North Wales: R

Rabid – A Wrexham based fanzine started by St David’s school kids Neil Brooks and Rich Acton in 1982. Neil said: ‘I think we were only about 12 when the first issue came out. We started listening to bands like Blitz, the Partisans and the Violators. It lasted five issues and featured a mix of No Future bands, the Riot City label and a sprinkling of local bands from the Wrexham and Liverpool areas. If memory serves me right, we did the first three issues together, and as I got more into the Oi! side of things, Rich was listening to other punk stuff and went his own way and started another fanzine with his cousin Owyn. After putting the fourth issue together on my own, the fifth and final issue came out in 1985 when I got some help from Andy Snowdon, a punk who happened to live on the same street, and one of the real few who looked and played the part.’

Rabid Melodicca – rock-rap-otherstuff band from Bethesda (formed 2009), feat; Brent Marshall (bass,voc), Lyndon Harvey Marshall (gtr), Owain Dalton (voc,kaosilator), Ceri Dalton (drms), Abigail Elizabeth Low (voc). (website)

Rabo De Toro –
Bangor noise avant-punk band (formed Mar15), feat; Duncan Black (gtr), Charlie Garlic (voc), Dave Taylor (bass) (ex Heldinky, also of Ameto), Paul Mattock (drms) (ex Ruts). Posted a video of 8 second song K*atie H*pkins with the lyric ‘Katie Hopkins you’re a leech, I hope one day you’re washed up on a beach.’ Began building a strong reputation in 2016 for explosive performances and have done nothing but top every performance with an even better one. Rel eponymous EP (31.10.16), then a download track Big Swingers (04.09.17). Neil Crud described them as ‘The most important band of our time.’ (read interview with Charlie Garlic). Rel debut LP ‘Rabo De Toro’ (on link2wales 23.08.19). Split up in 2020 (bandcamp)

Race Against Disaster – Rhyl rock-punk band (formed Nov05), play mainly covers. Feat; Chris (voc,gtr), Callum (gtr), James (gtr), Russ (bass), Jonny (drms). 

RacketDenbigh schoolboy ‘pretend’ band formed in 1979 feat; Neil Crud (then known as Oxide Terror), along with Yosser (Paul Tomlinson), Dave (Yobbo) Jones, Jimi Hell (Steven Suddick), Ben Bollocks (Saul Kristian) & many others. They entered the Denbigh High School Eisteddfod singing an acapello version of Sham 69’s Rip-off, coming equal last! The reason behind calling them a pretend band is that they had no instruments & Neil & Yosser (then known as Sid Sly) would write material & mime to Sex Pistols records at home. Albums written were Never Mind The Racket & Trouble Travelling coupled with a script for a film. The first songs written were I Hate It by Yosser & Neil’s Playschool. Skool is a Drag, penned by Yosser was later rewritten by Neil & used as part of 4Q‘s live set. As was Black Panther a version of which turned up on an early Sons of Selina demo. Other titles included Japan & My Girl. Yosser was last seen driving school buses in St Asaph, Yobbo got married & was a coalman, now works for a farmers merchant, Saul was last seen in Bodfari, Steve Suddick married Ann in 1990 & lives in Ruthin. (See also Kidneys, Ruptured Kidneys, Sons Of Selina, Spam Javelin) Other songs inc, Nickin’ Bikes is Easy, Halifax, Oh Hell it’s Sunday

Racketears –
Colwyn Bay band (formed Aug04), feat; Tom Edney (gtr,voc) (pic above), Oli Morgan-Jones (gtr) (ex Jesse), Adam Wright (bass), Regan Sergent (keys), Aidan Williams (drms) who replaced Chris Gozzard. Rec’d airplay (6 times up to Feb06) on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales Show. Rel single Tundra Boy (Complete Control Dec06). Tom quit the band Sep08 taking many of the songs with him, Oli took on vocal duties and they put out 4 tracks on Reverbnation before they called it a day (myspace) (gig reviews) (video)

Radio Cymru – (a rant from Ankst-music) “…the publicly funded radio service (BBC) that is supposed to reflect & inform Welsh speakers of all ages & tastes. Unfortunately nobody has told them that Welsh people are in fact intelligent, modern & alive. They seemed to be under a misapprehension that Welsh people are incredibly stupid, stopped listening to new music sometime around 1973 & have nothing better to do than lap up the infantile banter of 95% of the so called DJs. New music when played at all is forced onto late night programmes whilst 90% of the station’s output ignores the last 20 years of contemporary Welsh music. A piece of advice – don’t bother complaining about their terrible service & patronising attitude & their refusal to play anything decent or contemporary because they don’t acknowledge that they are in any way fallible or wrong. In a word they don’t care about to us so I think we shouldn’t care about them. Just switch off!…”

Radio D – the revolutionary web radio for the Welsh underground scene, believed to have something to do with Johnny R (of R-bennig). Mysteriously came to an end (Aug00). But resurfaced 5.1.03, & disappeared again soon after, which is typical of Johnny R.

Radionic – Colwyn Bay band (early 90s) feat; James Cassidy, Nathan Page, Terry Love & Naldo Algeiri (see also Pocket Venus, Westhead, Slide, Fatty Hatners, Jam Pilots).

Radio Rhydd
Radio Rhydd – 
politically vociferous punk / hip-hop band from Bethesda (formed 30.05.12), feat; Antony Roberts (gtr,voc), Cai O’Marah (voc), Sam Dew Thomas (bass), Callum O’Marah (drms). Rel online LP ‘Trapped In The Game’ (on Afiach 2013). Cai went travelling to Palestine and the band took hiatus, returning to the stage after 5 months at Focus Wales Festival (Apr15), as they did again in May18, and have since periodically got together to play gigs. (soundcloud)

Radio 23 – Bangor outfit (pre-1987) feat someone later of Y Fflaps. More info req’d

Raggity Anne – Caernarfon punk band (2001) feat; Paul (drms), Ant (bass), Steve (gtr,voc). Rel 3 LPs – Rascal Soup, Bedroom Tapes, Smells Like Fish. More info req’d

Rain – Wrexham band (1982-89), reformed 2004. Feat; Barrie (drms), Nick (gtr), PJ (gtr), Gaz (bass), Will (voc), and Gav (voc).

Rain – venue in Rhyl, regular Wednesday night gigs hosted by Blood & Lipstick promoter, Steve Rastin began in earnest in Feb08. Venue hindered slightly by bands playing under the stairs behind a pillar, but good atmosphere when busy. Monmouth’s Thyrd Eye were the final band to play there on 11.06.08 as Steve explains, ‘Anyone who’s been to the gigs won’t be especially surprised [that it closed] as more and more people were voting with their feet and staying away from the place. The venue wasn’t in the least bit suited to live music either acoustically or visually and when you factor in a door policy that was intimidatory, cramped conditions and the lack of a dancefloor it’s clear that it was always going to be an uphill struggle to persuade people to keep supporting it.’ Steve went on to host Rhyl gigs at Vegas Bar then The North then The Late Lounge

RaintapesLong running underground tape distribution in the late 1980’s, run by Julian Smythe of Ruthin. Rel a series of comps called The Unknown, which ran at least up to Unknown 14 in Jan92. Also did a series of International compilations in early 90s. More info req’d

Raising Cain – Mold rock band (c1993), feat; Andy Clarke (voc), Ian Parrish (gtr), Alan Edwards (gtr), Steve ‘Sty’ Jones (bass) (ex Carnage, Flood), Simon Garratt (drms). State their finest gig was headlining at The Tiv, Buckley. Also play Wepre Park Festival (website)

Ralph & The Rum Antics – band / project feat; Ralph Latham (also of Junebug, Wobbly Hearts)

Rasal – subsidiary label of Sain Records for less traditional Welsh bands. Launched Jun05 by Aled Ifan. Released bands Winebago, Gwilym Morus, Topper, Alun Tan Lan. (discog)

Rastin – Rhyl band feat; Erica Rastin (voc), Barry (keys), Roger Bickley (drms) (ex Green Dolphin Street). Erica made a demo at Rob Storm’s studio under the name Rastin (unsure if the band had a name) & she put a band together for live work. Split before any gigs but described as ‘a bloody good band.’ More info req’d.

Steve Rastin – (dob 21.2.59) Rhyl promoter and ex-columnist for the Rhyl Journal’s ‘The Biz’ page, once editor of local fanzine Collide-a-Scope (1987-88) with wife Erica. Managed Ocean Rane in the early 90s & then Hooper. Currently writing a 13 part horror novel Blood & Lipstick. Nov00, launched a website Shantytown (now defunct) based on Rhyl. Then ran Blood & Lipstick (since 2003) promo putting on gigs in & around the town, mainly in Bar Blu up until it’s closure Jan08 and then in Rain. By 2009 Steve had renamed his venture Red Mamba and was hosting successful nights at Caskeys in Rhyl (particularly Under 18 shows), unfortunately a break-in at the venue halted the nights in Nov09. Promoted and DJ’d at Vegas Bar (2010-12) and then at The North, then The Late Lounge

Ratarsed – punk covers band from Wrexham (mid 90s), feat; James (gtr) (ex Amethyst, Nazgul, Stuntface). More info req’d.

Rattleshake – rock band from Rhyl (c1990), feat; Boz (drms) (ex Ultra Violence), Lee Davies & Paul Davies (later of Hooper) (all ex Ocean Rane). Played The Bistro, Rhyl 3 times in 1990.

The Rave – Mold / Chester based 4-piece band feat; Pete, Jimmy & Greg who went on to become Real Crazy Apartment & Simon (bass). Formed 1996.

Raw – band from Wrexham area (c2006), feat; Fred Hughes (voc) who says, ‘The most unfortunate band I have ever been in we rehearsed for two years and split up.’ Fred was also in Dizzy Mama, Airplane, No Vacancy, Un4given, Vinegar Stroke, Natural Born Swillers, Slated

Razor Wires – alt-punk two-piece from Rhyl (formed 2015), feat; Mike Jones (voc,drms), Gavin Lawton (gtr) who has been in more short-lived bands like Carbonari, Lucid, Dred, Pain Filtered Farm, Jinxed, Torn Asunder than you’ve had hot dinners!

R-Bennig – record label based on Anglesey run by Johnny-R. Began approx 1990, rel eclectic & inspirational cult recs that have built them an international reputation. Any label that can garner acclaim in the stuffy environs of Radio 3 & still have its records played by someone as ‘en vogue’ as Fatboy Slim has to be worthy of further investigation. Over 100 releases up to 2015 before ceasing operations. Also had distribution arm Wili Nili. In 2018 Johnny reemerged as Aurbennig. See also Ants In Their Pants (discography) (website)

The Reads – Deeside band (c2008), feat; Jamie Russell (gtr), Marcel Delrue (keys), Stuart Bennett (voc,gtr), Clare Stevenson (bass). Previously known as The Quays. (website)

Real Crazy ApartmentMold based Mod freakbeat outfit 1997-2008, prev called The Rave.- feat; Ian Lampard (voc), Mat Richards (gtr) (both ex-Summerhouse), Greg Baghurst (gtr) (ex-Machine Elves of Hyperspace), Pete Griffin (drms) (formerly of Skandilisers). Nadine Lee (bass) replaced Jimmy Hughes (ex-Dive) (Apr05), debut EP Movin On (1998). Signed to Flycatcher Recs in 1999 & rel EP Welcome to The Real Crazy Apartment. Simon Christopher of Mold replaced Mat Richards. Ricky Spangle (bass, ex-Bastard Squad, Metabbalism)

Real 7 – Connah’s Quay alternative-rock band (pic) (formed Dec10), Martin White (voc,bass) (ex My 40 Victims, Outland, Stonefish, Psychonation), Jamie Stevens (gtr) (ex Babies With Rabies, Indiana), Rob Van Kooten (drms) (ex Metaphor). 3 musicians from 3 different musical backgrounds have come together to make modern heavy music which is a bit hard to define. Recorded first demo in 2011 at Whitby Studios as a four-piece, before their singer left, and the band took a harder edgier sound. Frequently gigging as far away as Oswestry and Rhyl, the band are starting to build a small local following after playing regular Thursday night slots at the Vegas Bar in Rhyl amongst others. (website)

Reaper Man – singer, guitarist from Llanasa (c2005). (website)

The Rebles – Buckley punk band (formed summer 1981), feat; John Hughes (later Glass Display) and Gwilym Owen who remained the nucleus of the band. Rel 12 track demo ‘Reddy Steady Go’ (Feb83) described as the missing link between Link Wray and Neu by Neil Parry of the Evening Leader. World domination was on the boil… a free concert descended into bloody violence as a brick was thrown at their drummer. Rehearsals were now becoming psychedelic freakouts. Tentative concert’s were played to ninnies. The Rebles played a one off gig with Johnny Gibb the “Bee Gee” on Organ. A drummer called Sam Jones was recruited but spent most of his time sleeping. They split up through sheer boredom.

Rebownder – Llangefni band (c2006), feat; Iestyn. More info req’d

The Reckoning – Prestatyn band (early 80s), feat; Rob Armstrong (later of Shylock) & Marc Rafe (keys) (later Foxgloves), were feat in the Rhyl Journal in a photo lying on a rock… and they played at one of the festival days on Ffordlas playing fields… sort of goth stuff but light on guitars. Continued as Reckoning III (c1995) feat; Eric Quiney (gtr), Mad Max (gtr), Marc Rafe (keys). Rel ‘Flower of Victory’ tape

Recordiau Anhrefn – Welsh language alt record label set up by Anhrefn. (1983), churning out what it called “dodgy compilations of up-&-coming left-field weirdo Welsh bands”. This enthusiasm is a trademark of the Welsh-language rock scene. In fact, throughout the 80s any band that couldn’t get some sort of record deal would simply press their own vinyl & sell their records at gigs. The market for the music was small, but the bands made up for it with their have-a-go attitude. Rel singles for Cyrff, Datblygu, Llwybr Llaethog. Rhys Mwyn relaunched the label (2007) to release anything that was the obscure side of obscure.

The Recover – Rhyl rock-punk band (c2010), formed from the ashes of The Breakdown, feat; Mikey (voc,gtr), Simon (gtr), Danny (bass), Ieuan (drms). Debut single One Night Stand (website)

Red – Anglesey jazz-rock band, very popular in mid70s.  eat; Huw Hughes (bass), Dave Baynton-Power (drms) (later It’s Immaterial, Pink Military, James), Phil Bradley (gtr) who all went onto form Modernaires / Y Brodyr

Red – Rhuddlan based 3-pc indie band (1992), feat; Angel (voc,gtr) whose parents ran the Country Restaurant in the village (now the Village Masala), Carys McCarthy (bass), Sarah Collick (violin) (ex Soma Inside, later Branchala she also rec with Sons of Selina). Played debut gig at the Mermaid in Rhyl minus Carys who had broken her arm 2wks earlier & played few gigs over the summer & rec a demo.

RedButtons – small label (c2001) for 2-3 bands in Rhyl & Prestatyn area, set up by Ian Jones (Lunatic Magnets) Unsure if it ever got past ‘being a website’. (website)

Red Comets – side-project (formed Aug09) in pop-indie mould by Junebug brothers Guy and Ralph Latham of Abergele, with Gaz Thomas (bass) and Dewi Thomas (drms) (website)

Red Drum Head – Abergele band from 1995. Feat; Brian Laing (voc,gtr), Gary (bass), James Davison (drms) all formerly of Blowfish. They got the name from a type of cabbage or lettuce seed, they were looking at them in Mr Bevans Store in Abergele one lunch break Played Swallow Falls & The Bistro & then broke up. Rel 5 track demo ‘Kitsch Laden’.

Redhill – Denbigh based folk / rock band (mid 1990’s). Very much an orig outfit from differing musical backgrounds. Together RedHill produce a blend of music unique in it`s style & professional in it`s outlook. Likened to Joni Mitchell, 10,000 Maniacs & Pentangle with a new edge, the group made a name for themselves in the North Wales area working hard, both gigging & in the studio. Linda Thompson (voc), Alan Thompson (mandolin,gtr,voc), John Evans (gtr,voc) (he of Pigstock), Simon Hide (bass), Steve Washington (drms).

Red Hot Pokers – Bethesda based outfit (pre-1992). More info req’d.

Redhouse – current (2006) gigging name for Hozz

Redi Nights – regular showcase event at Central Station in Wrexham running since Jul02, set up by Cream Tangerine & their manager Andy Owen. The aim is to bring N.Wales (& now S.Wales) bands together in a party atmosphere & to strengthen the scene. Have hosted Benjamins, Crosbi, Mooi, Midasuno, Dopamine). (website)

Red Nature – Bangor rock band, (formed summer04), feat; Ali Price (voc), Henry Griffiths (gtr), Tim Jones (gtr), Dave Thomas (bass) and Chewie (drms).

Red Neck Zombies – band from Ruthin area. More info req’d.

Red Or Dead
– Penmachno left-wing folk-punk band, (formed 2016), feat; Gala Elvira (voc), Dave Sunerton-Burl (bass), Emma Sunerton-Burl (cajon,voc), Rob Murray (voc,gtr). Rel EP ‘No One Is Innocent’ (11.12.16), d/load single The Only Thing That’s Wrong With Me Is You (09.05.17), LP ‘Trotsky Waltz’ (01.01.18), d/load single UK Publicity Machine (19.05.18). Have also played 5 live sessions on Neil Crud’s TudnoFM show. Rel 2nd album ‘Anarchy Is Liberty’ (on link2wales 17.04.20) (bandcamp)

Red Shift – Colwyn Bay band (c2002), feat; James Bevan (bass), (drms), Chris Walker (ex Dead Hedgehog, later Secret Shows) (gtr,voc), Chris Leach (ex Aneurysm) (voc,gtr). Daniel Pastori (drms) (ex Shatter) replaced orig drummer Chris Heath (ex Aneurysm, Dead Hedgehog). Formerly called Sansara (website)

Red Shift – band (2003) from Flintshire. More info req’d

Red Sky – Wrexham band feat members now in Oceanblue. More info req’d

Red Stripe – Holyhead based reggae band, rec session on Adam Walton’s BBc Radio Wales Show (01.02.09)

Red Wharf – visual, audio, sculpture, artistic project by Graham Bowers of Red Wharf Bay. Has rel many CDs and been feat on BBC Radio 3’s Mixing It. (website)

Red Wine – Llandudno band, (formed 1977), feat; Mike Griffiths [voc], Alan Barrat [voc,gtr] and Delwyn Williams [gtr] all ex-Smokestack. They were joined, after a great deal of searching, by Nigel Morgan [bass] and Steve Houghton [drms]. Played 6 nights a week at the Roman Room, Grand Hotel, Llandudno throughout the summer season of `78. Delwyn Williams went on to play with ex “Jets” Sean Keegan [bass] and Rory Keegan [keys] in “Gold Blend” before going on to form “Reflex” with Jean Taylor in `85 [still going strong]

Redwood Avenue – metal band from Pwllheli (c2015), feat; Bryn Cronin (gtr,voc) (ex Plastic Cup Politics), Osian Roberts (bass), Jamie Clark (drms), Aled Evans (voc)

Reinheitsgebot – Bangor group (1984-85), feat; Alan Holmes (gtr) (later Lungs, Fflaps, Groceries, Ectogram, New Dodos), Maeyc Hewitt (bass) (Lungs, Nixon & Jarvis, Ectogram), Ian McMillan (voc), Scott Saunders (gtr) and Emyr Thomas, who was later replaced by Mark Thomas (drms). Their sound was in the mid-80s guitar pop/rock area somewhere between REM and The Smiths and they played quite often in the Bangor area before mutating into Third Spain in 1985.

The Rejected – Corwen based punk band (1979), feat; Mark Williams (voc,gtr) (later of Emily, & editor of Shine, Lemonade, Whip Me & Go Moo Moo zines), Trow (drms), Chris (bass). Had a track Same Old Songs on Bullshit Detector comp LP on Crass Recs (1982).

The Relatives – Deeside alternative rock band formed summer 1999, feat; Chris (voc,gtr), Paul (gtr), Drew Daley (bass) (now Wolfgang Diesel, ex-Special Offenderz), Adz Lunt (drms) (ex-Wolfgang Diesel, Bastard Squad). Prev members incl Wills Williams (gtr) (ex-Special Offenderz), ‘Cookie’ (drms), Richie Lunt (bass) and Ross Greenside (drms (Vietnam Disco, ex-Special Offenderz), Jimmy (drms) (ex 5 Dogs Fighting).  Said to have formed from the ashes of a Wham tribute band. Debut gig was in front of 3000 people at the Dee in The Park festival. Debut EP Say it With Vodka on Spank Recs. Rec Radio 1 session, prod by Spiritualised keyboardist Tim Lewis & aired nationally during May01 Single Triple X Sun rec’d national airplay & new LP ‘Now Or Ever’ rel Dec02. Split ’03 (website)

Reliant Recording Studios – 4 track rec studio in Colwyn Bay (1988-96) run by Robin Hemuss. Robin’s unique engineering skills could manage remarkable feats for a 4 track studio, undoubtedly the best being the recording of the Sons of Selina debut single Anxiety which rec’d regular Radio One airplay. Other bands such as Black Listed, Babakin used the facilities. Never a commercial venture RRS was more of a paying hobby.

Robin Reliant – ex-member of 4Q, Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials Sons of Selina. (See Hemuss)

Remedy – rock/blues band from Holyhead (2003), feat; Mel (voc,gtr), Rachel (gtr), Siobhan (harmnca), Adam, Jay (drms). (website)

Ian & Sarah Renfrew – friends of Neil Crud who helped with the Crud fanzine & 4Q publicity machine by penning letters of complaint to the press. Ian met Neil through working at the arcade in Colwyn Bay & endured many a 4Q concert after kindly driving the band to exotic locations such as Bradford. Moved to Goole in early 90s.

Reno Corrado Pimps – Caernarfon based, indie-rock (mainly covers) band (c2009) (website)

The Republic – Prestatyn based rock band of the early 1990’s. Feat; Kev Bailey (bass,voc), Mike Jones (gtr). Noted more for their massive egos rather than songwriting abilities. Hated by the local populace because of their total cheesy set up, a fact which they could not see. Egos became so big that the band actually believed they were a real rock star outfit & lived out their fantasies to the extent of organising a well publicised concert at the 600 capacity Pavilion Theatre in Rhyl. When less than 100 people attended, & most of those being friends of the support acts (see Sync) the realisation finally hit home & the band split. They enjoyed a brief resurrection when guitarist Mike Jones recorded a CDr of the band’s ‘finest’ moments & sent it to the press in 1999. Website Coaster 99 carried a send up of the band. (See also Pulse)

Repercussion – “Improv Punk/Rock/Dance” side project (c2003) feat members of Die Kast Messiah – Domo (gtr) & Lee (samples/gtr) and Surrealism’s James Barwis (voc), Dave Majoros (drms) and Danny Moo (bass) (nephew of Dusty Moo). Played 3 gigs, where the idea is that the band will practice once the day before and then rely totally on improvisation skills to perform at the gig the next night. Songs range from punk stylees to Aphex Twin-like drum & bass tracks. Also do a cover of Babakin classic “Posh Punx“.

Resistance – Rhyl band of mid-70s, feat; Pete Carr, Andy Gray (RIP), Phil Kelly and Mogga (later Harvest Moon, Beez Kneez). Dave Cookson (ex Spiral) stood in on drums for them when their drummer broke his foot, ‘They conned me really, as I was the only one who could drive, so I had to pick up a van from Bagillt at 3pm, pick the band up, drive to Bangor, play the gig, then get them all back, and they didn’t pay me!’  Dave Sharp (The Alarm) says, ‘They [and Skindeep] were the main professional type bands in the area; particularly Resistance who were playing up and down the country. We [Pax] tried to aspire to them, but not just us, everyone who wanted to be in a band.’ They made the newspapers when they played a gig naked as Skin Deep‘s Dave Tattum explains, ‘Resistance did a tour of the American air bases in Germany (c1973). They did it [naked] as a publicity stunt and it got into the Sunday papers (see pic). Andy’s father who owned Grays electrical shop at the top of town in Prestatyn was not pleased as he was a local councillor at the time.’

Resonate – Deeside band (formed 2003), feat; Marcus Hoffman (keys), Gaz Burkhill (voc,gtr), Mark Wallis (gtr), Richard Jackson (bass), Chris Goodfellow (drms). Played Bar Blu, Rhyl few times (Nov03, Feb04) (website)

Restless Natives – Band from Rhyl (1992-3) feat; Steve Buckley (bass) (see also Mr Big Time Recs, GMX Stuns), Eric Pinkerton (voc), from Llandudno, Chris Morell (drms), (from Prestatyn), Andy Cotton (gtr). Played Trotters, a couple of gigs in Llandudno (one being the Band Stand) & Rhyl adventure playground. (Changed name to Sometimes). See also Buried in Concrete, Numb.

Revelation – Bangor band (c1995) prev called Power Gruj, feat; Stuart Jones (bass), Stuart Pritchard, Ian Cunniff (drms). Debut LP Lol-ee Pop Men. Ian left to be replaced by Carwyn Jones & rel LP The Great Fake Yawn. Changed name to Tom Certain, City of Lights.

Reverse – Conwy band (c2010). Played Civic Hall 25.4.10. More info req’d

Revival – Wrexham based band (2004), took part in Stiwt Battle of Bands competition. More info req’d

The Revolutionary Spirit – Wrexham psychedelic-stoner band (formed 2010), feat; James Tindle, Josh Page, Jared Tindle, Greg Michell. Rel single Last Memories (on Cool For Cats 26.3.12), followed by 7″ Sunshine (Sounds of Salvation), then Barrowmore EP (Jun15), followed by the album ‘Feel Music’ (19.01.18) (spotify) (live video)

Revolution – Radio Wales show predecessor to Musical Mystery Tour, presented by Adam Walton, known for being a champion of local bands as well as interviewing Oasis, Blur, Public Enemy, Pixies, Rage Against the Machine. Aired demos from then-unknowns 60ft Dolls, Super Furries, Melys. (website)

Revurb – Wrexham rock band, prev called The Unwanted (changed name Mar08), feat; Nick Edwards (voc,gtr), Daniel Edwards (gtr), Scott Pugh (bass) (who replaced Tim Feb09), Jason Williams (drms). Demo described in The Fly ‘zine as ‘Strong guitar grooves mixed with thoughtful vocals and harmonies’ (Oct09) (website)

Rewind – drum’n’bass nights began Apr03 by Adam James at the Waterloo Inn, Bangor. Also started holding nights at Hendre Hall & Time/Amser in the city. (website)

Rhemp – 2009 project by Johnny R of R-Bennig Recs, playing the most obscure of obscure stuff; just how he likes it..! (website)

Rich Dick & The Phallic Emblems – was a name Prestatyn 6th formers gave their band for literally ‘5 minutes’ before settling on The Vaj.

The Ridden – punk band feat; Dafydd Williams (bass) (also of Hoodwink), his sister, Lowri Williams, Joe Coope (drms) (also of Hoodwink). More info req’d

The Riffs – Wrexham band, split in two in 2013 and members formed Loé and Modern King

Righteous Anger – anarcho-punk label and distribution run by Global Parasite in Colwyn Bay (set up 23.4.10 on the rel of GP’s album Momento Mori) and part of the Pumpkin Recs Collective. (website)

Rise Paul Dyson project, have supported Mike Peters & Wildhearts, split due to drummer apathy & re-emerged as Rise2.

Rise2 – project (2002), feat; Paul Dyson (voc,bass,gtr), Phil Goodwin (voc), Mark Tooth (drms), Andy Deeble (gtr), Geth Foulkes (b.voc).Previously called Rise

Roach – short lived Bangor band consisting of J.A.Skin (Skinflick) (voc,gtr), I.Panchaud (Plastic) (gtr), Noaksey (Plastic) (drms), J.Williams (Skinflick) being drunk & badly playing bass. Played a few gigs, but concentrated more on drinking than playing.

Road-Kill – Band (c2006), 4-pc from Ysgol Creuddyn in Penrhyn Bay, feat; Aled (voc), Dan (gtr), Huw (gtr), Simon (bass), Daniel Ryland (drms). Began as a 3-pc and all bar Simon (Bangor) attend Ysgol Creuddyn, Penrhyn Bay (website)

Cal Roberts – singer-songwriter from Bagillt, noted for his heart-on-his-sleeve output. Has supported Pete Docherty and Pigeon Detectives. Had session aired on Adam Walton‘s BBC Radio Wales Show 14.12.08

Dean Roberts – Rhyl based PR to James & involved with The Prodigy. Former promoter of The Stand in Rhyl.

Dean Roberts – Born 1964, Shrewsbury. aka Dean Obscene & The Dean. Like many of his day, moved to the seaside to be on the dole. Moved up with friend Skin, & they formed No Answer in 1984, briefly became a member of The Ruptured Kidneys with Neil Crud & Edi Filmstar in 1985 before pursuing an unusual career route of being a traffic warden. Several warnings of mixing with the likes of the Crud Crew led him to leave his job & was asked to join Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials in 1991. Moved back to native Shrewsbury in 1993, briefly reformed PSST as a trance act with Paul Hammond in 1998, before reforming Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials proper in 2000. Moved to Philadelphia Jan03 for 6 months.

Gronw Roberts – member of Cint, Gronw had been a gigging musician since the age of 16, first playing guitar with the rock band Dylanwad Drwg (who rec an LP for Fflach, had videos played on S4C, & won the prize for best band in Wales’ National Festival in 1992), then bass for Diems & folk band Tra Bo Dau (who played their biggest gig in 1997 in front of 5,000 people & also recorded with Sain). He has also been seen acting on the Welsh TV channel S4C in the series’ “Y Parc” & “Cerddwn Ymlaen” (alongside actors that starred in films such as “Twin Town”) & also completed a Media Studies degree at the University of Wales Bangor. Also wrote music for television (S4C) & appeared as a session musician on S4C’s millennium eve programme.

Mike Roberts – Rock photographer from Bangor. ‘I’ve worked as a freelance music/culture photographer and press photojournalist since 1987. I’ve taken images of Royalty, politicians, celebrities like supermodel Caprice, singer Cerys Matthews & Catatonia, Thin Lizzy, Status Quo, Tia Magraff, One Night of Queen, Ska Cubano, Transglobal Underground, Davey Spillane, Unsigned local bands Capguns, Upstarts, Radio Luxembourg, Trader, and The Stilletoes.’

Rochester’s Thorn – Instrumental guitar project by Caernarfon based Guy Barlow (ex Army Of Crows). Rel ‘Monad EP’ (25.07.23) (bandcamp)

Rockcliffe Studios – Llandudno 16 track digital studio run by Simon Gardner since 1984, has hosted Supermania, 4Q, Frank’s Dad, TKRK, Trinity, Sons of Selina, Alien Matter, Pocket Venus, Fudged, Elapse, Flea Cirkus, Indiana. Simon is also known as DJSG who had the techno hit Sospan Fach.

Rockfest – ill fated rock festival at Rhyl’s Events Arena 27.08.96. Organised by Noel Kershaw as a charity bash for Shelter Cymru, but poor promotion and planning led to low attendance & complaints about the noise. Headliners Sons of Selina and Primitive Faith never got to play as the council pulled the plug. Earlier bands got play incl; Psychotic Eye, Clan Morrigan, Subtopia.

Rockin’ Gomez – Rhyl’s best (& only!) psychobilly act who had a fluid line up built around the slap bass of Carl Gunther (later of Lonesome Boys). Manic first gigs featured Neville Wilding (later of The Fall, Hangar Straight) (voc,gtr & audience abuse), with Rob Curran (ex Storm) (gtr) & Terry Jackson (drms) borrowed from Ocean Rane. Following Nev’s departure Lee Davies (gtr) took over lead vocals & a guy named Ben came in on rhythm guitar. Eventually split in half, not because of musical differences, but because of a near fistfight outside the Wine Bar in Rhyl. Band did a version of Stray Cats hit but changed the name & words to Stray Cat Fuck.

Rock Hall – Deeside band of early seventies, feat; Billy Byles, Dave Roberts, Dave Field, Mike Bibby. Sadly Dave Roberts and Billy no longer with us.

Rocking The Gogs

Rocking The Gogs – two-part radio documentary put together by Gareth Jones (Gaz Top) covering the musical history of Colwyn Bay Pier and The Tivoli, Buckley. Also features Neil Crud. Broadcast on BBC Radio Wales 3rd and 10th Sept 2016

The Rocks – Wrexham band feat members later in Oceanblue. More info req’d

Ronnie Ashtrayface – short lived Wrexham band (2002), feat; Paul Dyson.

Rope – Mold-based punk band, sound like Husker Du. Feat; Craig ‘Crag’ Williams (bass, drm machine prog) (ex Blasphemy Squad & Wanton Thought), Richard Harrison (gtr,voc) (ex Blasphemy Squad, Daisychain, Metroland, The Immediate) & Chris Williams (gtr) (ex NRG, Akimbo & Wanton Thought). Rel excellent mini-album ‘Birdsong’ on Boss Tuneage recs (12.03.01). Rec session for Adam Walton’s Musical Mystery Tour on BBC Radio Wales (26.05.02)

The Rosary – Anglesey band (c2012) feat; Bryn Hughes Williams, Leon Williams, Huw Parry, Gafyn Malone (bass), Kai Jones. Formerly called Y Cer. (listen)

The Roseville Band – Wrexham based rock band (formed 2009), feat; Andy Jones (voc,gtr), Steve Jones (gtr), James Edwards (drms), (all ex-Crosbi), Neal Thompson (bass) (ex Mother of Six). Have toured Nth America and rel 3 albums, ‘Little Eyes In The Universe,’  ‘Shake The Walls’ (2011 – Tri-Tone/PIAS) and ‘Temper’ (Oct13). Andy and Neal are behind Wrexham’s annual Focus Wales festival.

Rotten Plazma – A ‘juggernaut-like’ force of pure aggression, progressive thrash metal, psychedelic, industrial & alternative formation elements band from Rhyl, feat; Mono (voc,bass), Dreas (drms), Ben (gtr), Joe (gtr). Debut gig at Pencore, Penmaenmawr (16.06.12).

Rough Vision – alt-rock band from Rhyl (formed 2018)

Roundabout – Wrexham/Chester/Mold based Indie band. Formed Jan90 feat; David Clutton (gtr,voc), Tim Holdsworth (bass), Andy Jones (voc), Jake Hemmings (gtr), Kevin Antrobus (drms). Gigged around Chester – 60’s Wine Bar etc. Rec demo at Dead Sound Studios. Andy and Jake left to form Girohead, rest of band became Cousin Grace.

Route 66 – band feat, Mark Thatcher (ex Llwybr Cyhoeddus, Grams, later Deadline) and John Watson (later Deadline)

Rozzys Rock Shop – Holyhead music shop (c2012) on William St, selling instruments and accessories and offering PA hire and tuition.

RRS – see Reliant Recording Studios

R. Seiliog – Alias to Robin Edwards, musician/producer from Peniel, North Wales, relocated Cardiff. He was member of Mwsog up until 2011. Released debut 10″ ‘Shuffles’ (Peski Records 2012), followed by ‘Doppler’ (12″ on Turnstile 2013) then Mt.Essa (CD single 2014). Debut album ‘In HZ’ (28.11.14) was followed by ‘Megadoze’ (13.11.18) and the EP ‘Folds’ (01.11.19), and 3rd album ‘Ash Dome’ (on Cue Dot 27.08.21). Also known for recording/touring duties with H.Hawkline, Cate Le Bon & Euros Childs (website)

R-Soul – Deeside indie band, c2006. More info req’d

Rubber Gorillas – Bethesda based outfit (pre-1992). More info req’d.

Ruby’s Promise – Llangollen/Wrexham based band (1996 – 2008), feat; Deb Edwards (now Ritchie) (voc), Barrie Roberts (drms) (both ex Unholy Joe’s), Andy Williams (gtr) (now of Start), Matt Henson (bass) (ex Steel Monkeys), replaced (2003) by Andy’s brother Steve ‘Stubsy’ Williams (ex Piste n Broke). Rec live session for Radio Wales (2001), Deb also promoted gigs at the Sun Inn, Llangollen. Deb relocated to Birmingham in 2004 and fronted metal band Less For Murder. Ruby’s Promise used a replacement female singer occasionally before calling it a day in 2008. Barrie was later in  Nightwing.

David Ruddle – Holywell based singer / songwriter (c2010), orig from Crewe (website)

Run Down – Holyhead rock band, feat; Matthew Newbigging (voc,gtr), Aled Hughes (bass), Nathan Chaplin (gtr), Jason Chaplin (drms) (website)

Running With Scissors – duo from Huddersfield (c2023), relocated to Ynys Mon. Shelley Lee Aldred and Stuart Comins originally came together in the covers band Qwax many years ago. As Running With Scissors they have produced 2 albums and perform live. (website)

Run 229Mod band from Shotton, active between 1979-81. Feat; Stephen Jones (gtr), Mark Allen (voc), Nick Carr (bass), John Jones (gtr), and Ray Bibby (drms). Took their name from the number plate of their tour van! Rel single Soho / Dance / In This Day And Age in 1980 on MM Records. A 2nd single was planned with the title track Emily, but they split immediately prior to its release. A posthumous 17 track album ‘Mod-Eration’ was released by MM in Jul09.

Ruptured Kidneys – 1985 saw the last of the imaginary bands Neil Crud formed with his mates, although wanting to play on stage Neil lacked 2 essential qualities, instruments & musicianship. Nevertheless, the band was devised with Neil, Dean Obscene & Edi Filmstar, there was no drummer so they elected a bin(?) to do the honours. The band became a characterisation in issues of Crud. (see also 4Q, Hate Time, PSST, Sons of Selina)

RussFest – annual private festival-bash in Halkyn. 2003 feat Flint Big Ship jam night band (basically ex-Foghorn Leghorn) with support from Everyday People, Superbad and Breakout. Festival named in honour of Land Owner and Guitarist !


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