South Wales: C

Cable Rock – show on BBC Radio Wales (2004) hosted by ex Stereophonics drummer Stuart Cable. Broadcast Mon 7-8pm.

Stuart Cable – (19.05.1970 – 07.06.2010). Best known as drummer for Stereophonics and hosted his own TV chat show Cable TV, which led to his sacking from his band due to split commitments. He had earlier sang for The Nailbombs, and later drummed for Stone Gods before forming a new band Killing For Company. He sadly died after choking on his own vomit after a night out in Cardiff. (tribute)

Caifa – indie-pop band, feat; Cath Evans (voc), Tim Banister (gtr), Chris Thomas (bass), Gruffydd Rees (keys) and Mark Galozzi-Nibbert (drms). Rel ‘Glaw EP’ (on Rasp 2006). Some members used to be in Overtones. Vocals on EP were almost choral, not sure if it worked really…

Cainer – Abertillery band formed 1998 feat; Lee Nichols (voc,gtr), Carl Southcott (gtr), Dean Pratten (gtr), Steve Jarret (bass) and Steve Williams (drms). Have played Blackwood Miners Institute, TJs Newport and Clwb Ifor Bach in Cardiff. Orig called Swank. Rel 1st CD (Nov01) ‘Love and Loathing’. More info req’d

Cakehole Presley – Cardiff 60s infl band (c2006), feat; Mark Humphreys (voc,bass), Chris Ridgeway (voc,gtr,harm), Al McLean (gtr), Alka (drms). EP due for rel (Dec06). An NME reviewer said, ‘They were so good I thought I was dreaming.’ (website)

John Cale – musician (b.1942 in Garnant), studied musicology at London’s Goldsmiths College in early 60s and relocated to New York to continue his studies. He joined minimalist ensemble The Dream Syndicate. Cale threw himself into the world of the avant garde, exploring microtonal music, and participated in an all-day marathon performance of works by Erik Satie. After meeting Lou Reed in New York, they formed The Velvet Underground. (see biog)

Cam – band feat. Robert Vaughan (bass,voc,keys), Richard Vaughan (gtr,voc), Mark Thomas (gtr), Nicky Samuel (drms). Have track on the ‘Gwyneb Arau’ CD/Cass comp

Campaign 1 – Pontypridd industrial-punk band (formed 1979) feat; Andy Bevan (voc) (ex Nucleuz, Addiction), Sian Williams (bass) (ex Addiction), Jeff Simms (gtr) (later Discarnate Entity), Andrew ‘Humpy’ Humphreys (drms). Also feat briefly Carl Hopkins (gtr) (ex Addiction), Nicholas Horton (drms). Played many local gigs up to 1982 before Andy & Sian relocated to London. Rel ‘Live @ The White Hart & Demos’ CD on Southern Down. Humpy says ‘I was drummer for their last 3 and a half dates. The half consisting of Beva storming off stage after one number at Mountain Ash YMCA because he wasn’t happy with the sound.’ (website)

Candy Corpse Clothing – clothing line based in Aberterilley, run by Callum Assinder and Dean Koash of Conquer The Decade

Canol Caled (means Hard Core). Welsh language band (c1989) from Boncath, Dyfed. Feat; Rheinallt ap Gwynedd (voc,drms), Andy Rees (gtr), Steve Gray (bass). Also, at some point feat Julian Barnett, (or Jules) described as a hippy throwback, guitarist & bass player who went onto join London based Jacksauce in 1996. Band rel a split single (listen) in 1989 with Senile Decay on Fflach Recs (pic). Notable highlights include appearances on S4C & BBC Radio Cymru. (video) More info req’d

Cantinas – Big Band jazz created by Gwyn ‘Sticks’ Jones (drms) inc. Graham Williams, Jack Bass, Eric Clark (sax) almost all of the Parc and Dare Brass Band and many Guests. Culminated in their own TV show early 1980’s. Released only one recording.

Caprice – orig name for Swansea band, Afterglow

Capri Sails – collaboration (2003) between Jethro Chaplin of West Wales & Ziad Jabero. Rel acclaimed LP ‘The Friesians’ (on Oliv Sep03).

Captain Paranoid & The Delusions – voodoo punky blues band formed-in a dark place many moons ago currently with five maybe more members playing guitars,drums,violins,flutes.members include ex ballet dancers, mercenaries, pyscho bluegrass queens, space vipers, and The Alabama 3 (website)

Carburettors – band (1980) formed out of the ashes of Victimize feat; Bryn Merrick (bass), Andy Johnson (gtr), Roman Jugg (keys), Trevor Rees (drms). Also played under name The Scanners

Carcharorion – experimental duo from Cardiff. Rel EP ‘Hiraeth’ on Peski (08.12.14), also had track on CAM1 comp LP on the same label (review)

Cardiff Uber Alles – promo company for indie bands in Cardiff (ran up until Jun09)

Carmen Pariah – Electro-Math Metal from Bridgend, formed 1999. Feat; Andrew Marnley (voc, gtr, prog) (ex Burnz), Richard Bevan (bass, prog), (ex Burnz), Craig Marvelley (gtr, voc, prog) (also Cheesecake), Dave Price (drms, voc). Prev. members Matthew Davis (drms, voc) now in Funeral for a Friend. Rel Pre-Tango-Sequence EP in 2000 and Disaronno in 2002. (website)

Carnivores of War – Pontypridd hip-hop outfit (c2008). Rel EP ‘Run For Your Lives’

Carsondown – Caerphilly punk band formed Nov01, but took until Jan02 to find a solid lineup as 3-pc, feat; Ross (runs Eccentric Opus recs), Nicky Howells (gtr) (later of Shortcuts), Kob (drms) (ex Pothole, later of Guns), orig drummer Marc left the band in Jun02 after a riotous stage trashing gig. Well known for continuous gigging, rel debut ep “May Contain Traces of Punk Rock” on Skeeterhouse Records. Rec session for Adam Walton in Dec02. Split Jun04 (website)

Cartelles – Cardiff band (c2007), had track Pins And Needles aired on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales Show (7.1.07). More info req’d

Cartoon – badly named and impossible to Google britpop band from Cardigan. Formed in 1996 by Chris Lewis after Jess split and also feat; Owen Thomas, Richard Llewelyn and one other. Rel 5 singles, inc, ‘Twisted EP’ (1996 on Shine), Fade Away (1998) which was Mark & Lard’s single of the week on BBC Radio One, Men From Mars (1998), ‘Lollipop EP’ (1998) and Alcoholic Show (1999) – all on their own Shine label.

Casino – name which The Hepburns were using in Apr97.

Castro – young punk band from Llandeilo, feat; Sam Rhys (drms), Osian Owen (voc,gtr) and Caradog Davies (bass). Rel 6-track EP ‘Castro’ (on Rasp 2014). Some songs almost sound like football terrace punk stuff of late 70s, others sound like they should never have been recorded! They also competed in Brwydr y Bandiau C2 (Battle of the Bands) 2013 on BBC Radio Cymru.

Catatonia – Welsh band of superstar status. Click for gig review. Cerys Matthews (voc), Mark Roberts (gtr), Owen Powell (gtr), Paul Jones (bass), Aled Richards (drms). Cerys used to busk outside Debenhams in Cardiff. Mark joined in & a fledgling Catatonia was born. All band members bar Cerys had been in previous bands. Mark & Paul had been in Y Cyrff, Aled in ‘The Hepburns’ & Owen in Crumblowers, Colour 45 & U Thant. Catatonia itself has undergone a few member changes since For Tinkerbell, the 1st release 1993. Orig line-up C. Anazapela (Cerys), M. E. Zaun (Mark), Dafydd Ieuan, Paul Jones, Clancy Pegg (later with Crac). Mulder & Scully charted at No.3 leading to the LP ‘International Velvet’ reaching the top spot as did the follow up ‘Equally Blessed & Cursed’. With Cerys in re-hab & unable to tour their new LP ‘Paper, Scissors, Stone’ the band split Sept 2001. Aled has since worked with Sophie Ellis-Bextor & Mark & Owen later formed Sherbert Antlers and in 2019 reformed Y Cyrff. Cerys, as well as appearing solo also hosts her own show on 6Music.

Cat Corpse – record label and collective set up by South Wales punk bands (inc. Headshot 76) to rel CDs and hold bi-monthly gigs in Pontypridd (website)

Cate Le Bon – female singer / band (b.1983) from Penboyr, Carmarthen, rel 10″ EP on Peski (2.6.08), and debut LP ‘Me Oh My’ (12.10.09), followed by ‘Cyrk’ (2012). Moved to LA in 2013 with long time partner and collaborator Huw (H.Hawkline). Rel LP ‘Mug Museum’ (2013) then ‘Crab Day’ (2016). Split from Huw in 2017. Rel Mercury Prize nominated LP ‘Reward’ (2019). Also a member of Neon Neon and has contributed to numerous other projects. (website)

Cat Mouse Cat – Cardiff folk-indie band (formed late07), feat; Dale (voc,gtr), Gordon (gtr), Ben (bass), Bex (voc,glocknspl), Robin (perc). (website)

Cautionary Tales – Cardiff based “Blastoramic Sleazecore” band formed in summer 2003, feat. Al (ex Nameless), Lee (Underpass) and Dean (ex Nameless). (website)

Caves, The – Swansea band feat (c2004); Dai Godwin (gtr) (ex Bigelow, also Kings of Despair), Darren Beale (bass) (also Kings of Despair) & Simon Parsons (drms). Managed by Hue Williams (ex Pooh Sticks). Had their music feat on Sky’s Soccer AM TV prog, and rel single Wow Machine (Mainspring Nov04).  Split when the expected success didn’t happen. Now The Owls. (website)

Cave Dwellers – mid Wales punk-ska band, feat; Jason (voc,drms) Gareth (gtr), Ben (gtr) and Alan (bass). Also at various stages feat; Tom Kennard (bass), Alex ‘Pud’ Poole (gtr), Joel Thomas (gtr).

Celtic Assault – Swansea metal band (formed 2001), feat; Wessley Rosser (voc,gtr), Dean Jeffery (voc,gtr,keys), Leon Rosser (gtr), Vivian Hovvels (bass), Sophie Bleeker (drms). Rel 7 track EP “Society’s Creation”. Prev called Talison

Celtic Pride – rock covers band from Merthyr Tydfil (formed 1996), prev called Amazon, feat; Iestyn Davies (voc), Andrew ‘Don’ Williams (gtr), Robert ‘Bug’ Williams (gtr), Paul Thomas (drms) (ex Storm, Freefall, White Room, Zippy and The Public), Mark Davies (bass) (ex Traveller, Shanghai)

Celticrockmusic – website of bands, supplying bio’s and music and has a shop where you can buy releases of the
bands that are on the site. Bands featured on the site include the Bard of Ely, Naughty, Alien Sex Fiend (website)

Ceramic Ant – band feat; Dai Morris (bass) (ex Whack Turkey, Bovine). More info req’d.

Cerrig Melys – band (from Aberystwyth) (c1989).  [Fretboard website] ‘Ffred who had (IIRC) a pair of knackered old AC30’s and a mahoosive pedalboard with a shit load of Dimension D’s on it and it just sounded like this huge wash of noise…and not much else!! They were also the band that spawned Rheinallt ap Prydderch and his brother Peredur Ap Gwynedd who later became part of Natalie Imbruglia’s band – I can’t remember exactly but Perry was in a slightly different band and came on to the scene in instant rockstar mode and you could he was a step above the rest – same for his bass playing brother, a monster player’. Rel 2 cassettes and a 12″ EP ‘Cau Dy Lygaid… Cau Dy Feddwl’ (on Fflach 1990). That featured a Welsh language version of The Stooges’ I Wanna Be Your Dog.

Cha Cha 2000 – Pontypridd band (c1984) formed by ex-Blaue Reiter members Andrew Reeves (bass) and Andrew Wicks (keys) with Neil Hughes (gtr,voc). Wicks later formed 50 World Leaders

Chalk Circle – Swansea based indie band, feat; Maria Owens (voc,gtr), The Fox (drms), Mervyn (bass) (now of Kingsway Cowboy & Break Super 8), Andy Morse (gtr) (later of Andy Morse Band, now Break Super 8). Now defunct, but the former members are all active around the scene. Maria does occasional acoustic gigs and collaborations.

Chang – Newport band (formed 1999), feat; George (drms), Keith (bass), Neal ‘Grifter’ Griffiths (gtr) (all ex Guinea Worm), Dave (voc) (ex Hang-Ups, Rhino Key). Rec session for Adam Walton’s show (Jun02). More info req’d

Channel Zero – relaunch of the Mentally Penetrated By An Acid Enema cult horror b-movie zine by Gareth Tidey & Leighton Phillips. The emphasis shifted slightly – less gore and smut, more retro and cool. Channel Zero lasted for just one issue – selling out. The once thriving zine scene was about to collapse due to some new fangled internet thing (!), so all the gorehounds went into hibernation waiting for the advent of dvd, and all those pristine collectors editions of long lost classic fright flicks!

Paul Chapman – guitarist with UFO, Lone Star, Marin Jones says, ‘easily the best heavy metal player ever to come out of Cardiff. I used to watch Paul at the New Moon club – he used to do incredible versions of the Clapton Beano album stuff with a Les Paul plugged straight into a Marshall Stack – no effects or anything. Paul took over from Gary Moore in UFO – he’s that good.’

Charlie Brown – Cardiff band (1989-92), feat; David Lloyd (voc), Matthew Scott (gtr), Lee Chick (bass), Simon Weston (drms), & either Chris Nurse or Emma Priddle (gtr). Terrified 200 parents with wall of noise feedback in an after school talent show & never looked back. High point came when they almost supported Spiritualised, but were ousted out by some underhand tactics from another local band. On splitting in Matthew Scott & Lee Chick went on to form an early version of band Jack (albums available from Too Pure recs), Simon Weston went to Rock School, Emma went to supervisor & David Lloyd disappeared for 8 years before forming Meltwater to satisfy his musical longings.

Charlotte Sometime – Aberystwyth band. More info req’d.

The Chartists – Folk band from Cardiff area, played their final gig in 1990. Feat; Geoff Cripps (voc,gtr) (later of Allan yn y Fan), Laurence Eddy (gtr) (ex Rash Tactics) & Wynford Jones (gtr,voc) (both later of Lawford), Geri Thomas (voc), Remo Lusardi (voc,gtr), Russel Jones (gtr,bass), Nicky ‘Plastic’ Lewis (drms). Rel LPs ‘The Chartists’ (Steam Pie Recs 1982), ‘Cause For Complaint’ (Steam Pie 1987). Remo went onto run Dorothy Cafe in Blackwood (website)

Cheapskates – Pembrokeshire skacore band formed 1998, relocated to Cardiff 2001, feat; Matt (also of Shootin Goon, & runs Goodcleanfun recs). I Want To Be Canadian won’s Punk Rock Battle of the Bands in March 2000 Rel Ep Nobody’s Prefect (Nov01) More info req’d. (website)

Cheap Sweaty Fun – promo co. started 1984 in Newport by Simon Philips of Rockaway Recs in response to Miner’s strike to help raise cash for their families. 1st major show was Billy Bragg at a Newport Dockers club.

Cheatin’ Hearts – Cardiff band (formed 2000), feat; Phil (gtr,harm,voc), Beth (fiddle,voc), Daren (bass), Keith (drms), Steph McNicholas (voc) (ex Rachel’s Ravenous Offspring, Sound Assassins, Banana Cat, Sweet Young Things). Orig called Tex Pistols. (website)

Cheesecake – Now called Three Word Name.

Chemical Reaction – Cardiff ska punk band formed c1996, feat; Adam (voc,gtr), Jamie (drms), Martin (bass), joined by Nick (sax) in 2000 & Jamie left (Dec00) replaced by Chris Murphy. The band, who are part of the Apes Arse Organisation along with Durkah, have a huge Cardiff following due to the number of gigs they’ve played.

Euros-ChildsEuros Childs – solo artist and former member of Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci. Born 16.04.75 in Freshwater East, Pembrokeshire. Rel 1st solo single Donkey Island (Wichita Recs Nov05), followed by début LP ‘Chops’ (on same label Feb06). His output is prolific with almost an album every year, ‘Eilaaig’ being his 10th (rel 08.12.14). Also formed a band Jonny (2009) with Teenage Fanclub’s Norman Blake. And has had other projects, Cousins, Ymarfer Corff, Short & Curlies. (website)

Christian Fitness – solo project started in 2014 by Andrew Falkous (of Mclusky, Future Of The Left). (bandcamp)

Chroma – 3pc garage-rock band from Cynnon Taff (formed 2015). Rel 7″ single Girls Talk (on Popty Ping 2018). (website)

Cities – 5-piece post-rock/instrumental/electronica outfit from Swansea. Debut rel ‘Manning Alaska’ E.P (21.06.15) (bandcamp)

Ciwdod – Welsh language arm of the Complete Control label run by Community Music Wales. Set up in 2004 they had by Dec08 had rel 16 singles by the likes of Stilletoes, Yr Ods, Poppies, Radio Luxembourg, Threatmantics, Plyci. All has since gone quiet (website)

Alison Clash – singer/songwriter on Cardiff scene (c2007). Former frontwoman of 80s band The Pier

Classified Protest – Punk band from South Wales, geat; Wedge (drms) (ex Classified Protest, Rectify). Rel 2 demos (1984) & had track on 1st Cuts Are Deepest comp EP (Words of Warning 1987), had a track on the We Won’t Be Your Fucking Poor comp LP (Mortarhate) called “Music For The Streets”. Changed name to Rectify

Claypool – Nirvana, Fugazi and Primus influenced band from Rhondda. Formed summer 1996 by Dafydd L. Williams (voc.gtr) (ex Pincushion, now in Panel), Matthew Powell (bass)(now in Lunapins), Stefano Canale (gtr) (now in Coventry…no, he’s actually in Coventry) and Wesley Packer (now in The Sugarhouse), who was then replaced by Station in Jan98. Recorded the ‘Have a Mull’ EP Aug98. Split up Sep98.

Clinical Waste – Monmouth punk band (c1997), may have become Rabid Grannies. More info req’d.

Clinigol – Cardiff brothers electronic duo (c2007), Geraint Pickard (voc,keys), Aled Pickard (keys). With guest vocalists: Gemma Rees, Siwan Morris, Bethan Mason appearing on various songs. Debut single Eiliad (rel on Ciwdod Dec06) reached #9 on the Welsh Language Artists Chart, follow up Y Gwir (Oct07) and then Hufen Ia (Jan09), all 3 singles are feat on the debut LP ‘Melys’ (on Rasp 25.05.09) (website)

Clipper – Newport based band formed in 2000, feat; Tony Biaggi (gtr), John Tovey (drms), Nick Blade (bass), Matthew Lindsey (voc), and Bucknell (gtr). Rel 6 track EP ‘In Use Day & Night’ (apr03) then rel a 4 trk demo ‘Whiskey And Pedals’

Clique – fanzine (2004) designed to wind up anyone in the Cardiff music scene. Edited by Simon Ritalin

Clockwork Princess – band feat; Phil Douglas (later of Panel). More info req’d.

Recordiau Clustcwyr – label founded by Dafydd Morgan in 1974. Based in a barn in Lampeter. It gained a reputation for their punk output in the late ’70s, chic pop-rock in the ’80s, sophisticated grunge-rock in the ’90s, and in the ’00s progressive folk acts such as Llefrith and Rhonwen Stephens. Their sister label, Earwax Recs, were founded by The Science Department in Sheffield, 2001. In 2002 the two labels merged and became part of the ACNC-owned RCE Records group.  Without the guiding hands of its former owners, Dafydd Morgan and Gorwel Edwards, and with the rise of home production, Clustcwyr’s artist-base and releases dried up. A lack of financial support for the experimental Earwax would prove to be an equally fatal treatment, and RCE Records were wound down in Mar06.  The Clustcwyr barn, which remained the property of Morgan until his death in 2004, is now owned by John Craven and Helena Jones, but no details have emerged as to its future. The Science Department studios of Earwax are now sadly derelict, and the musical community it housed have been forced to disperse.  This was a small and insular label, almost to the point of incest, and irritatingly all too few records emerge on the market. (website) (discography)

Clustiau Cwn –
Rhydfelen (Glamorgan) punk band (1979-81), reformed 2014. Feat; Gareth Potter (voc) (later Ty Gwydir), Karl Pulman. Rel a single Byw Yn Y Radio on Sain (1980).

Clwb Fuzz
– Cardiff garage-psychedelic band (formed 2019). Rel debut single Samurai (2019), followed by High (Oct19), then No Heaven (03.04.20 on Libertino) (facebook)

Clwb Ifor Bach – venue in centre of Cardiff. Has 3 levels, bands usually play on 2nd level. Promoted by Guto. Tel. 02920 232199

Clwb Malu Cachu – website (2003) to help people understand Welsh lyrics of bands such as Super Furries, Catatonia etc. Set up by Suw Charman of Reading, who attended Cardiff Uni. (website)

Coch Records – Welsh language punk label set up & used as an outlet for the punk band Trwynau Coch. More info req’d.

Coda – rock band from Llandysul, feat;  Dafydd Evans (voc,keys), Owain Jones (gtr), Aled Jones (drms) and Steffan Evans (bass). Rel single Cerdded (on Rasp 2006) followed by an LP ‘Edrych Nol Ar Y Ffol’ the next year on the same label. The album was produced by Rhys James (Mattoidz)

Cola Shark – Cardiff/Newport Indie pop, mid ’90s feat: Chris Dickson (voc,gtr) (ex The Skangers, Crush, now an actor –, Darren Lewis (bass) (ex The Skangers, Crush), Richard Lewis (drms), Paul Milton (gtr) (ex Crush).

Coldmind – fanzine (c2005) edited by Marcus Lawry (who runs Poisoned Whiskey Recs). First (and only?) issue feat; Portishead, Midasuno, features on films and lots of reviews.

Coleman, Lyn – Female rock singer with The MGB’s, Fleetwood Max, The Sensational Shagged Cats. Lynwen also worked with Labi Siffri ; Linda Lewis (70’s Soul Artist) and many more. Sadly Lynwen died in 2001.

Rachel K Collier – pop singer from Swansea. Rel 1st single Hard Road To Travel (Jimmy Cliff cover) which hit #79 in UK charts. Her 3rd single Boom Boom (Heartbeat) peaked at #12.

Colorama – psychedelic-folk band, based in Cardiff but formed in Benllech, (c2009) have very fluid line up with Carwyn Ellis being the mainstay along with Luca Guernieri, Matthew Evans, David Fletcher (bass) (sadly died 29.6.09). Rel LP ‘Cookie Zoo’ (Noise McCartney 16.4.08 – in Japan), which came about after touring there and selling out their Japan Tour EP (15.7.08 – same label). 1st UK rel was single Sound (Redbricks Recs 28.7.08), Mini-LP ‘Magic Lantern Show’ (rel 2009 Redbricks) followed by BOX (2010 Noise McCartney). Session aired on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales Show 27.09.09. Mini LP ‘Colouring Book’ (rel 24.10.11). Chaos Wonderland (Jul20 was their 7th album)  (see also Zarelli) (website)

Colour 45 – indie band c1993, feat; Owen Powell (gtr) (see also U Thant, Crumblowers, Catatonia), David Rizzo (bass),  Lloyd Owen (voc), Owen Stickler (drms), Lloyd Mahoney (gtr). (interview)

Colour Me Dead – Newport band, formed- Dec02, feat; Marcus Warner (voc) (ex Schafer, now Trip), Adam Treheme (gtr) (ex Schafer), Martyn F (bass), Tom L (gtr), Nick S (drms). Recording time booked for early feb at Mighty Atom. (website)

The Colours – Newport band feat; Jeff Rose (gtr) and Ginge (drms) (both later of Dubwar and Skindred) plus Richard Parfitt (voc,bass) (ex Messengers, later of 60ft Dolls). In the 80s they were huge around South Wales. Line up changed to incl Steve Price (drms) and Glyn Price??? (sax). More info req’d.

Complete Control – record label in Cardiff, had bands like Robots In The Sky, Jarcrew, Talkshow, Global Parasite, launched a singles club in 2003 Remote Control. Part of Community Music Wales. Ran from 2000-07.

Complex Animals – Rhondda band, played debut at Pentre Legion (27.12.91). Had song called Itchy Scritchy.

The Conductors – Carmarthen guitar-alt band (formed 2009), feat; Aled Thomas (gtr,voc) (ex Supergene), Rhodri John (bass) and Dominic Wright (drms) (both ex Haybarns on Fire). Played many gigs in an around South Wales. Rel debut LP ‘Dim Problem’ (25.7.11 Death Monkey Recs) (website)

Conformist – Cardiff based Alt Electronica act, formed in 2003 and fronted by Michael Simmons. The sound is a mixture of hip hop, alt. rock, electronica, glitch, acoustic frailty, orchestral and beyond. Has had tracks featured on comp CD’s by Indie labels Eccentric Opus Recs and Colchester Recs. Has also been feat on BBC Radio 1’s Session In Wales (website)

Conquer The Decade – post-hardcore band from Abertillery (formed summer 08), feat; Dean Koash (voc,keys), Deri Davies (gtr), Andrew Rogers (gtr), Haydn Wright (drms), Aaron Poultney (bass). Have song called 1005 Ways To Kill A Hooker. See also Candy Corpse Clothing

Julian Cope – founder of Teardrop Explodes b-21.10.1958 in Bargoed, but spent his childhood in Tamworth. Went to Teachers Training College in Liverpool before joining bands. See L’pool entry of his bands for more info.

Lucifer And The Corncrackers – Early 1960s Llanelli based rock and roll band, featuring Deke Leonard in his first group. See also Jets, Dream, The Bystanders, Man and Iceberg

Cornerstone – Merthyr/Caerphilly stoner-funk band (formed 2004). Described as visceral groove of funk dipped in a psychedelic acid bowl of rock. More info req’d

Corrupt Silence – Swansea band (2004), feat; Martyn Court (gtr) (ex Fistfuck, Dysfunctionals, later Filthy Habits), Tony (drms) (ex Beaker), Justyn (voc) (also Smiling With Semtex, later Filthy Habits), Richy (bass) (also Smiling With Semtex). Band split 19.01.05 (website)

Corrupt Society – Port Talbot punk band (early 80s), feat; Shay (bass). More info req’d

Cosmic Zaps – Swansea punk band (1983-89), feat; Vince Zap Rees (ex Turn To Red, later Solar Bud), Colin McLleland (keys), Neil McLleland (gtr), Dick Strawbridge (gtr), Trish (bass) and Griff (drms) (now Superczar).

Cotton Wolf – electronic duo from Cardiff (formed 2013), signed to Strangetown Recs. Rel EPs, ‘Catapelt’ (2013), ‘Cloud City’ (2014), ‘Moxa’ (2015) (soundcloud)

Andy ‘Wally’ Coughlan – Ammanford session musician, has worked with Gary Numan, Dusty Springfield & Alison Moyet.

Dai Cove – Guitar player with The Watermelons and other fine bands. Well known for his rock solid rhythm work. Died Nov06

Covergirl – emo-punk band from Merthyr Tydfil (c2005). More info req’d

Cowboy Killers – Punk band from Rhiwbina (1987), feat; Dean Beddis (voc) (later of Bad Sam), Gary Bush (gtr) (also of Fenella Fielding), Wil Casker (bass), Pug Brewer (gtr) (ex Heretics), Kip-Xool (Ed Fleming?) (drms) (ex Heretics, later Four Letter Word, In The Shit, Da Capo). Feat on the Words of Warning EP ‘Here Today, Here Tomorrow’ & ‘1st Cuts are Deepest’ with Anhrefn. Same label also rel the LP ‘Koyaanisqatsi.’ Band split in 1999 after a US tour.

Cowboys vs Cowboys – Gwent based Southern Punk Rock band (c2008), feat; Rhys (website)

Crabladder – Cardiff post-punk band, feat; Adam Harries, Dave Smith, Stef Evans, Steve Bluemer. Rel a split 7″ single with Slowjam (on Power Tool 1993)

Crash .45 – Newtown punk band (formed 1997) feat; Dylan Owen (voc)(ex Dream in Colour, Trigger, FBH), Gavin Meddins (gtr) (ex Wasted, Junkhead, Hot Buttered Soul, Wedding Singers, Dream in Colour, Trigger, FBH), Mark Woosnam (bass)(ex MMAS, UHT, This Bizarre Myth, Wedding Singers), Philip Davies (drms) (ex Nameless, Wasted, Dream in Colour, Junkhead, Hot Buttered Soul, Wedding Singers). Released 7 track CD (12.05.01) on the Canteen label..

Crashdown – 4-pc rock/punk band, feat; Dave Shanks (voc), Peter Jamieson (bass), Gordon Kydd (gtr), Paul Jamieson (drms). Rel EP ’12Stars’ & eponymous LP.

Crawlin’ Chaos – goth zine (1993) edited by Dave of Rhondda also of Eterne. More info req’d.

Cream Of The Crop – enthusiastic fanzine by Colin Scott, often appears with cassette compilation incl.

Crème Brulee – Formed in 2003 by Lee “the chief” Pugh (voc) (ex Candidates), Pete Lewis (ex Festerin Nun) and Asa (J.D Clover) Galeozzie (drms) (ex Gilespi). ‘We don’t watch top of the pops, we hate Radio 1, and couldn’t give a pint of piss for NME.’ (website)

Crimea – Aberystwyth band feat; Davey McManus (ex Crocketts), Owen Hopkins (drms) (ex Crocketts, also of Halflight), Joe Uddwin (bass), Andy Stafford (keys). Signed to Nuxx publishing. Rel 25.11.02 Lottery Winners On Acid CD Single on Shiney Beast. 2.6.03 White Russian Galaxy CD Single on Double Dragon & 17.11.03 Baby Boom CD Single on Boobytrap. Added Pontypridd native Andy Norton (gtr) (website)

Martin Crisis – author of Punk Rock Fiction. Debut novel, “Compression” (great reviews in Terrorizer, Rock Sound, Fracture, Scanner etc) out. Mail for details.

Crobar – Swansea club/venue, opened in 2004 opposite Escape and crossed swords with the club by hosting similar DJs and brand of dance music. Managed by Stephen Entwhistle, may have closed by 2009

The Crocketts – Aberystwyth band (now defunct), Davey Crockett McManus (later of Crimea), Dan Boone, Rich Turpin & Owen ‘Cash’ Hopkin (drms) (later of Crimea, Halflight). Debut LP; We May Be Skinny & Wirey (1998). 1st single included the word ‘fuck’ 26 times. Owen stood in for Stereophonics’ Stuart Cable on their Japanese tour 2002. Davey also published a book of poetry under the name Kernel Krok (spotify)

Cross Field Pass – project by Julian Pitt of Newport. Rel LP ‘Under Blue Skies’ (2007)

Crumblowers – 5 piece outfit from Cardiff (early 90s), feat; Lloyd and Owen Powell (gtr) (later of Catatonia, U Thant, Colour 45) released 12″ EP Llithro Mewn i Ffantasi (1989) and the 12″ EP Colossus (1990 – both on Headstun). Reformed in Sep17

Crush – Cardiff/Newport Indie pop, early ’90s feat: Chris Dickson (voc,gtr) (ex The Skangers, Cola Shark, now an actor –, Darren Lewis (bass) (ex The Skangers, Cola Shark), Alan Pope (drms), Paul Milton (gtr) (ex Cola Shark)

Cryptic Kicker Five – Aberystwyth band (c2001), feat; Alexander Berger (voc,gtr) (ex Duty Paid, now of Petrol Monkey). More info req’d.

Cuba Cuba – Cardiff band (c2008)

Cubare – (alterna-rock 1995?) feat Colin Green (gtr) (a.k.a. Tito Quentez), Aidan Mahony (bass) (a.k.a Alfonse Brock) and Darren Griffiths (drms) (a.k.a Buzz Ass-show). Briefly joined by female singer Cara, after she left Max started to play guitar. Live session for London’s XFM, airplay from Mary Ann Hobbs and Steve Lamacq. Boobytrap single “Punx Snot Dead it Just Sux Now.” Split early 2001.

The Cull – 5 piece Sludge core from Cardiff, formed Sept 2001. Feat; Gareth Cull (voc), Tim Cull (gtr), Gav Cull (gtr/voc), Iwan Beardless Cull (bass), Chris Diablo (drms). Have demo out (el trucko, 66smooth/the rifft that destroyed tokyo). More info req’d.

Culprit 1 – dance-mix artist James Hannam of Cardiff. Rel single What I Use on Boobytrap Recs (Jun03). Much lauded by Adam Walton on BBC Radio Wales. Rel single Screamer (Exceptional Recs Jan10) (website)

Cunning Stunts – Promotion co from Bridgend. Run by Mr G, Kai and Daz. Events run from band showcasing at Bridgend Recreation Centre, a weekly night at the TollHouse and occasional gigs at Cardiff’s Clwb Ifor Bach and Newport’s TJ’s. Feb03 organising an Anti-War Tour in south wales with Poisoned Whiskey Records.

Curfew – Port Talbot based punk fanzine, edited by Daly (c1983), ran for at least one issue

Mr Curtamos – Cardiff based dub-dance master (c2009). Rel digi singles – Milk (Betamorph), Thursday (Stupid Fly), Trouble (Stupid Fly), Pulp Who (Abducted Dub) and vinyl Creator (website)

Curveside – Cardiff based band (2002) Nirvana influenced, been around a while but only just released debut single Save Yourself (on Fuzzbox recs). (website)

Cusky – band formed Feb98, changed name to August (Oct00).

Cut Ribbons – Llanelli indie band (c2010), feat; Aled Rees (voc,gtr), Anna Griffiths (voc), Chris James (gtr), Shane Lee (bass), Caio Griffiths (drms). Had session aired on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales Show (10.10.10) (website)

Cut ‘n’ Run – Band from Cardiff area (80s/90s?) – played the city a lot during these times. More info req’d

Cut To Size – Chepstow rock band (early 80s), feat; Jayne Sutherland (voc), Kerry Thomas (gtr), Dave Thomas (bass), Rick Pratt (drms). Gigged well locally and played alongside MAN/Multi-Story. Band split after a decent UK support tour slot was arranged.

CVC – Cardiff indie band (c2023). (linktree)

Cwestion Da – Welsh speaking band that flickered brightly for a couple of years at the end of the 70’s. Probably one of Wales’ first truly alternative bands the Llanelli trio took their inspiration from English acts like Gang Of Four, Wire and Magazine. Did several sessions for the BBC and Swansea Sound and rel their song ‘Ail Gwrdda’ (the first instance of ‘scratching’ in the Welsh language?) on the indie breakthrough 12″comp, ‘Popadom Vinyl Du’. Toured with the likes of Maffia Mr Huws and Y Brodyr, and played their final show at Ceffyl Pren’s hilarious Spinal Tap-influenced gig at the Cardiff St David’s Hall where the band couldn’t return for an encore due to the fact that the drummer Jonathan Gimblett threw all his sticks into the audience at the end of the gig. The line-up was concluded by Jon Tregenna (later Tan Tro Nesa) (gtr,voc), and Geraint Thomas (now an Insurance Agent) on bass. Gimblett is now a lawyer in Poland, Tregenna a writer for S4C.

Cybernoise – Penarth based fanzine that focused on the industrial/electronic music scene. Ran by its editor Graham Needham who was a mine of knowledge, and also feat pages of contact addresses. The zine was very forward thinking and by #4 had moved from the traditional format and began to appear on floppy disc in an accompanying wallet. This format was replaced with the advent of mass public internet access – the zine now being soley web based at – If you are a fan of industrial/electronic music it is a must. Initially based at Lavernock Road, Penarth, Sth Glamorgan, CF64

Cyderfex – Cardiff all girl punk band (late 70s?), feat; Francesca Murphy (more info req’d)

Cyfeb – new wave band from Carmarthen (1992-94), prev called Angels of Death until changed name and medium to the Welsh language, feat; Petra Corren (bass,voc), Adrian Mooney (keys), Chris Holland (drms), Warren Smith (gtr). Rel singles Ffwlbart (May92), Brechcusan (Jul92), Byddino (Jul94), and the LPs ‘Ysig’ (Mar93), Cancr (Sep94). Took hiatus for 2 years when Corren had a child, then re-emerged as  Diwydianfa

Cymbient – band (formed 2003) feat; Andy Fung (ex Derrero), James Charlton, Ann Summerhays (voc), Rhodri Viney (gtr) (ex Broken Leaf), John Pulman (bass). Rel LP ‘The Drive Home’ (Surk Recs, Mar05). (website)

Cymru:Gothic – website for Goths based in Wales (website)

Y Cymylau
– folk trio from Ammanford. feat; Patricia Morgan (later of Slugbait, Datblygu). Released eponymous EP on Wren Recs in 1972

Czechs – Based in Sth Wales and had two tracks ’44’ & ‘ Suffocation’ on the Z-Block Recs 12″ comp EP ‘Rough Cuts’ in 1980.

Czyquay – 2-pc electronic outfit, feat; Ian Ferguson (ex Punk Floyd) & Rich de Lloyd. Formed spring 01, became Limezero by the winter when joined by Samantha.

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