South Wales: P – Q

Pagan Wanderer Lu – an indie-songwriter from Aberystwyth, now based in Cardiff. Debuted Dec00. Has rel 5 EPs ‘Train Songs’ (2001), ‘Tank vs.Cat’ (2001) and ‘The Aberystwyth Cliff Railway Disaster 1902 EP’ (2002), ‘Enjoy Travelling’ (2002) and ‘No More Roads’ (2003). Debut album ‘Restless Revolution Day by Day’ released in 2004 and gigs regularly in Aber and Cardiff. (website)

Page 3 – Swansea based porno-punk band (c1979), feat; Ian Bone (later Living Legends), Ray Rockafella (voc) (also Dyfatty Flats), Jock Negative (voc,stripping), Jon Smythe-Murray (sax), Mr Miers (gtr), Huw Pew (drms), Gags (drms) and many others. Played 2 maybe 3 gigs, the first of which descended into chaos when 2 females joined the band naked on stage and rolled around on top of each other. Songs included Sexist Twat, Bitches on Heat, Premature Ejaculations, Swallow it Down, Can’t Get It Up, One Of The Boys, Clap Clap I Wanna Get The Clap, Prostitutes World. Andy Green, who promoted gigs at Swansea Uni said in a 2007 interview, ‘I foolishly put on a punk band called Page 3, in what was to be their last-ever gig – whose members were to become the anarchist agitation group Class War. This band included a lady of ill repute involved in the so-called ‘sex for luncheon vouchers scandal’ in the ‘70’s. Their act included doing rude things with jelly babies and feeding them to the front row of the audience. It got worse: the night ended in chaos with police and fire brigade called out, the College Safety Officer beaten up, and my dear mate Bertie Mathews getting thumped. My abiding memory is when cleaning up the mess at the end of the night. This big Welsh guy stood in the hall with his posture indicating he was going to make some negative pronouncement but declaring, in his broad valley’s accent: “Smutty, but good!” I learnt that you can at least please some of the people some of the time!’

The Pain – punk band from Newtown (formed 1982), feat;  Harry (voc), Jah Co (bass), “Bin” Lawden (gtr), Woozy (gtr), Tran (drms). Prev members inc; Gil who was orig gtr and left the band in 2008, Big Max (gtr), Gary Lancaster (drms), Martin Lancaster (voc), El Mitch (bass), Percy (drms), Jason (drms), Cucumber (bass), Russell (drms), Ernie Leghorns (bass). They are also joined on occasions by the Rev Porl, a poet (or so they say) from Manchester. Rel LPs ‘Arab On The Hill’ (2005), and ‘Songs From The Soil’ (2009). On the subject of their first gig, Harry says, ‘Very cloudy on this!  think it was with the Subhumans in the Church House, Newtown with Stone Razors and The Subversives.’ (website)

Pale Angels – loud, dirty guitar band from New Jersey USA, feat; Jamie Morrison (ex-Arteries from Swansea), they use a stateside drummer to tour the USA and another to play in the UK. Rel their 3rd LP ‘Daydreaming Blues’ (Nov16 on Specialist Subject) (website)

Pino Palladino  legendary Cardiff born session musician who has worked with Don Henley, Elton John, Paul Weller, Richard Ashcroft, Eric Clapton & Phil Collins. In Jul02 he joined The Who on their US tour following the death of John Entwhistle. Played in Trapper (mid70s) (website)

Panacea punk-meatal band from Abercarn (c2003), feat; Yan Rees (voc,gtr), Rock Tony (voc,gtr), Rich Mills (bass), Eco (drms). Latest demo Free Yer Mind, incl; Nigel Whiff on voc.

Andy Pandemonium – Ran Dummy Records from Llanelli, Dyfed. Rel the single ‘Controlling Factor/Lamb Kebab’ on Dummy Recs SRS-003 in 1981, came with a lyric sheet insert. Andy Pandemonium first folded in the very late 70’s Rog Forsyth formed ‘Pandemonium’ with Alun Rodge (bass), Alun Harries (drms) (later with the Bee Gees!) and Rhodri Davies. Pandemonium played only two gigs before themselves folding after winning the Wales & West heat of the Melody Maker Rock/Folk contest in Bristol! See Rhodri Davies’s website for full details. Rog Forsyth then re-formed Andy Pandemonium to great success and the rest is history!

Panel Cardiff band formed May00 by Dafydd L.Williams (voc,gtr) (ex Claypool and Pincushion), Dan Brewin (bass) (from Abercynon) and Matthew Powell (drms) (former bassist in Claypool, Bovine – now plays in Lunapins). 1st rehearsed in Matthew’s dad’s caravan yard in Ton Pentre, Rhondda. Matthew left May01 replaced by Phil Douglas (ex Clockwork Princess). And eventually added a guitarist Jason Addicott (ex Dopamine). Rec 3-track demo ‘The Pattern and Growth EP’ (Feb02), which has had some mixed reactions. The track ‘Green‘ was incl on Poisoned Whiskey Rec comp CD ‘Live by the Words – Die by the Music’. In 2003 rel single Along The Divide. Rel LP ‘Command Box Street Scenario’ (Cascade Recs Apr06)

Parc Troli Swansea punk band (mid to late 90s), feat; Chris. Had track Pond on Fierce Panda comp EP which Adam Walton described as ‘a harmony soaked paving slab of skatecore.’ Played in Newport a lot, (TJ’s and Le Pub. Have reformed and opened for The Arteries (Apr19). (Listen)

Parked monthly indie-rock night at The Toucan, Cardiff run by Rich & Tom Fogerty & Paul Armstrong (website)

Partisans punk band from Bridgend, formed summer 1979 (all aged 14), feat; Bob ‘Spike’ Harrington (voc), Mark ‘Shark’ Harris (drms), Andy Lealand (gtr), Louise Wright (bass). Started as a punk covers band, but wrote their own stuff & sent a demo to No Future recs boss Chris Berry, he rel Police Story 7″ on 28.09.81, which hit #5 during its 22 week stay in the indie charts. Gigs followed across the UK with Blitz, Peter & The Test Tube Babies, Ejected & Red Alert. 27.05.82 saw the follow up single 17 Years of Hell reaching #2 in the indie charts. Feb’83 eponymous debut LP rel. Oct83. Dave Parsons (bass) replaced Louise & Cloak & Dagger recs rel 7″ Blind Ambition (#23 in indie charts). The band relocated to Bayswater, W.London. Summer’84, 2nd LP ‘Time Was Right’ rel (#20 in indie charts) a ½ studio ½ live LP by now they were a 3-pc with Andy also on bass in the studio after Dave Parsons join Transvision Vamp (he’s now in Bush). In 1989 Spike & Shark rec 2 songs Run Go Grab & Eyes Shut for a Link Recs comp. (website)

PartizansSwansea punk band (1980-82), feat; Derrick ‘Bernie’ Bolton (voc), Pete Tull (gtr), Alistair Smith (bass), Michael ‘Spike’ Jenkins (drms) (latter 2 were in The Disguises). Tull joined the Greek motorcycle team.

Paul Solo multi instrumentalist, who self rel most of his material on cassette inc ‘War Crimes’. Based in Cymraeg, Dyfed. Active up until 1982/3 (?)

Paybak Swansea death-thrash band (c2005), feat; Johnny (voc,gtr), Steve (voc, gtr), Ambrose (drms).

Pay Day Swansea punk band (formed 1978), feat; Jeff ‘Dap’ Wheway (voc), Richard ‘Sid’ Griffiths (gtr), Steve Griff (bass), Nicky Hook (drms). Played many gigs inc, Olchfa, The Sandy Lane Festivals, The Coach House, and Townhill College (where they supported Venom at their boisterous last gig). Split at the end of ’79 but Nick and Griff reformed the band with Huw ‘Iva’ Morgan on vocals, and soon changed their name to Pseudo Sadists

Peach Fuzz – Bridgend band (c2008), feat; Adam (gtr,voc), Lewis (bass), Jon (drms). Had session aired on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales Show 07.09.08 (website)

Lisa Pedrick – pop singer from Gwaun Cae Gurwen, most famous for beating a then unknown Duffy to win Wawffactor in 2004 (a Welsh pop idol TV prog – and just as shit). She went on to be a music teacher and rel material inc; LP ‘Dyma’r Amser’ (on Rasp 2008) which was produced by Henry Priestman (The Christians) at his studio in Anglesey.

Pedro band, More info req’d.

The Pennysows punk band from Aberdaugleddau, feat; Trigger, Macky, Scott, Boastie, Bassie (website)

People In Planes band formed summer03 by ex-members of Tetra Splendour. More info req’d.

Perfectors (pic) Newport punk band (formed late 1970s), feat; Martin Ginge Ford (drms), Paul Robins (gtr,voc), John Ford (bass,voc), Michael Morgan (voc), Ian Dumayne (gtr). Reknowned for high explosive live set. Rel single YT50 (1980). Orig guitarist was Ian. Band split 1980. Paul is now in French band XLFive. Martin is in Raw Bud. Have tracks on ‘Bored Teenagers Vol3’ (Detour Recs 2004). (website)

Perjury Bridgend punk band (1983-85), feat; Tufty (voc), Paul (gtr), Law (bass), Tyrone (drms). Played some great gigs in Cardiff, Swansea and Bridgend with Soldier Dolls, Shrapnel etc. and played a memorable support to Alien Sex Fiend at Cardiff. Have 2 tracks on the Punk Lives: Let’s Slam Vol2 comp LP

Permissive Society Cardiff based group active during the early 80’s. Initially rel the single ‘Social Misfit’ on iod/100 Recs, this was followed with an LP ‘Permissive Age’ also on iod/100 Recs

Persona B Milford Haven rock-punk-funk-pop band (c2005), feat; Cooper (voc,gtr), Martin (gtr), Bernie (bass), Ramsey (drms). Have supported Amy Wadge. More info req’d

Peruvian Hipsters – Rhondda indie band (formed 1983), feat; Ashley Evans (voc), Nigel Buckland (gtr). Were in the running to sign a deal with A&M Records before being ditched at the last minute so self-rel a 7″ single Tony Hadley (on Freak Medicine 1988), which was about wanting to be like the Spandau Ballet vocalist! Buckland went on to host Channel 4 TV show ‘Vids’ (c2001) (youtube) (interview)

Pete’s Sakepunk band (2003), rel Here’s To Letting Go EP on Coalface Recs (Jun03). More info req’d (website)

Petrified Recs Label started by James McHardy and Emma Ross (formerly involved with Topper, Melys websites) released an EP (2001), Single (2002) and Mini-Album (2003) by Nameless and the album Unspoken by Fractured Persona (2005) in which all profits were donated to Ashgrove School in Penarth to help raise funds and awareness of children with Autism.  (website)

Petrol Monkey Aberystwyth metal band formed 2001, feat; Alexander Berger (voc,gtr) (ex Duty Paid, Cryptic Kicker 5), Dave Smith (bass), Jonathan Holloway (gtr), Adam Murphy (drms) (ex Mediahype). Rel EP (2002) feat track Safety Pins for Stitches. (website).

Peruvian Hipsters – Treorchy pop band (c1988), feat; Nigel Buckland, who co-hosted cult film prog Vids on Channel 4. Rel single Tony Hadley (on Freak Medicine Recs)

Phantom Beats Cardiff based project by Neil Cocker of Plastic Raygun recs. Rel single, Mercury (Apr02). Collaborated with Aussie DJ Kid Kenobi (Sep02). (website)

The Phantom Light – ambient/shoegaze band from Swansea (formed Oct09). The band went through a number of changes but the longest serving line up feat; Anthony Jones (voc) (now Frisbees In The Fog) Jason Jones (gtr) (ex The MP’s), Simon Jones (gtr), Ed Purcell (ex Salad Days) Matty James (drms) (now Cities) and Shaun Moseley (Keys). The Phantom Light released a two track demo in early 2010, which got the band through to the last 12 of the Glastonbury Emerging Talent competition, where they played their first ever gig to the organisers, Michael & Emily Eavis. They later released the 5 track digipack CD ‘Sky Lanterns’ in 2013 before embarking on a UK tour. Whilst recording their debut album they split up in 2014, although 6 of the finished tracks were released digitally in 2015 as part of ‘The Fall EP’. (website)

Phasers Cardiff spacerock band (2004), feat; Stuart (drms), Jake (voc,bass), Huw (voc,gtr), Jules (gtr). Rel ‘Universe Crawls EP’ (website)

The Phoenix,  – 60s band, feat; Gareth Minton (gtr,voc), Jack Bass (on everything but bass) and Ed Heycock (drms). Band split after gig when Jack formed Nic Nac Nilly Band on stage.

The Physicists art punk band (c2006), feat; Sal (voc), Gwenifer Raymond (gtr), Nic (bass), Ceri (drms). Rel single Sleaze Campaign (Complete Control 18.4.06) (listen). Rec’d lots of airplay on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales Show and toured Wales with Adequate 7 (Apr/May06). Gwen went on to release material as a solo artist.

Picled Rooney –Aberystwyth hip hop band. More info req’d

Pic Nic – formed in Cardiff 2002, and feat; Huw Stephens, Rhys Bishop, Catherine Davies, Kate Auchterlonie, and Johnny R. Rel their first CD on the R-Bennig label (R-BEN 039 CD) feat ‘Pic Nic’ (Chwenci Da Mix) / ‘Hybli Bybli Bw’ (Copa Copa Edit) / ‘Tair Slag O’r Cymoedd’ (Chwenci Drwg Mix) / ‘Tocyn Crwydro Ynys Enllib’ (Huwci Piwci Mix) / ‘Blasin Od’ (Ffowlyn How Are You Ffeif-O Mix). Johnny R is the man behind the R-Bennig label, and also formed the band Wâw Ffactor (see N.Wales entries)

Picture Frame Seduction Hardcore punk band formed 1979 in Haverfordwest. Feat; Keith (voc), Mark Bozier (gtr), Griff (drms), Steve Arthur (bass). Rec single Im Good Enough For Me on Solar Sound recs (Lampeter 1984) and LP- Hand Of The Rider (1985 on Rot Recs). 2nd single Try With A Little Help (1987 PFS Recs). Also rel tracks on comp LPs Demolition Blues (1982) and A Kick Up The Arse (1986). Gigged extensively throughout the UK with Uk Subs, Partisans, GBH, Exploited & Peter And The Test Tube Babies. Ceased gigs and rec in 1987 after headlining the 100 club with The Varukers. Reformed in 2003 with live CD planned on Locozo Recs for Jun03. Mark Bozier the bands guitarist on most of the vinyl recordings died in 1990 at the age of 26 from a heart attack. Rob Folland joined 2003 as replacement. Rel LP Jan05 ‘Sex War’, then ‘Stop The Bloody Slaughter’ (Nov06) and split CD ‘Skateboarding Down Merlin’s Hill With Penny Harry’ (with True Sounds of The Revolution) which was a BBC Radio Wales session that was never aired. (rel Feb07) (website) Also known as The Frames, PFS

Picture The Beautiful – 4 piece rock band from Porth, Rhondda, later changed their name to Talkshow. Feat; Damien Scott Owens (voc,gtr), Christian Perry (bass), Stuart Anstee (gtr), Geraint Evans (drms). Orig drummer was called Chris. Rel 2 EPs ‘Super Model’ (1998) and ‘Hey Mr Jones’ (1999). (interview)

The Pier 80s Cardiff band of legendary status, feat; Alison Clash (voc). More info req’d

Pincushion Pop-punk-metal Rhondda band. Formed in 1998-ish after Anthony ‘Thonoir’ Hallem offered to buy both Gareth ‘Westy’ Westwood (voc,gtr) and Mathew ‘Acy’ Acreman (bass) a pint of Guinness each – on one condition:- if he could be the drummer in their band. Rec demo in Grassroots early 99, incl; live favourites, ‘Number One Fan’ and ‘Crypt‘ (which were aired on American college radio). Upon hearing these tracks, the then-redundant guitarist Dafydd L. Williams (formerly Claypool) insisted on joining the band. Rec again in spring 2000 in Immtech – this time a slighly more ambitious 6-track mini-album in 2 days. Played their last gig in May00. Dafydd formed Panel within about a week, and Westy and Acy formed Jeff the Dentist a few days later.(website)

Pink Assassin Cardiff band, feat; Melanie Daley (voc), John Pulman (bass), Steve Thomas (gtr), Jason Lorch (drms), Darron Elvis (keys), Contributed to (Nicky Wire’s brother) Patrick Jones’ “Commemoration & Amnesia” LP also worked with John Cale (also feat Patrick Jones) on his “Beautiful Mistakes” project. Signed to Big Noise recs & rel single Small World.

Pinstripe Mafia alt-rock band from cardiff formed 2002 in Cardiff university, feat Pete Hoper (voc, gtr, sax), Lydia Finney (bass, voc), Sion Wyn Jones (gtr) (ex Kobayashi), Tom Cook (drms), orignally feat. (drms), “the straight and narrow ep” (2003), rec live Xpress session, Lydia left 2004. Band set to move to London mid 2005. (website) Tom also runs the Gammy Leg record label

Pipilak Baize band feat; Dave Watkins (drms)

– horrible one minute thrash skate noise punk band from Caldicott (formed 2015), feat; Jimbob Logan (voc,gtr), Sam (voc,bass), Dan (drms). Rel LPs ‘War Or Nothing’ (2015), ‘Blowing Chunks’ (2016), ‘Late Night At Nettys’ (2016) and ‘Grand Relapse’ (2019). Play countless crazed gigs across the UK.

Plan 9 – Swansea band, formed 1999, changed name to The 9ine 2001.

Placid Casual – record label based in Cardiff set up by Super Furry Animals (1998) before they signed to Sony. Rel their own ‘Mwng’ LP, and had a clause in their Sony contract allowing them to rel output on other labels, hence Gruff Rhys‘ debut solo LP ‘Yr Atal Genhedlaeth’ and SFA’s ‘Phantom Phorce’

Plastic Raygun – Cardiff record label, run by, Neil Cocker, Sam, Steve, Maf & Reuben. (website)

Please Drive Faster Newport band (Sept02), feat; Marcus Warner (voc) (now Robots Talk In Twos), Adam Treheme (gtr), Tom Lewis (bass), Graeme Pearce (drms). Formerly called Schafer.

Pleasure Garden moniker for The Iveys to record a flexi-disc Permissive Paradise to accompany a book, ‘Young London, Permissive Paradise’ in the mid 1960’s. The Iveys became Badfinger

The Pocket Devils Swansea-based band (1996/7), who rec one single (Walking on Water b/w Take Me Away) for Pop Music Recs (cat. no. POE 001, Feb97). Feat; Jonathan Owen (v), Darren Hamer (drms), Christian Farrant (b), Abby Hanson (g), Chris Davies (k), “plus additional groovy percussion by Kofi”. Music described as “a cross between pop and indie”. A track was also reportedly incl on an American comp album. Supposedly, the band also supported INXS on a UK tour and was managed by Paul Dixon of Hi Speed Management.

Poisoned Whiskey Recs punk label (c2002) of Ton Pentre run by Marcus Lawry, ceased Mar06 (see now 1000 Yard Stereo). (website)

Pony Express(1969 – 1973) Penarth Soul Band, later evolved to a blues rock band

Pooh Sticks Swansea indie band (formed 1987), feat; Huw Williams (voc) (now ‘Minister for Cool Welsh Pop’ on Musical Mystery Tour radio show), Trudie Tangerine (keys), Paul (gtr), Alison (bass), Stephanie (drms). 1st single On Tape. A series of classic – if largely ignored – releases followed, including the infamous single I Know Someone Who Knows Someone Who Knows Alan McGee Quite Well. Then ‘The Pooh Sticks EP’, a collection of past releases, rel 1988, then ‘Orgasm’, a set recorded as live in Trudi’s basement. Followed by mock-bootleg ‘Trademark Of Quality’ (’89), comprising live material & early recordings. In 1990 rel 1st proper LP, ‘Formula One Generation’. The following year vocalist Amelia Fletcher (ex Talulah Gosh & Heavenly) joined the band for the critically acclaimed ‘Great White Wonder’. Further LPs ‘Million Seller’(’93) & ‘Optimistic Fool’(’95) followed. Band split 1995. Huw went on to manage 60ft Dolls, recommended Stereophonics to V2, & helped Catatonia in their early days.

Pop Factory live music show wales’s answer to Top of the pops. More info req’d.

Poppies Aberystwyth band (formed Mar04) feat; Sam Rhys James (b.14.10.86) (gtr,voc) (ex Mozz), Twm Champagne (drms) (ex Doli, Teenybopper Commandos), Eifion Austin (bass). Rel debut single Dau Bys (21.3.05 Ciwdod) (website)

Pot BoilersLampeter bluesy band (c2005), feat; Adam (drms), Brian (bass,voc), Bob (gtr,voc), Criss (banjo,voc), Jan (fidl,gtr,voc). (website)

Pot Jam Aberystwyth all girl band formed Sep01, feat; Mari Beard (daughter of Llygod Ffyrnig’s Gary Beard), Lisa Roberts (drms), Catrin ‘Cat Thing’ Morgan (voc,gtr), Jemima (bass). Not to be confused with Denbigh indie band of 1992 with same name. Changed name to Velveteens.

Portaloo– punk gig promoters. More info req’d

Powder Swansea rock band, late 90s, orig signed to Mighty Atom. Members starting band (Aug05) with Stuart Cable (ex Stereophonics)

Steve Power – Transplanted American singer-songwriter, harmonica player and rhythm guitarist. Founded Sting Like A Bee, arguably the best Welsh/American R&B band ever. Only international U.R.D.A Musician of the Year. Co-produced with Dave Edmunds alumnus John David “The Journey” on Javelin Records, an album of original Americana which received worldwide critical acclaim but little commercial success. Recorded and produced two EPs of original material, “Somewhere In Texas” with Jesse “Guitar” Taylor (Joe Ely Band) and “DiMaggio” with Earl Poole Ball (Johnny Cash, Buck Owens), David Miller (Asleep at the Wheel) and Casper Rawls (Toni Price).

The Presidents – Merthyr punk band (early-mid 80s), feat; Patrick McDermott (gtr) (later Original Mind Band), Dai Thomas (gtr) (ex Dead On Arrival) and members of Society. More info req’d

Pretty Grim Brecon based Psycobilly band feat; Paul Nevin (dbl bass,voc), Jim Thomson (gtr), Henry Vaugn (drms) plus many others. Demo of 3 recording sessions (May99, Sep00, and Feb,Mar02) is available, incl cover of
Madonna’s Material Girl. Played with the Dead Kennedys during the Mutiny On The Bay tour.

Simon Price music journalist with Independent on Sunday (until 2014) & Manic Street Preachers biographer, writer of Everything (A Book About MSP). Jan 02 – Had a dispute with Virgin Books over a deleted chapter concerning Richey James. Orig from Barry, now resides in Brighton (twitter)

Prima Luce Newport rock-acoustic band, feat; Az. More info req’d.

Primary Evasion(pic) Swansea rock-punk band (formed Jan03), feat; Gavin Williams (voc), Eugene Franco Jr (gtr), Dan Widdup (bass), Huw Waters (drms). Won Swansea Uni Battle of The Bands 2003. (website)

Prince of Fochriwmetal band (formed 2000). More info req’d

Prisoners Of The Sun– band from Cardiff, feat. Dav (gtr, voc), Rich (bass,voc), Rich (drms,bongo), Sam (djumbe,bongo) (website)

Prisoners of WarBargoed band (1980s), feat; Ceri ‘Glubber’ Richards and Gerwyn Williams (see also Discarnate Entity, Rico Oxide)

Probation management company run by Martin Bowen, associated with FF Vinyl Recs. Look after The Automatics

Probation Recs label based in Tonyrefail (2004). Have rel singles by Next Nine Years, Pete’s Sake as well as the ‘Sick of Silence’ comp LP. (website)

Probing Holes Monmouth punk band (formed 1978) orig feat; Nigel Howard, Shane Corbett (gtr) and Richard Fry (drms). Went through several different names inc; The Drains and Monmouth Morons. By mid-1979 they settled on The Probing Holes and Nigel had gone and in came Rupert Vanderval (gtr), Chris Sid Morgan (bass) and Bernard Rowlands (voc). By the end of the year Chris and Richard gave up music and Shane left to join punk band Funeral in Berlin. Rupert and Bernard were rejoined by Nigel (gtr), Steve Wadley (bass), Phil Goodridge (drms).  They went to london to record a 3 track demo, which inc self written songs, Sign Here Please, The Signal and a cover of The Ramones’ Blitzkreig Bop, later the orig songs appeared on The Beat The Meat comp LP (Xsentrik 1981). Shortly after that Steve left to join the army, Bernard gave up singing and Shane rejoined the band, this was to be their last and most prolificly successful line up and they were all no more than 18 years old. Many gigs ensued, Sign Here Please was played by John Peel and they were mentioned in Sounds magazine. In 1981 a demo was rec for Round Here Recs and after German radio play they were offered dates in the country but at this point Rupert decided to quit the band for a different music project, shortly after they split for good in 1982.

noid-problems_fur_coat_1The Problems – project from Ton Teg and Birmingham! Feat; Amy Mcgovern (voc,drms), Twig Owens (voc,gtr). Debut gig at Adam and Eve, B’ham (Jun12). Twig says, ‘It’s about a year since we played our first show in Birmingham and we gained a following there quite quickly. We then headed out on tour with The Twang and got to play some cool venues. The Leadmill, Scala, Manchester Ritz and O2 Academy. We been recording since and these are the fruits of that.’ (website)

Procrastinatrix – minimal-electro project based in the Brecon Beacons (c2022) – (bandcamp)

Propaganda Free fanzine for Cardiff band Nameless started by long term fan, Miss Bramble Jackson in 2000. Feat interviews with members of the band, free posters, CD’s and badges. Recently expanded to cover other bands and taken on writers Sophie ‘hyperbole’ Brown and Jamie Loman of Unit 12 fameThe Prose Cardiff punk band (c1978), feat; Hugh Volk. Rel demo cassette. (pic) More info req’d

Prozac RuinLlanelli nu-punk band (formed Feb05), feat; Darren Schmeyz (voc,gtr), Danny Messagiero (bass), Darren Thomas (gtr), Julian Phillips (drms).

Prunus Tenella indie band from Cardiff (c1990), feat; Steve Gatehouse (also Jonah Hex, U Thant). Had track on ‘White Lemonade’ comp cassette (1991).

Pseudo Sadists punk band from Swansea (early 80s). Feat; Huw ‘Iva’ Morgan (voc), Nicky Hook (drms), Greg Evans (bass) (ex Autonome), Richard Griffiths (gtr), prev called Pay Day. Appeared on A Country Fit For Heroes Vol.1 LP with a song called “Power Schemes” and contributed another called “War Games” to the Bullshit Detector Vol.2 comp. Iva was top punk in Swansea – used to walk around with a goat on a string! Later moved to London and became famous as the ‘acid priest’: he wore a vicar’s collar and was the main source of LSD and cocaine for the entire London music scene. Had a motorbike with the numberplate ‘LSD 64’! Did some time in the Scrubs, not surprisingly.

The Psychodelic Daisies – (1970), A flower-power style rambling improvisational outfit with a heavy rock beat and wailing vocals. Piano player Steve Parr would later join Ingroville (and London based album charting performance rock act Burlesque) before establishing one of the most successful London recording studios (Hear No Evil), winning several BAFTAs and OSCARS for his film music production in recent years.

Psychodelic Doomnerve Swansea metal band (formed 2000), feat; Will (gtr), Darb (gtr), Mav (gtr), Lee (bass) (ex Aeolian), Shane (drms). Prev gtr was Rich (now of Souldust). (website)

Psychos promoters of the Monkey Café in Swansea, run by Dave Sedley, began in 1999

Psycho Squad Cardiff band c2002. Now know as SKWAD

P-Town Beatdown punk gig promoters. More info req’d

Public AsylumPenarth based band, formed Oct01, feat; James Rowley (bass), Bazza (Michael) (drms), Mike (gtr), Luke (voc,gtr). Formed in local youth club. (website)

Public Disturbance punk band (1996-2001) with a legendary reputation, feat; Mike Lewis & Ian Watkins (both now of Lost Prophets). Best LP Possessed to Hate on Retribute Recs in ’99. (website)

Pull To Open Powys band (c2003), feat; Kieran, Callum & Andrew (all now of A Tragedy in Progress).

Punk By Default Swansea band feat; Jon (drms) (also runs Noo Noo Recs). More info req’d.

Punk Floyd Cardiff band feat; Ian Ferguson (later of Czyquay, Limezero). More info req’d.

Pynci PYNCI (Promoting Youth Networks in the Cultural Community) A community based record label designed to give opportunities to bands, singers, Djs, musicians, producers who have been part of the Government ‘New Deal’ scheme for musicians.


Queen Street Soul Set band feat; Ray Halloran (drms). Later called Haze. More info req’d

Quicksand Neath prog rock band of late 60s. Feat; Jimmy Davies (gtr,voc) (also Alkatraz), Phil Davies (bass), Robert Collins (keys), Anthony Stone (drms), also earlier feat; Phil Youatt (bass) (later of Man, Neutrons, Alkatraz). Rel LP ‘Home is Where I Belong’ (on Dawn 1973).

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