INTERVIEW – Martin Hoyland (9 Bach)

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(Martin Hoyland 9 Bach Tripsy Caravan Interview by Dewi Llwyd Evans)

Meeting up with Martin  of 9Bach at the Green Man festival, we eschewed the plain white press gazebo and opted to conduct our conversation in the shimmering ambient colourwash of the Tripsy Caravan..
This interview is best read under psychedelic lighting conditions…

Green Man Festival (Day 4)

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(review by dewi llwyd – pics by Gareth Smith)

Another Green Man morning (Sunday), and another early start to watch a Welsh language band playing the main stage. Happily the sun is over the yardarm this time so a shot of tequila is clearly justified under the circumstances.  

9Bach, Plu @ Galeri, Caernarfon

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(review by rhys mwyn)
9Bach have a new album out, ‘Tincian’ on Real World, and this is a short tour of Wales to promote that album.
It is a rare thing these days for the ‘support’ DJ to be mentioned in dispatches but DJ Fflyffilyfbybl (Byd Mawr) provides the vibes. He manages the impossible and vibes up the bar at Galeri. Many are outside on Doc Victoria enjoying the sunshine but I witness at least two people coming up to Dewi to compliment him on his sounds (that’s pretty good) and by 7.30pm the bar is heaving, overflowing and grooving to the reggae sounds of Geraint Jarman and later on to the worldy sound of ‘Week of Pines’.