South Wales: D

Einir Dafydd – cheesy pop artist from Crymych. Rel 3 EPs on Rasp Ffeindia Fi (2007), Pwy Bia’r Aber? (2009) and Ewn Ni Nôl (2012). Was orig in indie-rock band Garej Dolwen

Damaged Goods – Record Shop and online store run by Artcore zine editor and Four Letter Word frontman Welly from West Canal Wharf in Cardiff. (website)

Dan Y Cownter – series of Welsh language compilation CDs released by Welsh Music Foundation and given away free and aimed at 14-18 year olds in Wales to encourage them to ‘get into’ music. 2005-2008

Darceys – 2 piece band feat Tequila Ray Max (ex Kokopelli, also Cubare, later the Vinylstickons, Alaska, Licking Chocolate Jesus, October country), and William Darcey (later the vinylstickons) Formed in late 90’s while Max was taking a year off from Cubare

Darling Buds – Newport indie band formed 1986, feat; Andrea Lewis (voc) (b.25.3.67), Harley Farr (gtr) (b.4.7.64), Chris McDonogh (bass) (b.6.3.62), Bloss (drms), replaced by Jimmy Hughes (ex Black) in 1990. Rel debut single on own label, & signed to Native ‘87. Rec’d lot of airplay on John Peel. Signed to Epic (’88) had moderate chart success with top 30 single & album‘Pop Said’, plus a few appearances on Top Of The Pops, toured UK & Europe. Decided to go for a more sophisticated style with 2nd LP & never really regained previous popularity. 3rd & final LP “Erotica” (1992). The band then toured the States for a year but decided to call it a day after getting throughly fed up with the music business. Andrea has since moved into acting & has toured with a local theatre company. She has also presented “The Slate” music show for BBC Wales. Chris now works at Le Mons studio in Newport. Matt ‘Morph’ Grey (gtr) (later of Fenella Fielding, I Mobster, Slow Jam, ex Soldier Dolls) also played for them at some point. Cherry red re-issued ‘Pop Said’ (Aug06)

Datakill – Crud like fanzine from Brecon edited by Johnny Datakill, very much dedicated to the Welsh cause, opening issue featured interview with 4Q, (see also Hoax).

Datblygu – off the wall duo of David R. Edwards and Patricia Morgan from Aberteifi who became a firm favourite of John Peel after the release of their debut 7″ EP Hwgr Grawth-og on Recordiau Anhrefn. Formed in 1982 with T.Wyn Davies because of their total hatred of music termed as Welsh Rock, Pat joined in 1984. Once described as ‘Kraftwerk with a hangover.’ A true pioneering band who consistently create hard, uncompromising songs. David is a focus for the group, & his words grab the listener by the throat. He has discussed many subjects in his songs, including that terrible trio sex, violence & drugs (his songs are never clichéd though). Rec 5 Peel Sessions (1st 26.04.87, last 13.8.93). Ankst rel a retrospective boxset ‘Wyau / Libertino / Pyst’ (01.01.06). Reformed to play occasional gigs in 2013 with new albums, ‘Porwr Trallod’ (2015) and ‘Cwm Gwagle’ (2020, both on Ankst). Dave sadly died 22.06.21, aged 56.

Y Datgyfodiad – project that rel LP ‘Y Meirw Byw’ (on Rasp 2013). This zombie concept album was a project that combined the arts by poet, rapper and presenter Aneirin Karadog that brings the apocalypse to a Welsh valley. Music by producer and composer Chris Josey with artwork by cartoonist and artist Huw Aaron. This is an unique piece of work that is as fresh as it is rotten and gives something new to the world through the medium of the Welsh language.

Dating Dads Emergency Hospital – Cardiff project by Huw Goodfellow. Rel EP ‘Rat Poison’ (18.05.21) (soundcloud)

Dau Gog A Compiwtar – duo feat Graham Land (drms,keys), Dafydd Pierce (gtr,keys). Appeared on the comp CD/Cass ‘Gwyneb Arau’ ( Pierce also performs and records as a solo artist Cedwyn Aled who also appeared on the same album.

Dave, Dave & The Slave – Cardiff post-punk band (formed Nov02), feat; Mark Einon (bass), Alex Hibbert (voc,gtr), Mick Scotcher (drms) who replaced Rob, who replaced Duncan. Played debut gig at Cathays Community Centre. (website)

Dayer – Caerphilly based band (2002). More info req’d.

Day of The Locust – 4-pc Cardiff band (2002), prev called Go Kain. Had track Bounce feat on Sessions in Wales radio. More info req’d.

DC10s Swansea punk band (c1978), Feat. Andrew Reader (gtr) (ex Losers, Johnny & The Nuforms), Mitchell Edmund (voc), Jon Cab Phillips (bass), Steve Hyett (drms). Gareth Brown (gtr) (ex Trendies). Rec at Spaceward Studios, Cambridge and rel self- financed single, Bermuda / I Can See Through Walls (on A Certain Euphoria – Jun80). It was played by John Peel show and reviewed in the NME (who went on to call it one of the best independant singles of 1980), and despite record company interest the band disintergrated when Hyett joined the RAF then Cab and Reader went to Uni and Mitchell moved to London to manage a Virgin megastore.

Dead Against The Rest – Porth based post-grunge band (2003), feat; Greg Lancaster (voc), Leigh Jones, (both ex Macer), Dewi Jones, Kane Lambourne, Kerry ‘Wilf’ Knight. Rel single, Verbal Defecation (Fly High Recs Jul05) (website)

Dead On Arrival – Merthyr punk band of early 80s, lasted 5-6 years. Feat; Dai Thomas (gtr) and possibly Marcus (voc) (later Foreign Legion) More info req’d

Dead Residents – Cardiff based dark-hip-hop duo Junior Disprol and Chud Jackson. Rel LP ‘Dead Thy Neighbour’ (2014)

Dead Right – Based in Newport, Sth Wales. Playing loud hardcore punksimilar to old Boston/New York bands like Antidote, The Abused, Negative F.X, Last Rights etc… Played a few shows and recording a demo soon!

Dead Zeds – rock band (formed Aug05), feat; Craig Jenkins, Matt Harvey, Colin Parsons (drms). Live debut at Dempseys, Cardiff (Oct05). (website)

Deathcharge – Clydach Vale metalcore band (c2005), feat; Kage (Kyle Jones) (drms), Sheepy (Damien Sheppard) (bass), Snaff (Nathaniel Jones) (gtr), Scrobz (Robert Leever) (voc). (website)

Death Patrol – Newport punk band early 80s, feat; Keith (voc), Rocker (bass), and Bryn Jones who joined The Abs in ’84. Ex-Wait member, Robin was in Newport Art College (79-81) and says, ‘I remember Bryn as well as Keith the singer with a mass of badges on his leather jacket and then there was “Rocker” the bassist who my girlfriend fancied. They were really decent blokes and though they performed with heartfelt feeling they were never going to make Top Of The Pops. They used to hang around upstairs in the market where a bloke used to sell punk records which the hippy run record shop wouldn’t stock. “It Don’t Matter” was their most memorable song – here’s some of the lyrics, not quite Dylan Thomas but they have a sort of charm of their own – “It don’t matter / You’re just another youth / It don’t matter / Just tell us the fucking truth!”’

Death To Plan A – band feat: Rich Rolfe (bass), Matt Strangis (voc,gtr), Dave Mapps (drms). Prev called Nerve 424. (website)

DeeDub – label run by drummer Dave Watkins who has also played in Strawberry Dust, Kimla Taz, The Vipers, The Superclarks, The Boogiemen, Enclave, The MGBs, Singapore, Broken Glass, Pipilak Baize, Filika Ledge, Ego, Smack, Racing Cars, Jade Warrior, Swinggang, Broken Heroes, Zenith, Five of Diamonds, Tihe Out, Billy Tompson

The Deep – Cardiff band (c1986), feat; Grayo. Gigged with bands like Tagula Spa, Peppermint Parlour, Dada and 100 Eyes (more info soon)

Déjà vu – Cardiff club duo feat; John Ingroville and Michael Lloyd Jones (both ex Ingroville, Spike) performed up until 2003. See also Firstborn, Rocking Jays, NiteTime Pipeline, Stone Idol

Demented Are Go – psychobilly band formed c1982, orig line-up feat; Ant (drms), Graham (bass), Lex Luthor (Dick Thomas) (gtr), Mark ‘Sparky’ Philips (voc). Followed by punks & psychobillies they built up a wild reputation, particularly at Melkweg in Amsterdam, where Sparky got drunk, was beaten up and started to throw shit at the audience. 1st vinyl app in 1984 on ‘Hells Bent on Rockin’ comp LP. Rel LPs- ‘In Sickness And In Health’ (ID- 1986), ‘Kicked Out Of Hell’ (ID). Band fell apart c1989, Graham & Lex left & Sparky was living in squats on drink & drugs until he found Billy (bass) & Mike (gtr) & with Ant booked a studio to rec the mini-LP ‘The Day The Earth Spat Blood’ (Link). Mike was sacked & Lex returned to tour & rec LP ‘Orgasmic Nightmare’ (Fury) in 1991. 2 years of touring led Billy to leave for USA & Graham returned on bass & rel LP ‘Tangenital Madness’ (Fury – 1993). Successful tours of Germany, Japan & USA led them to split for a while in 1995 after ‘Sparky went mental!’, but they got it together again then Lex left for a 2nd time, replaced by Stan The Man, & Graham again left (1997) replaced by Choppy, then by Eddie (ex Klingonz). Rel LP ‘Hellucifernation’ (1999). After being jailed in USA (it’s a long story) Sparky reformed the band with Lex (gtr), Kevin Klump (bass), Ant (drms).

Demi-Monde Recs – label (early 90s) based in Llanfair Caereinion, Powys.More info req’d.

Deniro – Newbridge band, formed mid90s as Borderline, feat; Richard (voc), David (gtr) and played a number of gigs around Newport and the surrounding valleys with various line-ups, changed name to Denero, before altering spelling, before James (bass) joined in 2000 and the 3 set about writing songs and completing the line-up. After two years of false starts with various singers and drummers the band finally met Robin (drms) and since then they have been recording and gigging.” (website)

Derrero – Newport band (formed 1996) now on Sylem recs, feat; Ashley Cook (voc,gtr)(also of Pulco), Andy Fung (drms,gtr), David Hirst (bass), Mary Wycherley (keys). Toured with the Super Furry Animals, Catatonia & Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci. Debut LP on Cardiff’s Big Noise recs ‘Derrero’ (1997) followed by ‘Small Pocket Machine’. Before that they rel debut single on Newport’s Size 8 Recs Tiny Shoes / Dipstick. NME described them as “post-hardcore Monkees”. 2001 – rel Radar Intruder EP, orig out Nov’98 (James Dean Bradfield said it was his Single of the Year), then rel 3rd LP, ‘Fixation With Long Journeys’ Andy & Dave also paint, Ashley publishes his own poetry, & Mary works on films – she directed the video that accompanied 1999’s Unstraightforwardtune EP.

Derrick’s Records – record shop in Swansea (01792) 654226

Desecration – thrash punk band from Newport (1993) feat; Ollie Jones (voc,gtr), Mic Hourihan (drms), Andi Morris (bass). Call themselves death metal bastards and have been causing mayhem and controversy with their brutal yet catchy sound since the mid-nineties. In 1995 copies of their ‘Gore and Perversion’ album were infamously seized and incinerated by the Gwent Constabulary for what they deemed to be its obscene nature. The ensuing court case and media furore firmly established the name Desecration in the South Wales scene and beyond. Subsequent albums have seen the band consolidate their brutal sound. ‘Murder in Mind’, ‘Inhuman’, ‘Pathway to Deviance’, ‘Gore & PerVersion 2′ (a re-recording of the original album)and Process of Decay (dealing with the complete decomposition of a corpse from the moment of the murder through to the burial) each have been more uncompromising than the last and earned Desecration an international fanbase and critical acclaim.Their countless live performances and touring alongside the likes of Vader, Cryptopsy, Extreme Noise Terror, Decapitated, Morbid Angel, Suffocation have also helped to solidify the live attack, meaning that the band have performed at nearly all of the major European extreme metal festivals over the past few years. Recently Desecration have written and recorded their latest studio album ‘Forensix’ and are preparing the forthcoming tours and fesival appearances to support the new record. This new album sees the band step more into the realms of science with Ollie (vocals and guitar) using his many years of experience as a mortician as inspiration for the lyrical content for the album. (website)

Desensitized – Cardiff band (formed Oct01) feat; Joe Spooner (voc,gtr), Will Price (bass,voc), Chris Thomas (drms), Joe Rolfe (gtr). Debut rel EP “Come To Your Senses”, rec at Immtech Studios, Cardiff. (Propaganda Music/Bloodshot Fold May03) (website)

Desk – Self rel the cassette ‘We Need Our Quiets’ on Baby Is Dead Rec in 1982. Did this label only sign bands with shite names?

Destitute – Cwmaman band (formed 2004). More info req’d

Détente – Newport rock/metal band formed from Liberator 1987. First line-up Dai Williams (voc ?) now Bert & Ernie’s Windowbox), Gary Mudd (gtr), Andy Clayton (bass) & Darren Seivwright (drms). c1988 Dai Williams & Darren Seivwright left to be replaced by Mark Studley (voc) & Noddy (drms). Played a few gigs in South Wales. Split c1991.

Dharma Violets – psychedelic-indie band from Cardiff (formed 2014), feat; Nathan ‘Ropey’ Hazell (voc,gtr), Alun Jones (gtr), Stu Laws (bass) (all ex Khagool), with John Holland (keys) and Tobias O’Reilly (drms). Rel LP ‘Random Transmissions’ (Jul15) (album review). Got together after Alun and Stu began jamming and Ropey answered an advert on Gumtree (they hadn’t spoke for 5 years after falling out). Rel track Lost My Halo (Apr22) (bandcamp)

Dick Truth – Pontypridd punk band (formed 2003), feat; Dee (voc), Luke (gtr), Chud (bass), Ian (drms). (website)

Die Chihuahua Die – Cardiff (?) punk-noise band (c2010) feat; Paul (voc), Joe (gtr), Marc (bass), Tom (drms) (website)

Diesel Pig – Newport band formed in mid 80s, feat; Graham Roberts (gtr,voc) (later of Raw Like Sushi), Dave Evans (bass) (later of Katsquire, Dr Bison) Ian Miller (gtr), Mike Williams (drms) (later of Monroe). Rel couple of singles after winning the obligatory S.Wales Battle of Bands competition.

Diffyg Parch – (which means “Lack of Respect” in English) – ‘nobody has ever heard of us…and that’s not a bad thing!!!’ (more info req’d)

Dim Cyril – Swansea band (2003). Debut album Sirens rel 2003. Music categorised as blues rock. website

DIMjnrBROWN – hard blues band from Newport (formed 2001), also known as The Dims. Feat; Leigh Perryman (voc,gtr), Martin Bailey (gtr), Paul Perryman (drms), Chris (bass). (website)

Dirtbox Funsters – Rhondda punk band (2002), feat on Poisoned Whiskey Recs Anti-War CD (Mar03). More info req’d.

Dirty Goods – 2-step/house/rock outfit from Newport (formed May08), feat; Wylin Kat (voc,gtr,keys), Woody (bass,gtr,keys). (website)

Dirywio – Welshpool punk band, (1977-80) by Huw Roberts (b.1956) (voc,gtr) and Dewi Newbold (b.1955) (drms), with Petra Corren (b.1957) (voc,bass) and Rhys Meadowhead (b.1958) (gtr). Influenced greatly by both Diserch and the Sex Pistols. They were at the centre of some controversy in 1978 when they played an open air gig naked to promote their EP. They were Pistols-influenced all-out anarchic (and passionately Welsh) punk, led by the terrifyingly vicious duo of Corren and Roberts. Newbold and Corren were later to become Chegwin and Philbin in John Craven’s Angels of Death. Roberts’ split eye-brow was apparently the result of him falling off his push-bike, and not, as he insisted, an injury from a bottle fight. Rel 5 singles and eponymous LP (Jan79)

Discarnate Entity – Very cool-looking Bargoed based post-punk proto goth band (formed early ’82), orig feat; Stephen Vaughan (voc), Gerwyn Williams (gtr), Ian ‘Tog’ Jenkins (bass) and Ceri ‘Glubber’ Richards (drms). Williams and Richards had both formerly been in The Abusive and Prisoners Of War. This line-up gigged from May82 – May83 and rec 2 demos at a studio in Tonypandy (Nov82 and summer 83). Changed name to Discarnate later in 1982. Gerwyn and Tog quit to be replaced by Jeff Simms (gtr) (ex Campaign 1) and Julian Cooper (bass) but band disintergrated after a couple of gigs. Cooper was on loan from Jump For Joy and would later form Rachel’s Ravenous Offspring. Gerwyn has been in many bands including Luftwaffe, Sack Of Spastics, Bargoed Mine-Off Gang and Gurnosica, he now records under the name of Rico Oxide (website)

Disco – Newport indie-punk band (reformed c2000) – the band started life in big Newport band rush of the 90s, feat; Emily (voc), Sam (voc), Ed (bass), Rob (drms) and Ronan (gtr). They had some success and played around the uk on the radio 1 inner city gigs. Fell apart sometime in the late 90s with only Ronan and Rob going off to start new bands. Rik Pratt (ex Bluefur) was part of the reformed line-up as he explains, ‘in 2000 we got back together, but didn’t have Ronan on guitar, this was taken on by Rob who had been the drummer, Ed still on bass and just Emily on vocals and myself Rik on drums. The band wrote all new songs using none of the old Disco songs, the band played a lot of gigs around the uk and recorded a few demos for TJ’s Recs, and had good interest from a couple of labels, after about 12 months Emily left the band and it went on as a three piece. Then after a string of gigs up and down the uk, Ed left and the band split again. The band did get back together again in 2005, but was short lived, Rob is now in a duo doing folk type stuff, Ed became a film maker and I just give em a bash when I get the call.’

Disguises – Swansea punk band (late 70s), feat; Andrew John (gtr) (later Jo Shmo), Alistair Smith (bass) (later Partizans), Spike Jenkins (drms) (Partizans)

Distorshaus – Newport based punk-goth band (1994-1997), feat; Gary Appleby (drms) (ex Sidneys), Helen Shannon, Paul Edwards, Chris Sutoris. All apart from Helen Shannon went onto form 9xDead in 1998. Also feat Adam (gtr) (now This System Kills)

Diwydianfa – new wave band from Carmarthen (1997-02), prev called Angels of Death then Cyfeb. Feat; Petra Corren (bass,voc), Adrian Mooney (keys), Chris Holland (drms), Warren Smith (gtr). Rel 6 singles. See also Dirwyio

DJ Dafis – Innovative House music from DJ Gareth Davies. Orig from North Wales, Gareth has been DJ’ing since 1996 and broke into the Cardiff music scene. Past gigs have given him the opportunity to work with big name DJs including Alex P, Judge Jules and Dave Pearce. Rel ‘Seithfed Nef EP’ (on Rasp 2002)

Dockrad Records – Cardiff based label run by David Dockrad. 2nd rel is the acclaimed ‘No Apathy / Dim Apathi’ comp CD feat; MC Mabon, Dau Cefn, Badon, Teflon Monkey amongst others. Being a bi-lingual LP the label’s aim is to introduce followers of both languages to the other.(website)

Doc Savage – Caerphilly punk band (2002), feat; Iron Pete Six (gtr), Jonnie Zero (drms), Miguel Emulsion (voc), Ricky Spank (bass). well known for their live performeances with support slots with such illustrious names as The Damned, Captain Sensible, The Buzzcocks & The UK Subs. More info req’d.

Doctor Bison – Newport band formed 1994, feat; Dickie Hammond (gtr) (ex Leatherface), Chepstow Reg (bass,banjo), Baz Oldfield (voc,gtr), Rev J.D. Oldfield (drms) (latter 2 ex Abs). Rel string of singles on their own Truncheon Music label & LP ‘The Bloated Vegas Years’ on Workers Playtime. Split end of 1997. Mother Stoat rec posthumously rel ‘Dewhursts the Musical’ CD. Dave Evans (ex Diesel Pig) was also involved at some point.

Dr Lewney & The Asylum Seekers – Stupid funk band based in Cardiff. Formed 1998 as Hot Cock. Feat. Sarah Smith & Becky Charlton (voc), Mark Lewney (gtr) (ex-Fire Down Below), Steve Richardson (Porno Wah Gtr), Karl Hanzell (drm), Simon Day (bass), Wendy Sadler (Alto Sax), Paul Dolan (Tenor Sax) (ex-Shakin’ Stevens’ Sunsets), Rich Morris (Horn) (ex-Madassa). Self rel CD “Sentient Meat”

Dodos – Swansea punk band (1978-82), orig called The Urge, feat; Dicky Evans (voc,bass), Phil Roberts (voc,gtr), Andrew Reid (gtr), Stephen Garland (drms) and also Trevor Roberts (bass). Played to a packed Coach house regularly and the Langland Bay Hotel on several occasions, They also recording two sessions for Swansea Sound’s Department of Youth Show and prepared to release a single (which sadly never materialised), but had track Listen To Fiction on the Swansea comp EP ‘Sex, Violence & The Eternal Truth’ (Sonic Int Recs 1980).

Dogzuki – Pembroke Dock ska-punk band (2003), feat; Ger Ashby, Steve Dehtiar, Andy Buckley and Mat Scarll. Rel 7″ Dead Again (Remote Control Nov03), Dunno (single on Gas Bomb 2004)

Doli – Aberystwyth band (c2004) feat; Twm Champagne (later Poppies) and Mared Lenny, both of whom formed Swci Boscawen. More info req’d

Donovan, Sian – Cardiff singer, described as ‘truly gifted & totally ignored.’ More info req’d.

Doofer – band (c2005) feat; Chris Ridgeway (ex-Howling Sleepers, Vinegar Flies) and Mark (ex-Pod), Andre (gtr). More info req’d

Dopamine – Caerphilly based punk band, rec demo prod by Stuart of Lostprophets (who have also supp) feat track Disorder. Rel a 2-track demo on the Pynci label “Lose Your Place / Sick, Lie, Future”

Dopamine – band feat; Jason Addicott (later of Panel). Not to be confused with Caerphilly band of same name

Dope Biscuits – Cardiff based hip-hop project (c2015) by Jamey Pearce (soundcloud)

The Dostoyevskys – folk band, feat; Wayne Jackson (who relocated to Berlin). Rel LP ‘Orange’ (on Go! Discs 1994) (fb)

Douglas – hardcore punk band formed 1997 from ex members of No Fit State, feat; Colin (voc), Jamie (gtr), Ross (gtr), Phil (bass), Nathan (drms). Began as Doug but changed name to Douglas after signing to US indie label GFY to avoid possible future law suits from either the Canadian Ska band or the American cartoon character, rel 1st LP, Persona, & toured the east coast of America & Canada twice with Bigwig. Split Mar04.

Down Impact – Cardiff based thrash-metal band (2003), feat; Jon Russell (gtr), Liam Mullins (voc). Rel Musical Distortion EP. More info req’d

Do You Want This Table – mid-70s Cardiff duo feat; Russell Young & Tony Barnes, who were in John Stabber. Travelled in a Crystal Laundry van to the Great Windsor Park Festival in 1974 where they played on stage F. Became The Table in ’76.

Dozy – band (formed 1977), feat; Andy Coleman (voc) (now Semantics), Danny Chang (gtr), Colin Brick (gtr), Dixie (bass) (later Budgie), Paul Rosser (drms) replaced by Colin Galton. Still occasionally gig

Dragnet Newsletter – zine on the news of the Dragnet label (1995), edited by Benny from Presteigne, Powys. Unsure if this was also the home of the label. More info req’d.

Dragon Bands – gig promo company set up in South Wales (Jan 02) by Angela Byrne; ‘I set up Dragon Bands to promote bands & help them get gigs while they concentrate on their music.In other words I do all the telephones calls, sending demos etc.’ Bands involved incl; Novello

Dragonffli Records – Torfaen based label (c2010) run by Nick B Byrne (website)

Dragon Music – website similar in content to this one but more South Wales orientated. Run by Rhods & Paula. (website)

Dragons Lair – promoters for Sam’s Bar in Cardiff, run by Nicola Napier & Frank

The Drains – Newport band of late 90s, feat; Andy Barding, Carl Bevan and Mike Morgan. The name was provided by Steve ‘Novocaine‘ Evans, who drummed at the first ever Drains gig while wearing a plastic badger mask. Recently reformed to play the TJ’s in the Square John Sicolo tribute gig.  Have track Sleepless In The New Seattle, can be heard on ‘The Square CD – A Tribute to John Sicolo’.

The Dream – Swansea psychedelic band of late 60s, feat; Deke Leonard (gtr) (ex Jets), Martin Ace (later of Man), Terry Williams (later of Man), Wes Reynolds (keys) (occasionally subbed by Clive John – later of Man) Played mostly orig Deke Leonard songs, their tour-de-force were stunningly well reheased instrumental “live” soundtracks to 20min long silent black and white 8mm reels projected onto a backscreen.. films such as “The Creature from the Black Lagoon” “Dracula” and “The Spider”. The band dressed in “Sgt Pepper” kaftans with headbands and flowers in their hair, and with multiple joss sticks burning all round the stage, The Dream was the first Welsh band to perform with a moving-paint back projections illuminating the whole stage.

Dream in Colour – Powys based band, feat; Dylan Owen, Gavin Meddins, Phil Davies (all later of Crash .45) (see also FBH, Wasted, Hot Buttered Soul, Wedding Singers, Junkhead, Nameless).

Dream Sequence – sort of new wave / space rock hybrid band that gigged extensively around S.Wales (incl Newport TJs) + Bristol, supporting Diesel Pig a few times. App on Forest of Dean comp tape and on Red Dragon radio battle of the bands

Drunken Marksman – hardcore band from Valleys (formed 2017). Feat; Alun Weaver, Pig (Wayne Cole) (ex Rectify, Classified Protest, This System Kills), Southy and Laurence Brickell. Rel LP ‘Decline Of Mankind’ (Nov19) (bandcamp)

Dub War – Newport thrash band (formed 1993) feat; Benji Webbe (voc), Jeff Rose (gtr), Richie Glover (bass), Ginger Ford (drms). 1st rel on Words of Warning recs before signing to Earache who rel No.1 LP in Indie Charts ‘Pain.’. Split up Jan98, but later reformed with new bass player as Skindred. In 2022 Dub War announced they were back with a new album ‘Westgate Under Fire’ and a tour (spotify)

Richard Dunn – Llandaff session musician, has worked with Waterboys, Steve Winwood, Sly & Robbie

Duski – ambient jazzed outfit (from Cardiff?), formed c2016 and released ‘Duski’ LP (Oct16), ‘Make A Wish’ LP (May20), Feat; Aidan Thorne (bass), Greg Sterland (sax), Dan Messore (gtr), Paul Jones (keys), Mark O Connor (drms). Aidan and Greg rel ‘Pillow Talk Sessions Vol.1’ (Oct21) (bandcamp)

DUST – band (2003) who used to based in South Wales. More info req’d.

Duty Paid – Aberystwyth band (c2001), feat; Alexander Berger (voc,gtr) (ex Cryptic Kicker 5, now of Petrol Monkey)

Dyfatty Flats – Swansea punk band (1978-81), feat; Ray “Bunner” Jones (voc), Alan Daniels (bass), Stuart Miers (gtr), Kevin Jones (drms). Graham Larkbey sang at early gigs when Bunner wasn’t available.Rec 2 sessions for Swansea Sound Radio

Dysfunctionals – punk band (1997-99) feat; Martyn Court (ex Fistfuck now Corrupt Silence). Gigged a lot in the Welsh valleys and surrounding towns but not much in England etc. They played anarcho punk in the style of old bands like Disorder and Discharge, Martyn says; ‘The band was more about making a stand against authority and the system which sucks you dry from the day you were born more than being muscal wonders it was just straight up anarchist punk rock. We never recorded anything sadly, but the memory of the band lives on in my heart as it was the biggest stand against authority I’d made. Split up when Martyn moved to Austria.

The name was provided by Steve ‘Novocaine’ Evans, who drummed at the first ever Drains gig while wearing a plastic badger mask. The current line-up is Andy Barding, Carl Bevan and Mike Morgan. The band recently reformed to play the TJ’s in the Square John Sicolo tribute gig.

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