GIG REVIEW – 2 Sick Monkeys, Rabo De Toro, Emissaries Of Syn, Maines, Spam Javelin @ The Marine, Old Colwyn

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Tonight’s (almost) stellar line up of 2 Sick Monkeys, Rabo De Toro, Emissaries Of Syn, Maines, Spam Javelin was quite mouthwatering. This was reflected by the numbers in attendance here in the backroom of The Marine Hotel in Old Colwyn. The early start did not hinder the figures, with attendees not having yet latched on to the Manchester / Liverpool trend of turning up late to avoid the support acts… No supports here though, no room for egos in our punk scene…
As I’ve reviewed four the bands several times and play in the other one, I’d best leave it to Rich Phillips to described the evening…

GIG REVIEW – 2 Sick Monkeys, Dead Class, Skinpin, This Is Not A Drill @ Maguires, Liverpool

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2 Sick Monkeys
are on their farewell year before they call it a day. Over a thousand gigs to date and my one regret is not seeing all of them! They are back by public demand, having announced that 2017 was to be their final year!
Here we are in the wonderful surroundings of Maguires; that blackened room at the back, adorned with posters and stickers of past (and present) bands. That tempting whiff of delicious pizza from the front. Those (expensive) bottles of real ales, and of course great company in the shapely form of Andy Fatman, Ste Sync and MWJ.

GIG REVIEW – 2 Sick Monkeys, Feral Existence, Emissaries Of Syn, Spam Javelin @ Stö, Leipzig

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We gatecrashed this gig as our Nuremburg dates had fallen through. Europe is actually a lot bigger than it is on the map! Drove through the day from Podbor in the Czech Republic to land in Leipzig; the New Berlin (I’m told).
Stö is a squat venue; the whole street is a squat. Great set-up and really nice people. Good to see Pete Butler of 2 Sick Monkeys again, and good to see him looking so well. The generosity of the venue was wonderful – free food, free beer, the offer of somewhere to sleep and money for fuel – and us being complete strangers.

2 Sick Monkeys, Emissaries Of Syn, Tom Goodall @ The North, Rhyl

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A rare review! I’ve seldom put finger to keyboard over the past six months since starting my weekly radio show on TudnoFM. Time is a valuable commodity, and despite seeing loads of gigs, I seldom find the time to write about them.
So without further ado… Let’s get typing.

The Dirty Weekend

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TICKETS are seling fast for The Dirty Weekend in Wrexham….
Check out this incredible line up…