Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 78 – with Joe Hovis in Session

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Joe Hovis sprang onto the punk scene as part of The Dudley Arms contingent, both appearing live and watching live bands at the venue during it’s heyday. He did acoustic sets as well as playing with band Bankshot. Later he formed Braxton Hicks and released two EPs and played several gig in the band’s twelve month existence.
He also hosts the sporadic podcast ‘The Punk Rock Gospel.’
Having moved from Old Colwyn to Rochdale, it’s been hard to pin Joe down for a much wanted session, but we finally managed to get four songs recorded in the toilets at The Comrades Club in Conwy last Saturday soon after Joe’s live set there. What a great session.
Download his Demo EP here, and listen to his session and Neil Crud’s entire two hour show below.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 78
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GIG REVIEW – Rabo De Toro + Red Or Dead @ The North, Rhyl

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A thoroughly enjoyable Thursday night in Rhyl?  Yes, that is a sentence you can read and believe.  I’m all for taking the gentle piss of the Scouse Riviera, the Slum Centre, Beirut-on-Sea, but the fact is I’ve been to gigs here for decades and through the work of Mr Rastin et al, the bog standard venues have kept a door open and a light on for whatever bands might by fermenting locally or visiting from further afield.  And currently I’m really excited about the wealth of North Welsh music that has the opportunity to stir things up locally, a veritable purple patch of land.

GIG REVIEW – Boycott The Baptist, Indoctrinate, Emissaries Of Syn @ The North, Rhyl

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Boycott The Baptist
are the only band I’d ever sign a Grindcore pre-nup with and the only band who could assume my beverage and get away with it… The reason being, they are simply wonderful. They are out there on their own in terms of nonsensical material that makes perfect sense, delivered in brutal fashion. On a UK tour with Indoctrinate, they are a two-man mission to put you in a position of compromise with their sarcasm, wit and ability to punch your lights out with their (usually) less than a minute blasts. That sixty seconds or so usually contains 45 seconds of feedback then a fifteen second Panzer attack of the senses… Simply blissful.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 77 – with Tom Goodall in Session

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Tom Goodall returns to my TudnoFM show for the second time in session. Unlike his previous visit, the former Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials drummer has gone semi-electric, and delivers this superb folk-choke session. After you’ve listened to it (and the entire show) check out his page here.

Neil Crud on TudnoFM – Show 77
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GIG REVIEW – Krank, Baltimore Gun Club, Spam Javelin @ The Loft, Bangor

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The Loft in Bangor is that great room above Rascals in the Upper part of the city. This week is Freshers Week – a time when landlords (of both flats and public houses) start rubbing their hands as a huge influx of new students hit the city in a big way, hellbent on blowing their grants in the first week.