Clwyd celeb-D.J. Alan Daulby that Radio Clwyd was “fucking shit” because they didn’t play any of the music from the burgeoning local ‘scene’ [Daisychain, Akimbo, She Said, Goodnight Said Florence etc.] I didn’t do another Radio show until October 1994 because everything in my life was focused on the band [by then The Immediate], and ‘making it’. Unfortunately we didn’t have the talent, the wherewithall, the vision, or the ambition to achieve anything – it just took us seven years to realise it. It was a hell of a fucking dream, though, and a good dream to chase. One day the story will be told, even if I am the only one who’ll ever want to read it.