GIG REVIEW – Attila The Stockbroker’s Barnstormer @ Saith Seren, Wrexham

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 [review by mark williams]

A sparse but enthusiastic crowd of either the curious or the converted gathered at the rather wonderful real ale community Welsh centre Saith Seren in the heart of Wrexham.
Since 1980 Attila The Stockbroker has banged out poetry to those who don’t read poetry and along with tireless activism has completed 1000s of gigs all over the world.  

GIG REVIEW – Rebecca Riots, Perfect Escape, Glove @ The North Rhyl

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I love Glove and so should you… Promoter Steve Rastin felt compelled to get up on stage after their set to compare them to The Slits. And yeah he ain’t wrong, for this two piece from North Wales / Manchester possess that off-beat, very-skewed quality that is of The Slits legend.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 100 – with Kela Topan in Session

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North Wales band Kela Topan are just about to release their debut single Gun Boys ahead of their forthcoming epic EP. Frontman Dave Morait doesn’t let grass grow under his feet as he also throttles out for We Are Animal, Hippies vs Ghosts and Mechanical Owl. So it was great to pin him down to play a live, raw and stripped down session in the TudnoFM studio.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 100
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ALBUM REVIEW: Hopewell Ink – The Cure For Silence

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[review by nigel stone]

Whether one can honestly refer to all ten tracks on Hopewell Inks’ debut album as songs is debatable. Rather, “The Cure for Silence” is a collection of pieces created by blending the spoken words of Kathy Hopewell with the music and sounds of her partner, David Hopewell.

Discharge, Doom (+more) @ Temple of Boom, Leeds

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I shuffled off the mortally wounded liver coil of Hammerfest about midday on the Saturday, having certainly had my fill on the proceeding day.  Returned to Conwy then my ambulance driver arrived to take me off to my next appointment with the doctors of distortion.  Over the Pennines gave me some proper Icelandic flashbacks as the snows set in again, I was feeling more husky than enjoying the hair of the dog, but soon enough we were at our destination and ready to get fired up again.