Break The Chains Festival @ Temple of Boom, Leeds

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Well, why not try to squeeze another batch of bands in before the end of the summer?  This new festival had dropped like a bomb when announced earlier in the year, to the extent that I took time out of Desertfest London in May to sit on a kerb outside a pub with a pint and await the allotted ticket sale time, grabbing a couple before it sold out in minutes, then returning to the fray.  With a big smile at the prospect of a phenomenal line-up of legendary grind, hardcore, and extreme metal, the underground organisers in Leeds really have the contacts and the cahones to put together something special.

VENUE – The Dudley Arms, Rhyl

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The Cob & Pen is a popular pub in Rhyl, ‘a local’s pub’ – it was previously however a renowned hardcore punk venue called The Dudley.
The Dudley Arms in Rhyl has a long history and was built by the Great Western Railway Company in the early-mid 1800’s. It was also hosting live music as early as 1898; the Rhyl Record and Advertiser described a Smoking Concert held at The Dudley in December by members of the Rhyl United Football Club, when a very enjoyable evening was spent.  Smoking concerts were very popular during the Victorian era, at these functions men (only) would smoke and speak of politics whilst listening to live music.

GIG REVIEW – Black Angels, Ron Gallo @ The Ritz, Manchester

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Second Tuesday night gig on the trot… It might be a trend… although highly contrasting in both venue and style…
The Ritz is an impressive venue, as teenagers we used ‘jump’ the train from Colwyn Bay on a Monday evening, get off at Oxford Road Station and drink, cavort and pogo the night away here. They were monthly punk-alternative discos that always ended with the Dambusters theme and we’d form a huge circle-pit of aeroplanes.

Neil Crud On TudnoFM – Show #121

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Mwstard are ace – they hail from somewhere near the depths of Aberystwyth. They play Braveheart tribal music laced with tension filled beats. Their debut album Cloc has been a welcome addition to my music collection and has featured heavily on the show, so to finally nail them down for a session was an honour.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 121
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GIG REVIEW – Rabo De Toro, Crapsons @ The Albert, Caernarfon

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As the song goes… Oh what a night…
Caernarfon is like the film I Am Legend, nothing happens during daylight hours, but once the sun goes down, all the zombies emerge, hungry for flesh (or in this case alcohol and powders)…