South Wales: H

HaddonField – band (c2007), feat; Rhys (voc,gtr), Jay (gtr), Eddie (bass), Glenn (drms). Rel; Bar Brawls and Downfalls EP (2006), followed by Panic (2008 Seven Inch Recs). (website)

Hadron Collider – Cardiff / Rhondda band (c2009), feat; Simon Parsons (drms) (ex Caves), Josh Ace, James Beech, Steffan Becker

HaKome – Crymych folk-rock band, feat; Steffan Messenger (voc,keys), Owain Gwynn(gtr), Siwan Tomos (b.voc) Mair Bell (flt,sax), Dafydd Jones (drms) and Guto Vaughan (bass). Rel EP ‘Croeso i’r Byd’ (on Rasp 2005)

Halflight – project formed late03, feat; Sarah Howells (ex Jylt), Owen Hopkins (ex Crocketts, now Crimea), Richard Llewellyn (of Cartoon) & Emma Bryden (cello). Debut EP, Subside, rel 16.8.04 (website)

Hammer Party – punk gig promoters. More info req’d

Hang Ups – Newport band (pre-1999) feat; Dave (voc) (later of Rhino Key, now Chang). More info req’d

Hanner Pei – Cardiff Welsh language band (1990), feat; Ceri, Matthew, Sion, Dafydd, Aled, Geraint, Andrew & Robert.

Harbour – Cardiff punk band (c2009), feat; Cer (voc), Al (bass), Sam (gtr), Tone (gtr), Howl (drms). Rel split 12″ EP with Facel Vega (State Run 2009) (website)

Harper – Pontardawe, Swansea valley, band feat. Jonathan Owen (voc,gtr), Jason Davies (gtr), Tim Evans (bass) and Martin Liles (drms,voc). Formed Feb01, a melodic and highly-touted band the high point of their career was undoubtedly an appearance at the Glastonbury festival! Split early 2003; frontman Johnny Owen considered a solo career but eventually joined Kardomah. Own website defunct, but a brief history of the band and some music clips can still be found at the BBC Wales music pages

Julia Harris – Cardiff based urban acoustic fuck off folk singer. Rel Live LP ‘Everything Under The Sun’ (Redcase) and ‘Swansea Sessions EP’ (Redcase), ‘These Days EP’ (Redcase Aug06). (website)

Hawaiian Surgeons – early 80s band who regularly played their Christmas Ball bash at the Lions Den in August! Is this this same band who rel 7″ Better Things To Do on Accolade in 1985 ? More info req’d

Häxan – Cardiff rock band (formed 2012), feat; Sam Bolderson (voc,gtr), Harriet Wadeson (bass), Charlotte Bolderson (drms). Rel 6-track debut EP in 2013. (website)

Haybarns on Fire – Carmarthen indie band (c2007), feat; Rhodri John and Dominic Wright (both now in The Conductors). More info req’d

Haze – band, formerly called Queen Street Soul Set. Feat; Ray ‘Mongo’ Halloran (drms). More info req’d

Headcase Ladz – hip-hop band formed 1989 under the name Mortal Danger, but changed to Headcase Ladz in 1992. Rel demo “Ripping Up The Rule Book.” 2nd demo “Steel Toe” (’93) saw a change of direction. In ’98 rel the ‘Wonky Edz’ album on their own Wonky Wax label which featured the whole Killa Wales collective including Shonky, Fog Scratch Leg (Junior Disprol), Little Miss and DJ Cuz. The follow up to this with a similar line up and style was ‘Straight From The Donky’s Mouth’ in ’99. New LP “Superlube” on Mighty Atom (Jun02). (website)

Head In The Shed – Swansea electronica-rock-punk band (formed summer05) feat; Matty Head (keys,voc), Nipper (gtr), rel CD Have We All Gone Insane (Nov06), followed by Why? (Feb07). Also involved in HeadJacker project. (website)

HeadJacker – collaboration that began Mar07 feat; SySteMic, Head In The Shed and Dr.Z. Rec track I’m Not Local.

Headshot 76 – Aberdare punk band (formed 2003), feat; Geeky (voc,gtr), Gareth (gtr), Kalvin (voc,trmpt), Wayne (bass), Dirtbox Daz (drms). Part of Cat Corpse Recs. Rel 5 CDs up to Jan07. (website)

Headtest – band from Newport, feat; Alun Truman (voc,bass), Chris Vinnicombe (voc,gtr), James Hannam (keys), Phil Howell (drms). Described as Leftfield and DJ Shadow meet Shostakovich, The Clash and The Incredible Bongo Band. “Awesome” said BBC Radio One on rel of the 7″ on Boobytrap Recs Oct02.

The Hearts – pop-indie band from Newport (c2015), feat; Alex Nash, Hamish Kay, Jamie Roberts. Had good success with their 2nd single Run Free, which followed their 2014 debut Lips. Latest single Just Kids (15.12.15) didn’t (so far) quite hit the same heights. (website)

Heavy Petting Zoo – Swansea post-dirt band (2012). Rel single Crash (Too Pure 07.07.14) (listen here)

Helen Love – Swansea’s finest bubblegum group. Formed in 1992 as an all girl trio comprising Helene Love (voc,gtr), Sheena (gtr,keys), and Roxy (bass) with occasional extras by Mark (Casio). Had great success with download single Debbie Loves Joey (2004), followed by 7″ The Bubblegum Killers (on a US label – Jan05). Rel ‘Steve Lamacq Session 16.9.98’ EP (on Precious 06.06.23) (bandcamp)

Henrees – Newport band, formed 1993, feat; Nick Fowler (bass,voc), (ex Red Forest, now runs Speed Music store in Cardiff, Newport and Swansea), Gareth Selfe (gtr,voc) (ex Very America, Kirk In September), Lee Jenkins (drms) (ex The Oppressed), and Mark Ceeney (keys). Mark left and was replaced by Dan Davies (gtr). Rel debut LP, ‘Songs In The Key of H’ (1999) at Le Mons, Newport, eng and prod by Chris McDonagh. The band continued to build upon their style and fanbase. Support gigs with artists as varied as The Buzzcocks, The Supernaturals, The Selecter and the James Taylor Quartet reflected their combination of styles and genres. During this period, they also gigged with a multitude of Welsh bands, incl Rocket Gold Star, Terris, Doctor Bison, Janeiro, Scuba, Nameless. 2nd LP, ‘Flying With Houdini’ (2002). Toured the UK in support of Stiff Little Fingers on their 25th anniversary tour. Lee then left, and was replaced on drums by Dave ‘Deano’ Stephenson (ex Runt), 3rd LP due late 2003.

Henry’s Funeral Shoe –Ystrad Mynach based rock-indie duo, feat; brothers, Aled Clifford (voc,gtr), Brennig Clifford (drms). Rel LP ‘Donkey Jacket’ (2011), US Tour (Jun12) (website)

The Hepburns Llanelli-based 5-piece which achieved some national fanzine coverage, c1989. Led by Matt Jones (gtr,voc), Aled Richards (later Catatonia), Mike Jones (bass), Les Mun (later of Salvation Army), Nigel (gtr). LP The Magic of the Hepburns. Motto: “No messing about in the studio for ages, just whack it out!” (Interview, Zine issue 10, by Iestyn George; also inc. track Where You Belong on flexi.). Played under the name Casino in Apr97. Still going strong as a 3-pc signed to Californian label Radio Khartoum (website). Rel new LP Jan04.

Heretics – Cardiff punk band (mid 80s), feat; Kip (drms) (later of Cowboy Killers, Four Letter Word, In The Shit, Da Capo), Brewer (gtr) (later Cowboy Killers). More info req’d.

Hergest – Aberystwyth band, feat; Geraint (voc,gtr) (later Y Newyddion), Derek Brown (gtr) (later Y Newyddion). More info req’d

Rose Heyworth – super copro white noise diluted project from Aberdare (c2006), on Red Venice Presents label. (website)

H.Hawkline – project by ex-Bandit presenter Huw Evans that began in 2010. Had prev worked with Cate Le Bon and Sweet Baboo before finally committing his own material to record. Rel debut LP ‘A Cup of Salt’ (Shape 2010), followed by ‘The Strange Uses of Ox Gall’ (2011), ‘Black Domino Box EP’ (20.08.12) (website)

Bob Hicks – Jazz drummer based at Tonyrefail. Played a long time with Midnight Special and other great Jazz bands. Sadly Bob died in 2002 aged 58

Hidden Rivers – ambient project by Huw Roberts (also of Nest) in Cardiff. Rel LP ‘Where Moss Grows’ (on Serein 2015) (website)

High Contrast – Penarth drum’n’bass DJ Lincoln Barrett who is signed to Hospital Recs

Highway 4 – band feat; Fester (voc,gtr) (ex Soldier Dolls, Animation), Jamie Richards (bass) (ex Soldier Dolls), Ed Horton (drums) and John Mckernan (guitar). More info req’d.

Himalayas – emo band from Cardiff, c2022, feat; Mike Williams (gtr), Joe Griffiths (gtr), Louis (bass) (linktree)

Hitchers – indie 3pc indie-punk band from Welshpool (c2015), feat; Jack Brady. (soundcloud)

Matthew Hitt – singer-songwriter from the Rhondda (c2007), later involved with Telegram (website)

HMS Morris – psyche-indie band from Cardiff (formed May12), feat; Heledd (voc). Rel ‘Interior Design’ LP (16.11.16) (bandcamp)

Hoax – superb fanzine dedicated almost completely to pranks & hoaxes, from schoolboy pranks to the greatest hoaxes of the century. Ran for at least 3 issues 1991-93. Edited by John C.S. Quel (or Johnny Datakill) of Brecon, Powys.

Hobgoblin – Newport band (mid-late 90s), which nobody would admit they liked, yet one that never played an empty venue. Every gig had a theme, be it ‘fishing/injuries/sport/etc’. More often than not Mr Phil Lemon (voc) would brandish his trademark mikestand ‘the mop and bucket’, cleaning the stage furiously during the guitar solo, whilst wearing his rubber Hobgoblin headpiece! One of their best ever gigs was played in white papersuits and safety spec’s whilst they fumigated the venue/audience!… Phil Lemon is now an author, other members of the band continue to play in and around (with) other groups in the Newport area, incl Dave Strawbridge (gtr) (Z List Celebrities), Tim Gough (gtr), Gray Noone (bass), and Dean Poole (drms). Gray & Dean quit in 1998, so Dave moved to bass and Alan Pope (drms) joined. Split then reform in 2007 with Tim, Dave, Gray and Andy ‘O (drms) (who leaves Jan09). Then Tim & Gray and Liam (bass), Mike (drms) join! (website)

Hobo – Cardiff band, formed 1999, feat; Al (voc,gtr), Steve (gtr), Simon (bass)

HogslayerHogslayer – doom-sludge-stoner-metal band from Cardiff (formed 2012), feat; Lord Bastard (voc), Baron Osmond (gtr), Damek Ômsk (gtr), Otto Kraal (bass), Max Von Beek (drms) – (I’m guessing these are not their real names!). Rel debut LP ‘Hogslayer’ on cassette 31.7.13 (review) (bandcamp)

Hondo McLean – Swansea band feat; Ben (voc), Metal Gav (gtr), Ginge (gtr), Rich Boucher (bass), Ryan (drms). Rel LP (Jun03) Plans For A Better Day, & rec LP ‘Unspoken Dialect’ (on Mighty Atom Jan05)

Phil Honey-Jones – London based musician (c2007) from Porthcawl-Swansea. Ex member of Nurotica. Honey-Jones is Phil’s pornstar name (1st pet and mother’s maiden name). Plays regularly on the London acoustic circuit and rel LP ‘Naked & Naïve’ (Banana Castele Recs 2006). Also performs as Honeygene with daughter Charlie. (website)

Honey Rider – Swansea band (formed 2003), feat; Mallika Tucker, Russell and Toby, considering they never rec anything and only performed about 6 gigs, as far as I can make out, Mallika’s good at self-promotion, isn’t she? (But then she’s good at most things she touches and I’ll forgive her just about anything!). Last heard they were looking for a new guitarist, but Mallika’s so busy with Tunetown, Euphonium and sundry other things that it may be that the band will not be resurrected.

Honk – free monthly magazine published by the Welsh Music Foundation & began in Jan 01. Edited by James McLaren. Re-launched as Soundnation (Jul03) (website)

Hopkin, Mary – 1960s singer-songwriter, orig signed to The Beatles’ Apple Recs. Prob most famous for her song Those Were The Days, which she re-recorded the vocals for a remix track at Strongbox Studios in Penarth (Sep02). Now lives in Cardiff

Horse – Pontypridd band, feat; Todd Campbell (drms) where he goes by the name of Cornelius Eastwood. (website)

Hospital Recs – Penarth label run by Lincoln Barrett, see High Contrast

Hot Buttered Soul – Powys based band, feat; Gavin Meddins, Phil Davies (both later of Crash .45) (see also FBH, Wasted, Wedding Singers, Junkhead, Nameless, Dream in Colour).

Hot Cock – Cardiff funk band, formed 1998 who became Dr Lewney & The Asylum Seekers

Hot Puppies –
5-pc band formed Jan01, from Aberyswyth (relocated to Cardiff Jan05). Feat; Becky Newman (voc), Beth Gibson (keys), Luke Taylor (gtr), Ben Faircloth (bass), Rupert Wood (drms) (ex Low Resolution Fox). The latter 3 had been in Soulhive Movement. After 2 self-released EPs in 2002 they put out a single, The Drowning Nymph (on Remote Control 2003). Another single Terry (on Club Fandango) saw them sign to Fierce Panda and debut LP ‘Under The Crooked Moon’ (on 24.7.06). They appeared in session for Jonathan Ross’ Radio 2 show.  Set up their own THP label and released ‘Over My Dead Body’ LP (2007), a collection of demos and unreleased tracks. Band took hiatus in 2008 due to Beth’s pregnancy and despite releasing a 3rd album ‘Blue Hands’ (on THP 29.09.08) they never reformed. Becky and Beth later turned up in Barefoot Dance Of The Sea (c2011)

Howl Griff – band (formed 2006), feat; Hywel Griffiths (voc,gtr,keys), Gary Parkinson (gtr), Steve Kennedy (bass), Nick Moore (drms). Rel debut Welsh language LP ‘Howl Griff’ (Dockrad 2009), followed by an English lang LP ‘The Hum’ (Catdog 8.11.10) (website)

Howling Sleepers – band of late 80/90s, feat; G. Craddock, K. Craddock, P. Sax, A W Moxham, C M Ridgway often seen busking in Queen Street, Cardiff and playing in clubs and venues such as Chapter Arts Centre. Last seen playing in a pub in mid wales in early 90s. Rel LP ‘Soft Drinks And Snacks’. Played a kind of up-tempo folk music, very danceable. More info req’d.

Human Beansbrief name used by Dave Edmunds between Raiders and Love Sculpture.

Human Leg – Swansea band (1969-71), feat; Spiv Morris (voc), Tweke Lewis (gtr), Phil Gov (bass,voc), Ray Thomas (drms). Wrote material which reflected the lives and social structure of the day (1969). They toured the UK and played the original Liverpool Cavern Club, also had a big following in Swansea and South Wales, and were big friends of the Man band.

The Hustle – Cardiff indie band (c2008), feat; Lewis Fall (voc,gtr), Wrighty (gtr), Thom Rowlands (keys), Phil Davies (bass) and Gethin Hale (drms). Rel debut EP “Good Intentions”.(website)

Hybrid – Swansea progressive-house outfit. Rel LP ‘Wide Angle’ (2000), single (Jul02) Visible Noise on Distinctive, & LP ‘Morning Sci-fi’ (Jun03) (website)

Hyener – Cardiff indie band (c2010), feat; Phil Guy, Ben Potter, Antonia Wilson, Jonathan Musselle (website)


  1. David Rennie
    February 1, 2023 @ 12:46 pm

    H Hawkline is missing but that’s ok as he/they have always been crap, became crappier as time went on, too. Keep getting promoted by their chums in the Cardiff media (“It’s not what you know…”)
    He/they ruined a music night at Ten Feet Tall my friend put on, causing the paying audience to leave early.


    • neilcrud
      February 1, 2023 @ 7:48 pm

      No – he is there


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