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The Table – Cardiff punk band, formed 1976, feat; Tony Barnes (gtr), Len Lewis (drms), Micky o’Connor (gtr), Russell Young (voc,bass). Orig started as a duo Do You Want This Table. Rel single Do The Standing Still (Virgin 1977 – click pic to download), which sounded very post-punk, before punk became post!  Whereas the debut single became a classic, the follow up Sex Cells (Chiswick 1978) was described as disappointing at best. Connor was replaced by Kevin Bannon (early 78). By mid 1979 the nucleus of Barnes and Young were joined by Tim Cox (gtr) and Richard Rae (drms) but things soon fizzled out into obscurity. (see also John Stabber) (read biog)

Table Table – Cardiff band (late 80s) formed by Dean Roderix (drms) (ex Tigers), Spike (ex Bomb & Dagger, Weekend), Dale Reynolds (ex Bomb & Dagger). Alison Statton (ex Young Marble Giants, Weekend) also sang for a short while. Dean left Cardiff for Guilford in 1990 after rec LP ‘Music For The Newly Born’ with Robin Williamson (Incredible String Band) and went onto tour extensively as a percussinist for numerous artists as well as being a DJ in Reading.

Taffia – band feat; Bard of Ely (Steve Andrews) (voc,gtr), Jah Taf (voc), Phil Moxham (ex Young Marble Giants) – all other instruments, arrangements and engineering. (website). The TAFFIA EP feat the song Nicky Wire You’re a Liar is available here on Crai Recs

Taff Pop – record label run from Swansea (website)

Taint – Swansea based “Agro stoner sludge core” band formed in 1994 feat; Jimbob (voc,gtr), Stophe (bass), Al (drums). Had a 2003 UK tour sponsored by Rocksound mag. (website) More info req’d.

Take, The – punk band (2003) signed to Household Name recs, feat; Jim (voc). Prev drummer was Wil Rees who left May03. More info req’d

Talisman – Cardiff guitar/indie type band. Formed Nov99 when a four local lads, Matt (voc), Leighton, John and Andy got together. During 2000 they played regularly around the Cardiff area and also rec 2 Demo CD’s, the first of which gained regular airplay on Red Dragon

Talison – Swansea band (pre-2001) feat; Dean Jeffrey, Leon Rosser, Wez Rosser, Viv Hovvels (bass) (all later of Celtic Assault), Davey (drms), Rachel (voc).

Talkshow – Pontypridd band (prev called Picture The Beautiful), feat; Damien Scott Owens (voc); Stuart Anstee (gtr); Christian ‘Elvis’ Perry (bass), Rhodri Morgan (drms). Elvis was replaced by Matthew Jones (Sept 2002) and Geraint Jones was orig drummer. Winner of best unsigned act in Welsh Music Awards 2001. Made it to the last 32 in XFM’s unsigned competition in Spring 2003. Rel ‘Stand Back I’m Armed EP’ (2000) and ‘GMP EP’ (2001), both on Complete Control. Then a self-rel single Splinters (2001).

Talmai – rock/prog band from Cardiff (2013), feat; Ceri Ambrose (voc,gtr), Josh Holland (voc), Dafydd Dabson (gtr), Ben Dabson (keys), Seun Babatola (bass), Aled Lloyd (drms). Rel debut EP ‘Denu Efo Dagru’ (Rheidol Recs 6.5.13)

Tangled Parrot – record shop in Carmarthen run by Matt Davies (ex Slaughter Tradition)

Tan Tro Nesa – Wales’ answer to The Monkees. This six piece art-rock band was put together for a flagship TV drama series of the same name for S4C in 1984. Feat; Katel Keunig (voc), Jon Tregenna (gtr), Phyl Harries (bass), Gordon Jones (drms), Jacquy Box (sax) and Delyth Wyn (keys). The band rel a self-titled LP prod by blues wizard Brian Breeze on Recordiau Hebog to tie in with the launch of the series and toured Wales extensively. Keunig now a well established international singer-songwriter based in New York, Harries and Wyn continued their acting career, Tregenna now a writer for S4C and Gordon Jones drums with. amongst others, the legendary UK bluesman Pat Grover.

Tastybone Studios –based in Newport (c2012) – more info req’d

Tax Exiles – Pontypridd punk band (formed late 1976), orig feat; John Evans (voc), Kevin ‘Spider’ Evans (bass), Mike Kennedy (gtr) (later Statues of Us, now Germ Corporation), Carlos de Freitas (drms). Rehearsed in Spider’s Mum’s living room. Played debut at The Roxy, London in 1977, then playing other venues and many closer to home supported 999, X-Ray Spex, Sham 69, Rich Kids. They had a huge support in Wales. Rough In The Valley became the Welsh punk anthem of the time. They were feat on a Canadian TV documentary in 1978 (‘tho they never saw it). Naivety and being young left them unsigned & they split in late 1978. Single Miracles rec in 1978 was rel on Lathe-Cut (Mar05). Wayne Jones (gtr) was added to the line-up and Mike explains, ‘Wayne came along as a second guitar, but chucked his guitar into the audience at a gig in Mountain Ash causing a riot where the band’s gear & hired-van got trashed and our manager hospitalised. We only got out of the hall with a police escort.  After that I decided I wasn’t prepared to play in the same band as an idiotic psycho, so I left.’ John joined True Wheel & went onto become a full time writer & film maker, as well as a solo career as John Marlon (with whom Mike Kennedy played bass on his single). (website)

Tony Tapwater (aka Jim Northcott) and a huge array of Sth Wales musicians who are willing to work for nothing more than a name check on the album they released. (read more)

Teachers Don’t Swear – Band from Cardiff area (80s/90s?) – played the city a lot during these times. More info req’d

Teen Anthems – “welsh bands suck” appeared on the Dail M for Myrther CD With the lyric “apart from Helen Love their a load of shite” More info req’d.

Teenybopper Commandos – Aberystwyth band feat; Twm Champagne (now with Poppies). More info req’d

Teflon Monkey – alternative name for Tephlon Monkey, now Broken Leaf

Telegram – London based psych-band, feat; Matt Hit (from Caerphilly). Rel LP ‘Operator’ (2016) (soundcloud)

Temper Temper – Newport/Chepstow band feat; Grant Nicholas & Jon Lee (both later of Feeder), Tim Lewis aka thighpaulsandra (keys) (later of Spiritualised, Coil), Martin Shellard (gtr) (later Spiritualised, Waterfront), Dave Evans (bass) (moved to Australia), Greg Haver (drms) (now name producer). Jon Lee joined in 1998 when Greg left to play for Canadian artist Corey Hart. (website)

Tender Prey – indie band (c2015), feat; Laura Bryon. Rel LP ‘Organ Calzone’

Ten Minute Preview – Merthyr punk band feat on Poisoned Whiskey Recs Anti-War CD (Mar03). More info req’d

Tephlon Monkey – otherwise known as Rhodri Vinney, changed name to Broken Leaf after a dispute with Du Pont, who objected to him adopting the name of their non-stick pan material.

Teriyaki – Newport experimental instrumental band, feat; Dee Ward (gtr), Al Curtis (gtr), Toby Godden (bass), Chuck Morgan (drms). 4-track EP (Cytherea Recs). Hear it at (website)

Terrorist Ballet Dancers From Hell – avant-odd band (c1993), Simon Dancey says, ‘The Terrorists broke the mould, they were way before their time and were amazing fun. A music collective with members [aged] from 16 to 60, live shows were terrifying and visceral. London shows, sold out club nights and the legendary Black Sabbath and ELO manager Don Arden all appeared somewhere along the way. Quite a ride!’ (soundcloud)

Terris – 4-piece formed in Newport sometime in the late 90’s by Alun Bound, Owen Mathews (voc), Gav Goodwin, and Neil Dougmore. Apparently Goodwin placed an advert in local pub and the rest responded, they got it together and not wanting to learn their trade in public, they set about two years of intense rehearsal. They then began gigging in the Newport area securing regular dates at Le Club. It was on one of these nights that they were spotted by Richard Parrfitt, fellow Newport resident and ex member of 60ft Dolls, who in time honoured style liked then so much he became their manager. Parfitt was, and remains signed to Rough Trade and as such invited RT boss Geoff Travis to sign his protégées. Travis did, though only on a one single deal and in Dec99 rel ‘The Time Is Now’ EP (RTRADES 001). Terris were then left looking for another deal and were obliged by Blanco Y Negro who put out the single Cannibal Kids (NEG 130). Terris at this point managed to generate some unwanted press attention, this was mainly due to the inane ranting of Owen Mathews who seemed to believe that he was the saviour of rock ‘n’ roll. A 2nd single Fabricated Lunacy/Walking Underwater (NEG 130 CD) came out at the same time as the album ‘Learning To Let Go.’ The single fared better than the album and reached #62 in the UK chart, though only for one week, before disappearing. Since then all has gone a bit quite.

Test To Destruction – punk group, feat; Hywel Thomas. Had a single track ‘Passive’ on the Cardiff compilation ‘Is The War Over’ Z-Block Records (1979).

Tetra Splendour – Porthcawl based ‘psych-pop’ band, feat; Gareth Jones (voc, keys), Peter Roberts (gtr), Kris Murphy (bass), John Maloney (drms). Rel; ETA on Complete Control recs Oct 1980, then Mr Bishi Ep on Wishakismo recs Apr 01, & Pollen Fever Feb 02. Debut LP ‘Splendid Ambition’ on Chrysalis May02. Prev called Robots in The Sky until they realised a band from London had the same name. Split from label begining of 2003. Became People In Planes (Summer03).

Tetsuo –

Texas Radio Band – electro-country indie, formed in 1998 in Camarthen but relocated to Aberystwyth when the band went to university there. Feat; Matthew Williiams (voc,gtr) (ex Doli), Rhydian “Squids” (bass,voc), Rhodri (drms,voc), Rhodri (keys,elec. eq.). Have been on Shotgun Slide Show (2002), 4 Trac, Bandit and Sesiwn Hwyr. Releases inc the compilation £5 Heb Newid (1999) which also inc. Zabrinski and Doli, Y Tywysygoes EP (2001), Love Is Informal (2002). Rel CD, Baccatta on Slacyr Recs (Feb04). Matthew bought one-way ticket to Spain (Jun04) and re-emerged to return home and the band recorded the next LP ‘Gavin’ (Peski Recs 07.07.08) (website)

Theory of Index – band, feat; Sandra Adams (voc) (later of Alation), Russ Rogers (drms), Paul Hughes, Adrian Hambly (bass) Latter 3 all later of Soundstorm. Sandra says, ‘I was on lead vocals between 1981 and 1983 and was instrumental in changing the name of the band from The Theory to Theory of Index. I did 2 gigs with them one in 1982 at the YMCA in Gilvach-Bargoed and one early 1983 which was a benefit gig at New Tradegar community hall-both went down a storm by the way!’

There Goes Macho-Man – Llantrisant band (1986-88) feat; Gert Thomas (gtr,voc), George Doster (drms) (ex This Procedure), Mike Kennedy (bass), Lloyd Gibbs (gtr) (ex This Procedure). Played many gigs, Cardiff Chapter Arts Centre, Llantrisant Festival amongst them. Rec a few demos. Most activity around the band usually ended in chaos and farce. eg. Playing a gig that got raided firstly by the police and then Hells Angels and then the police again. A recording session that never started due to drunkeness and then finding out that a bill of £1,600 had been run up, they did a runner and George ended up breaking his ankle falling down the stairs with his bass drum on exit…….the band never paid the bill and actually got invited back to the studio to do the demos for free….(Long Story). They used to have a residence of sorts at Llantrisant Working Mans Club and would usually include a crap support band and also a stripper would be hired as otherwise no one would have bothered to come. They did feature on a BBC Wales radio programme in 1992, more thanks to the fact that Gert was at this time a radio presenter more than anything else. They have played once or twice since in an impromtu gathering, the last time was about 1996 in The Wheatsheaf Hotel Llantrisant. Lloyd and Mike are now involved with Germ Corporation

Andy Thermal – drummer, who the 70’s played in Penygraig based Korig Roots with Danny Chang and Dixie. Then in Moon Club Cardiff with R&R pianist Dave Williams. Formed the Thermal Jug Band playing guitar and kazoo. Played drums in local bands,The Howling Sleepers, The Vinegar Flies, The Bourbon Boys and The Rockin’ Rhythmaires. Also with Titch Gwylim, The Sunsets, Le Rue, and The Steve Gibbons Band . Currently playing gigs and festivals all over Europe as Sicknote Steve

These Radio Days – Neath band, Damo (voc,gtr), Blakey (bass), Huw (drms). (website)

They Drew First Blood – hardcore band from Merthyr Tydfil (c2005)

Thich Quang Duc – trio from Rhondda (c1991) in the mould of Joy Division.

Third Engine – punk fanzine run for a year or so by Matt Davies (Funeral For A Friend), and feat contributions from varying writers. I think he stopped running it around 2001, made about 6 issues.

Third Uncles – When Pete Frame did his history of Music in Britain his choices for Cardiff during the 80’s were three bands of which the Uncles were one. Also mentioned in Dave Owens ‘Catatonia and the rise of Welsh Pop’. They were signed to Chrysalis publishing in 1988, rel single ‘Bluedress Day’ (now a collector’s item) and worked closely with Boz Boorer (now Morrissey’s musical director). The band toured the UK and supported such bands as Pulp and The La’s. Split in 1989. Splinter bands incl The Six Sided Men (now reformed as The Soda Men see & Banana Cat.

39 Steps – name used for a handful of gigs by Port Talbot’s Steps after they had changed their name from The Reactions. See also GPI

This Bizarre Myth – Powys based band, feat; Mark Woosnam (later of Crash .45 and poss. Broken Leaf), (ex MMAS, Wedding Singers, UHT) (voc,bass), Stu Micheal (gtr), Demby Sweeting (drms), Rhordi Vinney (gtr,voc).Once feat Stef Bailey (bass). (website)

This Procedure – Llantrisant band (1985-86), feat; George Doster (drms), Jonathan Humphreys (bass), Rhidian Morgan (gtr), Lloyd Gibbs (voc) (later There Goes Macho Man, Germ Corporation) (website)

This System Kills – punk rock band (2004), feat; Adam (gtr) (ex-Distorshaus, later 9xDead) (joined Oct03), Craig (gtr), Pig (voc) (ex Rectify), Simon (drms), Brewer (bass). (website)

This Way Up – Ed temple morris presented music/youth culture show. More info req’d.

Thor Ax & The Abdomen – Cardiff band. More info req’d.

Thorun – Cardiff metal band from the ashes of Circa Regna Tonat, Johnny Evans (gtr), Keeran Williams (gtr), Mike Johnson (drms), Neal ‘Chest’ Palmer (bass),  (c2010) (website)

1000 Yard Stereo – label (c2007) set up by Marcus Lawry (ex Poisoned Whiskey Recs)

Threatmantics – Cardiff indie band (although natives of Neath and St Albans) (formed 2005), feat; brothers Heddwyn Davies (voc,viola), Huw Davies (drms,keys), Taliesyn Eurys Källström (drms) and Andrew Rhys (gtr) (who replaced Ceri Mitchell). Rel debut single Don’t Care (Ciwdod 5.3.07), followed by Sali Mali (AM Aug07), then Big Man (Double Six Oct08) and then the LP ‘Upbeat Love’ (Double Six Nov08) (website)

Three Minute Warning –
(pic above) Machynlleth old school ska punk band formed 1995, feat; Gareth Honeybill (b.1981) (voc,gtr), Matthew Jones (b.1982) (bass), Jason ‘Chuzz’ Childs (keys), Glen Rowlands (b.1978) (drms). Shane Vaughan (b.1977) used to play gtr for the band. Rel ‘Eatin Ain’t Cheatin EP’ (c2003) then the LP ‘Tramps Jackpot’ (on Do The Dog in Apr06) and also had an LP of different songs to be released for Pigtown Recs but unhappy with the recordings they decided to shelve the release. 2nd LP ‘Scooters Loose Change’ rel in 2008, but the band soon split up (spotify)

3 Word Name – Cardiff University based punk band. Craig Marvelley (voc,gtr) (also Carmen Pariah), Adam (bass, voc), Roscoe (drms). Orig called Cheese Cake

Thursday – band, More info req’d.

Thyrd Eye – Chepstow / Monmouth dark-indie band, (c2008), prev called Bitchpups and then Forgotten Sleep. Feat siblings, Gaz Modget (drms), Hannah Modget (bass), Matt Modget (voc,gtr). Debut single Say Something (rel 15.2.10) video of which aired on Kerrang TV (website)

Tides Of Sulfur – Cardiff metal band, feat; Anthony “Snake” O’Shea (gtr,voc), Chris Bull – (voc,bass), Tom Lee (drms). Released cassette album ‘Pot Of Piss At The End Of The Rainbow’ (on Against All Odds 31.12.15), then ‘Extinction Curse’ (album on Black Bow 12.07.16), ‘Paralysis Of Reason EP’ (17.03.20) followed bythe LP ‘Apathy Chasm’ (29.09.23) (bandcamp)

Tiger Dragon – Swansea band (2003). Feat; Chris Woodman (gtr,voc) (ex Bennetts), Anne-Marie Helder (perc,voc) (also in Karnataka), Stephen Woodman (gtr), Dave Smith (bass) and Lee Phillipart (drms). Rel 2nd CD, The Universal Key, (2003). Their 1st CD, Life Stories, (rel. 2001?) is now out of print.

Tigers – Cardiff band (mid-80s) (orig called Vaseline Tigers), feat; Marc Humphreys (gtr,voc), Andy Seaward (bass), Crum Crimmins (keys) (later Hawkwind, Shockhead), Alex Miles (drms), replaced by Dean Roderix (later Table Table). After very little local marketing (lots of posters, exaggerated stories to local media etc) The Tigers became quite big in Cardiff. Moved to London to seek fame and fortune. After a 3 year fling with the music industry they fizzled out. Andy and Marc produced a video for a laugh and were championed by Jools Holland and ‘The Tube’ TV show, who played it a few times. After this, offers of recording and publishing deals were turned down until the offers stopped coming…Damn! Marc now lives in Cardiff and is the Official Cardiff Busker. Andy lives in London and works in Abbey Road – unfortunately not in the Studios but in the piano shop up the street. Dean lives in Guilford and puts heavy boxes into vans. Alex Miles was last seen flirting with Christianity and Capitalism.

Tigertailz – rock band of late 80s from Pontypridd. Enjoyed great success in UK and USA. Reformed in 2005, feat orig members; Jay Pepper, Pepsi Tate and Kim Hooker with Chris Slade (drms). Rel LPs Bezerk (1990) & Banzai (91). Played Demolition Ball, Newcastle (Jun05) and Venice Festival (Aug05). Rel 12″ EP ‘A Little Bit Of Rock’ (theyir first release since 2016) (website)

The Out – band feat; Dave Watkins (drms)

The Tinmen – Rhondda band (c1991). Have track Wonderful Smile on ‘White Lemonade’ comp cassette

TJ’s – The legendary venue in Newport which was the centre of the “New Seattle” scene during the rise of Welsh Pop. Run by John Sicolo (b.1944), orig with his late wife, Trilby (hence the name made up of their joined initials). Started in 1986. Internationally reknowned for being an excellent & down to earth venue. Kurt Cobain proposed to Courtney Love there. (website)

T9C – Carmarthen quasi-punk band (late 70s), feat; Dave Crawford (gtr,voc) Grayson James (bass); Paul George (drms) (see also Rail, The Raiders, Yodelling Ferrets)

The Toe – band. More info req’d.

Toliverant – Tredegar thrash-metal band (c2007), at; Lewis (voc,gtr), Dan (bass), Mart (keys), Mike (drms). (website)

Tommy & The Chauffeur – Cardiff band; feat; James Chant (voc) & James Milford, long time friends who eventually put the band together in 1995. After numerous line up changes the duo settled in 1999 with Jamie Beach (scratch DJ) & Dave Cauvaine (bass), Ian Williams (drms), James Hannam (keys). Debut single rel Nov00 Having And Wanting / Sneaking Suspicion on Boobytrap recs & hit #2 in the indie charts. They toured with Terris & rel 2nd EP Kid’s Chorus. Changed name Nov02 to Small Victories

Toucan Club – Cardiff venue known for its vibrant and eclectic mix of live music and DJs. Closed 6.8.05 – expected to relocate Nov05. (website)

Tourniquet – 3-pc alt rock band based in Cardiff, feat Alex (voc/gtr), James (bass) & Huw (drms/voc). Formed in the Rhondda valleys (2000) with orig bassist Jammie under the name Nihilist. 2 demo CD’s which are not on general sale but can be sampled on the (website)

Total Blast – fanzine from Cathays (began 1988) by Mik. Ran for at least 32 issues (#3 published Mar89). Had lots of cartoons as well as interviews with the usual anarcho-punk bands of the era, oh and 4Q!!.

Trampoline – band appeared on dail M for Merthyr. More info req’d.

Transposer – Cardiff “anti Jeff Buckley” sound scape band formed in mid 2001 feat; Nathaniel Shelley (bass,voc) (son of Budgie’s singer, John Burke Shelley), Gethyn Williams (gtr), Jim Parkin (drms) replaced by Mat Harding (ex Mclusky), Daf Griffiths (keys,FX). First gig in the Cardiff Barfly in May03. 1st rel came out as part of Boobytrap recs. singles club in Mar03. The band got to the last eight of the Xfm unsigned competion in 2003 but failed to get trough to the final amongst a glut of vote rigging. The single recieved air play on Mary-Ann Hobbs’ breeze block. Gethyn left in Jul04 to continue with Figure of Eight, replaced by Lee (ex Underpass) (website) (MP3)

Transpose Studios – Newport based studio, involvement by Mike Dasent. Publishes Moist magazine. More info req’d.

The Trap – Cardiff band feat; Glenn Thomas (ex Something Wicked). Played the Meltdown jam sessions at Chapter. More info req’d.

Trapper – Cardiff band (1975-76), feat; Griff The Riff (bass), John Sloman (gtr). Did a great version of the Doobies’ Long Train Running. More info req’d

Traveller – Rhymney band (early 80s?), feat; Mark Davies (bass) (later Celtic Pride, Shanghai)

Travis Inc – Swansea band (1996), changed name to Liberty 37 after Travis made it big. They were “ones to watch” in Kerrang!‘s Class Of 1998 feature, described as “Soaring, uplifting, but still bruising – Radiohead gone hardcore.” (see also Applecore)

Tredegar – rock band (80s) feat; Tony Bourge & Ray Phillips (both ex Budgie), Ian Hornsby (voc), Alan Fish. More info req’d.

tree of wolves
Tree of Wolves –
Carmarthen based indie band, feat; Aled, Charli, Gareth, Mark, Gruff. Rel single Icy Water (May13) prod by John Lawrence. (fbook)

Trigger – Powys based band, feat; Dylan Owen, Gavin Meddins, Phil Davies (all later of Crash .45) (see also FBH, Wasted, Hot Buttered Soul, Wedding Singers, Junkhead, Nameless, Dream in Colour).

Trip – (pic) Newport band, (formed 2000), now called Robots Talk In Twos. Rel EP, ‘Incendiary’, followed by The Prologue (on Complete Control Sep04). (website)

Tripwire Records – Newport reocrd label (website)

Trobwill – No idea were they were based or during which years. They released a split single with Vortex, ‘Taith Paths 1 & 2’ on the Recordian Buwch A Hapys label (MW-1). As to which Vortex they shared the release with is anyone’s guess, I think it was the Surrey based group fronted by Roy Young (who was in Transparent Illusion). Young ran his own label which seemed to have two names Vortex and Nuclear Records & rel an LP ‘Still Human’. More info req’d

Truckers of Husk – Cardiff (?) based project (c2009), feat; Rods, Jimmy, Hywel and Chris. Rel EP ‘Physical Education’ (17.3.08) (website)

True Love – Cardiff band (c1987) feat; Anthony Reynolds (voc.keys,gtr) (ex Alien Circus, Jack, Boy, Misery), Leonard Donofrio (voc), Andrew Haines (bass) (ex Alien Circus, Boy, Misery), Glyn Kerry Groves (gtr).

True Wheel – Cardiff band of late 70s feat; Matthew Davis (gtr) and Martin Cropper (drms). Matt explains; ‘We met at Cardiff Uni and I then became close friends with Stuart Moxham (voc, gtr) who was at Cardiff Art College and we shared a flat. He and his brother Phil (bass) joined me and Martin and then Alison Statton and her best friend from school, Louise Porter joined as backing singers. It wasn’t just a covers band – we performed early songs by me and Stuart. Having played numerous gigs all around Cardiff including a residency at the Great Western we split up. Martin, Louise and I moved to London where we eventually signed to EMI records (as Heyday) and released a couple of singles. Louise went on to discover Mis-teeq. Stuart, Phil and Alison of course remained in Cardiff and formed Young Marble Giants. John Evans from the Tax Exiles was never in the band though Phil and I jammed with him I believe. I currently play bass in a band with an ex-guitarist from Yes.’

Trwbador – Carmarthen project, (c2010), feat; Angharad Van Rijswijk and Owain Gwilym (website)

Trydan – schooboy punk band from the valleys (2003), all aged 12. Feat on Radio 1’s Session Exposure. According to manager Simon, ‘Band progressing steadily after a reshuffle, doing local music festivals, recording , band competitions etc. Ian Everet,judge, Welsh finals Global Battle of the Bands said, “By the time they reach 15, they will either have a number one rock album, or be in rehab”(website)

Trwynau Coch – one of the 1st wave of Welsh punk bands of late 70s, feat; Ian Jones (drms), Huw Eurig (gtr), Rhys Harris (voc), ? (bass). Read biog

Tsunami Relief Cardiff – Charity gig for the 2004 Tsunami victims held at the Millennium Stadium (22.1.05) in front of 61,000 people, feat; the usual suspects, but also Manic Street Preachers and Feeder

TunetownFormerly the Swansea Songwriters Guild. Community business based at 1 The Kingsway, Swansea, SA1 5JQ (Tel. 01792 473960). Mission statement: “The unifying dream of a music scene.” Promotes local festivals and one-off events, provides p.a. hire, organizes music tuition and promotes links with education and community-based organisations, and generally acts as a clearing house for anything remotely musical in the Swansea area. Publishes Tunetown magazine (formerly Noiseville) monthly. Events officers Chris Woodman and Mallika Tucker (Honey Riders, Euphonium) (website)

Tunnelrunners -plastic-land-ep-cover
Tunnelrunners –
Neath based punk band, formed 1977, feat; Madoc Roberts (gtr,voc), Graham Jones (gtr), Jeff Burton (drms), Neil Sinclair (bass), Guy Lawrence (drms). Gigged in and around Swansea from 1978-81, (reformed and were still gigging in Cardiff with a new line up until 1999). Rel “Plastic Land” EP in 1980 through Steve Mitchells Sonic International. 5 tracks; Side A – Plastic Land, Forever Crying at Love Songs; Side B – Average, Words, I Can You Can. This has now been bootlegged, and also re-rel on Sing Sing Recs (2011). The Powerpearls and Teenage Treats series both contain tracks. There was also another bootleg in the early 1980’s called 100mph from a Swansea sound session. The tunes were top. They had fun. Has there ever been a more joyous pop group? (fbook)

Turn To Red – Swansea punk band (1989-92), feat; Vince Zap Rees (voc) (ex Cosmic Zaps, later Solar Bud), Dai Lizard (gtr), Nigy (bass), Peter ‘Rat’ Bowen (drms) (who has now died).

Tuzmadoner Recs – obscure label, rel stuff by Different Eyes. More info req’d.

12 Inch Ninja – Cardiff-Cwmbran band, formed 2002, feat; Neil Cooper (voc) (ex Solid State), Scott Wilson (gtr) (ex Solid State), Sam Rooney (bass) who replaced orig bassist Johnny (ex MSCF), Edd Bores (gtr) & “Bull” Johnson (drms). Prev called My So Called Friend. Have played all over SWales at packed venues. Rel 4 track CD Little Ghosts (03), and ‘Foot In The Door’ demo (05). (website)

23:59 – label run by the band Fishtake

Twisted – punk band from Porthcawl, rel debut LP ‘Utopia’ (on Specialist Subject Recs 19.01.15) (website)

Twisted Ankle – noise band from Cardiff, formed around 2017. Rel single Landlord Laughs (Apr20) (Bandcamp)

Twisted by Design – Alternative music and band night run by Gary Anderson. Formed in May00 due to complaints about the lack of alt. night available in Cardiff. Bands who have been put on include Aerogramme, The Loves, J T mouse, The Telescopes, The Swirlies, Zombina and the Skeletones, the Rickets, Sammohung and Headfall. (website)

Twisted Souls
Twisted Souls – 
Newport post-punk band (1980-85), feat; Malcolm Jones (voc), Gwyn Hughes (bass), Kevin Doney (gtr), Mark Davenport (drms). Debut gig was at Crindau Cons on the day the day that John Lennon was shot (08.12.80), supported by Rabid Dogs. Played all the local landmark venues, The Riverside, Sovereign Bar, Newport SU, etc. Support slots at the Stowaway for The Monochrome Set and Blurt. Supported The Redskins at Newport SU for a Miners Benefit.

T? Gwydr – Cardiff rap act (early 90s) feat; Gareth Potter (Traddodiadd Ofnus), Mark Lugg and David Lord (Spode). Created an expansive, wide ranging , positive and multi genre dance music album created   with an impressive list of contributors. Ankst released their material, debut 12″ ‘Yr Unig Ateb’ (1990), then the cassette album ‘Effeithiol’ (1991) foloowed by singles. In 2022 Ankst re-issued ‘Effeithiol’ digitally on bandcamp. Gareth is now a popular DJ and radio presenter (he was also in TV soap Eastenders in the mid 80s and appeared in films).

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