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Iceberg – The solo side-project by Deke Leonard, (Man band). Orig formed early 1970s to some national success, incl several appearances on the BBC’s “Live in Concert”, Deke Leonard’s Iceberg (as they were usually billed) rel several very successful albums including “Iceberg” (1973), “Kamikaze” (1974) and “Before Your Very Eyes” (1981). The latter album, although rec in the mid-1970s was delayed because of contractual problems. With tracks taken from the last album a single Map Of India bubbled under the UK top 40 before losing ground. A retrospective Iceberg CD featuring two previously unreleased 1970s radio concerts, entitled “Wireless” (2003) was rel on the Hux label. Deke also released a remarkable CD collection of out-takes, half-finished tracks, demos and unreleased gems from Iceberg’s repertoire entitled “Unfinished Business” (2001) on Northdown Recs. Disbanded in 1983 when Deke rejoined the Manband, where he remained until Dec03 when he again decided to follow a solo path. However, Iceberg is now reformed with the new line-up of Deke and Clive Roberts on guitars, Will Youatt (ex-Man) on bass and with Man’s current drummer Bob Richards in the engine room. Iceberg are appearing at occasional gigs nationwide, interspersed with Deke’s solo “An evening with…..” shows. The band is showcasing classic numbers from their original 1970’s releases but are also featuring tracks drawn from Deke’s latest solo CD, that has just been released on the Angel Air label, entitled “Freedom and Chains”(2005) See also (Lucifer and the) Corncrackers, Jets, Dream, The Bystanders and Man

Icons Of Filth – punk band (formed 1979 after the split of Mock Death), feat; Stiggy Smeg, Daffy Marshall, Sab Hunt, Unky Punky, Ed Fleming (gtr) (ex Cowboy Killers, Demented Are Go). Rel tape ‘Not on Her Majestys Service’ (1983), 7″ Used, Abused & Unamused (Corpus Christi ’83), LP ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ (Mortarhate ’84), Brain Death EP (84), Filth & Fury EP (85) & CD Nostrademus (GoKart 02). Disbanded when Stig (Andrew Sewell) died of a heart attack soon after a squat gig in Hackney (23.10.04), Stig’s son, Calvin was 7 years old at the time, he went on to form Grand Collapse. The band reformed and went through several line-up changes before settling down and releasing a 10″ EP ‘Plight’ (on Grow Your Own – Jul21). (website)

I-dot – Welsh language music show on S4C

The Idyllic Pop Invention – band from Newport (c1991) in the mould of Ned’s Atomic Dustbin. Didn’t take themselves too seriously. Had songs Silly Celia, Drunk Again and Understand Me.

Iglw – rock band (formed Dec05) by Aled Thomas (gtr) and Gruffydd Owen (bass), joined next summer by Loeri Daniels (vocs) and Meredudd Jones (drms). Rel LP ‘Anghofio am Yfory’ (on Rasp 2007) and ‘Sythu’n Nannedd Mewn i Wên EP’ (Rasp 2008)

The Image of All – Llanidloes psychedelic band (2010). Feat; Chris (website)

I Mobster – Cardiff punk band of late 80s, feat, David Alderman (gtr) (ex Blast Off), Matthew Gray (bass,drms) (later of Fenella Fielding) David & Matthew both ex members of Soldier Dolls. Track Persona, on ‘1st Cuts Are Deepest’ EP on Words of Warning recs.

Impact – Cwmbran punk band rel 7″ Punk Xmas (1983). There was a demo tape that apparently got some press coverage in Punk Lives magazine, & another 5 track one from 1984. Also appeared on A Country Fit For Heroes Vol.2 comp LP (No Future) with a track called “Storm Trooper Tactics”. More info req’d.

Incident Music – Promotion co run by Rhys and Skeks. Venues include MS1 in Cardiff, Bridgend Rec. Bridgend Tollhouse and Newport’s TJ’s. Usually involving touring bands such as Hell Is For Heroes, Adequate 7, Funeral For A
and Nameless.

Indecent Assault – punk band of early 80s, rel 3 demos in 1983 incl ‘Rebellious Rantings’ & ‘Welcome To The Service’, 7″ Dawn of The Android Workers (Reaganstein ’86) & a split 7″ with Anorexia (’88). More info req’d.

Indifference – metal/scremo band formed in Pontypridd Feb02. Feat. Ian Chamlers (voc), Steve Meecham (gtr), Steve Jones (gtr), Tim Williams (bass), Chris Duffy (drms). Have played across the country in support of bands such as the Lostprophets, Skindred and Funeral for a Friend. Two self financed recordings have been produced, one demo at Mighty Atom (June ’02) and the five track “Born To Be A War Machine” (Aug ’03), a track also appears on Glasgow based Lifesupport recs’ mental health benefit cd. (website)

Ingroville– Penarth Glam rock band (Mar72-Jun75), prev called Spike, feat; Steven Parr (keys) (later Psychodelic Daisies), Adrian Angove (bass,voc), David Bush (drms), John Ingroville (voc,harm), Michael Lloyd Jones (gtr). Grew out of Stone Idol, Universe and Mad Dog. Toured Europe extensively in 1972–73. Handled by Centa Artistes out of the Glen Ballroom Llanelli. After 3yrs of playing most of the major Uni’s and stadium venues and appearing the national music press weekly, they were just days away from signing a 4 LP deal with Polydor when the band sadly disbanded as the management co suddenly went into liquidation and all the Centa guarantored amplification and van were re-possessed outside Samantha’s discotheque in Swansea. See also Firstborn, Rocking Jays, NiteTime Pipeline, Stone Idol and Déjà vu

In Full View – 1999 series on BBC Choice covering the ‘other side’ of Wales. Ran a short retrospective piece on the career of Neil Crud in Nov 99. Produced by Tom Law who went on to produce Sleeping Dogs series for the same channel.

In Heaven – band from Cardiff (formed 1989). Rel demo called ‘Cinematic’. Many lineup changes.

Inner City Pirates – band that used to be My Red Cell

Innocents – Cardiff punk/stooges/early 60’s r&b band (formed 1976) feat; Phill Chick (voc), Vince Howells (gtr), Teef (bass) and Bacchus (drms). Played the Grassroots and Montmorence (which used to be in Charles st) and also shared the bill with The Victims (later Victimize) in the cellar at the Great Western. Attracted some interest from The Clash with Mick Jones talking to them at one stage and supported Punishment Of Luxury at the Stowaway Club in Newport. Other regular gigs were at some pub in Penarth and the Paget Rooms, where they supported Screaming Lord Sutch. Had no management but built up a good following in Cardiff and Penarth. They split in 1979, when all 4 went to uni in various places. Vince later signed a deal with Red Rhino Recs with his later band Oh The Goats. All of them are now beleived to be doing really dull normal jobs but there is a rough compilation cd out there somewhere

The Inquest – Merthyr mid-paced tuneful punk band (c1988), feat; Gus. Rel demo ‘Doomsday in Paradise’. More info req’d

Insanity Squad – Cardiff’s 1st skunk band (skin & punk), formed 1981, feat; Dom Moreno (bass), Roddy Moreno (gtr) (both later of Oppressed), Vince King (voc), Ed Flemming (drms). Didn’t record anything, but played a few gigs until they split after being so pissed they couldn’t perform on stage one night.

International Karate Plus – Cardiff band feat. ex members of Mohobishopi- Richard Arnold (gtr,voc), Mike
Carter (bass,voc), Chris ‘Sklav’ Sklavounos (dms) (ex Nameless). (website)

In The Shit – Newport punk band (formed 1997), feat; Flid (voc), Paul (gtr), Fletch (bass), Mike (drms). Rel 7″ Can’t Take Anymore & Fall of The Damned, then LPs ‘A Cancerous Society’ & ‘A World of…’. Toured Belgium, France, Germany, Czech & UK. Other orig members were Payney (gtr), Kip Xool (drms) (ex Cowboy Killers), Buffy (bass). (website)

Intro – fanzine edited by Bethan Elfyn (see North section), rel as a split-zine with Welsh language Tacsi being other half. (email)

Intruders – dirt-punk band from Pontypridd (formed mid-79), feat; Ashley Evans (bass) (ex Addiction), Nicky Rees (drms) (ex Addiction). Ashley went onto tour UK as soloist/comedian & runs a pub in Blackpool. More info req’d

Inward Collapse – Newport distribution label (c1989), run by Russ. More info req’d.

Ipsofacto – band feat; Chris Seacombe (voc), Gareth Carter (gtr), Tom Stephens (bass), DP Francais (drms), became Viva Machine (website)

Irascibles – Cardiff blue-rockabilly band (c2009), feat; Phil Moxham (ex Young Marble Giants, Bomb and Dagger, Taffia), Drew Moxham and Nick Lewis (website)

Islet – Cardiff super-group, making big noises with the Beeb and NME in 2009 feat; Emma Daman, John Thomas, Mark Thomas and Alex Williams, who are ex members of Victorian English Gentlemen’s Club, Attack + Defend, Frederick Stanley Star, Them Squirrels. Rel 12″ single ‘Celebrate This Place’ (Jul10), then ‘Wimmy’ (Oct10), then This Fortune 12″ single (150 copies sold at gigs only (Nov11) followed by LP ‘Illuminated People’ (23.01.12), then ‘Liquid Halfmoon EP’ (2016) (website)

It’s Jo And Danny – Brecon folk-rock band. Rel 7″ A.N.D. (Jun03) on Double Snazzy ltd to 250 copies. Also rel 3 LPs. (website)

Iveys – Swansea band of 1960s, feat; Ron Griffiths, Pete Ham & Tom Evans, 1st rel a flexi-disc Permissive Paradise (under the name Pleasure Garden). Band signed to Beatles’ Apple Recs & rec LP ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ (never released in UK) & Ron left. The rest formed became Badfinger.

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