South Wales: A

Aber Sound Productions 40 track recording studio in Llanfarian, Aberystwyth. Has been used by Super Furries and Robert Plant. (website)

Abnormal – From Bridgend, existed for a couple of years in the mid-80s. Self-description was ‘a herbert band into football’. Only vinyl app was half of the ‘Skins & Punks Vol.4’ LP on Oi! Recs, though the band did reform in 1998. More info req’d

Abs – Newport punk band with melodic sensibilities, formed 1980 as a laugh & an excuse to get drunk. Orig line-up, The Legendary Johnny Figgs (voc), Baz (Barrie Oldfield, gtr), Murph (Kieran Murphy, bass) & The Rev (John Oldfield, drums). Figgs left c83, & Baz took over the vocals duties. c1984, Bryn Jones (gtr, ex Death Patrol) joined. In 1986, Murph was involved in accident that meant he had to give up playing, & was replaced by Fatty Ashtray (aka Jon Simpson, ex Liberator). Rec, pressed & rel 1,000 copies of 7″ ‘Grease Your Ralph’ EP (’87) on own Shed Recs also 1st Peel Session (superbly produced by Dale Griffin) 1987, very much a band fave (tracks: Grease Your Ralph , Hand Me Down (My Silver Boulder Knives), Fear Is The Key, Same Mistake Twice), repeated as one of John Peel‘s sessions of the year. Continued to tour & signed to Vinyl Solution Recs. Rel 12″ ‘Turbosphinct’ EP (1988). Toured UK extensively, & 4 gigs in Holland with Ipswich-based Perfect Daze. Signed to Link Recs for mini-LP ‘Mental Enema’ Continued to tour UK (& first Euro tour with HDQ), throughout 1988-89. 2nd Peel Session in ‘89 suffered from very poor production, & not well received by John Peel. Fatty left in 1990, replaced by Dingo (Richie Glover, ex Dub War, now The Jones). Rel ‘Nail It Down’ LP (Blasting Youth Recs) 1990. Gigged extensively in Europe through 1990-91. Unofficially split in 1991 after 3rd Euro Tour. The Oldfield brothers went on to form Doctor Bison.

The Abusive – Bargoed punk band (1980s), feat; Caeri ‘Glubber’ Richards and Gerwyn Williams (see also Discarnate Entity, Rico Oxide)

ACAB – Cardiff band (c2006), feat; Smithy (voc). Well knoiwn for their tight funky sound

Acid Test – Haverfordwest rock-punk band (formed May04), feat; Adam Murry (voc,gtr), David Collis (gtr), James Taylor (bass), Aaron Whitfield (drms).

Acid Tongue – Newport industrial-noise band, formed 1995, feat; Craig Sellwood (gtr,keys,voc), Leigh Perryman (gtr). Debut gig at TJ’s (Oct95). (MP3)

Acrimony – Defunct stoner rock band from Swansea. Feat; Dorian Walters (voc), Paul Bidmead (bass), Lee Davies (gtr), Darren Ivey (drms), Stuart O’Hara (gtr). Some members went on to join Black Eye Riot & others The 9ine. (website)

Active, Sprat & Lemon – Based in Newport (formed Apr81), feat; John Edward ‘Spratt’ Gimblett, Trevor David ‘Lemon’ Keyse, and Philip Brooks ‘Active’ Lively, all of whom were multi instrumentalists. Rel the wonderfully titled ‘Corporal Clot Meets Godzilla At A Bus Stop Near Croydon’ as a cassette album on their own ASL Tapes. This was followed in Dec81 by ‘The ASL Christmas Album 1981 (Avant Garde Potato) also on ASL Tapes. (Phil’s biog…)

Acumen – Glais rock band (formed 2002), feat; Robert Jones (voc,gtr), Adam Jones (gtr), Geraint Cronin (bass,voc), Tom Feathers (drms). Play lot of covers, gig in Swansea.

Adam Went Home – ska punk band (website). More info req’d.

Addiction – Pontypridd punk group (formed late 1977), feat; Willy Scream (Ashley Evans) (bass) (later Intruders), Blob (Robert Leader) (gtr), Nicky Rees (drms) (later Intruders), Beva (Andy Bevan) (voc) (ex Nucleuz, later Williams Syndrome) (who replaced orig vocalist Steve Pittman who was on the 1st demo). All were 15-16 yr olds. Had 3 tracks ‘Violence’, ‘Stampede’ and ‘Seek & Search’ feat on the Cardiff comp ‘Is The War Over?’ Z-Block Recs ZA-1, John Peel played them on his show & ‘Violence’ was used on TV prog Somethin Else. Also rel 12 track demo ‘The Tonypandy Tapes 1978’ (now available as a CDr). After a string of successful gigs in the area by mid ’79, Blob had been replaced by Carl Hopkins and Sian Williams (later Williams Syndrome) had replaced Willy. This line up played only 1 gig (at Trelewis Legion Club) before becoming Campaign 1.

Adequate 7 – 7-pc r’n’r punk Cardiff band, formed Nov00 feat; Tom (trmbne) (also of Shootin Goon), Pete (gtr), Jamie (voc) (both ex Spiderplug), Jonny (bass), Ben (drms), Kazz (gtr), Squeak (trmpt). Rel 5-track EP Adequate 7 in Feb01 on Breaking World Recs, having gigged regularly around Cardiff and the Sth Wales area. The EP brought them to the attention of London based indie Household Name Recs, for whom they rel their 1st LP. They have continue to gain exposure most notably touring with Hundred Reasons. (website).

Adrift In The Ether – excellent book by Christopher Williams, exploring the state of the British Undergound psychedelic scene. Features extensive biography on Sons of Selina. Published in 1997 by Borderline, 62 Wells St. Riverside, Cardiff CF1 8DY.

Adwaith – post-punk band, feat; Gwenllian Anthony (Bass), Hollie Singer (voc,gtr), Eva Chelsea Free (voc) and Heledd Owen (drms). Debut single Pwysau (2016 on Libertino), then Haul (2017).

Adzuki – Band from Neath, (formed 2002) feat; Dan (voc,gtr), Matt (bass), Rich (gtr), Dean (drms). Rel debut EP on Mighty Atom (23.8.04) (website)

Aeolian – Swansea band (now defunct), feat; Lee (now of Psychodelic Doomnerve), 2 other members now play in Souldust. More info req’d

Afiach – label / fanzine / collective that Efa Supertramp was involved with when she live in Cardiff (c2013). Released 2 compilation albums (bandcamp)

A Fine Day To Exit – Caerphilly post hardcore band (formed late03), feat; Ashley Crimmins (voc,gtr), Angelo Antonio (gtr), Luke Briffet (bass), Nathan Young (drms) (all born c1987). (website)

A Fish Called Dave – Cardiff (?) punk band (c2007 – may have split by now), feat; Whitey (voc,gtr), Craig (bass), Adam (drms) (website)

A470 – project on Music Box Recs (2002), EP Time Machine. More info req’d.

Afterglow – Swansea indie/rock band, formed 1997 as Caprice feat; twin brothers James (bass,voc) & Joel Morgan (gtr,voc) & Ben Leach (drms), have had other members but reverted to the orig 3-pc. Played many gigs. More info req’d.

Afternoons – band formed Mar99, feat; Sarah (bass,voc), Richard (voc,gtr), Pete (drms), Andy (gtr), Paul (keys) & Andy (strings). Rec’d big response in Spain & rel 1st Welsh lang single via Dockrad Recs (Feb03) & rel LP ‘My Lost City’ (Oct03) on same label

Ail Symudiad – Cardigan punk-new wave band, formed 1980, feat; Richard Jones, (his brother) Wyn Lewis Jones, Gareth Lewis, Robin Davies. Rel 7″ Ad Drefnu on Sain recs in 1980 before setting up their own label Fflach the following year & rel 7″ Garej Paradwys, in 1982 they rel 2 more 7″ Dilyn Y Sebon, Edrych Trwy Camerau & an LP ‘Sefyllar y Sgwar.’ (website)

Airborne – rock band from Swansea (formed May04), play mainly covers, feat; Adam (voc), Adrian (gtr), Paul (gtr), Gareth (bass), Dave (drms). Have played Coopers Arms (website)

Airheart – rock / AOR band based in Chepstow, feat; Tamsin Morris (voc) daughter of Bob Morris who had a recording studio somewhere in South Wales up until at least the late 80s. Gigged a lot around the area and attracted record company interest.

Air Raid –Aberdare classic rock band (formed Oct05), feat; Gary ‘Ragsy’ Ryland (voc), Kevin Bradwick (gtr), Gavin Davies (bass), Gareth Dower (drms). Orig bassist Jon Brooks left May06. Rec 4track demo in Stoke (myspace)

Alation – project (90’s?), feat; Sandra Adams (voc) (ex Theory of Index), have a dance version of Blondie’s Atomic on YouTube.

Albatross – spacey project by Swansea based Owen Street and guest musicians (formed 2002). (website)

Albino Frogs – band (80s/90s), played around Cardiff area, feat; Ian Day. More info req’d

Alcatraz – band (formed 1996) from Cardigan area signed to Crai. Feat; Cate Le Bon. Played Eisteddfod in Llandeilo 1996.

Alcatraz Melon Project – Llandovery folk-grunge band (formed Nov02), feat; Matthew Champion (voc,gtr), Jack Rees (voc,gtr), Peter Racher (voc,bass), John Lovell (voc,drms).

Alien Circus – Cardiff band (formed 1986), feat; Anthony Reynolds (voc,tapes,keys,perc) (later Jack, True Love, Boy, Misery), Leonard Donofrio (gtr,keys,tapes,voc) (later True Love), Andrew Haines (bass) (later True Love, Boy, Misery), Tim Dalton (drms).

Alison Statton & Spike – project by former Weekend members (Alison was prev in Young Marble Giants) & on returning to music she rec 2 albums with UK songwriter Ian Devine, 1989’s ‘The Prince of Wales’ & 1990’s ‘Cardiffians.’ In the mid-90s, she hooked up with her old friend Spike, the 2 of them have rec several albums for Vinyl Japan, incl 1994’s ‘Weekend in Wales’ EP & ‘Tidal Blues’, 1995’s ‘Maple Snow’ (rec live in Japan), & 1998’s ‘The Shady Tree.’

Alison’s Opp – Cardiff metal band. More info req’d

A-List – Gwent band (formed 2003), (website). More info req’d

Alkatraz – Neath prog band of mid70s, feat; Will Youatt (gtr,voc) (ex Quicksand, Neutrons, Man), James Davies (gtr,voc) (ex Quicksand), Jeff Singer (bass), Stuart Halliday (drms). Rel LP ‘Doing A Moonlight’ (UA 1976).

All Else Failed – Gwent band (formed Feb04). More info req’d (website)

All Else Fails – band (c2003 -now defunct) feat members of All Else Failed

All Teeth And Make Up – Pontypridd band (c1984), feat; Jackie Searle (voc), Llan (gtr), Haydn Forizh (bass) plus some others.

All The Damn Vampires – Merthyr punk band (formed 2008), feat; Gavin Jessop (voc,gtr), Chris Davies (drms) and Matthew Riste (bass) (website)

Along Came Man – Brecon melodic-retro-rock-punk band (formed 13.08.02), feat; Androo Gwyn (voc,gtr), Chris ‘Slim’ Morgan (bass), Chris Jones (drms,keys). Rel 2-track demo Dream What you Think. (website)

AlphaBeater Series of multi-band live events staged in Swansea from Summer03, the brainchild of Russell, Toby and Mallika of Honey Rider, in their alter-ego guise of Silverback Promotions. Intended to bridge the gap between pub gigs and the main live gig circuit, each AlphaBeater features 4 or 5 bands loosely grouped by genre. 1st event staged at Subterranea, 2.8.03, feat. Elevator (last gig before split), TigerDragon, Dim Cyril, The Bennetts and (ahem) Honey Rider. Poor acoustics prompted change of venue to Railmen’s Club for 18 Sept event (a so-called “Indie night”), feat. The 9ine, Fillmore, The Caves and Jennifer’s Parents. 3rd event, planned for 30 Oct, cancelled, but soon after Mallika joined Tunetown (co-sponsors of the event from day one) and the event was relauched with an “Alternative” night on 18.01.04 at Bar 5, feat. Kingsway Cowboy, Kardomah, Euphonium and TigerDragon. The peripatetic feast continued with an “Acoustics with Attitude” night at the revamped Monkey Cafe on 8 April, feat. Boys from the Hill, Idle Rogues and Jake Lsonga. (website)

Alphane Moon Lampeter based experiment feat; Dafydd Roberts and partner Ruth. The name comes from the Philip K Dick novel ‘Clans Of Alphane Moon’ Their first release under this guise “The Echoing Grove” (pic) was recorded during 1994 at Ciliau Aeron, Erwlon and Dolaugwyddion-uchaf in Wales, and was originally rel in 1996 on various tape labels in a total quantity not amounting to more than 100! (Don’t you just love deliberate obscurity?) Plans to release the tape as a CD foundered at the time, although an EP ”Colourful Clouds for Acoustics’ comprising several tracks from it was put out in 1996 by US label Spiffing Recs (Re-rel by Australian label Camera Obscura 2001). In addition they rel the ‘Circle Of Four’ EP on Welsh label Oggum in Oct98, orig rel (1997) 3 track single (7″) Circle Of Four on their own Spiffing label with a fold over sleeve & hand No’d 400 copies only. See also Our Glassie Azoth

Alphane Moon fanzine Produced by the band of the same name but not as a tribute to themselves. 46 pages of indepth interviews & reviews, that ran for maybe 2 issues.

Alpha Rise – Short-lived (2001-3) Swansea band feat. Dan Linn (gtr,voc), Paul Sayer (gtr), Rose Pearl (vln), Aled Warwick (bass) and Jon (drms). Orig. known as Linear Bug (probably better not to ask, but see Noiseville fanzine #2 if you’re really interested); rel. self-titled CD 2002. Split early 2003; bassist Aled later emigrated to Canada, whilst Dan, Paul and Jon regrouped as Euphonium

Alternative Ending – progressive-metal-emo band, formed 2005; feat; Baron Paul Von Marshall (voc,keys), Lord Steven Williams (gtr), Viscount David Rees (gtr), Darren ‘Shitbreak’ Gilbert (bass), Count Ryan Thomas (drms). Rel debut EP ‘The Directors Cut’ (2006), LP ‘Live From Arkham’ (2008) (website)

Alternative Swansea – now defunct website (c2005) set up by Steve Lewis to promote the gigs he put on in the city

Amazing Live Sea Monkeys – orig name for the Vinylstickons, change for potential legal reasons

Amazon – rock band (c1988), changed name to Celtic Pride (1996)

Amen Corner – Cardiff 60s band, feat; Andy Fairweather-Low (voc), Neil Jones (gtr), Dennis Byron (drms), Allan Jones and Mike Smith (both sax), Clive Taylor (bass) and Blue Weaver (keys). Had hit with Gin House Blues (’68), more hits with Bend Me, Shape Me, High In The Sky and (If Paradise Is) Half As Nice. When the Immediate label collapsed in 1969 the group splintered with the brass section forming Judas Jump and the remainder becoming Fairweather. Andy Fairweather-Low later had a patchy solo career and Blue Weaver became a sessionman for a number of acts including The Strawbs and Mott The Hoople

Amentality – Narberth drum’n’bass-jungle project by DJ Josh Stone (formed early03).

Amicable Rebels
Amicable Rebels –
band (formed 01.01.13) feat members from Pembrokeshire, and Auckland, London,  Brooklyn, Oxford – Alastair Campbell, Dom McDonough, John Hazell, Jon Light, Paul Jonassen, Peter Ball, Sarah Young, Simon Jonassen, Paul Mallett. Rel, ‘The Curse Of Rock’n’Roll’ (Jul13). (website)

Amlder – Llandeilo-Ammanford biligual indie-punk band (formed early04), feat; Jay Ramsurrun (voc,gtr), Arwyn Davies (gtr), Adam Gerber (bass), Sam Owen (drms). Rec demo at Steer Multimedia Studios

Amoeba – Merthyr band (2003). More info req’d.

Amp – Based and formed in Wales (Nth/Sth?) around 1995 by Richard Walker (ex Secret Garden) with a French singer Karine Charff, also incl Matt Elliot (now Third Eye Foundation) and Matt Jones (of Crescent – not the L’Pool group). They were producing music a little akin to the Bristol ‘Trip Hop’ style and the Reading ‘shoegazers’ with layer upon layer of distorted guitar etc. Rel 7″ single ‘Get There/Remember’ on the Linda’s Strange Vacation label LSD 01 (Oct96), 2nd single ‘Le Petit Chat’ & LP ‘Sirenes’ on the same label LSD 02. Line up changed at the start of 1997 with the departure of Jones and Elliot. Replaced by Gareth Mitchell and Guy Cooer (Secret Garden). Signed to Kranky. Their sound became harder and certainly louder coming close to the intensity of My Bloody Valentine. Nxt rel was the Dbl LP and CD ‘Astralmonbeamprojections’ KRANK 017. Late ’97 rec in a one day session their next rel; a 87min 4 track CD ‘ Perception’ which is often considered as Amp’s finest work. Shortly after this Gareth Mitchell departed (to Philosophers Stone). The exposure generated by ‘Perception’ resulted in the release of ‘Passe-Present’; basically a round up of rarities and rare tracks. During 1998 a couple of singles were released on a variety of labels (Kranky, Ochre) before an album release ‘Senorette’ in Oct98. Following these years of activity Richard Walker worked alone and began to put out albums as A.M.P Studio – again this was on a variety of labels (Ochre, A.A.R and Fourth Dimension). Amp returned with the Apr01 release of ‘Saint Cecilia Sensemilla’ on Space Age Recordings (Orbit 27CD), this was a comp of a radio session from 1998 and a live recording from 1999. New material finally saw daylight in summer 2002 in the form of ”L’Amour Invisible’ again on Space Age Recordings (Orbit 29CD). However, the group, now just the core of Walker and Charff seem to be going through a 2nd period of inactivity.

Amphetamine Blue – Cardiff band feat; Mike (gtr), Mark (voc), Chisla (drms) and Dean (bass). Played their 1st gig in Bogiez, Cardiff. More info req’d

Ampthetex – website community run by Steven Price (b.21.2.69) from Fochriw, feat; Music, Samples, Soundfonts, MP3’s, Audio Engineering Information, Course Information, Chat, Forums, Links & Much More. (website)

A New Day – punk band from Glamorgan (formed 2002), feat; Calum Fox, Martyn (drms), Dan Schmit, Dan Hartley. (website)

Andrews, Steve – much acclaimed singer/songwriter & member of Taffia. Played Glastonbury 3 times & the title track from his album has been used in the Channel 5 series ‘Family Affairs’. Performed for several TV progs incl; The Slate on BBC Wales. His music has had airplay on many radio stations at home & abroad including Radio1, Radio Wales, Red Dragon FM & Radio Marabu. Steve’s fans from the Welsh scene incl Gruff Rhys of The Super Furry Animals & Derrero. Besides being a musician the multi-talented Steve Andrews is an author of a book on shamanic herbs, a published poet & freelance writer who has written for Big Issue Cymru. He has recently worked as presenter for 2 series of In Full View on BBC Choice. He is also an ordained Bard & Druid. Steve is written about in Fortean TV presenter Lionel Fanthorpe’s book The World’s Most Mysterious People, also ventures out as The Bard of Ely.

Andy Morse – Swansea band, feat; Andy Morse (no kiddin’) (ex Chalk Circle), now called Break Super 8

Andy Pandemonium – Llanelli band formed Aug79, feat; Roger Forsythe (voc,sax), Paul Nicholas (keys), Sioni Davies (gtr), Gareth Phillips (bass) and Pete Mason (drms). 1st gig in Swansea Coach House (Sep79). Played regularly on the S Wales club/pub/college circuit between 1979-83, venturing occasionally over the Bridge. Made 2nd place in Welsh Rock/Pop Contest at Cardiff Top Rank in 1980, won the Welsh heat of the National Battle of the Bands in Autumn ’81, the final being televised on BBC-1 from the Dominion Theatre. They didnt win. Regular “home” gigs included The Dublin Arms, Swansea and The Commercial, Newport. Rel singles – “I’m Just a Dummy For Your Love/Living in Flats” (Aug80) and “Controlling Factor/Lamb Kebab” (Aug81) on own Dummy Recs. Also rel “Lamb Kebab/Choose a Brite Color” (Original Recs Mar83), plus track “Battle of the Bands” comp “She’s My Digital Alarm Clock” (early82).

Andy’s Records – Aberystwyth record store opened 1985 by Andy Davis on Northgate St, covering all genres and still going strong. (website)

Angelpig – Swansea punk band (formed 2003), feat; Grant (voc,bass) (also in Sabbath Bloody Sabbath), Nathan (gtr), Rob (drms) (also in Sabbath Bloody Sabbath)

Angels of Death – hard new wave band from Carmarthen (c1980), feat; Steve Hillage (gtr,voc) (ex Gong, John Craven), Carl Whittington (keys) (later Moisture Farmers), Petra Corren (voc,bass) (ex Dirywio), Dewi Newbold (drms) (ex Dirywio). They assumed Newsround pseudonyms, John Craven, Keith Chegwin, Maggie Philbin, Noel Edmunds. This line-up also acted as the backing band for John Craven on the LP ‘Death of The Craven Angel’ (1981). Hillage quit after this LP and replaced by Warren Smith (ex Seed) for gigs and then as a full time member in ’82. Carl and Dewi were replaced in 1984 by Adrian Mooney (keys) (ex Seed) and Chris Holland (drms) (ex Seed, Gorwel Edwards, Cathy Carrow). Rel singles, Miasma (Mar87) and Helena’s Dead (Sep87), then LP ‘We Eat Pandas’, then 3 singles Wet Pandas (Mar89), Castrating Alley (Apr90), Will You Still Love Me When You’re Dead (Oct90), then a 2nd LP ‘Ten DJs We Want Dead’. Changed name to Cyfeb in 1992.

Adrian Angove – long serving Penarth musician, played in Spike, Ingroville, Stone Idol. (biog)

Animation – punk band (pre-81) feat; Andrew ‘Fester’ Mae (voc), David ‘DKA’ Alderman (gtr) (ex Blast Off, later of Slow Jam, I Mobster), David ‘Evvo’ Evans (drms). (bassist?). These members formed the Soldier Dolls.

Anymore – Rhondda band (formed Feb03), feat; Lucy Hodges (voc), Gerwyn Davies (gtr), Alex Bell (bass), Owen Lewis (drms). Rec 5-track demo ‘Tenemine’.

Applecore – early name for Liberty 37, preceded by Travis Inc

Applefish – project by Nicola Davies from Bristol of Cardiff band Physicists (c2007) (website)

Area 52 – band formed 1999 with brothers Rhys (gtr) and Owen (drms) with Johnny (bass) Dai Jones (voc), Keri Bracegirdle (keys). Orig intended to be a covers band but wrote own material. Split when Dai formed Opium.

Arcade Youth – Newport indie-electronica project (c2008), by David Jamma James (website)

ARGRPH – Aberystwyth project by Emyr Sion Taylor (c2016). Rel single Tywod (Oct16 on Libertino)

Armies of You – Cardiff indie band (formed late06), feat; J Elliott (voc,gtr) (ex Kennedy Sunday), Electric Dan (gtr), Buzz (bass), Mr Strong (drms). Orig line-up feat other members of Kennedy Sunday but J left to travel the world in Aug07 for 6 months, recruiting new members on his return. (website)

Armistice – Port Talbot punk band (early 80s), feat; Slag (voc) who joined Ethix and the band split summer 83. Rehearsed in Taibach Youth Club.

Arms Like Legs – stoner-psyche band from Aberystwyth, feat; Stephanie Finegan (voc), Sebastian Clarke, Matthew Williams, Jeb Kerfuffle. Debut gig 22.06.13, noted for their ‘full-on’ live performances. (soundcloud)

Armstrong – Newport indie-punk band, feat; Julian Pitt (gtr), David (bass) and John (gtr). Neal ‘Grifter’ Griffiths (gtr) (ex Chang, Guinea Worm) was in the line up very early on. Voted in NME’s Top Ten Unsigned Bands (’98), airplay from John Peel and Steve Lamacq. Rel 2 singles on Size 8 Recs, You Deserve To Succeed (split single with Mumbo Jet) and Dwell. Julian says, ‘I was the singer/songwriter in the band, we had a lot of attention from record labels at the time, including a call from America from Minty Fresh Records but unfortunately nothing came from it. Money became the reason why we eventually split up – we were all broke!’

Armpit Juices – Hard to believe that anyone would give themselves a moniker like this but.. Rel 2 cassette EP’s ‘The Hosepipe Method’ and ‘Now I’m A Megastar Don’t You Want My Autograph?’ Both on Baby Is Dead Recs

Around Sounds – recording studio near Brecon (website)

Artcore – punk fanzine edited by Welly of Cardiff (vocalist with Four Letter Word), began in late 80s & still going (on about issue 25 now). Rel comp tape ‘Five Bands Who Don’t Change Their Clothes. Issue 5 was a split zine with Euthanasia of Boston USA. (website)

Arteries – Swansea punk band, rel split single with Global Parasite (on Complete Control). EP ‘Restless’ (on Specialist Subject 18.03.13)

Ashaman – Swansea psychedelic dub reggae rock band (early 90s), feat; Steve Griffiths (ex Right Homourables, later Green Inspiration Band), Tim Atkinson (bass) (ex Attitude Problem, later Green Inspiration Band). More info req’d

Ashes of Harry Monk – Rhydfelin and Blaenllechau band (c2000), feat; Vic Doyle (later Gallowbirds), Mike ‘Toshack’ John (bass) (who died in a Cardiff restaurant. More info req’d

Ashokan – band from Canton, initially began as a rap artist, before mutating into a hip-hop-punk-funk genre of its own, feat; Junior (voc), Cretin Davies (bass), Little Marc. Rel LP ‘Diolch am Ddal y Gannwyll’ (Dockrad 2004). (website)

Assembly Line – punk distro run by Dave Hopkin of Fracture fanzine (see also Mad Monks) (website)

Aston Buti & Malew Association – Programmer/Musician/DJ team based in the underground of Llanelli (2004). Have been played on Radio 1 Sessions in Wales & Adam Walton show. (website)

Astroid Boys – rap-metal outfit from Cardiff (c2015), feat; Traxx (voc), Benji (voc), DJ Comfort (DJ), Dellux (voc), Big H (drums)  (bandcamp)

Atlas – band from Brecon feat; Gareth Irwin (voc,gtr), Ben Chaffey (drms) and Alun Irwin (bass). Gareth was orig on bass with Tom (voc) before they sacked him. Rel CD Expectations & signed to Black Dog recs & rel mini LP ‘Threesome’ (Oct00). Rel ‘Lwminations 4th blynd’ (Jul01). More info req’d

Atomck – Newport grindcore-thrash band (c2010), feat; Linus (voc,prog), Luke (gtr,prog) (website)

Atomic Filth – (c1980) orig name for Cardiff punks Icons of Filth. Members had prev been in Mock Death

A Tragedy in Progress – Powys screamo band (formed late03), feat; Kieran Piction (voc – b.16.3.85), Callum & Andrew Graham (bass – b.12.5.89) (all ex Pull To Open) & Johnny Bowen (gtr – b.21.10.89). Rec EP ‘These Tears Are Not Meant For You’. (website)

Attack And Defend – Cardiff band (c2005), rel ‘The Owl’ EP (Boobytrap Nov05). Pull big crowds in the city. More info req’d

Attic Recs – House & down tempo label run by Justin Sinclair of Hay-on-Wye (website)

Attitude Problem – Swansea band (late 80s), feat; Andy Hunt (gtr,voc) (ex Electric Druids, later Green Inspiration Band), Tim Atkinson (later Ashaman, Green Inspiration Band). More info req’d

Attuatori – alternative-rock band from Aberystwyth (c2006). May have since split

Aubrey Straw – Port Talbot band, feat; Andy (gtr), Eliott (drms), Phil (voc), Sean (gtr) and Owen (bass).. Have played Glastonbury & supp The Bluetones on a UK tour leading to TV app & airplay on Radio 1 Evening Session. More info req’d

August – band formed as Cusky (Feb98), changed name to August (Oct00). Feat; Phil Carter, Simon Gough, Gareth Blunt and Jason Huet. Rel 1st LP ‘2’ on their own label, followed by ‘Sorrow’ (Jan00). More info req’d.

Aunt Fortescue’s Blues Rockers – Brought acoustic idiocy to clubs, pubs and some festivals 70s/80s. Grew out of some informal jams in a suburban house in Swansea and orig feat; Graham Larkbey (voc,gtr,hrmnca) (later Dyfatty Flats, Sleever), Roger French (gtr), Big George Naharnovich (fiddle) and John Simms (drms). Roger left after a few shows and after Magnus Pottinger depped on one gig in came Dave Douglas (later Sleever). Big George the had a crack up and left and Graham, Dave and John continued as something of an acoustic power trio. Frustrated by problems of making himself heard Dave left for a while and the next line-up was Graham, John and two multi-instrumentalists in Jack Evans and Jon Partridge. This line up cut a self financed single “Not Getting Caught Again”/”Cannards Grave” (Vole Recs).  After some doubts over playing self-pressings John Peel duly aired both sides and “Not Getting” made the Peel Festive 50. Sadly by that point Jon had been killed in an unexplained road smash outside Neath and Dave Douglas had rejoined. Jack then decided to head back to Scotland and made a career as part of Open Road and Jock Tamson’s Bairns amongst others. In 1981 Graham and John in Taunton played as a duo at Pontardawe Folk Festival with Simon Brown (voc), who without ever formally joining was there to the end and Dave Illingworth (gtr,voc) was added. Finally split in 1986 acquiring along the way a following for high energy tear-ups and a choice of material that was eclectic going on bizarre. Rel 2 tapes “Live at East Lyng” and “Live at Pontardawe” which captured something of the bar band ethos. Today Dave is still musically active both solo and with the Tony Goldsmith whilst Graham fronts East London band The Escape Committee. Simon and John just listen these days.

The Automatic – Cowbridge band, feat; Robin Hawkins (voc,bass), Iwan Griffith (drms), James Frost (gtr), Alex Pennie (keys) (all born 1986-87). Orig called White Rabbit (changed name Feb05). Signed to B-Unique Recs (Jul05). Had a meteoric rise on the back of their hit single Monster and LP ‘Not Accepted Anywhere’. Managed by Probation.

Autonomes – Swansea punk band (1978-82), feat; Steve Hanney (voc), Neil McDonald (voc), Greg Evans (bass), Richard Strawbridge (gtr), Andrew Griffiths (drms), Stephen Harris (bass). The Swansea punk website says, ‘Everyone was going to the second Olchfa School gig, this time in the drama hall. The Autonomes, Victim of Incest and Pay-Day were all playing ….notorious for Iva getting bleach from the toilets and throwing it over the crowd, before smashing the microphone onto the floor and then bear-hugging a teacher who was asking him to get off the stage.’

Autopilots – Monmouth indie band (formed 2006), feat; Stephen Edmunds (voc), Jordan Brain (bass), Rich Edmunds (gtr), Tom Manning (drms), and Matthew Balquin Jones (gtr) (joined 13.12.08) (website)

Aux – publishers of Brecon, released the 4th issue of the Humour / Terrorist magazine Hoax which again concentrates it’s mirth-inducing malevolence on a reactionary society which still, despite all the lessons taught since the 60s, still needs a good kick up the backside now & again. Also the people behind Datakill fanzine.

Avan Rijs – Carmarthen based experimental project (c2008) by this half Welsh, half Dutch folk singer (b.1992) who got bored of the folk scene so she decided to make people bounce

Axis – 12 page tabloid style South Wales wide fanzine/rock music mag billed as “A young set paper for the under-25s in Wales” published monthly between Jan69 and Mar70. Edited by Peter Phillips, then head booker of the Swansea based agent Verney John Lee (JV Entertainments) and printed by the Llanelli Mercury Newspaper Group it had a cover price of 9d (approx 3 pence in today’s terms). Between copy sales and advertising revenue the mag was really a free vehicle for the agency to advertise upcoming gigs by their own artistes…Universe, Plum Crazy, Angelique, Stone Idol, Quicksand, Liquid Umbrella, Harverson Apricot, Silence, Apple, May Fisher, Fawn Grass (who were all heavily featured in each edition) but covered this subterfuge by incl reviews and interviews with any major national acts appearing at Welsh venues. The paper folded when editor Peter Phillips moved to London, becoming principal booker for the Bay City Rollers, before returning to Llanelli 2yrs later to found the Centa Artists entertainments agency. Glancing through the gig ads one is struck by the venue entry prices……Boys 10s (50 pence) Girls 6s (30 pence)….those were the days….very non-PC….in the clothing line, a bra would set the young set Miss back 13s (65 pence) and the lads could buy a tailored hand-made bespoke three piece suit for just £13

Axlanbay – 4 piece ‘traditional’ rock group based in the Swansea/Llanelli area. Formed Jun02, Line-up (2003): Gareth Edwards (voc), Joe O’Hare (bass); Rory O’Hare (drms), Luke Morgan (gtr), and have so far rel CD single ‘Rough / From A Long Way / Expectation’ which was accompanied by a 4pg booklet. Influences cited inc. Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Faith No More. (website)

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