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Nailbombs – Rhondda band (c1992), feat; Stuart Cable (voc) (later Stereophonics, Killing For Company), and rel EP ‘Raw Sex for Breakfast’ (rec at Sound Space in Cardiff). Cable was replaced by JJ Cruz (ex Rag Dolls)

Nameless – Cardiff based band orig called Element & based in Wrexham, feat, Rhodri Viney (keys) (also of Teflon Monkey) Al Williams (voc) (now Games For May), The French (aka Stu Michael) (gtr) (also Teflon Monkey, ex This Bizarre Myth). The Reverend (aka Steff Nameless Bailey) (bass) (also Teflon Monkey), XXX Rated (aka Dean Palmer) (gtr), Denby ‘Dems’ Sweeting (drms) (also Teflon Monkey, ex This Bizarre Myth). Ex members: Phil Davies (later of Crash .45), Waylon Davies (bass), Will Sharpe (gtr), Chris Sklavounos (drms) (now with Chris Rhys). EP ‘Read More Books’ on Pertrified Recs. Follow up Salt Flats out Jun02. Split 04. (video)

Nanostroke – Swansea band (formed Jan02), Rob Perkins (gtr), Ken Vernon (drms), Neil Price (voc,gtr), Neil Thomas (bass). Had track Red On Black played on Adam Walton‘s BBC Radio Wales show (15.02.04).

Nathan Hall and the Sinister Locals – offshoot (c2023) of Soft Hearted Scientists, by, yeah you guessed it, Nathan Hall, who rel debut album ‘Effigies’ (2017) followed by several releases, inc ‘Night Of the Gorgon EP’ (Jan23) (bandcamp)

Naughty – old school punk rock band al la X-Ray Spex, Slits, Clash, Penetration formed in Cardiff 1999, feat; Ga E Bitter (gtr,voc) (ex Plastic), Meggy Loo Mayhem (sax,gtr,voc), (ex Terrorist Ballet Dancers From Hell, Ebola Cafe), Tommy Twisted (drms) (ex Wickerman, Terrorist B.D.F.Hell, Ebola Cafe) and Aly Warped (bass) (ex Terrorist BDF Hell, Ebola Cafe). Have played a variety of shows including 3 gigs in New York (Oct02), Extreme Sports Festival in Shepton Mallet and also supported Larry Love from Alabama 3 who gave them a rave review on his band website. Always like to make an occasion of a gig by dressing up; Swimwear in Llanilleth RC, Dirty Vicars & Slutty Nuns at the
Coal Exchange, Naughty Nurses for Clwb Ifor. A self prod album ‘City Slappers’ rel 2003.

Nayfe SF – solo artist-guitarist since 2001 from Pembrokeshire. Rel CD ‘All About The Lessons’. Has played the major cities. (website)

N’boyd – project by Jon Blake, BBC Talent awardwinner & author of over 40 books. Rel CD (Oct04) ‘Closure’ feat; Natalie Sigerson

Necrocest – death metal band (2001) from Cardiff, feat; Richard Andrews (bass), Byron Barry (drms), Neil James (gtr), Woody (gtr), Rory O’Connor (voc). Released a 7-track EP/LP called ‘Dead Pretty’ (2004 on their own Copro label) then re-recorded the songs and put out an album of the same name in 2005 on Casket Music. Second LP ‘Prenatal Massacre’ (2009) (youtube)

Paul Needs – performer from Port Talbot (c2007) and ex-member of Reactions, The Steps. Very much in a Dr Feelgood mould. He is the cousin of Radio Wales presenter Chris Needs (website)

Nemesis – Newport band (early 90s), feat; David de-Gare Pitt (voc) (ex Liberator), Ian Ridley (gtr), Paul Boschen (bass), Richard Hayward (gtr) (also Doc Savage), Bret Ford (drms). Played at TJ’s, The Bridge Bar, The Harlequin, Metros and numerous venues in South Wales and had good reviews in the Argus. Inevitably, the line-up changed over the years, notably with Ian Ridley and Bret Ford being replaced with Dave Bull and Steve Hollister respectively. In band tensions did appear after a while, and they split some time after the departure of Paul Boschen becoming tired of trying to find a suitable replacement for him. All with the exception of Boschen went on to work with each other in different guises, one of which was a Black Sabbath tribute band called Supernaut. After having been contacted by a follower of Nemesis who now lives in Bermuda, the band reformed under the name of The Best Men to perform at his wedding in Sutton near Croydon.

Neon Lips – Swansea band (formed 2002), feat; Big Mick Chandler (voc), John Bevis (gtr), Owen Foote (drms), Stev (bass)

Neotokyo – techno outfit, feat; Hiro (voc), formed after the split of Manchild. Played debut gig at Barfly, Cardiff (Jun03).

Nerve 424 – heavy rock band from Cardiff., feat: Rich Rolfe (bass), Matt Strangis (voc/gtr), Dave Mapps (drms). Formed in early 1999 when Matt, Rich and Dave met in Cardiff University. Prev called Nerve but added 424 (oct02) after finding Scottish band with same name then became Death To Plan A (website)

Neutrons Neath prog rock band of late 60s, feat; Phil Youatt (bass) (later of Man, Quicksand, Alkatraz). More info req’d

Newbreed – Telford based band, played Breeding Ground 2001. (website)

New City Order – Cardiff band (c2009) (website)

New Druids – Husband-and-wife duo Colum Regan (gtr,voc) and Kerry Sanson (perc,voc). Natives of Cork and Warrington, respectively, and based (rather loosely) in St Athan, they first came to notice in 1999 with a self-titled acoustic CD, followed by an EP, Uncovered, in 2001. In 2002 they hooked up with drummer Iolo Whelan and bassist Craig Parry to form Sanfaro, under which name they rec the excellent Colour It Purple LP, which expanded on their early Celtic roots to create almost a world-music vibe. After Sanfaro split 2003, Colum and Kerry returned to gigging as New Druids. Have undertaken two lengthy tours of the U.S. (in 2002 and Jul/Aug04); the former visit yielding a New Druids Live CD – a full band rec with guest saxophonist Dan Myers, the UK rel of which was imminent at the end of Aug04. Website

Newest Industry – punk label (formed 2002) set up by Dave Hopkin of Fracture ‘zine after he heard the new material by No Choice. LP rel Oct02. Proceeded to rel many titles, incl; ‘A Compilation 2002-04’ which is a good place to start if you’re new to the label. Took label name from Husker Du song. (website)

New Form – Cardiff based ‘post punk group active up to 1983(?) – Had 3 tracks; ‘On The Edge/Boy/Blockhead’ on the Cardiff compilation ‘Is The War Over’ Z-Block Records.

New Welsh Music – website dedicated to just that, feat; bands, demo reviews, MP3 reviews, venues, links & more. (Website)

Next Step – post punk-goth band (c1981), feat; Jay Jay Thomas (voc) (ex The End), Lindsay (gtr) (ex the End), Paul Griffith (bass), Chris Price (drms)

Nic Nac Nilly Band – 60’s soul group feat; Jack Bass. formed after a joint billing at Porth YMCA. On the bill was The Phoenix (). The other band was Morty and the Frantics. A new band was formed at the end of the night and was called Nic Nac Nilly Band. Drums: Dick Owen. Guitar: Billy the bandit Haberfield. Jack Bass on bass. Don (Ducky) Roberts on organ. Anthony (Snowy) Evans on Trombone and everyone’s nerves. Colin (Cloth) Gummer on Sax and trombone. Gareth Minton on vocals, guitar and trumpet. A special mention for Jimmy Cider the band’s biggest fan. Also fond memories of Tylorstown RFC. a great venue to play at. After a few great years together the band split and two new groups were formed, Strawberry Dust and Statesboro blues band.

Nihilist – band from Rhondda valleys, formed 2000, and made live debut at Coopers bar (now Barfly) in Cardiff Oct01. Soon changed name to Tourniquet & relocated to the capital.

Nihilistic – Swansea rock-metal band (formed 2003), feat; Sean, Tom, John and Loz. Do a cover of Ghostbusters

Nikolai – Power pop bastards emerging as the best band in a booming Carmarthenshire music scene, feat; Colin Greer (gtr,voc), Johnathan Patrick Doherty (bass) and Gareth Lumb (drms). Played the barfly Cardiff and Blackwood Miners. 5 Track demo available from Tangled Parrot in Carmarthen (email)

The 9ine – Swansea band, formed as Plan 9 in 1999, change to 9ine (2002), feat; Woll (bass), Nay (voc,gtr), Mead (gtr), Finch (drms). Rel Somnamballistics’ LP on Black Phoenix (Apr03). Members were formerly in Acrimony & Gargantua. Added extra guitarist (Mar03) Gethin (website)

9xDead – Caerphilly Gothic Punk Metallers (formed 1998), feat; Daf Dearson (voc), Huw Price (bass),Adam Rykala (gtr) (ex This System Kills, Distorshaus) Gary Appleby (drms) (ex The Sidneys, Blood Sanction, Disorshaus). Rec LP ‘Mortalitas’ (2006). Rachel Appleby (bass) (joined 01 was replaced by Huw 08) (website)

Nineteen Fifty Eight – alt-rock band from Swansea (formed 2013), feat; Ceryn Sara (voc), Charlie Pitson (gtr), Jared Planas (gtr), Isaac Griffiths (bass) and Liam Grundie (drms). Rel EP ‘When Will I Get To You?’ (03.07.15). Rec’d airplay from BBC Radio Wales with Adam Walton and BBC Radio 1 with Huw Stephens (tumblr)

The 98% Mom and Apple Pie West Coast Rock n Roll Band – (1968-1970) Penarth 28 piece “performance art” psychodelic musical experience (a la early Pink Floyd) that headlined many hippy love-ins at the famous Roundhouse in London. Apart from the 10 musicians, the show also included nude female dancers who were progressively covered in paint during the act, jugglers and fire eaters, artists painting murals on backcloths and early pyrotechnics.

99’ers – Cardiff schoolboy band (early-mid 1960s) feat; Dave Edmunds. More info req’d.

Nipple Cripple – punk thrash metal band (formed Sep05) in Llanelli, feat; Jason ‘Chip’ Gower (voc), Matthew Collins (gtrs), Richard ‘Hank’ Hankinson (bass), Callum Rivers (drms). Members have played in other bands. More info req’d

Nitetime Pipeline (formed Oct67) 7-piece Penarth Soul Band (in the mould of Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band), orig feat; David Reese (keys,voc) (ex Firstborn, Rocking Jays), Adrian Angove (bass,voc), Paul Stewart (drms) (later Mad Dog, Good Habit), Willy Blackmore (gtr) (later Pony Express), Ian Thompson (Baritone Sax) (later Good Habit), Ray Stone (Tenor Sax). David Bush (drms) replaced Paul (Feb68). By Jun68 black Cardiff vocalist Reggie de Vere Bryan had joined. By Oct68 Reese retired from bands, replaced by Ed Griffith. In Feb69 Willy left and within a few months the core of the band became Stone Idol

No Border Wales – a transnational network of autonomous groups advocating freedom of movement and equality for all. The network operates on a non-hierarchical, anti-authoritarian basis and uses consensus decision making. We struggle in solidarity with migrants to work towards a world without borders, capitalism or the state. (website)

No Choice – Cardiff punk band of early 80s, feat; Cid (voc), Gagzee (voc), Martin Owen (gtr), Spike (drms), Svend (bass). Supported Conflict & Infa Riot then rel 7″ on Riot City recs in ’83 Sadist Dream. Reformed 2002 signed to Newest Industry Also had an anthology of old stuff out on GTA from California. Current line up is original guys Gagz, Ada and Terry (Spike) and new bassist Paul..

No Comply – punk band, now split. More info req’d.

No Fit State – punk band formed 1996, feat; Hairy (voc,bass), Jamie (gtr), Ross (gtr), Nathan (drms). Split when Hairy left in 97, remaining members formed Douglas

No Flies In Java – Cardiff band (early 80s) – feat; Andy Johnson (ex Victimize, Scanners, Carburettors, The System). More info req’d

Noise Annoys – Monmouth band (80?). More info req’d

Noisebleed – Newport band (2002). More info req’d.

Noisecandy – band formed May02, feat; Ashdeep Lottay (voc), Dan Oliver (gtr), Matt Bond (guitar), Chris James (bass) and Tim Jones (drms) (all b. c1984). (website).

Noiseville Fanzine, prod 2001-04, concentrating on Swansea-area scene. Revamped and renamed Tunetown mag, Mar04. Also name given to 3 comp CDs feat. mainly Swansea-area talent – Noiseville Summer Festival CD 2002, Noiseville Winter 2002 and Noiseville III (Summer03).

Noisy Nympho Records – label set up in 2005 by Liv Williams, and signed Ipsofacto and Aprilrise. Ceased trading in 2007

No Label – punk band, rel demo (1983) & had tracks on Angst comp tape (1984) & the Crass Bullshit Detector Vol2 LP (1982)

No One Driving – punk band from newport (2002?) played first Adam Walton session of 2003. feat Russell Edwards (ex Novocaine, also on the review panel on Adam Walton’s Revolution show). More info req’d.

Noo Noo Records – Swansea based label run by Jon, drummer with Punk By Default (website)

Noquenda – 4-pc Bridgend band, rel single Cutworm on Incident recs. (website) More info req’d.

Northern Line – Porthcawl-Port Talbot punk-mod band (formed Nov05), feat; Nick Ward (voc,gtr,keys), Colin Baker (voc,bass), Neil Cooper (drms) (website)

Nothing But Memories – Llanelli-Swansea screamo-metalcore band (formed 2005), feat; Tim (voc), Lee (gtr), Scott (bass), Ryan (keys), Andy (drms).

Novello – Newport band (formed Sep03), feat; Nic Byrne (b.1981) (voc,gtr), Ian Prosser (b.1985) (drms), Adrian Jones (b.1981) (bass). Described as one of Wales’ hardest working bands, doing many gigs. Orig bassist was Jason & Rhodri (drms). Rel single Surface (20.09.04) (website)

Novocaine – Formed in Newport during 1994 by Steve Evans (voc) (went on to form Vel-tone with members of Flyscreen), Russell Edwards (bass), Richard Jackson (gtr) and Bert Lewis (drms) and as the name suggests they were obviously influenced by Nirvana. Shortly after getting together they had a one off single deal with Liberty Place Recs releasing ‘Modern Man/Brain’ (LP004). A year later a 2nd single ‘Tension/Daddy’s Money’ was rel on Townhill Recs (TIDY 002), this led to a deal with Fire Recs who rel a slew of material over the next 2 years before the group inexplicably folded. They leave behind an LP ‘Nervous Disposition’ (Fire CD67) which ably demonstrated the raw energy they possessed and which should of allowed them to go on to greater things.

Nozzle – band, More info req’d.

Nuclear Sunrise – fanzine of late 80s from Milford Haven, ran for at least 4 issues. More info req’d.

Nucleuz – Pontypridd punk band (c1977), feat; Andy Bevan (voc) who left to join Addiction (later of Campaign 1, Williams Syndrome)

Nuforms – Swansea punk band 1978 – see Johnny & The Nuforms

Nuke – Bridgend punk band feat on Poisoned Whiskey Recs Anti-War CD (Mar03). (website) More info req’d

No. 9 – nu-style punk band (formed Oct05) in Pembrokeshire, feat; Owain (gtr), Jake (bass), Tom (drms)

Nylonz – Cardiff punk band (1977-79), feat; Chris Brazier (drms) (also Zipper), Kurt Prasser (bass), Pete Millman (gtr), Steve Marchment-Bennett (voc), and later Lewis Mottram (keys). Chris says, ‘I was sacked on the day Thatcher came to power. I have an old cassette of Nylonz live at Monties (Montmerence Club) what I’m trying to put on cd!’ They supported Wayne County, Rich Kids, Slits and Adverts at the Stowaway and the Rank. Dave Littler (voc with L’pool band Spitfire Boys) used the Nylonz (minus Lewis) as his backing band when he came to Cardiff. Steve says (in Jan10), ‘I’m attempting to release an album of the best of our live recordings from that period, along with a book about those halcyon days called ‘Walking Down New Nylon Street’

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