North Wales: Po – Q

Pneuma – Wrexham band feat members who went onto form Oceanblue. More info req’d

Pocketknife – band based in Manchester but originated in Denbigh (c2010), feat; Sian Hayward (voc,gtr), Gambler (bass), Tom Boardman (drms)

Pocket Venus – (pic) Colwyn Bay based 5-pc band formed 1996, feat; Chris Yates (voc,gtr) (ex Supermania, Lemon Sole, Slide, later Gotti), Steve Jones (gtr) (ex Supermania, later Hogchild), Naldo Algieri (bass) (ex Supermania, Fatty Hatners, Lemon Sole), Dave Robinson (keys), Pete Ryan (drms) (ex Wild Orchid, now Pinc Ffloyd), played gigs across the country Manchester (In The City) Hop and Grape, Boardwalk, Roadhouse, London – Red Eye, Barfly, Pigstock 2001, Breeding Ground just to name a few. The band also feat on Radio One The Evening Session on the strength of their demos rec at Rockcliffe in Llandudno. Prev members incl; Chris Bainbridge (gtr) and ex-Cyrff Mark Kendal (drms). Signed to Secrets of Sound Music (Jul01) to rel debut EP Make it Through Your Day (SOS006) which subsequently led to airplay from John Peel, Dyfan Tudur, Mark Radcliffe and Adam Walton, with the latter giving them a session on his show (20.01.02). EP has also been networked on ProgRockFM in USA and playlisted on Aural Innovations (Ohio), Alchemical Radio and Radio Marabu (NYC) as well as Pogopop FM in Italy. Shortly after rec 2nd single Tell Me Why (SOS007), Steve Jones quit (Oct02), unable to fulfill commitments. Dyfed Roberts (gtr) (ex Gwacamoli, later Gotti) replaced him and the rel was re-scheduled for 02.03.03. Band took most of 2003 off and never reformed. Jun08, Yates, Naldo, Dave and Dyfed announced they were reforming along with Steve Flavell (drms) (ex Static, Gotti, Hogchild), the line-up never got further than rehearsals but by Dec10, Yates, Naldo and Dave were joined by Chris Ryan (gtr) (ex Kona, Pinc Ffloyd) and Hargi (drms) (also Morffe, Carpet, Wobbly Hearts) with a return lo-key gig in Penrhyn Bay 29.12.10, Hargi was soon replaced by Simon Barton (ex Mojo) and they began playing regularly, inc support to Ultrasound in London (26.01.12) up until 2013 around rel of new single Back To Make It Better (more).

Pod – Funk-metal band (formed 1995) feat; Duncan Black (gtr,banjo) (ex Skinflick, Mucus, Papa Lazaroo, Rabo De Toro etc), Tom Davenport (drms,voc) (later joined Scunthorpe’s Olivine), Craig Douglas (bass) and Diane Wilson (voc). Got together when Duncan attended Uni at Crewe & Alsager in Cheshire. They sounded like Primus with a female reggae singer. One demo rec. Played regularly at the Uni, but split Jun96 when Duncan graduated and returned to North Wales.

Poets of Justiceband formed by Mike Peters in 1992, (the Poets being formerly the Llanrwst band Jess). They toured extensively during that year. The band went through a line up change in 1993, and started working under the name Mike Peters and the Poets.

Point of Contact – Wrexham metal band (formed Apr03), feat; Dav Williams (voc), John Willmott (gtr), Krae (bass), Craig Jones (drms). Rel demo ‘Moulded Nation’.

Poison Dwarf – Colwyn Bay band (formed 78) by Nick Foulkes (gtr) and Steve Finnigan (drms) and joined by Snozz (Tony Hughes) (voc), Mark Roberts (bass) & Paul Hippy (gtr). Played at the battle of the bands along side Shylock, Trident, Zenith and Excalibur. Slight line up change in 1980 led to name change to Sgt Fury

Polar Bear Beach – band from Denbigh / St Asaph (c2010), provided music to the film Vinyl – The Movie (more info req’d)

Polythene – Band 2001, feat; Alun Williams (gtr) (later Jives Room), Tom Williams (gtr, pie eater), Rob Sherrington (bass,voc), Rhys Edwards (drms). Played MASE 08.04.02 (website). Split Summer 03.

Pondman – in 2002, Fiona and Gorwel Owen rel an album ‘In Between’ under the name Pondman (on their own Yamoosh! label) that stood in stark contrast to their previous pioneering electronic work, comprising as it did, a selection of beautifully arranged subtle low-key acoustic songs. It saw Gorwel forsaking his trusty mini-Moog and Akai S3000XL in favour of the more pastoral tones of the acoustic guitar, weaving a delicate lattice around Fiona’s ethereal and richly poetic voice. An all-star cast of guests helped out on the album, including Wales’ leading exponent of the ancient crwth, Cass Meurig, noted jazz double bassist Owen Lloyd Evans and various members of Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci. There was a 6 year wait for the follow up ‘Spring Always Comes’, for which the couple retired the Pondman name, crediting it simply to Fiona and Gorwel Owen. The album was well worth the wait and every bit as good as ‘In Between’. They rec a session for Adam Walton’s Radio Wales show in 2012. (bandcamp)

Popeye’s Dik – Band formed 1990 in Wrexham first line up was; John McVicker (voc,vomit,spit), Terry Allen (gtr), Mike Allen (dbl bass), Diane Wharton (drms). Members came and went over the years. 1st CD single Lose Your Load rel on Dutch labek Kik-4-U (Nov94). Then nothing ‘til 1999 when band returned with 2nd CD single Country Smokin Blues which feat Bugsy (bass) (ex Goodnight Said Florence). Since then McVicker has worked with various -stars- of the psychobilly scene rel Take Your Punishment cd single (2001) and debut LP ‘A Fix From The Fez’ (Crazy Love Recs 2003). Rel a singles collection ‘The Good, The Bad And The Ugly’ (mid05). Followed by Elvis Has Left The Building (2007 Prican Porn Dealer recs) since then sporadic live appearances & have feat on comp LPs. Despite battles with alcohol and the CSA they hope to be in the studio 2011-12. See also Casual Fuck Fiends

Pop Positif – collective set up by Anhrefn to get like minded people and musicians to keep the Welsh alternative scene vibrant. Based in Bangor, they met once a month and traded gigs, ideas and values.

Poppies – night club opposite the Faenol Fawr hotel in Bodelwyddan, renowned as an alternative nightclub in the early 1980s. Had 2 dance floors, one shrouded in black for the goths, the other for the disco kids. Closed by the turn of the next decade.

Poppyfields – (2004), a guise for The Alarm who rel a single 45 RPM, which charted in Feb04.

The Popty Ping Recording Company – record label run by Chester based Andy Black since 2012. Releases 7″ coloured vinyl singles, usually as a platform for up and coming indie bands. Each with a quirky sleeve designed like a microwave meal, Has released Gintis, Chroma, Trecco Beis among others. (bandcamp)

Glyn Porrino – Llandudno based rock guitarist and founding member of Harvest Moon, then member of Stepping Stones / White Tygrz / Nightwing / Manalishi. Porrino sessioned a European tour with Nightwing and split Harvest Moon in 1984 on his return after a disagreement with keyboardist David Evans. He remained with million seller, six album Nightwing, whose most recent rel incl critically acclaimed ‘Natural Survivors’ (1996), and re-rel critically acclaimed live album ‘Night Of Mystery Alive’ (1985/2002) for which Gordon Rowley (Strife / CSN / Rainbow / Razorback / Nightwing) was nominated as “Rock Producer of the Year” by Music Week. Also played in Karac (c2007).

Portrait Of A Lifetime – big beat / industrial / hardcore band from Holyhead (formed Dec03), feat; Jamie Burne (voc) (ex 5 Miles High, Indecline) and Stuart Burne (gtr,voc). Have prev also feat; Ben Norris (drms), Arwel Jones (gtr), Ben Clarke (bass), Tom Johnson (live) (gtr), Steve White (voc) and Lee Crimes (gtr). (c2005) Duncan Black says, ‘They went electronic a while back and started making dancey noises with heavy guitar. The only missing piece of information in the write up is that they’re fucking ace! I’ve seen them live 3 times and the singer collapsed at Hendre Hall through sheer exhaustion (it was totally real – none of that ‘I’m a bit of a psycho’ nonsense that bands act out these days). People were genuinely worried about him. They give every gig 110%’ Rel 2 EPs, ‘Sideways Across Networks’ (2007) and ‘From The Lung of a Harbour Town’ (2009). Jamie would later resurface in Bastions (2010), Sleep Beggar (2015-19) and Cartograverse (2021) (spotify)

The Pot – venue / snooker hall on Rhyl High Street on the site of the former Plaza Cinema, run by Yvette Giblin (2017-20). Top room used as a venue with gigs promoted by Mark Chesterton.

Pot And Kettle – pub in Rhyl (on Bodfor St, on former site of Boswells Restaurant). Used as an occasional venue. Run by Yvette Giblin. Closed Mar16.

Pot Jam – Denbigh hardcore band formed (Nov91) by Aled Price (gtr) and Gwyds (bass). Soon joined by Iwan (voc), Hefin (drms), Alwyn (keys), Nixon (gtr). Gigged with Wncl Ffestr, Beganifs, etc. Regrettably after a few gigs and a few months, Nixon was asked to leave, which marked the beginning of the end for the band. Played with just 1 guitar but the sound wasn’t quite right. James was brought in on guitars, but frankly was not a very good guitarist. The band eventually drifted apart. Aled and Gwyds did a few projects together, Nixon got on with other stuff. Iwan is now on TV. Not to be mistaken with Aberystwyth band of same name.

Poundstore Riot – project (Apr14), feat; Ashley Cooke (Pulco, Derrero) and Stu Kidd (ex Wellgreen, BMX Bandits) (website)

Power Gruj – Bangor schoolboy band (c1994) feat; Stuart Pritchard, Ian Cunniff (drms) (ex Hatework, Something Personal) and Lee Hughes (bass), played a few gigs before Lee left and Stuart Jones joined on bass. Became more popular in locality and changed name to Revelation (see also Tom Certain).

Powers Of Pain – Penycae 5-pc metal band (early 90s), feat; Bill Hughes. More info req’d

Predictors – Corwen punk band of late 70s, feat; Wayne (voc), Gary Jones (gtr), Nick Reynolds (bass), Chud (drms). Who lived in Betws GG and rehearsed in a commune called Commerce House, occupied by London hippies. Played a few gigs, inc festivals, Chester Arts Centre and opening for The Clash, Adam and The Antz, Ian Dury and Seventeen supported them in Rhyl. Had some record label people come to their abode to invite them to London to play; only to be told they ‘didn’t entertain cockney posers so fuck off back.’ Jim Evans saw them for the 1st time at a free festival on The Horseshoe Pass near Llangollen, ‘There were a few Liverpool punks who I met there who had come to see them, who like me saw them once and were blown away. I had never heard of them until they played, and what a band! After they had played I got speaking with Chud, who was a really cool guy.’ Wayne left in 1979 and they split up because they seemed to attract nutcases, who when playing in England would always end up fighting with the locals at the gigs, and smashing the place up. Played their final gig to a packed audience at Marthas Vine Yard in Wrexham. Jim continues, ‘I met a guy in London in the early 90s who was at college in Wrexham, and he had lots of photos of them, and 4 track recordings of gigs as he followed them around. They were the best thing to come from Wales; believe me.’ Trevor Williams says, ‘On a couple of occasions they would play under different names, because of the Henchmen (local hell’s angels) who had promised to come and cause problems (because they didn’t want punk bands playing festivals). After the split some members formed State Secrets.

Y Preifateerwyr – Catchpenny Recs artist (2002) rel CD single ‘Llong Danfor’ airplayed on Radio Amgen in Feb02

Premonition – Flint based band (late 99 – mid 2000) feat; Iain Tucker (voc) (ex ‘Darling Buds Of May’ actor and ex-Ocean Rane), Steven Shaw (drms), Ricky Spangle (bass) (ex Hand Relief, ex Ali Todd and Lurker – occasionally Real Crazy Apartment) Paul Williams (gtr) (ex Ocean Rane). Formed from regulars of Flint Borough Club Friday night jam sessions – band played over 20 gigs around pubs and clubs in N.Wales/Cheshire. Rec 4 track cd at Merlin Music ‘With The Prems’ also cut live demos in Flint Borough club they band were eventually banned from here in May00 due to audience nudity.

Premonitions – band (Jan06) from somwhere in England, but feat; natives of Rhyl, feat; ‘Hot’ Scott Causer (ex Pig, Surfin Birds, Fantastic, PSST, Electric Mainline, later Cult Of Free Love), Ollie (Andrew Oliver) (ex Suicidal Flowers, Necrobastards and editor of Funky Fringe and Astro Zombie zines), Rob Snapshot (ex Hooper). Described as Welsh gothic psychedelia. See also Northern Star Recs (website)

Huw Prestatyn publicist and follower of alternative Welsh music in the late 1980’s involved with the fanzine Chmyll, then Skald (2002). Actually lived in Rhuddlan, but Prestatyn is easier to say than Huw Rhuddlan (ace poster for film idea 1985). Now lives in Menai Bridge.

Prevent Forest Fires – Hippyish early 80s duo from Rhyl, feat; John Daly (voc,ac-gtr) Mike Lewis (voc,ac-gtr). Had 2 tracks, Nobody Cares and Lennon’s Across The Universe on the ‘Systems of Attraction’ comp tape The highlight of their set was a version of the Fireball XL5 theme and Mike eventually followed Mercenary Skank to London where he was involved with the Jesus and Mary Chain while John was seen a few years ago busking outside Boots. Also billed on the CND benefit festival at the Queens in Rhyl 21.2.81. Released a split cassette single with Tempodex titled ‘Blue Light’ on Working Men’s Tapes in 1981

Prime Time Preachers – Deeside band (early 90s), feat; Mike Cain, Matthew Shaw. Supported the Manic Street Preachers at the Tivoli.

Primitive Faith – indie band (c1994) from Vicars Cross, Chester, feat; Paul Marland (voc), Graham Kay (gtr), Alan Parry (bass), Andy Jones (drms). Rel 4track demo ‘Symbol of Tranquillity’. More info req’d

Recordiau Prin – label (2016) run by Ashley Cooke (of Pulco) from his Snowdonia enclave. First rel was the compilation album ‘Iechyd Da – A Tribute To Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci’ (28.04.16), followed by Pulco’s 7″ EP Solid Geometry (28.05.16), then Tremolo Ghosts album ‘Supercomputer Designs Seashells’ (23.06.16), and several more inc Derrero comeback album ‘Curvy Lines’ (Oct22) (website)

Y Profiad – Caernarfon / Bangor based 6-piece band (2000/1) feat; Steve ‘Pablo’ Jones (formerly of Harvest Moon, Burn, Stone Cold), Llion (voc), Chris Squirrel (drms) (ex Mucus, FDF, Red, Babies With Rabies), Nathan Owen (gtr) (ex Blue Voodoo, Y Moniars and Feely Bands). Rel Sefwch Hefo Ni on Sain Recs (May02). More info req’d.

Proffwyd – Bethesda based outfit (pre-1992). More info req’d.

Project Blue – Rhyl band (early 80s), feat; Kevin Sprostan (voc), Dave Salt (bass), Neil Parry (keys). Heavily influenced by Comsat Angels. More info req’d.

Proper Gander Music & Mediaservice offering N.Wales bands support on a variety of levels, putting them in touch with promoters, venues, studios etc (c2010).

Prophet Scizmatic – band (mid 80s)?; feat; Mark Duffield. More info req’d.

Prototype of Hatred – Anglesey thrash band (c2011), feat; Robert ‘Phish” Hartin (voc), Ben Attrill (gtr), Matt Pritchard (gtr), Mat Walker (drms)

pRRvRRt – Colwyn Bay project by Dominic Tanner. Rel eponymous album (on Idlechrist Aug14). The sleevenotes perhaps descibe it best, ‘This album is an attempt to expose the true improvisational nature of machines; all events are sequenced yet triggered randomly through their notation to create an entirely new instance each time they are played. The resulting tracks are a window into one possibility of such instances, combined with the interference of human succession to portray apologies towards the free-jazz movement with intent on harming horror movie soundtrack sensibilities.’ Rec session on Neil Crud’s TudnoFM Show (03.04.17). See also Irma Vep, Klaus Kinski, Damir Bojanic) (bandcamp)

Psilocybin – band (2001) Llandudno, feat; James Latimer (later Dead Hedgehog, Anti Virus), Fraser, Gaz and Tony. Described as a mix of grunge, indie and depression. Have 2 tracks on the MASE ‘No Boundaries’ CD – Different, Pissing. More info req’d.

PSST – alternative abbreviation for Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials, the band did announce that PSST was to be a permanent name change but it never stuck.

PSST 2001 – The name Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials was resurrected by Paul Hammond in 1998 as he and Dean ‘Obscene’ Roberts briefly regrouped to record new dance material, after many threats to reform they re-rec Liar (Mar01) and accidentally got it onto BBC Radio 1FMs ‘Session Exposure’ (accidentally meaning Mr Big Time put the track on a comp CD to fill up the space!). Spurred on by the renewed interest they combined Dean’s simple yet distinguished guitar playing and Paul’s clever lyrics with the new technology at their disposal. Former Babakin mainstay, Dusty Moo joined the band in July. Rel CD ‘Just Pigeons and Shit’ feat tracks, Posh Punks, Hit’n’run Girl and the remarkable reworking of the Buzzcocks’ Something’s Gone Wrong Again. Nov01, band rel Goldenballs an England World Cup tribute single and start massive publicity campaign. Oct03 rel CD ‘UA 0571’. Reworked old Sons of Selina track Creatures of The Night (2004) which was played endlessly by DJs at Bar Blu, Rhyl. Band eventually withered down in 2007 with the advent of Hammond’s new project deadsexys. In Mar17, Hammond released the album ‘Men Of Principle’ which had lain unreleased for 10 years.

Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials Rhyl indie-punk band 1990-93 by Paul ‘Scouse Git’ Hammond (voc), Mark Reece (gtr), Ken ‘Lenin’ Humphreys (bass) (later Branchala), Jon Waring (drms) (ex-Destroyed). Spelling of the name has also been without the ‘r’, as in, Psychosexual Sex Terrestials, also known as PSST and were nearly called ‘Monty’s Cheesy Waffle’. A rift between Paul and the 2 guitarists formed the basis on how the band would continue with the latter 2 trying to sue Paul for £2.17. Robin ‘Reliant Ringpiece’ Hemuss (gtr) (ex 4Q, later of Sons Of Selina) joined with ‘Hot’ Scott Causer (bass) (later Pig, Perfect Blue, Premonitions, Electric Mainline) (who played only 1 gig with the bass unplugged). Then Neil Crud (gtr) (ex 4Q, Sons of Selina) made a couple of guest appearances before joining permanently when Robin left. Dean ‘Obscene’ Roberts (gtr) (ex No Answer, Dam Yankee and Hate Time) was also drafted in as was Aubyn Dyke (b.voc), and Scott was ousted to be replaced by Dave ‘The Rave’ Jones (bass) (later of Agent 1475 and The Fluff). Jon left to go to Canada and Tommy Lee (drms) (ex Sigmoidoscopy) stepped in. Rel few demos, the best known being Like it or Lump it which had a bonus tracks Christmas Again and Shut yer Face by Jon Bon 10p. Another rel also bizarrely feat Off to See Isaac which is a Sons of Selina recording but attributed to PSST. Neil Crud was acrimoniously sacked on the eve of the release of the band’s debut single Stuart (on TLC), and replaced by Matt Simcox (gtr). They rel a 2nd 7″ single Birth (on TLC) which was played on Steve Wright’s Radio One Breakfast Show before splitting up. The track Birth has also surfaced as a 4 track CD also feat Godzilla Death Flange and a live version of Beirut in Rhyl on Mr Big Time recs in 2000. Joined by 26yr old Tina Murray (voc) in Feb04. Other brief members include Graham Bevins (bass) (see Mercenary Skank), Stuart Maxwell (see Fluff), and Jon Yale (see Elephants Home). See also GMX Stuns, Punk AF Radio. (discography)

Psychotic Eye – Rhyl band (c1996), feat; Rick Martin (drms), Darren Bradbury (voc,gtr), Andy Kemp (gtr), Steve Thorpe (voc,bass). Played Rockfest at Events Arena, Rhyl 27.08.96. More info req’d

Psychotic Graffiti – Rhyl avant garde duo (c1980) comprising Richie Mark who was an assistant at Kavern Records in Rhyl plus Nigel Blacoe who worked as a psychiatric nurse. They demoed a version of Beatles’ Helter Skelter that was even more skewed than the Banshees version but split within about a year of forming. Had 2 tracks; Billy and Presage Of Civil War on the ‘Systems of Attraction’ comp tape. More info req’d.

Psycodeth – Rhyl thrash metal band (formed 26.01.12), feat; Sam Evans (gtr,voc) (later of Terminal Voyeurs), Callum ‘Koonan’ Keenan (gtr), Dean Dippnall (bass), Joseph Young (drms). Debut gig at Cooneys, Rhyl 24.03.12. Ex-member Ryan was sacked 12.08.12. Rel EP ‘Church of Misery’ (Oct13) (website)

Public CrueltyHailing from Coedpoeth, played numerous gigs in and around the Wrexham area during 1983/84. Songs included The Fits’ Listen To Me, Government, and their best known number, Cruelty 83. Moved towards the inevitable Alarm-influenced output in the mid-80s before eventually throwing in the towel. Singer Rat went to to be in punk covers band, Ratarsed.

Pudstock  – one-off event in Denbigh (15.12.06) to promote late night shopping in the town. Organised by Heather Morris who convinced bands of the late 70s to reform for the show, such as 5th Column and Luke

Paul Puke – real name Paul Hulme, born Manchester 1965, but lived in Penrhyn Bay. Founding member and drummer of 4Q after harrassing Neil Crud throughout the spring of 1987 to form a band. Prev played drums for Fetish Fay and The Dark. Played 19 shows with 4Q between Jul87 and Jul88 before being sacked for lack of commitment. Joined heavy rock band NRG with Neil Crud ‘for a laugh’ in Oct87 and performed a couple of gigs after leaving 4Q. Now lives in Prestatyn.

Puking Mice – Chester punk band of early 80s formed by Paul Spizzle (from Prestatyn), Jim Dye and Rabid Dog. More info req’d.

Pulco –
 project (2002) by Ashley Cooke (ex Dererro), LP ‘Cactus Fog’ on Music Box Recs, then Wengen LP (Redlip Sep04). Had session aired on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales Show (06.11.05). Re-located to Bangor from South Wales. Rel LP ‘Triceratops’ (Folkwit Jul09) and several regular releases since then, inc ‘Solid Geometry EP’ (on Recordiau Prin May16), and 3 LPs in 2016, ‘Farmyard & Library’ (29.07.16), Chrome Toe (01.12.16), O’r Tu Allan (07.12.16). Ash announced in Mar17 that this year would be the last for Pulco, however he released a new album ‘Crustacean Theory’ (14.02.22) (website)

Pulse – Religious singer (real name Jesus Christ), from Prestatyn noted for his blind belief; not in God, but in himself; truly believes he has a special musical talent and that Pulse has a huge fan base, producing his own fanzine. This is a hangover from the days of his previous venture The Republic, who also thought they were ‘huge’ and soon split once the realisation was that the only big thing about the band and now Pulse is the egos. Local papers slated his original release which invoked a thread of complaints (by himself and friends) to the letters page. Pulse then released a CD album featuring material by TKRK, a band nothing to do with Pulse, which was praised in the press. Performed in front of 80,000 followers (or was it 8 ?) at Rhyl Events Arena (Jul00). Pulse however continued to provide internet entertainment through the parodies set up by the Coaster 99 and local newsgroups, and was also subject of a wind up when someone pretending to be Zoe Ball contacted him online asking him to lead a supergroup.

The Pumps – Bangor band of early 80s, (prev called Inverted Commas), feat; Brian Griffiths (drms), Paul Stroud (voc, bass), Ann Williams (keys) (all ex Hot Water) and John Wilce (gtr)

Punchdrunx – punk band from Wrexham (c2009), feat; James Flames (voc,gtr) (ex Stuntface), Ian Sane (gtr), Cobra Kai (bass), Nick Feratu (drms) (ex Stuntface). Rel 3 track demo ‘Britain’s Bleeding’ (late09). Played Dirty Weekend festival 2015.

Punk As Fuck – live online radio show hosted by Prestatyn based Paul Hammond. Began 08.04.20 during the Coronavirus Lockdown. Originally called Bedroom Bollocks. Abbreviated name to Punk AF. Show regularly features a lot of Aussie punk bands, so much that Paul and his daughter Jessie toured Australia in Jul23 and met several of the bands. (mixcloud)

Punk Rock Gospel Show – online podcast by Colwyn Bay’s Joe Hovis (ex Braxton Hicks, Bankshot), began in 2014. Was usually 30 mins crammed with underground punk and ska stuff (website)

Puppet Junk  – Wrexham band (formed 2001), feat; James Mobbs (gtr,voc), James Beckett (gtr), Mackey (bass), Kev (drms)

Pure Bears – Rhyl based trashy-punk band, feat; Calvin Jones (gtr,voc), Gaz Lewis (bass), James Barber (drms). Played debut gig at Zu Bar 24.9.08 (website)

Purple Chapter – 60s band from Rhyl, feat; Louis Parker (voc), Ivor Jones (gtr), Pete Walker (bass), Roy Poole (drms), replaced by Frank Garrett (also of Informers, Wonderful Grip). Frank says, ‘I replaced Roy when he went to London to become an actor. We basically played around North Wales like everyone else including The Palace, The Haven and The Queens (Rhyl). The band sort of fell apart when Louis had to honour his commitments to the family business (The Stables nightclub) and Parker Leisure.’ Frank was also in L’pool band Liverpool Scene

Pyrrhic Defeat Records – label / distribution set up by Mark Watson-Jones of Conwy. Serves as an outlet for his band Emissaries Of Syn, but also releases other equally abhorrent material, like the album ‘Isolated And Alone’ by Australian project Schkeuditzer Kreuz (Dec21) (website)

Pys Melyn – weird ensemble from Pwllheli since c2019. Feat; Ceiri Humphreys, Jac Williams, Lleu Humphreys, Sior Amor. Rel album ‘Bywyd Llonydd’ (2021) (spotify)

Pyw Dall – (1988-93), band from Anglesey feat Dave Macher (voc,bass), Dylan Williams (gtr), (Welsh TV personality) Tudur Owen (who replaced Steve Jones on drms). (full biog)

Quasimodo – Prestatyn based punk band (1977) feat, on gtr, David Kitchingman (later to become Dave Sharp of The Alarm), Nigel Buckle (drms), Glyn Crossley (bass) (later of The Toilets), and Karl Wallinger (later of World Party).

The Quays – band (2003), feat; Marcy (keys), Stu B (gtr), Wills (drms), Matt (bass) and Jamie R (gtr). Name acquired thanks to rehearsals above Cross Keys, Buckley. Gigged Cheshire, Nth Wales. Rec demos at SEA Liverpool. Band eventually became The Reads in  2003 (website). Bass player left after 3 rehearsals and one very pissed recording session, and was replaced by Clare (perc then bass). Drummer was replaced by a Laptop. As ‘The Reads’ the band were briefly signed to Prestatyn’s Leaping Cat label.

Queen Beats Jack – jumblesale band from Colwyn Bay (c2015), feat; Arron Cooper, Jon Abbott, Arwel Jones and Gordon Claydon. Rel ‘Demo’ (19.01.12) (bandcamp)

The Questions (later Uncle Herbert) at Colwyn Bay Pier, Jan. 14th 1967
The Questions
– beat band of the mid-1960s from Colwyn Bay. Feat; Haydn Bannister (voc), Pete Flaherty (drms), Steve Griffiths (bass), Martin Peel (gtr) and Mike Hall (keys). Sadly, Haydn, Steve & Pete are no longer with us. They played Colwyn Bay Pier 14.01.67 and Mike says, ‘We were the only band on stage that night, so it must have been a regular Saturday night dance. The band worked under the name of The Questions at that time, tho’ according to my diary, we changed our name to Uncle Herbert (short for Uncle Herbert’s Big Soul Band) on January 21st, one week later.’ He continues, ‘We were not averse to letting the odd ‘guest musician’ sit in with us at gigs from time to time, and Lemmy was a frequent visitor on stage, as he was living in the area at that time, before his trip to London & fame & fortune. He played guitar, rather than bass, in those days, and sometimes came along to roadie for us for a couple of quid when he was short of cash – quite a frequent occurrence, as I recall.’

Quiet Men – new name for Noise, What Noise?

Quill Bones – parody by Dave Macher and in Mar00 rel a CD A Finger of Udge on Mr Big Time Records.

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