Neil Crud On TudnoFM – Show #125

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Liverpool’s Dataslaves have just released an ace new single Apathy Reigns – you can hear a live version of it along with three other equally impressive songs in session on tonight’s show… Band members Dave, Martin and Roy kindly made the trek from Llanrwst and Liverpool to deliver a great performance.
Check out their website…

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 125
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GIG REVIEW – Palm, Friendship, Kurokuma @ Rebellion, Manchester

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(pics by ad gosling and lorraine peaker, thanks)

Sunday night is Japanese hardcore night, right?  Trekking from Chiba and Osaka in spite of all manner of natural disasters hindering them it was no relative effort to get up from North Wales to check this feast of fury.  And Kurokuma would have had to negotiate the Snake Pass from Sheffield, never easy.   I’d seen them before, and Palm amid the insanity of Obscene Extreme, but the main draw was definitely Friendship who’s recent “Hatred” album really grabbed the attention like having your ears boxed with its brutal tones.  Even for little old desensitized-through-overexposure me.

GIG REVIEW – Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies @ Invisible Wind Factory, Liverpool

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[review by Rich Phillips]
[Neil Crud] Super, smashing, great – what a fantastic gig… Euphorically I stated ‘Gig of the year so far…’ and in the stark cold reality of the next morning, I’ll stand by that statement…
It’s a big thing to put on your own birthday party and hope people will turn up and pay to get in – we came in our droves… For tonight is a celebration, the tenth anniversary of Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies – a get together with all the previous members of this excellent off the wall not-quite-punk-but-not-post-punk-either band.
I’ll hand over the biro to Rich Phillips…

GIG REVIEW – Meilir @ Pie Records, Rhos-On-Sea

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It’s as much about the venue as it is the performers who appear here. The quirkiness of decor, the proprietor and the performer… It all adds up to a fine unconventional evening.

NEW VIDEO – Vega Bodegas – A Complete History Of Witchcraft

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Vega Bodegas are Jimmy, Jamie, Marc and Nathan. They come from South Wales…
Released on the Libertino Ghost Disco Singles Club (on August 31st 2018), A Complete History of Witchcraft was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Charlie Francis, in Music Box Studios Cardiff.