South Wales: B

Baby Elephant – experimental outfit from Llanrumney, formed 1993, feat; Che-z-pimp, DJ Jim Knickerz, Fur-q and Jester. More info req’d

Baby Is Dead – label based in Rhondda, rel tape by Armpit Juices. More info req’d.

Babylon Wales – wonderfully crafted blog by Anthony Brockway of Cardiff from 2006-14. Featuring some incredible history on Wales that would otherwise have been overlooked (website)

Babylose – punk-metal band from Barry (formed 2000), feat; Russell Toomey (voc,gtr), Adam Cook (voc,gtr), Rhys Howell (bass), Phil Myles (drms) – all born c1983. Played around Cardiff & Barry & supported Tetra Splendour, Mclusky. Changed name to My Red Cell (website)

Baby Queens – R&B soul band from Cardiff (c2016), feat; Cara Elise  (gtr), Estelle ios (bass) (also Zefur Wolves), Monique B (voc), Ruth Vibes (gtr), Vanity (voc), Leroy Rahman (drms). Rel ‘Baby Queens’ LP (2016 on Strangetown)

Backbeat – independent record shop on Alexandra rd, Aberystwyth. (email)

The Backbeats (1959 – 1966) Penarth based Chuck Berry, Little Richard style purist rock n roll band with brothel creeper shoes and silver drape jackets. The band featured several musicians who would go on to become Shakin Stevens and the Sunsets and the supremely talented guitarist Cyril “Cid” Petherick who featured in so many top Welsh bands of the 70s and 80s. Bassist Dave “Batman” Goddard would go on to found pub rock band Ward Robe and the Tallboys. Also feat; Jimmy Connell (voc), Laurie Mumford (drms) (ex Politicians, later Elektra))

Bad Behaviour – Swansea based professionally produced fanzine. 1st issue produced in 1998 with a print run of 2,000. Covering Welsh topics with a humourous bent. Editor, Tom Law (now producer of BBC Choice cult series Sleeping Dogs).

Bad Finger – Swansea band formed 1968 out of the ashes of The Iveys, feat; Pete Ham (voc,gtr,keys), Joey Molland (gtr), Tom Evans (bass), Mike Gibbins (voc). Chose their name after Bad Finger Boogie –working title of The Beatles’ With A Little Help From My Friends. Signed to the Beatles’ Apple label in 1969, 1st single was the Paul McCartney-penned Come & Get It, a song about the precarious state of Apple’s finances. It was featured in the film The Magic Christian, which starred Ringo Starr. The band’s links with the Beatles continued for some time. George Harrison co-produced their 1971 album ‘Straight Up’, & that year Joey Molland & Tom Evans played on John Lennon’s Imagine. Soon signed to Warners & released 2 big LPs, ‘Straight Up’ & ‘Wish You Were Here’. Nilsson’s 1971 massive international hit Without You was written by Ham & Evans, but the song also led to the band’s downfall. Disillusioned by the length of time it took for royalties to reach the group, & by a suspected disappearance of money from their publishing account, Pete Ham & Joey Molland left during the mid Seventies. Depressed by problems in the band & his personal life, Pete Ham hanged himself in April 1975 in his London garage. After a five-year break, Evans & Molland reformed the group & released two albums on Elektra. Then, in 1983, Evans committed suicide, unhappy at not having received proper royalty compensation. The band officially broke up that year. In 2001, there was another sad footnote to the Badfinger story. A High Court battle over £50,000 worth of disputed royalties ended with all the money being swallowed up in £120,000 legal fees. The girlfriend of Pete Ham & the widow of Tom Evans joined Mike Gibbins & former Badfinger manager Bill Collins to get a share of royalties from a live recording of the group. Joey Molland had taken the tapes on the band’s demise, claiming they were of poor quality & of no value. He cleaned up the recordings & issued them as a live album.The judge ruled that the contestants had a right to a share in the profits, but that Molland had the right to producer’s fees & expenses. Yet lawyers said that after the legal costs there would be nothing left.

Badon – Mid-Wales based, feat; Huw Morgan, Rowena Lloyd & Nick Fenwick. Hope to release their first album this year & will probably remain a studio based band as ‘previous life on the road is more fun when you look back on it,
especially for our bank managers & probably our Doctors too.’ Previous bands incl The Reposessed, Defaid,
Datsun, Tystion & MC Mabon

Bad Sam – Newport punk band (formed 2008) (prev called Bad Samaritans), feat; Beddis (voc), Rev (drms) (both ex Cowboy Killers), Jim McDonald (bass), Rich Glover (gtr).  Also feat Jeff Rose (ex Dub War). Rel EP ‘The Shithouse Sessions’ (under prev name). Albums, ‘Newport Hotel’ (2010), ‘Working Class Holocaust’ (2013) and ‘Bring Me The Head Of…’ (2017). Beddis also runs a record shop / label in Newport called Kriminal Records  (website)

Christian Bale – Hollywood actor, born in Haverfordwest who states, ‘I was born in Wales, but I’m English not Welsh.’ The wanker.

Ballgag – 5-pc Cardiff punk-metal band (formed Apr01) feat; Wilbur (voc), Dave (gtr), Ben (gtr), Matt (bass), Tim This line-up together since Feb02, have rec 2-track demo. (website)

Banana Cat – Cardiff dance act of 90s, Steph McNicholas (voc) (ex Rachel’s Ravenous Offspring, Sound Assassins, later Cheatin’ Hearts, Sweet Young Things, The Emeralds). Rel 12″ single Dreamweaver (1992) (listen)

Bandana – country-rock band from Barry (1973-75), feat; Pete Donovan (voc,gtr), Rob Prince (gtr), Mark Forte (bass) (of the famous Forte family). Played twice a week all over South Wales and S.West and turned down (for some reason) a deal with Great Western. Rob says, ‘We did miners’ socials up the Valleys, where it was never a night unless some poor sod got the shit kicked out of him. We did one gig out at Fishguard, arriving some time after midnight, well pissed. Shoved the gear on stage and started blasting away, and after one number all hell broke loose between the townies and the country lads, who obviously didn’t get on. Things were so bad the gig was abandoned, but we got our money anyway, plus five star treatment from the promoter who’d booked us into a nearby motel and plied us with (more) alcohol until we were falling off our bar stools.’ They split early’75 and Rob moved to Israel and reformed without him for a year in 1976.

Bang! – S4C Digital TV show feat; Huw Stephens & Baz (both of Boobytrap Recs), launched Sep03

Barfly – Cardiff venue managed by Jon Wing (see Xplosure) opened Apr01. Promoters are Mark Walker and Gethin Jones (website)

Bargoed Mine-Off Gang – Bargoed band (1980s), feat; Gerwyn Williams (see also Discarnate Entity, Rico Oxide)

Barker – band (pre-1987), feat; Jon Davies (gtr) (later Soundstorm)

Baswn mi Faswn – band from Aberystwyth Uni (1999) that became Supa Myff.

Battery Powered Boogie Bouncers – Blackwood punk-funk band (formed 1998), feat; Jonsey (voc), Swifty (gtr), Scruff (bass), Laura (drms). (website)

Beaker – Neath pop-punk band, feat; Stef (voc), Tony (drms) (now Corrupt Silence), Dave (bass), Joe (gtr). Gigged a lot in Swansea and Neath, built up a goopd fan base in Wales and rel 10 track cd called “Stoopid Punk Rawk!!!” (rec May03)

Bean(o) – Swansea band formed1998, feat; Steve (voc,gtr), Hywel (drms), AJ (gtr) and Damian (bass). More info req’d

Beatroots – Alan Bound writes, ‘I think they came from Newport/Bristol, but played Cardiff a lot, especially the cellar at the Great Western. They released a single (Oct82) – still have a signed copy somewhere. I’ve got a knackered live tape which their manager sent me when I moved up to Manchester in late 82. Pretty sure one of the band was in Black Slate or some similar Bristol based band. Used to see the sax player busking round Queen Street back in the day at weekends. Lead singer was Prince Harry? I’ll try and dig out the stuff I’ve got and fill in some more gaps. They were truly good.’

Beats FM – Cardiff radio station, began broadcasting locally in Jul03 on 107.2FM & online.

Beaver – punk band from Carmarthen, feat; Spidge (ex Fire Down Below) & Keef Richards lookalike Dave Dearnley (ex Screw). Played Carmarthen Civic Hall (15.12.77). Had track on the Cardiff comp ‘Is The War Over’ Z-Block Recs. Two tracks ‘Mack The Knife’ & ‘Kleptomania’. Orig called Eager Beaver. More info req’d.

Bedford Falls – Cardiff punk band (2004), feat; Tom Willecombe (voc), James Reed (bass), Jim Williams (drms), Pete Leakey (gtr). Have track Call Me Old Fashioned, but…. More info req’d

Beefcore – instrumental hip-hop experiment from Newport (c2009) (website)

Beggar – mod revival band from Cardiff (late 70s), relocated to Leyton, feat; Neil Gregory (voc) (later Co-Stars), Jeff John (gtr), Mike Slocombe (drms), Mark Williams (bass). Feat on various Mod compilation LPs.

Belly Up Blues Bandpre-1991 outfit feat, Peter Akinwunmi (voc), Tom Grace (drms) (ex Blind Parade), Dave Pope (bass), Dave Powell (gtr), Andy Chapman (gtr). Grace, Pope and Powell went onto form the Belly Up Blues Band

Benn – Cardiff band feat; Benn Willis (voc,gtr), Glen Thompson (perc), Alun Tomos (gtr), Big Tom (bass), Small Avvon (drms). (website)

Bennett, Johnny – Popular South Wales singer of the 50’s and 60’s . Friends with Tom Jones and with a voice just as good only one of them could have made it…..Tom Jones won. Johhny Bennet and the Spades became highly successful on the Welsh club circuit. The band featured guitar legend Colin Mackey on the Strat, Victor Winnan on Sax and John Jenkins (Tom Jones Band) on piano. The band played regularly in Maerdy Hall mid 80’s

Bennetts, The – Swansea covers band (2003), (and a pretty good one), feat. Guy Wendons (gtr). Other members of a fairly fluid lineup incl; Chris Woodman and Dave Smith (both of TigerDragon). Rumoured to be demised.

Bert & Ernie’s Windowbox – South Wales based punk/rock/britpop cover band, formed Mar01. Feat; Dai Williams (ex Liberator, Détente) (voc), Adrian Boyce (gtr), Jon Simpson (ex Liberator, The Abs & Kick-Up) (bass), & Rob Davies (drms)., presently gigging around Newport area.

Best – orig name for Mclusky, formed when Matt Harding (drms), Andy Falkous (gtr,voc) met “dressed as miners” in Blackwood Miners Institute 1996. With Geraint ‘Bev’ Bevan (bass), played debut gig Jan’97 at Newport Riverside. Jon Chapple replaced Bev at the end of 1997 & changed name to Mclusky.

Best Men – name under which Nemesis reformed for a one-off gig at the wedding of a fan.

Betty Blue – Blackwood band formed 1986 feat; James Dean Bradfield, Nicky ‘Wire’ Jones, Sean Moore and Flicker (gtr) In 1988, Flicker left and Nicky’s friend Richey (prev the group’s driver) joined & they became the Manic Street Preachers. More info req’d.

Beyond Afterlife – Swansea metal band (formed early 90s). More info req’d

Bigelow Swansea band, tagged as “alt-country”, although that doesn’t really do them justice. Line-up (2002) was Paul Battenbough (gtr,voc) (a.k.a. Paul Batts, ex Sparrow Lane, now Kings of Despair), Huw Rees (d, concurrently in Rag Foundation, & now Jake Lsonga), Steve McElroy (b/v), Nick Bunn (banjo/g/v) and David (Dai) Godwin (g/v) (now The Caves, Kings of Despair). Split 2003. Left behind one CD Hissy (self-rel 2002). Paul Batts occasionally performs as a duo with Dai Godwin

Freda Biggs – songwriter from Treherbert. Died Dec06

Big Noise – Cardiff based record label, home of Derrero, Pink Assassin, Patrick Jones, Stiff Kittens. More info req’d.

Big Shiny Cave – Bridgend band (2003). More info req’d.

Billy Clin – Cardiff punk band (1987-90), feat; Guto (bass), Aled (gtr), Paul (voc), Geraint (drms). Described themselves as ‘Ramones, Stranglers and a copy of Viz squashed into a ball of explosive thrash or thereabouts.’ Debut gig at Clwb Ifor Bach (Nov87) playing a breakneck speed set in 18min. Went onto play up to 50 shows in the 1st 2 years and released a split cassette with Cofion Ralgex called ‘Marwolaeth Rhyfelwr Ninja.’ Supported Fflaps and Shrug at Cardiff’s Square Club (Apr88)

Billy Shot – Mid-90s guitar band who had several major labels interested when they split over the usual ‘musical differences’. Feat; Matt Senior (voc), Matt Gittoes (gtr), Fraser Fraser (bass) and Mark Evans (drms).

Binary Kids – Newport band (c2009) – more info req’d

Bitchpups –
(pic) band from Monmouthshire (formed Mar03), feat; Rachel Lewis (bass), Gaz Modget (drms), Dan Harris (gtr), Matt Modget (voc,gtr). Prolific gigging band rel EP ‘Twin’ (Sep04). By mid05 Rachel and Dan had departed and the Modget brothers recruited their sister Hannah (bass). To complete the family tree, they’re managed by their father Les. Changed name to Forgotten Sleep (2006) then to Thyrd Eye (2008)

Black Eye Riot – Stoner rock from Swansea. Rel split album with Taint.(website)

Black Fly – Maesteg metal band feat; Mark Donoghue (voc), Peter Smith (gtr), Anthony Pritchard (gtr), Jeremy Thomas (bass), Tom Algar (drms). Orig formed as the trad 2-pc with drum machine with Mark & Pete. Rel; EP ’10 Seconds of Silence’ (Jan04). (website)

The Blackout – crossover rock-core outfit from Merthyr Tydfil (c2005)

Black Sun – Merthyr mobile studio run by Chris (2003). ‘The way we work is to bring the studio to where you want to record, be it the living room a church the local hall or the band’s rehearsal room. We also specialise in live recording which is all multi-tracked and mixed down properly. Our rates are highly competative and we deal with all kinds of music (pop,punk hiphop to experimental). In the early part of next year we hope to have a fully equipped studio in a converted coach.’ (email)

Jon Blake – Cardiff based singer-songwriter, also full-time writer, mainly fiction for teens and juniors; also some adult radio comedy and tv scripts. Latest book is ‘Mystery Guest at the House of Fun’ described by online review site Betty Bookmark as “a tremendously funny and irreverent story”. (website)

Blank C60’s – From Sth Wales, self rel ”2001 a Space’ on cassette. More info req’d.

Blast Off – Cardiff band early 80s feat; David Alderman (later of I Mobster, Soldier Dolls). Only got as far as practise stage & couldn’t find a singer. More info req’d.

Blaue Reiter – post punk/new romantic band (1980-83) from Pontypridd, feat; Bari Goddard (voc) (ex Poison Dwarfo), Steven Ashford (gtr), Andrew Reeves (aka ‘Big Humpy’) (bass), Andrew Wicks (keys), Keith Pittaway (drms). They were effectively the ‘house band’ of the ‘Room 101’ nights held every other Thursday at The Stargazer Suite, The Georgian Club, Pontypridd from spring 1981 onwards. Bari and Reeves hailed from Ynysbwl/Glyncoch, Ashford from the common and Wicks was from the Graig. Before their lineup stablised with Keith Pittaway (ex-cabaret rock band Silverbird, which has also featured BR’s sound-man Phil O’Okeefe), drums were provided by Nick Horton (ex-addiction/Campaign 1) and before that a member of Bari Goddard’s previous band that had formed and played in the Stroud area where Goddard was in college. Blaue Reiter were named after a German expressionist art movement and had a strong local following inspired by the bands’ excellent songs, dramatic live set and striking stage wear/makeup. Rel a 500 copy ltd edition DIY 7” single ‘Where He Stands’/’The Man Who Spoke’ in early 1982 on Orifice Recs, cat no. ROZ1 (after a fan who helped bankroll the recording) and once supported The Revillos in Newport. The band split when Ashford and Goddard moved to Cardiff to form experimental acoustic duo Fragile Tides (later The Satyricon), Reeves and Wicks starting Cha Cha 2000. Goddard later moved to London to form The Knives before working as a backing vocalist for (amongst others) Jimmy Sommerville. Ashford later founded The Swine Things.

Blind Destruction – punk record label (2003) run by Paul in Aberfan. Released bands Restart, In The Shit, Spite, Concrete Sox, (website)

Blind Justice – Merthyr punk band (formed 1988) feat; Gus Payne (voc), Grant Williams (gtr), Gavin Thomas (drms), Andrew Heggie (bass). Had track Love or Fear on Never ‘Erd of Them comp, & Xray Vision on comp LP “Floor 81” (Bosstunage Recs) (website)

Bline River Scare – Newport band (formed 2004) playing ‘original Americana-tinged, fiddle-laced, bitter-sweet songs within a laid-back rock template’. Feat; Tim Manning (gtr,voc), Debbie Hawkins (fidl), Jem Ponsford (drms) and Tim Brooke (bass).

Bloke Called Carlos – Solo project by Carlos Weeks (ex Junk Email, Rita). Rel demo Lone Star (2003).

Blood Brothers – Newport band of late 80s, feat; Richard Parfitt (bass/voc) (later Colours, 60ft Dolls), Jeff R (gtr,voc) signed to Jive Records and supported many name bands. More info req’d.

Blood Orange – Trealaw band (c1991)

Blood Sanction – Caerphilly (?) band (c1994) formed by Gary Appleby (drms) (ex Sidneys, later, 9xDead). Band became Distorshaus

BloomE – band feat; Matt, Elliot (voc,drms) and Byron ‘Pewee’. More info req’d

Blossom Studio – Blaina digital recording studio run by Welsh Young Entrepreneur of the Year (2005) winner, Noel Watson. (website)

Blow Goat – Newport/Cardiff hardcore band (c2012), feat; Paul (voc), Gould (gtr), Ray (gtr), Real (bass), Conway (drms). (bandcamp)

Blue Eyed Shark Experiment – Abergavenny based indie project (c2009) (spotify)

Blue From A Gun – Cardiff based band, formed in Middletown, near Welshpool in 2000. Feat; Tristan Reid (b.1979) (gtr,voc), Adam Taylor (b.1979) (bass,voc) and Paul Morris (b.1980)(drms). Song www.Fun off the demo rec at Famous Studio’s in Cardiff with Tony Etoria in Mar02 and was aired on Adam Walton‘s Radio Wales show. Have played many gigs incl, Roadhouse Manchester, Nottingham Rock City (Paul used ‘Monkey Snot’ to stop him dropping his sticks but it just ripped his skin. He bust a stick and ended up spraying the front row with his blood. Rel 7″ on R-Bennig Recs (03) Soundclash.

Bluefur – band formed 1996, feat; brothers Chris and Mark Maguire, with Jeff George (gtr) and Rick Pratt (drms), app on Electric Chair, had two year break (1998-2000). After 2000 they split (again), Rik joined Newport indie band Disco, who had just reformed, Chris moved to the US and Mark became a councillor in Blackwood, he is now in the studio recording his solo album, as for Jeff, who knows, but Rik did see him in TK Maxx once. Mark rel a solo LP ‘Colour The Canvas’ (2008)

Blues Matters – Bridgend magazine (2004), covering err… blues.

Bois Y Maneg Haearn – prev incarnation of Aberystwyth based Swiss Tony & The Vendors. More info req’d

Bomb And Dagger – band, feat; Debbie Debris (voc,keys), Alison Statton (b.voc) (ex Young Marble Giants, Weekend), Spike Reptile (gtr) (later Table Table), Phil Moxham (perc) (Young Marble Giants), Dale Reynolds (gtr) (later Table Table), Ant Davies (bass, keys), Kirby (drms), Andrew Moxham (perc) (Young Marble Giants), Dean Roderix (drms) Ant moved to London and now lives in Edinburgh and played in many bands, he says, ‘Lots of great memories… I remember playing an unusual gig in a Curry House somewhere near the Docks and seeing a review of our gig in the NME .’ See also Alison Statton & Spike, Table Table

Boobytrap – record label set up by Huw Stephens & Baz. Began life as a singles club label with a monthly release by new bands in 2002, then became a full time label in 2005 when Huw became a Radio1 DJ and Dean joined the ranks. Have The Boyfriends, Attack And Defend, Mclusky, TVOD, Bravecaptain and Ninjah on their roster. Baz announced 17.1.07 that the label had folded (website)

Boogiemen – band feat; Dave Watkins (drms)

Bootleg Betsy – fanzine written & produced independantly in Aberystwyth by Caroline Ryder & Stuart Ekers with contributions from Andy Regan and others. 1st issue (May02) feat interviews with Hot Puppies, Petrol Monkey, Seven
Words, & Pagan Wanderer Lu. Plus humourous & subversive features. Had a print run of over 100 which have all sold out. #2 came out Dec02. Third and final issue came out May03. (email)

Borcyn – Swansea/Cardiff band (1993-97), feat; Rhys Jones (voc), Owen Hopkin (drms) (now Crocketts), Iwan Williams (gtr), Owen Martell (bass), Trystan Bevan (gtr,keys) (now running hurdles on American collegiate athletics circuit with Michigan State Uni), Rhys appearing on Pobol Y Cwm and the others in college. Rel one tape in 1995 (called, not very originally, BORCYN) which all members of band now despise due to some horrific production and dodgy lyrics.

Borderline – early name used by Deniro in mid/late90s

Born of Habit – Swansea band (formed 2001), have supp Reef & The Wildhearts. More info req’d.

Bovine – formed 1998 by Matthew Powell (bass), Station (drums), Hugh Griffiths (gtr), Dave Hanratty (gtr) and Kris Evans (voc), who was soon replaced by Lee Howells (ex Whack Turkey) & within a year Hugh was replaced by Dai Morris (ex Whack Turkey now Ceramic Ant).

Boy – Cardiff band (c1989) feat; Anthony Reynolds (voc,gtr) (ex Alien Circus, True Love, Jack, Misery), Steve Bees (drms) (later of Jack, Misery), Andrew Haines (bass) (ex Alien Circus, True Love, Misery), Glyn Groves (gtr).

The Boy – Swansea band (c2009)

Boys from the Hill “Urban folk” is their tag-line, but that doesn’t really do them justice. Swansea-based trio feat; Andy Jones (gtr,voc), Chris Pitson (bouzouki/cittern), and Martin Leamon (melodeon/bouzouki). Formed c1991, perform own material (written by Andy) as well as more traditional fare, performed in a gutsy style that puts most “punk” bands to shame. Album Boys from the Hill rel on Fflach Tradd label (CD243H), 2002. Also tracks on Rough Guide to Wales and Tradd-Matic albums. (website).

Boy Wonders – Feat on Z-Block Records 12″ compilation EP ‘Rough Cuts’ Z3 in 1980 with the song ‘He Man’

Brandyman – Cardiff noise band (c2010). Feat; DC Gates, Matthew Thomas, Benjamin Woods, Gareth Pierce. Had session aired on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales Show (18.4.10) which Adam said was his favourite of 2010 (website)

Brave Captain – 2002 project by Martin Carr (ex vocalist of Boo Radleys) who relocated to Cardiff. Rel LP ‘Advertisements For Myself’ & feat; Andy Fung (Derrero), Pete Richardson (Topper), Osian Gwynedd (Big Leaves), Richard Jackson (Novocaine – producer extrodinaire), Mary (Derrero). Rec session for Radio 1 Sessions in Wales (Jul04).

Break Super 8 – Swansea band feat; Andy Morse (gtr) (ex Chalk Circle), Marvin Medwell (bass) (ex Chalk Circle, also Kingsway Cowboys), Nick Moore (drms). Orig called Andy Morse Band but changed name Apr04. Andy’s rec solo 4-track CD called Cashing In On Trust (Mar04)

Breathless – rockabilly band from Newport feat guitarist who joined Final Act. More info req’d.

Brechdan Tywod – Cardiff based Welsh language fanzine (2003), Up to #7 so far. £1 c/o 8 Tywysog Leopold St, Cardiff CF24 0HT. More info req’d.

Breichiau Hir – 6-pc indie-punk band from Cardiff (formed 2012) Orig called Just Like Frank. Feat; Steff Dafydd and Rhys Morgan, Took 10 years to release debut album ‘Hir Oes I’r Cof’ (on Libertino) (bandcamp)

Brik Phro – artist (dance-dub) from Newport (c2015)

Brilliant Sins – outfit feat; Kim Andrews (voc) & Darren Edwards (gtr/bass/drms/keys) met in Cardiff in 1985 & both moved to LA independently & met up there to form the band in late 90s.

Bring To Ruin – Newport band (formed 2010 after Rejected split), feat; Paul Payne (gtr) (later Social Experiment, System Of Slaves), Ross (voc), Dave (bass), Jon (drms) (both later Grand Collapse). Debut gig was in France(!). Split 2013,Dave had left and they carried on as a 3-pc but never fully recovered.

Broken Dolls – orig name for Broken Manika

Broken Glass – band feat; Dave Watkins (drms)

Broken Heroes – band feat; Dave Watkins (drms), Wayne Cossins (died 31.01.03)

Broken Hope – punk gig promoters. More info req’d

Broken Leaf –Cardiff base song writer originally known as Teflon Monkey, started of as pure folk but is now more a weird country / psych / postrock hybrid. a member of Nameless and poss. This Bizarre Myth. When playing live is joined by various members of Nameless, Denby (drms), Steff (bass), Stu (gtr keys). Has supported the Super Furry Animals a few times, toured with Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, supported Hefner, supported the Webb Brothers. Appeared on the last Gorky’s album playing guitar and squeezebox, and on the last Brave Captain album, and the boobytrap single. Releases As the Duck Bit Back (Split single with Mountain Men Anonymous),Farming in Space EP (on Placid Casual records), track on the No Apathy compilation (Dockrad records), and some tracks off the EP for the new Placid Casual compilation, “Depressed Celts”. Mini album (feat Denby on drms), recorded in Sylem in feb 2002 due out mid 2003 on Placid casual. Has appeared on Sesiwn Hywr and Session in Wales (website). Rhodri is one of the “bored sixth formers” who started the (dragon music) website.

Broken Manika – (formed 03, formerly Broken Dolls) feat; Nick, Isaac, Niro, Tarro, a Cardiff based four piece (2 girls, 2 boys) who share a passion for making other Welsh acts look professional, well, with their ‘flailing around’ live sets anyway! Quote” No more consumer lemmingry! No more useless politicians! No more stupid bloody ballads!” (website)

Bromas – pop-punk band from Carmarthen. Rel 2 albums on the Rasp label ‘Codi’n Fore’ and ‘Byr Dymor’ (2013)

Brotherjunkierat – Cardiff based experimental-electronica project (website)

BRRDS – husband and wife electro-pop duo, Dave & Kerrie Hughes from rural South Wales, orig in bands, Formula One and Domestic4. Their name comes from an 80’s computer programme designed to simulate and predict birds’ flocking behaviour. Rel debut ‘Lantern EP’ (Nov20) and after a couple of singles the debut LP ‘Lim In Al Sp Ace’ (Nov21). followed by ‘Soon Comes Forever’ LP (03.02.23) (bandcamp)

Y Brwb group active between 1995-98, seemed to have faded away since(?) Feat; Dai Nicholas (voc), Eurof Thomas (gtr), Eirian Hopkins (bass), Nigel Armstrong (drms), Jeremy Thomas (gtr). App on the comp CD/Cass ‘Gwyneb Arau’

Budgie – heavy rock band formed in Cardiff. Feat; John Burke Shelley (b10.04.1947) (bass,voc), Ray Phillips (drms), & Tony Bourge (b.23.11.1948) (gtr,voc). Signed to MCA recs, debut single Crash Course To Brain Surgery. Ray left the band in 1974 after their 3rd LP replaced by Pete Boot, who himself left the band the same year & was replaced by Steve Williams. Tony Bourge left the band after the 7th album ‘Impeckable’ (1978). He then formed the band Tredegar with Ray Phillips. And was temporarily replaced by Rob Kendrick (ex Trapeze), before the role was taken up by John Thomas from the George Hatcher band;  Shelley told “On The Level” rock fanzine in 1981 that Rob had been a bit too flash for Budgie. They spent several years touring America where they became very successful. After this time they returned to Britain & signed on the RCA label. The group disbanded in 1987. John Burke Shelley then formed a new trio called Superclarkes Other LPs incl; In For The Kill, Bandolier & their best, Never Turn Your Back On A Friend which included the band’s 2 best known songs, Breadfan & In The Grip Of The Tyrefitter’s Hand. John Thomas left the band after they reformed and gigged in 2001. His place was taken by Andy Hart and Budgie toured the UK extensively in 2002 and rel  live LP “Life In San Antonio” (Jan03). Later in 2003 Andy was replaced on guitar by Simon Lees. Budgie were back with a highly successful UK Tour in 2005 and released a new studio album called ” You’re All Living In Cuckooland” (Nov05). John’s son, Nathaniel is in the band Transposer

Bugs – band of mid-80s feat on Words of Warning EP, members went on to form Fenella Fielding. More info req’d.

Bulbs – Llantrisant band (1978), feat; Mike Kennedy (bass), Clive ‘Twink’ Trevelyan (voc,gtr), Mark Jones (keys), and Simon Palser (drms). Evolved into Statues of Us

Bullet For My Valentine – Bridgend metalcore band (formed 1998 as Jeff Killed John), feat; Matthew Tuck, Michael Paget, Jason James, Michael Thomas. Orig feat; Nick Crandle

Burning Red – design agency based in Cardiff specialising in design services for print, web & multimedia. Services include: graphic design, web design/hosting/maintenance, interactive cd-roms, dvd-roms, flyer/biz card/poster design & print, audiovisual post production, enhanced cds, video projections, streaming media, promotional media, music for media & viral marketing. (website)

Burnz – Bridgend (?) band, pre-1999, feat; Andrew Marnley & Richard Bevan, both now of Carmen Pariah. More info req’d.

buzzedBuzz – defunct zine of mid-late 70s from Penarth, edited by Rob Priddel and Steve Rees. Covered more ‘safe’ rock than punk (which was the trend for zines in those times), although it did feature an interview with the Sex Pistols, done when they played in Caerphilly in Dec76 (read)

Buzz – Monthly South Wales arts and gig guide published by Emma Clark, with involvement from NME & Soundnation contributor, Noel Gardner. Emma started the zine in 1992 when she was 23

Buzzards – Pembrokeshire alt-country band (2003), feat; Tim Williams (voc,gtr). Dom McDonough (bass,cello), Peter Ball (fiddle,harp), Paul Mallett (voc,gtrs), Nick Purdy (drms). All residents of Pembrokeshire but hail from all over the globe and have musical influences as diverse as their backgrounds. Rel CD Skull Shrubbery (Jan04). (website).

Byd Afiach – (1987-92?) From Cardiff, Bobs (Huw) Pritchard, described as the Billy Bragg of Wales. Releases inc; Fine Figure of a Man, Born Again Bobs, Not Bad for a Baldi, Bobs Narsisys Yum Yum Yum (compilation of previous 3), Sloth.

Nick B Byrne – Valleys based singer, songwriter, rel debut album ‘4:15am’ (on Dragonffli Recs 27.9.10) (website)

Byd Bobs – Label outlet for Byd Afiach

Bystanders – Merthyr Tydfil vocal harmony group of late 60s, feat; Micky Jones & Clive John (both later of Man)

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