North Wales: So – Sy

Sodzlaw – Rhyl based grunge-punk band, formed Dec02, feat; Sam Thomas (gtr) (later Tempt Fate), Dan Mattok (drms) (later Tempt Fate), Sykes (bass), Rob Hill (voc). Debut show at Fudged‘s house new year’s eve 02 and never heard of since.

Sofa – Colwyn Bay band (May02) feat; Paul (voc,gtr), Martin (voc) (both ex Shifty) Dave (gtr). More info req’d.

The Sofa Kings – (2003-2008) Name used by the jam night hosting band at Mold’s Pentan and Halkyns’s Crooked Horn, and the bank holiday all-dayers at Halkyn’s Britannia. Band feat local legend Russ Keenan (gtr,voc) (ex-Foghorn Leghorn), Bart (drms) (also of Breakout), Rob Davies (keys) (ex Goodfellas, Screaming Beavers) and Ricky Spangle (ex Hand Relief, Iain Tuckers’ Premonition), Ross (drms) (ex-Relatives, Flacid) Band have also performed under the guises of ‘They Might Be Wombles’ and ‘The Ann Summers Party Band’ In 2008 Spangle left to join the legendary Hozz and was replaced by Al Bagshaw (ex-Breakout). Later became The Brakes

Solace – band (c2005), involved with MASE. More info req’d

Solarcoaster – Chester / Deeside band (c2006), feat; Trev McKerlich (voc), Ian Boulton (gtr), Ste Kelly (gtr,keys), Rob Wood (bass), Simon Crank (drms). Rel EP ‘Welcome To Our World’, but ceased by mid-07 (website)

Soliloquy – solo guitar project (1980s) by Roger Foot (ex Zero Rock) with a drum machine. Last seen on a bike as a postman in Notting Hill. More info req’d

Soma – band (c2010) from Colwyn Bay, feat; Jack Ranshaw (gtr,voc), Sam Steinson (keys), Adam Williams (keys), Daryl Roddick (drms) (see also Dive, Deadlight Spiral, Alien Matter, Anti Virus). (website)

Soma Inside – Rhyl band (mid 90s) feat; Ken (Humphries ?), Sara Collick (violin) (ex Red Baby Town). Rec 3 tracks Inside My Mind, Inside Me, My World.

Some Noise – Bangor post-punk-indie band (c1980), feat; Scott Saunders (voc,gtr) (ex Inadequates later Normal Shed Uses), Martin Parry (bass), Mark Creathorne (drms). The trio played a handful of gigs in the area, and contributed a studio recording of the song In Transit to a compilation of local music ‘Overloaded And We’re Running’ (Jun80). Split soon after this release, but reformed at the end of 1981 to play 2 gigs. (click here for more info)

Something Personal – Llanrug indie band formed 1998 by singer songwriter Jonathon ‘Jono’ Davies, feat; Matthew Williams (gtr), Mark White (bass), Ian Cunliff (drms) (ex Power Gruj, Hatework), replaced by Wayne Jones (also of Jives Room, Inner City Sumo, Grand Park) in 2008, replaced by Sam Evans (’09), Llion Broadbent (now Spam Javelin) and Barry Nolan (ex Depth) have also played drms for the band (one of 14!). Demoed material for a single (Apr04). Supported My Vitriol in Bangor Feb01. Iestyn Roberts (drms) has also served. Early releases were ‘The Boomerang EP’ (Awen Records, 2000), Newid Gwynab Roc a Rôl – (Dirty Bitch Records), followed by 2 EPs ‘Diweddglo’ and ‘Be ‘Di Be?’ (on own SP Recs), then ‘Wishes’ EP (Nov09), and a download EP ‘Tro Fo ‘mlaen’ 

Something Transparent – Colwyn Bay band (1990) feat; Dave Watkinson (gtr,voc), Paul Wakely (gtr,bass) & Robin Hemuss (see also RRS, Sons of Selina, 4Q) eng, prog the drum seqs & played guest lead on ‘Spit Luv’. Other recordings (do they still exist?), are ‘Hassle Me Not’ & ‘Glaze‘. No gigs. The band dissolved after they both went to uni. Dave went onto be in a gigging band called ‘Visa’ in Leeds. Gwyn Nicolas (The Sandman) was in school with Dave & knew Simon ‘Sid’ Bettino through his sister, & Sid was considered fair game as a prospective bass player for them. Unsure if he joined..

Sometimes – Rhyl band (1993); feat; Steve Buckley (bass) (see also Mr Big Time Recs), Eric Pinkerton (voc), Chris Morell (drms), Andy Hinks (gtr). Previously called Restless Natives. Split when Buckley was poached by Paul Hammond to play in GMX Stuns (see also Buried in Concrete, Numb).

Sona –  Bangor grunge band formed in the garage of Jamie Davies (b.1985) (voc,gtr), Kyle Lee (bass) (also of Gintis, Jives Room, Mexican Walking Fish, Cow), Adam Jones (drms) (later Cow). Started gigging end of 2004, Dan Bone was bassist until Aug08 when he left to become a cardiac perfusionist. Rel 2 EPs, ‘Sona EP’ (2006) and ‘Underwater EP’ (2008), both rec at MASE studios, Colwyn Bay. Debut LP recorded at Autumn Rd studios, Wrexham (Apr09) ‘Really Good With Cages’ (rel Jul10). Rec 2nd album (May11), which remains unreleased. Jamie formed Doll Circus (2014) then later emigrated to China then Australia (album on Apple Music)

Sonar Band (Kandina Jane & The) –
 Rhyl band (c2006) set up as a live outlet for Kandina Jane’s (voc,keys) (ex Exit, Deans Daughter) solo work. Also feat; Gordon Milton (gtr,keys,sax), Matty Roberts (drms) (ex Destroyed), Gary Bowker (bass), Wyn Pearson (gtr,keys) who replaced Pete Williams (keys,gtr). Rec LP ‘Move Forward.’ Matty also does solo work and was sound engineer at Bar Blu, Rhyl. (website)

Sonic Boom – Rhuddlan based band (c1995) feat; Neil Bennett (also of Sphere), Rob Dodd, Mark Parry. More info req’d.

Sonic Deflexion – Colwyn Bay based heavy metal band (early 90s?) who truly wanted to continue where Spinal Tap took off. Played Guns’n’Roses covers with wireless guitar lead packs which never worked. The drummer had a penchant for jumping through windows (or so he claimed) after downing a whole bottle of JD in Rockcliffe Studio. Only headline band at the charity Llandudno bandstand gig to make people actually leave. The most hilarious band in the studio & live that you would have ever seen. It’s a pity BBC’s video diaries didn’t cover them cause it would have been great. Which was a shame really because singer Simon & guitarist Allan Dawson actually had talent. Allan says, ‘I did carry on for a few years after escaping from Sonic D – as a solo artist (vocal/guitar, plus backing band), based in Preston (94-97) and London (97-01) until eventually I branched into engineering and also presented an internet radio show for a couple of years (99-01), showcasing unsigned acts. That was an amazing experience, but at the same time quite depressing – we just kept receiving so many amazing recordings through the post it was hard to believe they couldn’t break. I moved back to Wales in 2001 to Llandudno.’

Sonix Redemption – hard trance act from Colwyn Bay (2001) feat; Colin Jones.

Sons Of Selina
– Space cyberpunk rock band formed in 1990 by Neil Crud (later Braxton Hicks, Spam Javelin) & Robin Hemuss (both ex 4Q, PSST). Rec a demo ‘for a laugh’ & by Feb91 decided to send it to the local press & received overwhelming praise. Rel 7″ single in 1992 Anxiety (on Crud’s Secrets of Sound label) which was C-listed by Radio One. A follow up Life is But was co-rel with Delerium Recs who signed them to rel the acclaimed album Nour d’Oui in 1994. In need of a live band they recruited Ken Mainardis (ex Exit), Steve Bonehead Jones (ex Funky Fingers), Steve Sync (ex Sync, later Alien Matter, Affliction, Courteous Thief), Martin Wilding (ex Boogie Run) & Cumi Pants (ex 4Q, Franks Dad, Alien Matter, Affliction, Courteous Thief) to help perform a Radio One live session. Gigs were well received but the band’s under performance was the lack of proliferation; sometimes they would not get together for 18 months. Ken left after 3 gigs to move to London & the band dropped a guitar from the line up with Robin taking over on bass. When Robin decided to leave at the end of 1997, Chris Bainbridge (ex Supermania) stepped in. 3rd single Terminus was followed by 2nd LP Fire in the Hole was released outside the UK at the end of 1999, building up an international portfolio of rave reviews as far afield as Korea, but lack of cohesion led to a cease in activity (c2000). Remixed versions of their output have sprung up on the net. Back catalogue was bought by Cherry Red Recs 2011, who digitally re-rel ‘Nour d’Oui’.  Link2wales recs rel 12″ single (May20) of Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials version of Creatures Of The Night (feat Neil Crud on voc). Hawkwind’s Dave Brock featured the band on his compilation album of favourite space rock tunes (rel on Cherry Red 2022) (discography) – spotify

SOOTO – Deeside trad-rock band (c2011), feat; Shannon O’Grady (voc), Ben Ditchfield (gtr), Gareth Butcher (gtr), Edward Davies (bass), Holly Griffiths (drms). Name stands for Something Out Of The Ordinary. Last activity was in 2013.

Sothach – Welsh language mag – late 80’s, published by Cytgord of Bethesda. More info req’d.

Soul Doubt – Prestatyn R&B-hip hop duo (formed 1996), feat; Danny Hale (keys), David Williams (voc). Rel ‘First Time EP’, also collaborated with DJ Awkwordz. Danny is also the in-house engineer at Mase studio in Old Colwyn (website)

Soul Jacker
– alt-rock band from Wrexham (formed May18), feat; Andy Salter, Dan Robson, Damon Robson and Laz (drms) (ex Stuntface). Played live session on Neil Crud’s TudnoFM Show (08.10.18). Rel single Nocebo (03.05.19), album ‘Fantasmagoria’ (Dec20) (bandcamp)

Soundhog – alien mixmaster (since 2002), Ben Hayes from Ruthin who puts together the B52’s with Destiny’s Child etc. DJ, sonic artist, gold standard underachiever. Better than most, known by few. Makes music, listens to music, meddles with other people’s music, buys other people’s music, plays other people’s music to deserving ears. Owns two 1970s analogue synthesizers, two rotten 1980s guitars and about 10,000 7″, 10″ and 12″ records from 1928 upwards. Available for remix duties, interesting DJ engagements, production (whatever that is) and other general musical shenanigans… if they’re any good. Not available for weddings, funerals, bar mitzvahs, m@$h-up parties, cheesy club nights or anything involving ‘auto-tune’. Also regular contributor to Adam Walton‘s BBC Radio Wales Show. Rel 7″ single Astroblaster (on white vinyl May18), followed by ‘Faux Em Di’ (7″ lathe cut 2020) (website)

Sound Solution – Original name given to The Forge Studios of Rhyl (c1994), set up as a community studio built by begging, borrowing & probably stealing. The idea was to give local talent somewhere cheap to record their material. Of course, in reality this would never work as a studio needs an income & soon became a more commercial venture. Lasted probably 12 months.

Soundstate – Mold/Wirral indie-rock band (c2017), feat; Steve Sty Jones (bass) (ex Carnage, later Eye Licker). Rel EP ‘Face Of Rock ‘n’ Roll’ before splitting.

Soviet – Colwyn Bay rock band (2003-06), formed by ex-members of The Grounded; Steve Mills (gtr) (ex Kinell and now in Black Reply), Andy Mills (drms) (now in AMF), Adi Owens (gtr) (now in AMF), Rob Hughes (voc), and also Mike Hughes (bass)

Space Cadets – feat Landux, Ian Duckett, Mike Man (drms), Lil Grey & Gaz Lawson. Band have since split. Ian now does techno, playing live now & then. Gaz gained an MA in Aeronautical Eng & Mike lives in Llangollen.

Spaced Monkeys – musical project (2001) by Krev of Cacamwki (formerly of Fluff, KC & The Tinted Glasses) (bass, gtr, keys & progs the PC & engineers & prod all the Music), Stu Maxwell (organ, trmpt, gtr), Leigh Maxwell (drms) (Sigmoidoscopy), Dyfed Roberts (gtr) (later of Gwacamoli, Pocket Venus), Dave plays Prophecy.

Spaceships Over Deeside – ambient-drone-experimental-psyche project by Brother James from (yeah you guessed it…) Deeside. Has produced a prolific amount of material via bandcamp from ‘Sabre’ (01.01.11) to his 20th release ‘Symmenry Rheiddiol’ (25.11.15)

Spam Javelin –
sub-hardcore style band (formed Apr15), orig feat; Neil Crud (voc,gtr) (ex 4Q, Sons of Selina, PSST, Braxton Hicks), Steve Brute (voc,bass) (ex Cox, Global Parasite, BBR, Minus Nine Lives), Gwion Griffiths (drms) (ex Vices, Braxton Hicks, Nexxus Empire, later of Celavi). Rel début EP ‘How Can You Die When You’re Already Dead’ (15.07.15 on link2wales) and also had that title track on the cover CD of Vive Le Rock magazine (Sep15). Known for prolific gigging. Rel 7″ split EP ‘Seven Inch EP’ with Emissaries Of Syn (24.04.16 link2wales), which feat crowd favourite Nazi Line Dancers Fuck Off. Also rel 2 track download ‘Live At The Crosville Club, Bangor 28.04.16’ followed by a limited comp cassette ‘Who The Fuck Is Spam Javelin?’ (on Spitting Bile). In 2017 family constraints led Steve Brute to take a part-time role so a number of stand-in bassists were drafted in to fulfill gig commitments incl, Mark Watson-Jones (of Emissaries Of Syn) before Tracey Howarth (ex Bonzai Massacre) took on the role once Steve officially departed and formed Chugga. Gwion’s other commitments has also meant stand-in drummers inc; James Tinman (ex Stuntface), Gwyn Jones (Emissaries Of Syn) and Llion Broadbent (who replaced Gwion in Feb19). Rel live LP ‘Barely Live In Wrexville’ (07.08.17) then new EP ‘Arseholageddon’ (08.11.17), ’12 Golden Greats’ (comp CD 12.10.18). Download single Fake News (04.06.19) followed by the album ‘The Crack Whores Of Betws Garmon’ (08.07.19). Played in Germany & Czech Republic (2017). Hit the headlines in Aug19 when they were refused entry to the USA at Minneapolis Airport on the eve of their US tour.  Rel download singles Fuck You / Cogged Off (20.06.20), Herd Impunity (20.11.20) and ‘More Fake News EP’ (31.12.20) ahead of their 2nd album ‘The Three Chords Of The Apocalypse’ (rel Jan21). Rel ‘Point To The Dolly EP’ (20.01.22) (bandcamp)

Spank FM website parody of Rhyl community radio station Shore FM, created by Fairziff. Immediately hit the local headlines as being an obscene & tasteless attack on Shore FM, when in fact it was an hilarious send up of the set up which probably hit a few raw nerves. Shore FM successfully convinced AOL to pull the plug on the site & now awaits revamping. Part of the Blind Lesbian Dwarf Appreciation Society and can be found online by searching ‘wayback’ web archives.

Spank Records – label created by Jon Hall in Liverpool, launched early 2000 with the release of The Relatives first record, the ‘Say It With Vodka‘ EP. The comp ‘Six Of The Best’ (2000) featured bands from NE Wales.

Sparky’s Magic Piano – Bethesda based outfit (pre-1992). feat; Dave Andrews (gtr) (ex-This Room Eats) who moved to London. More info req’d.

Sparrowhawks – electric-folk band from Chester (formed 2012), feat; Sophie Ballamy (voc,gtr) (from Dolgellau) (later Kidsmoke), Jay Ronan (gtr), Ben Griffiths (bass), Ash Turner (drms). Rel debut EP ‘Sparrowhawks’ (28.01.13) followed by ‘Wanderlust’ EP (20.05.13) – both through Bandcamp

Speakeasy – pub hours night club underneath the Imperial Hotel in Llandudno, frequented by goths, punks & alternatives in the mid-1980s much to the DJ, John Anthony’s dismay, who rarely played the music people wanted to hear. Also known as The Mudd Club

Speaker’s Corner – venue at top of Penrhyn Rd, Colwyn Bay (2006-Jul08) that hosted weekly (sometimes more) gigs and provided a great hang out for the town’s scenesters. On the premises of an old shoe shop, what was essentially a juice bar, bizarrely became a regular fixture on the North Wales coast gig circuit until its closure. Reopened spring09. Later run by Holly Kift and Jase Dicken. Rumour has it Paul Weller played a few songs at an open mic night there.

Special Offenderz – nucleus of The Relatives, used to rehearse at MadDog Studios and Angelshare Studios.  Feat; Wills Williams (gtr), Richie Lunt (bass) and Ross Greenside (drms), (now Vietnam Disco), Drew Daley (bass) (now Wolfgang Diesel).

Spector – Abergele band (2002), formed by Ralph & Guy Latham both of Junebug, looking to make a harder sound. Soon disbanded. See also Red Comets

Spectralate – meta-cognitive project (formed in Bangor 14.03.14) feat; Alan Holmes (Fflaps, Ectogram, Parking Non-Stop) and Annie Pye. Rel vinyl LP ‘The Students’ Companion’ (Jul15 on Turquoise Coal), then ‘All Terrain Badgers’ (29.04.16), then ‘Unit 21’ (02.10.17), also ‘Spectralating Leonard’ and 2 stripped down demo albums ‘Skeletons’ Vols 1 & 2. (website)

Speedball 17 – Chester based (2000) rock band, feat: Andy Jones (voc, gtr), Jake Hemmings (gtr,voc), Ali Cameron (bass). Prev called Cooara. More info req’d. (see also Girohead)

Sphere – dance project (1997-2001) of Asda (Kinmel Bay) employee Neil Bennett, 1st CD Cubed played by John Peel (1997), released 2 further CDs Kellys Heros, Wipeout, the latter feat; Emma & Erica on vocals. Produced by Simon Gardner.

Spindrift – melodic rock band from Angelsey, formed Jun02, feat;: Charlie Langley (voc), Alun Jones (gtr), Rhys Tudur (bass), Owain Rowlands (drms). Have played Hendre Hall.

Spiral – Wrexham band of mid-70s, feat; Dave Cookson (drms), Kez (gtr) (now in Big Business, owns a toy shop in Wrexham). Did a tour as The Wombles backing band! Also had a month stint in Germany c1974 and a 6week tour of Norway in 1975 organised by two maniac Norwegian builders! Due to extortionate ferry fees, it was cheaper for Spiral to buy a tour van in Norway than ship one over. The tour included a 2 week residency.

Spiral Vinyl – Rhyl based specialist record shop (c2000), outlet for club DJs who can try before they buy using the shop’s twin-decks. Run by Phil Lythgoe

Spires – Wrexham hardcore band (c2012), feat; George, Lloyd, Jonny, West and Henry (listen)

Spirit of Revolt – Wrexham punk fanzine (1983-1984) that lasted approximately four issues and was put together by Chris Roberts and Mark Williams. Issue 3 of SOR gave useful advice on how to make your own Molotov Cocktail!

Spitting Pips – Rhyl indie-psychedelic band (formed late 2014), feat; Zack Rogers (ex Bite, Freaky Peach, Artisfiction), Nathan Jolliffe, Cameron Joliffe (later The Pastimes), Woody, and joined in 2015 by Dave Podbury (gtr) (later Maines). Hit headlines when they had a public spat with Anton Newcombe of Brian Jonestown Massacre. Rel download single Vibe (30.03.17). Split late 2017. (facebook)

Spizzletons – Rhyl based punk band (c2007), feat; Steve Gunning (voc), Tom Potts (bass), Simon Begley (keys), Chives Grice (drms). Nothing happened! but some members went onto form Birdhouse in 2009 (website)

Splash One – label set up by Chester band Jupiter in late 90s to release their own material

Splash Theory – Chester pop-punk band (formed summer 2008), feat; Chris (bass,voc), Jay (gtr,voc), Cole (gtr), Jamie (drms). Line up did orig change a bit before adding Cole, also orig feat Jonny (drms) who left Jun09. Rec EP ‘Let’s Get Wasted’ (website)

Spliffs – 1983 jamming session feat; Chris Spliff Jones (voc,gtr), Neil Crud (bass), & Ste Rue (drms). This was a one-off jamming session after the above 3 chatting in a pub in Ruthin about music, when Ste (who owned a private recording studio in Cyffylliog) suggested a jam. With Jon Zep in attendance The Spliffs rolled up Pretty Vacant, Anarchy In The UK from the Pistols back catalogue. Satisfaction & Penny Lane from the Rolling Stones & Beatles. & a 20 minute version of Wild Thing.

Split Level Fix – Bangor based punk band (c2000). More info req’d

spoilt victoriaSpoilt Victoria – The juiciest indie-pop band of the early 90’s from Llanrwst, featured Steve Campbell (gtr,voc) (ex Total Mind Fuck, later Mr Grimsdale), Paul Adams (voc,gtr) (later Melys), Geraint Jones (drms), Dave (bass), Jo (keys). Rel 4-track cassette April Fool Session EP with tracks It Might Be, Chameleon, Happy Birthday. Also had a 7″ single Drowning / Higher (on their own label) in 1991. Bootleg tape does exist of their gig at The Bistro in Rhyl Apr91. Orig called Sunday School

Spoilt Victoria Fanzine – ran to at least 5 issues (A4 format) & dedicated to the band.

SpongeBrain – (Phillipus Beauvoir) (ex-Bleat) psychedelic ambient drum’n’bass project from Llanfairfechan (1990-present), & is also almost a technical helpline for PC music mixers.  SpongeBrain has also played with various artistes – Skinflick, violin on a track with Ectogram, played with Sixth Comm (now Mother Destruction), produced CD with John Redhead – Soft Explosive Hard Embrace.

Spontaneous Fuck – Conwy band (formed Apr09), feat; Zacky Storm (ex Freaky Peach, Bite), Carl Doobwah, Tom Woody, Darren Dorling. See now Kixxstart Kitty

Spooks – trendy nightclub next door to the nearly as trendy Poppies on the Faenol Fawr site in Bodelwyddan. Closed in the late 1980s.

Spooky Joe – Denbigh rock band (c2008), feat; Peter Jones (gtr) (ex Midlife Crisis), Grub, Daf Lewis and the Ollerhead brothers from Manchester. Debut gig at Plough, Denbigh (8.6.08)

Spoonidols – Caernarfon band (2001), feat; Martin Young (gtr,voc) (ex-Hitchcock, DFA, Amddiffyn), Dylan “Cawsboy” Roberts (bass), Ray Forrest (drms). Tim Higgins (gtr,keys) has left the band. Rec session for Ram Jam (Radio Cymru) which was aired Aug 199?. Rec video for Garej and recorded 1st LP in Blaen Cae, Garndolbenmaen. Rel Spermatoza EP Feb 02.

Sprinter Cotts Band – 1989-90 project from Denbigh, feat; Steve Cawthray & David Stewart Jones collaborating at Studio X, Holywell.

Spunky Plums – Band from Nannerch (c1985) that lasted 3 days! Feat; Adam Walton

Adam Squire – guitarist/artist from Wrexham into grunge metal (ex voc of Under_Scorr). Rel 3 LPs- ‘Cyanide on Prescription’, ‘Psychosis’ (Jan03) & ‘Knives & Daffodils’

Stabmaster Vinyl – project by Geraint Ffrancon (orig from Snowdon, now of Bristol) (also runs High Quality Recordings with DJ Twoohnine). Rel eponymous LP 2002, of which My Dog is a DJ was played on BBC Sessions in Wales. Rel ‘And Then It Was Dark’ LP (Dec04). Radio One session for Huw Stephens Show aired 2.5.06. Rel EP ‘Strictly Bollocks’ rec’d lots of airplay. Also recorded under the name Ill Informed

Stale Elvis – Pre Slouch incarnation (Colwyn Bay) specialising in Smashing Pumpkins/Soundgarden type music. Played mostly Manchester area in 1994 before becoming acoustic rockers Slouch in 1995. James Cassidy (voc), James Goldingay (gtr), Giles Geddes (gtr), Chris Bainbridge (bass) (also Pocket Venus, Sons Of Selina), Michael Cole (drms)

The Stand – Venue in Rhyl (2000) at Celebrities night club (next to Marina Hotel). Promoted by Dean Roberts. Hosting many bands incl, Mike Peters, Carpet, Fathead, Homespun. Seemed to becoming a success until violence marred the events, ending them in Nov 2000.

Starlight Fix –
Colwyn Bay screamo band (2006). Feat; Kane Broughton (gtr), Calvin Dykes (voc), Dave  Fotios (gtr), Tom Jervis (bass) and Mike Humphreys (drms). Announced that Kyle had joined on bass (Apr07). Rec EP ‘All Hopes Ending’ (Mar07), line up problems led to break up Feb08 

Start! – Cefn Mawr, Wrexham rock-punk band (mainly covers) c2010, feat; Andy Williams (ex Ruby’s Promise) (website)

The Stash – stoner-head band from Bangor (c2018), orig called Searching For Lee. Feat; Sister Midnight (voc,gtr). See now Fluffy And The Anxiolytics (youtube)

State Secrets –
Corwen punk-new wave band formed 1979 from the ashes of The Predictors. Had an Iggy Pop-like lead singer and played many gigs in the North West. Rel a single ‘Black Hippies / Life On A Wire’ (Real To Reel 1980), rec at Cargo in Rochdale, prod by John Brierly. Trevor Williams says of Life On A Wire, ‘a good tune, using the James Bond theme as a bass line long before Oasis came along nicking riffs.’ Used to rehearse at a hippy commune where they lived. Supported The Clash at Manchester Apollo. Also called Typewriter Sect

The Static – Colwyn Bay band started in 1999 as Keaf & likened to Hendrix with female vocals. Feat; Chris Ryan (gtr) (brother of Pocket Venus drummer Pete), Mauve Brown (bass), Steve Flavell (drms) (both later Gotti, Hogchild). Orig feat Chrissie (voc) (from Isle of Man, studying at Bangor Uni). Changed name to The Static in May02. Members later showed up in Pinc Ffloyd

Station 10 – Rhyl rock band (c2005), feat; Danny T (voc,keys,bass), Dan Mattok (drms), Matty Nevin (gtr). Rec Ep ‘Eclipse’.

Statue of Nobody – rock band put together by Isaac Birchall (Sep11)

Stay Your Way – official Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel fanclub zine edited by Dave Hornby of Kinmel Bay.

Steel Monkeys – Wrexham band (?) – feat; Matt Henson (now Ruby’s Promise)

Stepping Stones – Llandudno rock band (formed 1976), feat; Glyn Porrino (gtr) (later of Karac), Alan Shaw (voc), Dave Lewis (bass), Adrian Lee (gtr) & Sully (Tony o’Sullivan) (drms) (ex Easy Livin’). Played a gig in John Bright School which got press in the Sunday papers when an overpowered flare was let off during the gig which led to the school being evacuated. Gary Williams replaced Lewis (’78) and Paul Rodgers replaced Lee (’78) and by the end of that year Steve Jones took over from Shaw. Went on to become Harvest Moon (1979).

SticklebacksColwyn Bay based free form acid rap music collective of 1987 feat; Trish Trash (voc,gtr), Andy Hill (multi instr), Craig Davies (multi instr), Bob The Hippy (violin), John Melvin Jones (voc), Kev Eccleston (voc), Russel (voc). Trish, Craig and Andy played a gig at Dulas Hall, Llanddulas with 4Q (2.10.87). Bob joined for a gig with Think Lizzy. Made homemade tape ‘The Psilocybe Sindrome’. Managed to perform gigs with only one known song Stickleback Rap with the thought provoking lyrics; ‘We don’t like minnows, we are sticklebacks rap rap rap.’ (way ahead of their time).

Stid – Welsh language music show on S4C – mid-late 80s, seen as degrading by Welsh bands like Y Cyrff, Anhrefn & U Thant, who boycotted it.

Stilletoes – Pwllheli bi-lingual punk band (formed 2006) after seeing Kentucky AFC. Feat; Efa Thomas (voc,gtr), Carys Jones (bass), Iago Thomas (drms). Orig bassist was Rose (who left Jan07). Rec demo Pawb yn Dweud (Feb07), single Sownd (Ciwdod 08), and debut LP ‘ADH Dream’ (May09), but band split (Sep09) when Efa announced she was to travel the world and became a solo artist Efa Supertramp (website)

Stinky Limpet – Pwllheli metal band (formed 2005), feat; Tobias (gtr,voc), Burley (bass), Chris (drms). (website)

Stitch – band from Rhyl (c2002?), feat; Rachel Arnison (voc), Chris Anfield (gtr), Aaron Robson (bass), Dean Lamb (drms).

Stiwdio Eglwys – production studio in Felinheli run by George Kempson, who produces under the name of `BluprintZ` as well as`Glovebox`. (website)

Stiwdio Les – studio almost entirely dedicated to Welsh language bands, run by Les Morrison. Based in Bethesda.

Luiz Stockler – Brazilian born solo artist brought up in Ruthin, ex member of Hoodwink, began solo performances as Late In July before using his own name. Went to be a multi award winning Animation Director, Filmmaker and Illustrator working and living between London and Bucharest. (website)

Stokoz To Moscow – Deeside rock-alt band (formed 2007), feat; Martin Gallagher (voc,gtr), Ben Griffiths (bass), Gareth Jones (drms). Orig feat Mark Taylor, and also Charlotte & Izzy played strings on recordings. Played countless gigs and heavily pushed by Panic Promotions. Announced 18.6.10 that they had mutually agreed to split up, with final gig at The Tiv in Buckley (13.8.10), Martin and Ben formed Falls (2011) (reverbnation)

Stolen Thieves – Holyhead band 2001. More info req’d.

Stomping Ground UK – Manchester based punk band (c2014), feat; Scott Wright from Old Colwyn

Stoned A.D. – five piece hardcore/punk band from all over Nwales. Changed name to Show Girls (Oct 2001) (website)

Stone Cold – Colwyn Bay band (1980s), feat; Nigel Bellis (keys), Steve Jones (bass) (ex Harvest Moon, Heroes on A Beach, Picture House, Burn, White Tygerz, Profiad), Roger Burke (drms) and Tony Crooks (gtr). Has also feat Keith Birch (drms) (ex Les Enfants) at some point, and Chris Scrubs Jones (gtr) (later Swan)

Stonegang – Colwyn Bay band feat Pete Marsh (gtr,voc)(also of Orange Trick), Elvis (bass,voc) (also Boogie Run), Martin Wilding (gtr) (also Boogie Run, Sons of Selina) & Richie Pond (drms).Band lasted up until 1990-ish. Rec a demo somewhere near Rhuddlan. Played a few gigs & probably played ‘Sid’s Party’ a few times – a (large!) annual piss-up at Sid’s house, somewhere in the backs of beyond (Sid’s Festival?). Richie, Martin & Elvis were prev in Halflight Motion

Stone Minge – Bangor band (mid 90s?). More info req’d.

StopThe64 – Wrexham band (c2010), feat; Mr Sheep (voc), Sam Sullivan (bass), Sean Richards (gtr), Kraig Love (drms) (reviews)

The Storm – indie band from Prestatyn (c1984) feat; Rob Corran (gtr,voc), Simon Morrell (drms), Glyn ‘Iggy’ Jones (bass). First gig was with First Hand Fury at Vic in Prestatyn & other gigs with Ocean Rane (Rhyl Bandstand) & Jonny ‘Forehead’ Wrays Band. Also played the now demolished Victoria pub in Rhyl. Rob went onto play with Rockin’ Gomez before heading for London. Iggy (pictured) joined L’pool based Adams Family (who played the Bistro in 1990). He sadly died (c2014) More info req’d.

Stormsound – 1980’s studio above the Queens on Rhyl prom run by Rob Storm. The Exit & Erika Rastin recorded there amongst others. Rob roadied for The Alarm in the early 90s then moved to Dubai but is now back in Rhuddlan, & recently heard (May 02) to be working with Shakespears Sister. More info req’d.

Stormy Monday – Caernarfon blues band (c2007), feat; Alan (drms), Steve (gtr), Steve (bass) (website)

Story Dogs – Anglesey Soul/Rock band (1992-98), feat; Terry Rielly (gtr), Tony Dyda (voc), Rav Roberts (bass) (all now of Blue Room), Huw Peters, Clive Garrod (drms) (ex Clouds). Renowned for great Pink Floyd covers. (see also EIIE, Mandiqua).

Storyville Mob
The Storyville Mob –
Llandudno punk/rockabilly band (formed Jul12), feat; Mark Hedge (gtr), Damo Gaskell (voc,gtr), James Bradford (drms), Gwyn Jones (bass). Rel ‘The 420 EP’ and played debut gig at The Pen y Bont, Llanrwst (Dec12) (website)

Straight Jacket – Denbigh based band (formed 2000), feat Gaz (voc), Chris Grover (drms), Pete Davies (bass) & Chris Beattie (gtr) (both ex-Wild Weasel). Performed at Pigstock 3 years running between 2000-04.

Straight Jacket Legends – Holyhead punk band (c2011), feat; Dan (bass,voc), Jake (gtr,voc), Tommy (gtr,voc), Caine (drms). (website)

The Strand – Bethesda based outfit (pre-1992). More info req’d.

Steve Strange – (Steve Harrington), former front man of Visage, born in Newbridge (nr Caerphilly) and brought up in Kinmel Bay & was in the same infants class as Steve Rastin & Simon Shaw in Towyn CP. He is remembered standing in the playground yelling along to a bright orange plastic Beatles guitar he was hammering at. He & Rastin hung out together as 7 year-olds but it all ended in fisticuffs & tears. Apparently he went on to attend Emrys ap Iwan school but got kicked out for dyeing his hair purple, at which point he moved down to London, became an occasional skivvy at the shop, Sex / Seditionaries. Steve formed a band controversially called Moors Murderers before reinventing club culture in 1979 & forming Visage & having 8 hits incl the huge Fade To Grey. Later moved back to South Wales and lived with his sister in Porthcawl while recovering from assorted addictions & bankruptcy. He died of a heart attack in Egypt 12.02.15.

Strange & Delicious – Label set up by Dave Sunerton-Burl (ex Red Or Dead, later Dead Man’s Couch)

Strangeways – Bethesda based punk band 1980-82, feat; Pete ‘Sherm’ Davies aka ‘Fatman’ (voc, swearing, spitting antisocialite/brilliant cartoonist), Kevin Taff Roberts (drms), Sion Jones (gtr) (ex Maffia Mr Huws, Anhrefn, Offspring, Jecsyn 5, Celt, Mwg, Welsh Rebel Outpost), banned from a few venues for spitting and swearing. Bethesda Football club being the debut gig and the first ban. Jazz Rooms Bangor was a standout gig. Played Sex Pistols, Sham 69, 999 covers etc and some original stuff. Sang in English.

Strap The Button – six piece progressive/psychedelic experimentally minded Oswestry band (c2006). (website)

Strawberry Pickers – indie band from Rhyl 1990, feat; Lewis Polden (voc), Jim Taylor (bass), Brian Moylan (gtr) (ex Amongst The Birds), Stuart Bickley (drms) and others later. Played a few venues, nothing huge, split when members left town for college at 18.

Strawberry Statement – Rhyl band (c1984) feat; Neil Preston (Neil Preston Band), Rob Hughes, Dave Julian, Chris Turner, Johnny Hughes, Karl Jones. (See also Frightened By Strangers, White Leg End, BB3C). More info req’d.

Stray Twats – different name for Prestatyn’s One On The Clapometer

Streams – indie-band from Henllan (c2007), feat; Sam Cattell (voc,gtr), Ben Neal (drms), Alfie Cattell (keys), Danny Cattell (gtr,voc) Leon Wilson (bass). Orig called Mylk. Constant gigging on the North Wales circuit has earned them much critical acclaim as well as radio exposure (radio wales, crud cast, tudno FM). With a growing fan bass and most recently, claiming demo of the week on BBC radio Wales’ Adam Walton show (website)

Stringbeats – Denbigh based beat band (1967), feat; Chris Birchall on bass (see Executioners). Chris eventually melted into musical obscurity other than singing lullabies to an infant Crud (then called Neil).

Strings On Wood – project by Tony Lewis of Rhyl who has contributed to many local bands & musicians but only in the last couple of years has recorded his own work. Has previously worked with Chris Turner (Frightened By Strangers) & Julian Thomas (Clan Morrigan). 1st rel was CD ‘Soul Rider’ & has played a number of local shows with Julian & Cram assisting. Has also worked with Phil Wood & Sean Prys Williams. (website)

Stripey – Rhyl school band formed out of jam sessions at the Bodunig in Dyserth in 1975-76. Feat; Mike Peters (bass) (later Seventeen, Alarm), Steve Allan Jones (keys,voc), Dave Parry (gtr), Gary Jones (drms), Julie and Melvin (voc). Played a few gigs inc the 6th form discos at the Talardy (Stables); Louis Parker let them rehearse at the club on Sundays. They split up at the North Wales holiday camp after being asked to vacate the stage (they were playing mainly covers but very badly). Mike went on to form the Toilets & Steve retained Gary & Dave to form Amsterdam.

Studio X – demo studio in Holywell run by Marty Williams, used by 4Q to record their Imagine a Dead Hippy demo in 1989 & by Carnage

Stuntface – Wrexham based punk band formed May 1999, orig line-up feat; Wayne ‘Zaddiction’ Cotton (voc,bass), James Flames (gtr,voc) (ex Amethyst, Nazgul), Ian Maiden (gtr,voc) (ex Daemonum, now Fuckerpunch), Nick Feratu (drms). Orig conceived as a studio project to record soundtracks for extreme sports videos. but played their first show Nov00. Described as Misfits, NoFX, Bad Religion, Motorhead & Electric Frankenstein all put through the rock ‘n’ roll grinder to create a sound too Punk to be Rock, & too Rock to be Punk. Constant UK touring has gained a strong reputation playing with SLF, Peter & The Test-Tube Babies, Raging Speedhorn. Debut LP ‘Can Your Puny Body Survive?’ out on Infrablack Recs, signed to Good Clean Fun recs (Mar03) & rel LP ‘The Incredible Unstoppable Titan of Terror’ (Feb04). Band split Jun05 when rest told Wayne they’d had enough. Wayne regrouped in 2006 with Harry Kari (gtr) and Laz Vegas (drms) and began a heavy gigging schedule and rel 3rd LP ‘Pain Is Only Temporary, Glory Lasts Forever’ (Dec07) (review). In May08 Wayne joined Vice Squad as bassist, while still continuing with Stuntface. Anton Tinman (ex Seize The Day, Instant Agony) replaces Laz on drms (later of Soul Jacker), and Steve (ex Flat Back Four) joins on 2nd gtr (9.11.09). Played their final gig in Chester (May10). Wayne and Nick formed Hellfire Devilles (2015) (interview)

Strangeway – 3-pc outfit averse to gigging from Wrexham, have rec 2 LPs. More info req’d.

Studio 69 – 24 track digital studio in Gwersyllt, run by Gwyn Evans.

Sub Contractors – 4 piece bluesy rock band from Rhyl formed from the remnants of Loaded Dice. Feat; Chris Stringer (voc), Colin Beck (drms), and Terry Jackson, Graham Kett (bass), Neil Morris (gtr). Last gig at The Moby Dick in West Kirby 1993. Most notable for their ability to out-drink the audience.

Subliminal – Llandudno band (formed Feb12), feat; Tom Wright (voc,gtr), Garin Hughes (voc,bass), Ryan Williams (drms). Debut gig at an Open Mic Night at The Royal, Colwyn Bay (Apr12). Orig started out as a college band, just jamming and doing small gigs, until 2 members dropped out. ‘We realised we could write much more vast things with the bare 3 instruments. We’re ready to gig and are gigging anywhere and everywhere we can.’ (facebook)

Substance – electronic project (c2012) from Oswestry by Ben Simmonds and Marcus Evans (website)

SubterfugeAnglesey Rock/Metal band formed summer 2004. Feat, Eleri ‘Lel’ Dyer (voc), Rich Lewis (gtr) (ex Caezium, Emo On Sunday), Josh Russell (bass) (ex Caezium), Jim (gtr), Mitch Russell (drms) who replaced Daniel Garrod (ex Emo On Sunday) (Jan05). Infl incl Metallica, RATM, Incubus, Dream Theatre, Foo Fighters. (website)

Subvoid – Anglesey alt-rock band (c2011) (prev called Downfall), feat; Ashley Love (voc), Liam Turnbull (gtr), Stephanie Harris (gtr), Ceri ‘Periphery’ Jones (bass), Liam ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson (drms).

Subway – Colwyn Bay based Beatles influenced band (1987), performed only a few gigs.

Suckle – review website set up in 2000 by Maz Hobson from Rhos-on-Sea to serve North Wales & North West, incl, gig & demo reviews. Fizzled out within a year.

Suffer – orig name for name Violated

Sara Sugarman – Hollywood film director from Rhyl. Played drums in The Fractures (1977), went to London in attempt to break into the film industry & eventually got fed up & tried her luck in Hollywood. Films incl Mad Cows,Valley Girls, Sid & Nancy. In Aug10 she returned to Rhyl to film Vinyl The Movie

Suicidal Mushrooms – punk band from Colwyn Bay (2001). feat; Jonny Harding Smith (gtr) (later of Lantern, Zebedy, Archetype), Craig Parry (voc, gtr), Matt Pipkin (bass) (later of Scratch, ex Floater’s Revenge & Infest,), Andy Tasker (drms). Infl by Rancid, Osker, Green Day & Ramones. Feb 02 – rec 13 track album The Journey Of The Lost Mushroom (website)

Sulk – Colwyn Bay band (c2001). Changed name to Casino.

Sullen – Mold punk band (formed Sep01), feat; Jeff (voc) (later Cyris), Thomas (bass) (ex Heathen, later Cyris), Mike Watkinson (gtr) (later Design By Fire), Chris C (drms). Formed in Alun High School 6th form. Made a badly rec demo. Mike left after 2 months to be a roadie for Angeldrive, replaced by Ian. Changed name to In False Hope

Sulphur – Punk band from Rhyl & Denbigh (2000) feat; Patrick Senier (voc,gtr), Gaz White (bass) (later Floaters RevengeFudged, Asbos), Chris Homer (drms). Likened to the UK Subs. Rel 6 track CD Aristocracy, of which, the track Three Dead Words received good reviews. Orig a 4-piece with Paul Jones (gtr,voc). 2nd demo, It’s A Long Way Home did not go down as well with local press

Summerhouse – Mold/Chester based band (c1996) feat; Ian Lampard (voc), Mat Richards (gtr) both of whom joined Real Crazy Apartment.

Sunblushed Vibratos – project (Sep06) by Johnny R (see R-Bennig) as part of his Ffilm Ffwaor portfolio. Rel multimedia single Shutter (Oct06). (website)

Sundance – Bangor ska, funk, soul band, feat; Josh Roberts (voc,gtr), Jake Rutter (voc,bass), Matt Nash (gtr), Sam Roberts (drms). Played debut gig at Ty Coch (23.07.11). (fb)

Sunday School – orig name for Tal-y-Cafn’s Spoilt Victoria

Sundowners – Llandudno band of late 60s, feat; Lemmy (later Sapphires, Hawkwind, Motorhead). Played debut gig at a Café in the town, doing instrumentals apart from Ricky Nelson’s Travellin’ Man that Lemmy sang. Eventually became The DeeJays. More info req’d

Sun Machine – Gwespyr based band Feb2000 feat, Carl Hogan (gtr,voc) (ex Flashbax, Lampshades, Utopia, now of Scramble Joe), Marc Owen (gtr) (ex Up In Arms), Gavin Jones (bass) Chris Hughes (drms) later became the band Carl Hogan

Sunrise Sunset – folk project from Llandudno (c2009), which is Nia (voc,gtr) and a backing band inc, Ben (bass) (website)

Suns – Chester band, formed 2001 feat; Paul Williams (voc), Joe Jones (bass), Dave Johnson (drms), Mark Rutter (gtr). Played many gigs in Chester, L’pool. 3 of the members were in an indie band that were banned from Rhyl.

Sunspy – Rhyl / Conwy based 4 piece (2000) feat; Mike Pritchard (voc,gtr) (formerly of Monza), Jon North (gtr), Andy Pedley (bass), Kev Hughes (drms) (formerly of First Hand Fury). First 5 track demo rec at Rockcliffe Studios received high praise in local press, particularly the tracks Lost Souls & If Only You Were There. New CD (Aug00) Burnt Offerings in Electric Blankets, likened to REM, Del Amitri. John Ellis (gtr) (ex Blush) has since joined. (website)

Supa Myff – Bangor/Ynys/Aberystwyth based band formed at Aber Uni in 1998, feat; Gwion Gwilym (voc), Rhys Meilir Davies (gtr) Sion Bayley (gtr), Iolo Gwilym (drms & everything foolish !). Formerly called Jism & Baswn Mi Faswn. Have supported many ‘name’ Welsh acts & have put their indie-punk style onto a 4 track CD.

SuperBap – magic mushroom induced project (c2001) & disguise for DJ Sid & friends. MP3; Italian Jobby can be found here

Super Giant – Flint / Deeside based, 4-piece, stoner rock band. Formed Dec’98, SuperGiant attempt to exorcise their inner demons by producing soul-searching melodies & mind crushing symphonies!! Ian Parrish (gtr), Ian Mason Jones (bass), Ian Dorman (drms), Chris Hill (voc). Track incl; Earth Rise / Soul Fucker / Kinky Voodoo (website)

Super Furry AnimalsGruff Rhys (voc,gtr) (ex-Emily, Machlud), Dafydd Ieuan (drms), Cian Ciaran (Piano, Electronics, Vocals), Guto Pryce (Bass), Huw Bunford (gtr). Once described the Scottish as “Fucking pissed-up, kilt-wearing bastards”, as he was provoked by being called a “leek-munching lad from Wales” by a local paper in Greenock where SFA were doing a gig. Guto Pryce: From Cardiff, South Wales. Never sings & only plays Bass. He knew Gruff & Daf before SFA formed as the three of them went on a tour accross France with Anhrefn before they formed SFA. Huw Bunford: Also from Cardiff, South Wales. He was originally a school teacher & was in various bands before SFA. He was busted for posession in the same week as Liam Gallagher of “Oasis” but he was fined around £600 unlike his label mate who got off free with a caution. In 1990, a proto-SFA trio, comprising of Dafydd Ieuan, Gruff Rhys & Guto Pryce, went on tour across France as a techno unit accompanying Anhrefn. In 1995 the release of their first two EPs ‘Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyndrobwllantysiliogogogochynygofod (In Space)’ & “Moog Droog”, saw SFA starting to create public interest. The bands’ 4th gig [& 1st outside Wales] saw them playing at the Splash Club in London’s Kings Cross on 19.05.95. Their 2nd London show at the Camden Monarch was watched by Creation Boss Alan McGee. He liked them & got his hands on a demo tape. From there the track “Frisbee” was circulated on a DJ-only 12-inch as a taster of things to come… May15 saw the band comeback with a string of gigs after a 5 year hiatus and a re-release of the LP ‘Mwng’ on Domino Recs. (see incredible gigography)

Supermania – Colwyn Bay based indie band (split 1998) feat; Chris Yates (voc), Steve Jones (gtr) (both later of Pocket Venus) & Chris Bainbridge (bass) (also with Sons of Selina), Ollie Williams (drms) (later Twentysixfeet) who replaced prev Spencer Pixton. “We’ve given up gatecrashing the Furries sessions & my brother has taken over as one of the ‘Nutters in white coats’ at their gig at Reading last year. Now we lend porn videos to Shed Seven & have kidnapped an ex-EMI man & are forcing him to make us famous.” Songs include Say which was aired on Shore FM‘s Xsentrik Selection (Apr98).

Efa Supertramp – (real name Efa Tomos) from Pen Lyn. Ex-member of Stilletoes before quitting in 2009. Very active within the anarchist scene, forming Afiach label and producing several fanzines. Has spent many years travelling and touring with her songs and guitar and rel LP ‘Rhyddid yw y Freuddwyd‘ (on Afiach 06.05.15). Made news headlines as part of anarchist punk-dance duo Killdren in 2019 when Glastonbury Festival removed them from the bill over their song Kill Tory Scum (Before They Kill You). 02.10.20 saw the rel of Efa’s 2nd LP ‘Apocalipstick Blues’ (review)

Superweak – former name of Rhyl based band Terminal CC.

Sureways – Gym & bar in Mold that functioned as the town’s only venue during the late 80s / early 90s. Daisychain / Wonderland / Akimbo / Smiley Headshock / Want On Thought / Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials etc. were all frequently on the bill. On one infamous occasion, Goodnight Said Florence played & received a less than favourable reception. This provoked Conrad Florence to invite ‘anyone who could do any better’ to the stage. A scratch band featuring Nick & Crag [Blasphemy] & others took to the stage & then drove GSF from the town [a drunken, violent crowd chasing GSF’s van to the edge of the town armed with glasses, sticks & stones]. After more drunken & drug-fuelled violence, Sureways lost its liquor license & reverted to ‘just a gym’.

Surfin’ Birds – Rhyl trash band (early 90s) feat; Dean Obscene (gtr), Hot Scott Causer (bass)(both of PSST), Rob Snapshot (later of Grasshopper), Johnny Napalm (gtr).

The Surgery – heavy dub – drum’n’bass radio show (c2017) hosted by Dr Goth (Karl Reubins) of Caernarfon on Deeplomatikk Radio every Monday 6pm-9pm (repeated Sat 3pm-6pm) (website)

Surrealism – Rhos-on-Sea Prog P’Funk band (formed 2001), feat; Danny T Moonan (bass) (ex Repercussion), James Barwis (voc) (ex Repercussion), Damir Bojanic (gtr), Dewi Majoros (drms). Involved with MASE played debut gig 12.12.01. Orig feat Dave (drms), and Ethan (gtr) (who may be Damir!). Sound like Pink Floyd being beaten to death by the Sex Pistols whilst some crackhead is overdosing on the floor as cheesy pop songs are being played in the background. They claim to have been thru 19 guitarists in 4yrs! Danny is nephew of Dusty Moo and he and Dewi briefly joined The Affliction (website) and (website)

Swan – band (mid-late70s) feat; Chris Scrubs Jones (gtr,voc) (ex Easy Livin, Stone Cold, Informers, Trilogy), Mogga Morris (bass,voc) (ex Charlie, Scratch, Badger Bell, later of Harvest Moon, White Tygrz), Chris Harris (drms) (ex Harvest Moon, Cinema), Dave Taff Evans (keys) (ex Hieronymus Bosch). Formed in Rhos Abbey Hotel after auditions for Stone Cold and named after the pub in Flint. Played techno-rock similar to Camel, Yes, King Crimson and did the pub circuit in Nwales and Nwest. Band Split 1979 after Dave (Taff) left to earn proper money playing cabaret, he was totally irreplaceable and so inevitably brought about the demise. Spawned the most legendary drinking partnership of Taff and Scrubs yet to be equalled! Scrubs adds; ‘It was during this period that Mogga won the “hide and seek” all-comers record whilst without exception avoiding EVER packing any of the equipment away…EVER !!, by becoming invisible after every gig. An accolade I’m sure he stands by proudly to this day.’

Sweaty Machete – Llandudno band (early 90s), feat; Russ ‘Fatty Sweats’ Barrett (voc), Chris ‘Fuckwit Marlon Presley’ Davies (bass), Johnny ‘Guy Tar’ Nix (gtr), Marc ‘Noz Anonymous’ Norris (gtr), and various drummers incl Daz Babs, Mike, Duckett and most regular drummer Tommy Pen Tatws. All posters & flyers were designed by Stretch & in Fatty’s words; ‘they were fucking legendary.’ He continues; ‘We played a lot of gigs; too many to mention, but the most memorable were our 1st gig in Llanfairfechan where I glassed myself gashing my head severely, Penrhyn Old Hall, Chris was on mushrooms fucked out of his head, there was a mini riot & someone went flying into the drumkit as tables and chairs were chucked about, leaving the drummer with just a snare.’ Band managed to blag a grant off the Prince’s Trust to buy equipment but had to return it due to lack of business accounts. Had songs like Gun Crazy & Geek & also had a reputation for fighting, which earned them a ban from the West Shore Social punk nights in Llandudno. Fatty claims; ‘we were the best fucking band on the coast.’

Sweet Baboo – folk-psychedelic project (c2009) by Stephen Black (ex JT Mouse) from Trefriw, who has spent a lot of time in Cardiff. Rec session for Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales Show (09.08.09). Rel LPs ‘The Mighty Baboo’ (08), ‘Hello Wave’ (09), I’m a Dancer / Songs About Sleepin’ (2013 Shape Recs), ‘Ships’ (2014), ‘The Marc Riley BBC Sessions’ (2014) and ‘The Boombox Ballads’ (10.08.15). Catchy singles propelled him to 6music playlists and several festival appearances. ‘The Wreckage’ is his 7th studio album (27.01.23) (website)

Sweet Leaf – Rhyl (?) band (early 90s?); feat; Jon Yale.

Sweet Leaf – Wrexham band (formed Feb04), feat; Dom McCready (drms), Daf Jones (bass), Tom Hassal (voc,gtr), Tom Bithell (voc,gtr). Band split and some members formed Arnie

The Swillers– Rock covers band from Wrexham feat; Ronnie (voc), Spud (gtr), Bone (gtr), Mart (bass), Toddy (drms). (website)

Swimming On Chief Brody’s Day Off – Colwyn Bay punk band (c2007), feat; Dan Williamson (voc,gtr), Simon Griffiths (gtr), Jason Edmonds (drms) and Gavin Lawton (bass) (ex Carbonari, Lucid, Dred, Pain Filtered Farm, Jinxed, Dekay, Crumble etc). On the choice of name Gavin explains, ‘We got the Idea from the Jaws films, Chief Brody Used to watch the beaches and stuff.’ (website)

Swirling Fish – Abergele (?) band (1991), feat; Steven Mayo (gtr/voc), Martin (keys), David Horrocks (later of Pineapple) (bass), ? (drums). Performed Jesus Jones & Cure covers.

Switch Fusion – Llanberis based electro-dubstepper (formed Sep09) aka Dafydd Gethin Owen (b.1993). Rel eponymous EP (website)

Swnami – indie/rock band from Dolgellau (c2012), feat; Ifan Davies (voc,gtr), Tom Ayres (perc), Lewis Williams (drms), Gerwyn Murray (bass), Ifan Ywain (gtr), Huw Ynyr (keys).

Sychophants – More info req’d.

Sylem – 16 track studio & record label run by Melys in Betws-y-Coed & opened by John Peel in 2001. Resident engineer was Geraint Jones (see Dr Gez).

The Sympathetic Affliction – (2005) prev name for Dusty Moo project that became a band, later called The Affliction

Sympathy Jones – 1992 band from Colwyn area, feat; Chris Bainbridge (later of Supermania, Sons of Selina) & Rob Green (drms) who was sadly killed in an accident 1996

Sync – formed in 1990, by Steve ‘Sync’ Robins (keys,prog) & Dave Evans (voc). Described as synth pop with a hard edge. They weren’t desperate for fame & success like other bands around at that time, they preferred to take a back seat position in the local band (wagon) scene, supporting bands rather than organising & headlining gigs. Late in 1990 Sync made their 1st demo tape Machine Against Master & played their 1st gig supporting a local band in the then very popular Bee & Station pub in Rhyl. 2nd demo tape Live In The Blue Room, included some early songs such as Downfall & Much Too Much & some brand new songs such as Selm3 & ID Smile which showed how their music had matured into a style once described as “Industrial Techno pop!”

Steve Sync – Rhyl based keyboardist (Steve Robins b.10.07.69), orig half of industrial duo Sync (1990), before joining Sons of Selina (1994), Alien Matter (1999) and Courteous Thief (2012).

The Syndicate – Promoters Mark and Carl from Wrexham area who put on countless extreme metal acts mainly at Wrexham Memorial Hall but also nationwide. Roster included Napalm Death, Carcass, Obituary, Deicide, Pitch Shifter, Bolt Thrower, Fear Factory

Syndromes – Caerwys band (c2007), feat; Elinor Bagnall (voc,bass), James Wright (gtr,jkys), Gez Wilson (drms). Rel mini-LP ‘Shaded in Black’ (2006). Supported Hundred Reasons twice in Wrexham. (website)

Syntax – Rhyl (we think) band from 1991 feat; Mart (gtr), Tim (bass), Paula (voc), Nic (voc), Paul Shutt (keys), Ant (drms). All were under 18 at the time & played Nirvana covers Managed by Ady (Paul’s brother). More info req’d.

System – One of the thousands of street artists to spring up in the hip-hop age of the mid to late 80’s. Real name, Jason McPhee from Colwyn Bay he contributed cartoons to Crud magazine, including #6 ‘mutant coppers’ cover.

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