North Wales: Pa – Pl

Paccino – Pandy Tudur (nr Abergele) band (2002) with Stone Roses sound. Rel ‘Checkpoint Charlie’ EP, band could possibly feat Alun Evansh (Alun Tan Lan, Y Niwl). Had track feat on Sessions in Wales radio More info req’d.

Pain Filtered Farm – Prestatyn band (formed Oct04), feat; Gav Lawton (voc,gtr) (ex Utopia, Carbonari, Lucid, Dred, Torn Asunder, Angry Maggot), Grant Heywood (bass), Scott Brady (drms). Band split Dec04 when Grant emigrated to Canada & took the name with him. Became Crumble. Gav went onto form The Maligned

Paladr – former name for the Penygroes based band Topper.

Panacea – 1980’s acid jazz band from Llandudno (?), feat; ‘Whiskey Jim’ (ageing blues singer/guitarist from Llangollen later of Funky Monks On Crack). More info req’d.

Panacea – Colwyn Bay band formed Dec 2000 by 6th formers from Eirias High. (Formerly called Whatever) Feat; Tom Williams (voc), Mark Dickson (gtr), David Sibley (keys), Simon Gozzard (drms), Neil Dickson (bass) (joined Feb02). Gigs were mainly at parties playing indie rock music, ranging from Reef I’ve Got Something To Say to Oasis Cigarettes & Alcohol. Ex guitarist, Andy Jones (?) left May01 to join Die Kast Messiah. (pic)

Panic In The Year Zero – post-punk band from Deeside (c1981). Feat; Andy Martin (voc,gtr), John Bennett (bass), Tony Joia (drms). Rel 7″ single Liberty Caps (on Vada) recorded at Aber Studios, Fflint. [Dave Evans says] ‘Andy now lives in Chester and can be seen most weekends playing his guitar on the Cross; recognisable by his bandannas and crowd pleaser Stairway To Heaven. Tony got into electronic keyboard music. Panic didn’t play many gigs but did support The Grids at Holywell High School. Andy was my best mate at the time as we worked together and went to Erics (L’pool) and plenty other gigs.’ (hear single)

Panicking Mannequins – Llandudno duo, played Bar Blu, Rhyl (15.12.04)

Panic Promotions – Deeside based promoters (run by Dave since 2003) who put on gigs in the area, particularly at McLeans in Pentre, and also run workshops, rehearsal rooms, PA hire, tuition, studios in order to help young bands (website)

The Pansies – Colwyn Bay band (c1960s). More info req’d

Cumi Pants – real name Alan Christian Matthews, born London 37.1.70. (Prefers to be called Al), given his nickname by Neil Crud who noticed that his bleached trousers looked like cum stains & that Alan was a crap name. Followed 4Q as a schoolkid & joined when 17 years old in Oct87 as vocalist & sang in all but 1 of the band’s remaining 57 chaotic shows. Became a strong personality within the band to the extent of sacking founder member Paul Puke in Aug88 & then was involved in a serious argument with Wayne The Bastard in 1989 which led to the latter leaving. After Neil Crud split 4Q in Sep90, Cumi was determined to carry the band on without him & took some serious convincing by Neil that it was a dead horse. This determination however showed the character & Cumi opted to take a back seat as a drummer & form Frank’s Dad at the end of 1990. The band split in 1998 & he joined Alien Matter as drummer and then The Affliction and in 2007 with Deadlight Spiral, then Courteous Thief (2010-17) and with Welsh Rebel Outpost (2016-17). Since 1994 Cumi also drummed for Sons of Selina & is on the band’s Terminus EP & Fire in the Hole album  Also runs his own rehearsal room and mini-studio called Black Rooms in Llandudno. Stood in on drums for Spam Javelin for one gig

Papa Lazaroo – Bangor band (2001) feat; Duncan Black (gtr) (ex Skink, Mucus, Skinflick, Rabo De Toro), Steve H (drms) (later Skinflick), Twig (voc) (later Logic of Impossibility), Danny Cutler (bass) (Logic of Impossibility). Had a song called Nurse and the words were written about a bloke with bad flatulence who blamed his bum gas emissions on those around him. Split 2002 due to lack of direction. Alan Holmes always told Duncan that the band was ‘the worst thing you ever did’.

Pappy – Bangor based synth maestro (aka Haydn Hughes) (c2007) (website)

Paracite – Ruthin band (c2001), feat; Rhys, Kris & Joe Coope (later of Hoodwink). Played mainly punk covers & joined by Brazilian born Luiz Stockler (voc,gtr) (later of Hoodwink). Changed name to The Fetish

Paraletics – Bangor based punk band (1986), formed in school and used to be called Raw, Precious Child and even Jerry Shah & The Ayatollahs before settling on their name, feat, guitarist Jez Shea, Gary Sheep (voc), Otto (bass), Jonny Evans (drms) (later Fflaps). Made debut at school disco when they were 15, also played in Colwyn Bay Rydal School fields in 1986. Rec a 16 track demo ‘Protest and Thrive.’ Jez also guested a number of times on stage with 4Q to scream through the song Video Party, and performs regularly at local open mic nights and has also released his own solo album.

Louis Parker – entrepreneurial promoter of North Wales, started the legendary Stables nightclub in St Asaph before becoming a driving force behind top acts such as All Saints & East 17. Tragically died of cancer 04.02.00.

Parking Non-Stop – “a psycho-geographical sound-art collective” rather than a group feat; Dewi Evans (ex-musical arranger for Rheinallt H Rowlands and Cut 23), Zoë Skoulding (poet and editor of Skald magazine) and Alan Holmes (also of Ectogram, Spectralate, ex Fflaps, Lungs, Reinheitsgebot, Third Spain). They piece together their music using field recordings they have made around Europe on their various travels. In order to get a truly Welsh sound, all their rhythms are performed using the percussive sounds of slate, recorded high on the slopes of Moel Siabod. Have a track on the Ochre Records compilation CD “Infrasonic Waves”. Debut LP was a split ‘Parking Non-Stop / Temple Of The Beeheads’ (on German label Pure Pop For Now People 30.12.09), Rel 2nd LP ‘Species Corridor’ (Klangbad Recs Jun08). (website)

Kyle Parry – acoustic performer from Rhyl (since 2005). Noted for playing many times in the area, usually opening for bands at Blu. Changed stage name to Kyle McLean (2019), member of The Montagues

Partisan Grey – Rhyl based pop band, formed 1983, feat; brothers, Stuart and Carl Mortimer along with Mark Cheriden. They made a few appearances in the local papers, and as local musician Steve Sync describes, ‘They were the biggest band in Rhyl High School in the early 80s. They played a gig in The Palace Hotel basement venue. Me and a few of the lads went down and tried to get in, but the burly bouncers told us to fuck-off as we were thirteen. They moved to London to seek fame before splitting.’  Stuart later formed One To One and years later joined GMX Stuns with Carl.

Part of The Queue – Deeside band, formed 2005, kind of split April 2008

The Pastimes – Rhyl indie band (c2021), feat; Kameron Joliffe (more info req’d)

Patchwork – Cefn Mawr pop band (1975-79), feat; Gary Hughes, Ken Matthews, Graham Roberts, Chris Wright (drms) (later of Baby Blue, Comfy Chairs). Rel LP ‘Unlucky For Some’ (sold 5000 copies – pic) and toured the UK extensively. Appeared on TV’s Opportunity Knocks (X-Factor of its day!). Chris sadly died Apr09 (aged 59) (newspaper story)

Pathetic Eye – Band 2001. More info req’d.

Pathfinder – Llandudno band, formed Feb01. feat; Andy (gtr,voc), Will (bass), Nick Barrowclough (drms) (ex-Terminal CC). Described as a cross between Silverchair & Nirvana

The Pavilion – Venue in Colwyn Bay set up in 2020 to host mainly alternative / punk acts (mainly promoted by Zoe Rogers). Used to be called The Royal.

Pax –
Prestatyn punk band (c1976) feat; (we think) Karl Wallinger (now of World Party) (keys), Glyn Crossley (Toilets), Nige Twist (Alarm) & Dave Sharp (Alarm). Their repertoire consisted of what was described as “a ghastly noise masquerading as Who songs.” That was a description Dave Sharp also echoed from his Manchester home in 2007, ‘We were inspired I guess by Slade, Be-Bop Deluxe and a bit of Genesis.’ Although in a 1997 interview Nigel was a bit more dewy eyed, ‘We used to play Who and Zeppelin covers, very well I might add.’

The Peakz  – Betws-y-Coed band (c2005), orig began as project by Melys bassist Big Rich Eardley (later The Awakes, Colossous), until he formed a band feat; Ed Alesco (voc,gtr) (ex Metamorffic), Geraint Jones (drms) (ex Yr Orsedd, also engineer at Sylem studio) replaced by Deian Elfryn (alias Dayton Black). Tracks off early demo ‘Conwy Valley Love Song’ aired by John Peel. Had track Mischief on The Holyhead Road played on Radio Wales (17.7.05). Rec LP ‘Songs For Lovers and Liars’ (2005) but it never saw the light of day as Rich fell ill. He resurrected the band (2009) with Dan Amor (gtr), Aaron Watkinson (gtr), Tomos Jones (bass/violin), Ben Kirkham (drms,gtr) (ex Colobos), playing their 1st gig in 3yrs at the Pont-y-Pair. Rel LP (as Colossous) ‘The Peakz’ feat unreleased tracks (May18) (website)

John Peel  – long serving BBC Radio One DJ & champion of many Welsh bands on his show incl; Anhrefn, Plant Bach Ofnus, Gorkys, Super Furries. John Peel went to school in Deganwy, North Wales, & his father lived in Rhosneigr. On the language Peel is quoted; ‘ the language has been systematically put down over the last few hundred years, so singing in welsh is a political statement in itself, but it’s also the language I grew up with anyway & personally I believe that any language must adapt to stay healthy, & must be street usuable to live, therefore I am also a keen advocate of using slang Welsh..’ Sadly died 25.10.04 while on holiday in Chile aged 65.

Peaness – Chester indie band (formed 2013), feat; Rach, Balla and Jess.  Debut EP on cassette ‘No Fun’ (20.08.15), 7″ single Same Place (on Canadian label Kingfisher Bluez 27.01.17), Album ‘Are You Sure?’ (on Alcopop 05.05.17). Became favourites of Adam Walton on BBC Radio Wales. Self-rel 7″ single Kaizen (10.01.20)  (website)

Penny Dreadful – Holyhead glam-punk band (c2008), formed from the ashes of Wendykurk. Feat; Ben “Grimm” Lee (voc,gtrs), Anton “Nospheranton” Hughes (drms), Wenna “Gravy” Jones (bass). Rel d/load only single Stone Baby  (13.10.08) (Ankst) (split up 22.10.10) (website)

Pentagons – Rhyl based rhythm ‘n’ blues band whose repertoire included items by Chuck Berry and Johnny & the Hurricanes. The photograph was taken in Dec 1964 at Comrades Club, Sussex Street (now Wetherspoons) and it shows, left to right: Len Davies (bass), Doug Mortimer (keys), Vernon Allen (voc), Bill Hyland (gtr) and Kevin Simpson (drms). Vernon Allen packed a lot of punch as a singer; he was a heavyweight boxer and went to live in Australia and sadly died in Apr08.

Pen-Ta-Gram – 2009 collaboration of North Wales rappers, Mr Phormula, Hoax Emcee, Dybl L, Killah Gorillah, Alex Moller Rice, Artifactz. Did Radio One session. Fizzled out 2010 (website)

Pep le Pew – Porthmadog based hip hop 5-piece (c2001) feat; Dave B.Thomas (drms), Dylan Mei (keys,gtr), Aron Jones (voc,gtr,bass,MC), Ed Holden (keys,scratching) (Mr Phormula), Danny Pierce (perc). Played debut gig at Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff (Feb 2001). Rel Y Mwyafrif (single, on Fitamin-Un, 2001), Y Da, Y Drwg, Ac Yr Hyll (album 2001), Hiphopracy (single, BoobyTrap, 2002). Swept the board at BBC Wales Rock & Pop Awards 2002 with Best Newcomers | Best Single | Best Live Act.

People – Chester based 5 piece indie band, formed late 1999, feat; Maddy (voc), Dave (drms), Beagle (bass), Little Paul (gtr), Keith (gtr). Have 2 tracks on the comp CD 6 of the Best on Spank Recs.

Pererin – North Wales (?) psychedelic-folk Welsh language band of late 70s / early 80s. Highly acclaimed in underground circles for their use of flute, violin and ‘a celestial voice’. Rel LPs Haul Ar Y Eira (1980) (pic) and Teithgan (Gwerin Recs 1981), Tirion Dir (1982) (re-rel in Italy and Spain). Evolved from folk band Bran.

Perfect Blue – project by (Hot) Scott Causer (ex Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials, Pig, Surfin Birds, Fantastic, also of Electric Mainline, Cult Of Free Love) that began as a demo recorded over 3 weekends in his Manchester flat summer 2001. The name came from an awful film of that title. Recently (Apr 02) aired on Adam Walton’s Radio Wales show. 2006, Rel Sunshine EP (Dec06). Scott also runs Northern Star Records

Perfect Circle – Conwy band (formed 1997), feat; Chris Davies (voc,gtr), Tim Francis (bass), Tom Bailey (drms) Chris D’alberkirk (keys). Played various local & national venues Ocean Lounge, NWales Conference Centre, Conwy Festival etc but mainly promoted their own special events with other bands. The festive experience, Shag Fest 1& 2 were a few of their events. Quite a large local following for a while with regular 100 + crowds. Rec ‘Aspirations and Infatuations’ EP at Rockliffe in 1998, played by John Peel on Radio 1. Split in 2000 to do other things, Chris became a Secondary School teacher in Oxford and Tom went to Uni in London, but the 2 kept in touch and rec a 2nd EP (2003), Tom became a freelance studio engineer and Tim made music videos for some pretty big UK artists. Chris D’alberkirk disappeared without a trace.

Perfection – Wrexham band (c2009), feat; Tom Edwards (voc,gtr), Dan Roberts (bass), Dave Griffiths (drms). Play mainly covers. (website)

Perfectly Flawed – Llandudno acoustic act (2002), feat; Emma Lavelle (voc,gtr), Laura Edwards (cello) & sometimes Cat Crossley (gtr) (ex Plutonic), who 10 years later turned up in Secret Shows

Perfect Picture – 2-pc emo/experimental band from Rhos-on-Sea (c2004), feat; Mark Kirwan, Alex Stockford. (website)

Mark Perkins – saxophonist with Mercenary Skank & before them with Open Channel D & as a sessionist with Mystery Girls. Later ran a rehearsal studio in London called Playground.

Pesda Roc – annual rock festival held in Bethesda that started in 1983 by Gwynfor Dafydd, Dafydd Rhys and Gruff Elis, attracting the likes of Super Furry Animals, Datblygu, Cerys Matthews amongst many others to the line ups.

Pete Did It First – Chester/Wrexham band (formed Apr03), feat; Trickett (voc,gtr,keys), Benn Jones (voc,gtr), Daley (bass), Maffew Casablanca (drms). Feat on The Potato comp EP. Then rel live EP ‘Can You Relate’, (2003).

Mike Peters – (pic) (b.25.02.59), Dyserth based ex-frontman of Stripey, The Toilets, Seventeen & The Alarm, becoming a very successful solo artist backed by various musicians. Mike had been inspired by punk rock. His life was changed in 1976, after seeing the Sex Pistols in Chester, England. He had never before experienced the type of energy that a band like the Sex Pistols could create on stage. He decided then & there that his life as a computer operator would only be temporary. After starting “The Toilets” with Nigel Twist in 1976, he knew he was destined for a life on stage with a 3-chords in one-hand, & the truth in the other. “The Toilets” were a short-lived yet positive beginning, & Seventeen was supposed to be his vessel into the pop world, yet somehow it was just not happening. As he sat in his punk clothing shop “Riot” in the Spring of 1981, it suddenly came to him. He had not been inspired by the early punk of “The Clash”, & “The Pistols” because they were ripping other people off. He was inspired by their integrity & the power of their live performances. He realised that it was time to stop imitating & start innovating. He began by writing a new song about tearing down your life & re-constructing it & so The Alarm were formed. Launched his solo career in 1994 with Back into the System a comeback single joined by all-Welsh band Jess. It sees him taking a more acoustic path than previously. Debut solo album Breathe; again touring extensively. A second album Feel Free was released on Transatlantic Records in October 1996. His third album Rise was released soon after. In 1994 Peters battled lymph cancer & had a 60% chance of survival decree by doctors & — in a much less important fight by comparison — he fought IRS Records for control over the entire Alarm back catalogue, both of which he won. Formed Coloursound in 1999 with former Cult guitarist Billy Duffy.
In 2000 Mike formed Alarm 2000 touring the States to huge success (see section A). In Nov05 Mike was once again diagnosed with lymph cancer and against the advice of doctors decided to continue performing, intense treatment put the disease back into remission by May06 and he decided to set up a Foundation for research and treatment for other people with the condition (Sep06). Still touring with The Alarm and solo, Mike has also fronted Big Country (c2011)

The Peth – Welsh language rock’n’roll band (c2008), feat; Rhys Ifans (voc) better known for his Hollywood acting than band performances, Dafydd Ieuan (also Super Furry Animals), Dic Ben (ex Anhrefn, Elfyn Presli), Chris Jenkins, Mick Hilton. Rel LP ‘The Golden Mile’ (1.9.08 Strangetown Recs)

Peth’ma – (1985-86), band feat; Euros Jones (voc), Emlyn Davies (gtr), Gareth Parry (gtr), Dewi Gwyn (ex Anhrefn) (bass), Dyfrig Ellis (drms). (Website with MP3)

Phase One – independent record shop, also specialised in 2nd hand discs. Based in Wrexham since opening in Dec82 by 4 business partners (inc Alun Hughes), opened a new store in Rhyl (approx 1990) which remained open for 7 years. Wrexham branch closed in Oct05 when the owner (allegedly) wanted to return to Uni to complete a degree in History.

Philanderer – name used by Paul Scouse Hammond for his solo work (2006) (see Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials, GMX Stuns)

James PM Phillips
– musician / promoter from Bangor (b.08.09.59). Played in Bangor bands Burnham Burnham, Bum Sting Spiders, Hand Made Noise, Mudshark Incident, Dilation, Velvet, as well as prolifically performing as a solo artist. Has long been Aardvark Promotions, putting on gigs, rock nights and open mic evenings in and around Bangor (usually at The Skerries). Rel vinyl album ‘Bones’ (on link2wales Mar21) (bandcamp)

Phil The Butcher’s Slags – all girl gang from Denbigh (I think). More info req’d.

Phlegms – Bangor punk band (2004), feat; Jay Mucus (b.1979) (gtr), Andy Mgkhhcchhhhhkk (bass,voc), Gruff Snot (drms) (ex Drunk On Arrival, DSF, Dumbstruck). After a gig in Rhyl, Gruff said, ‘We sucked. There’s no other way to say it!

Physical 4 – Rhyl band (formed Nov80) feat; Mark Jones (voc), Steve Jones (gtr), Glyn Williams (bass), Mike Crease (drms). Made debut at North Wales Inn, Rhyl (17.01.81) supporting The VOTS. Also played on the CND benefit festival at the Queens in Rhyl 21.2.1981. Songs incl; Prevent Parents, Strip Search, Pretty Boys & They Want Us. (Also been known as Physical Thought). (review). More info req’d.

Pete Picton – former associate editor of The S*n. Former member of bands Backbeat, The Units, X Men. Moved to London & started writing for Sounds magazine. Eventually formed Shazam in London with Steve Allan Jones-a sort of Erasure band, they got signed but nothing came of it. He carried on writing & ended up being a tabloid journalist.

Picture HouseFormerly Heroes On A Beach, claimed to change their name due to legal threats from a band called The Heroes. Feat, Steve Pablo Jones (voc,gtr) (ex Harvest Moon, later Burn, White Tygerz, Profiad), Graham Feast (gtr), Dave Evans (keys) (ex Harvest Moon), Paul Roberts (drms). Added Pete Latham (ex Germanic Sans, later Dub Federation) on bass to their line up & briefly had Bethan on backing vocals. Rel 7″ single Walkabout (1988)

Picture Palace – (pic) band (formed 1994), feat; Tony ‘Sully’ O’Sullivan (ex Harvest Moon, Big Waves, Easy Living, Stepping Stones), Doug Downes (ex Fetish Faye, Big Waves), Tony Crookes. Doug still writes and records, Tony is with Oxford band Plain Loco (c2007)

The Pier, Colwyn Bay – known as Dixieland Showbar, The Pier was once firmly rooted on the gig circuit, hosting in the early 1980s the likes of the Damned, Madness, Cockney Rejects, Black Flag. After closing it was occasionally reopened to host ‘all-nighters’ for the Scooter Runs. Owner Steve Hunt lost a long running legal battle with Colwyn Council after bankruptcy in 2008 and unpaid council tax. Control and ownership was granted to the council by the courts in Aug12 and was demolished in 2018 (gigography)

Eilir Pierce – alternative singer / songwriter from Clocaenog, started in 1995 and has been backed by Matthew Walter, Simon Mcloughlin, Nick Mann, Sean Curtin, Tom Mackay,Huw Roberts, Seiriol Cwyfan Davies,Fflur Dafydd and Gwyneth Glyn. Rel LP ‘Album Cyntaf’ (1996) thru to ‘Degawdawns – Ten Years of Eilir Pierce’ (10.11.07) (website)

Pig – one gig band from Rhyl (1991) feat; Scott Causer (bass), Dean Obscene (gtr) (see PSST), Goblin (voc,mouth-organ), Joel Dolben (drms) (ex X, later of She Said) & Johnny Napalm (gtr) formed as an idea to play a publicised gig without rehearsing any songs. The show ended with the band being assaulted by a local hell’s angel.

Pigeon Fiasco – band night that ran for summer 2007 at Offas Tavern, Prestatyn by Der Bomber

PigstockAnnual rock festival held on the grounds of the Plas Pigot club in Denbigh. Attendances increasing over the years to over 3,000. Started life as Denbigh Music Festival in the summer of 1996, jointly financed, underwritten & promoted by brothers John & Huw Evans, (latterly, solely by John Evans) & became a two day event. Took a sabbatical in 2003 due to financial & site constraints but came back as a one day event in Jul04 and final full festival in 2005. Footage from the festival came out 2011 as Pigstock – The Movie and was shown at Theatr Twm o’r Nant in Denbigh

Pigtown Records – DIY punk label (prev called Drunk Munkey), run by Dave Cox Warburton (drummer of The Cox, Hektor, Global Parasite, Der Bomber), and Steve Brute (The Cox, Global Parasite, Minus Nine Lives. BBR, Spam Javelin, Chugga). Have rel a comp CD (Munkey Feces Vol.1) & also material by Dave’s bands. (discography)

Pilgrim Fire – metal band (formed 6.10.03), feat; Darren Hughes (voc), Tommy Jones-Williams (gtr), Caine Jones-Williams (drms), Chris Parry (gtr), Sean Parry (drms). Took their name from a song their fathers’ band (Tiger Tiger) had.

Pilot Blue – acoustic band from Mold (formed Nov05), feat; Liam Newman (voc,gtr,keys) and Ben Vickers (gtr). Both members of Mainstream

Pilots – Welsh language project from Llanrwst but relocated to Cardiff (c2005), feat; Bethan (voc), Noel Jones (gtr) (ex Gabrielle 25), rel single Eryri (Kracked recs 25.07.05).

Pinchbeck – Colwyn Bay punk band (c2001)

Pineapple – Abergele based indie band (formed Aug95) fronted by the talented Paul Claxton (voc,gtr) (ex Flourescent Daydream), Paul Horrocks (bass,keys) (ex Swirling Fish), Richard Haythorn (drms). Steve Hughes (Fashion Victims, GMX Stuns) replaced Richard Apr98. Rel 2 self financed CD singles, Fade Away, Eggbound & Skintight. Have been prolific live act supporting Space, Jesus Jones, SFA, Mansun. Noted for grunged versions of A-Ha’s Take on Me, Lionel Richie’s Hello. Band split in early 2000 & Paul Claxton went solo. Claxton went to become a solo artist, playing many shows in the US.

Pinhead Records – record shop on Bedford St, Rhyl, opened 14.06.05 by Iwan Parry after 15 years of carting box loads of vinyl around the country to record fairs & taking redundancy after 20 years of pen pushing to live his dream of running his own shop. Iwan says, ‘In the short time I’ve been open I have more than doubled the amount of stock & added t-shirts, posters, sew-on patches & hats etc’ After the shop closed down, Iwan established himself as North Wales’ largest seller of used vinyl & also selling online with a well stocked eBay shop. Iwan’s brother Neale was a roadie for Mercenary Skank and in a band (ironically) called Shop

Pink Ones – Bangor band, lasted two days (26/27.10.81), who were basically punk band The Pinecones playing Pink Floyd covers. However, despite the fleeting transience of their physical presence, their influence remains devastatingly widespread to this day, for in their innocent enthusiasm for paying homage to their musical heroes, The Pink Ones inadvertently invented that wretched scourge of today’s live music scene, the “tribute band” (for which they apologise). Played one sell out gig at Glanrafon Pub, Bangor (website with download)

Placid Casual – Super Furry Animals‘ nepotistic record label (see S.Wales section)

The Plague – Prestatyn punk band that eventually become The Vaj (c1980). (See also The Grip, Capt Black & The Mysterons, Rich Dick & The Phallic Emblems)

Plan B – orig name for Colwyn Bay band Falling Not Flying

Plant Bach Ofnus – (Timid Little Children) Early 90’s hippy-trippy trance outfit made up up of Fiona & Gorwel Owen who rel stuff on their own Anglesey based Ofn label. The cassette I have fails to provide titles etc, instead each track has a picture/image of differing phases of the moon. Once appeared on the Anhrefn Recs (ANHREFN 010) Comp ‘A Mindless Slaughter’ (1987). Perhaps their period of highest profile was when they were invited to appear on the cassette comp ‘A Joyful Noise’ (1990 Sterile Recs, Germany). However they remained as enigmatic as possible by submitting an untitled track (called Ywawr)! Other artists inc Nocturnal Emissions and Frontline Assembly. This release brought them to the attention of Anglesey based Direction Music who rel the cassette ‘Symudiad Ymddangosol y Lleuad’ (DMC-10 1991) & then rec a session for John Peel (Radio 1).

Plant Duw – Bangor band, although members moved to Cardiff and Aberystwyth cos of Uni (formed 2003), feat; Conor Martin (gtr,voc), Rhys Martin (gtr,voc), Elidir Jones (bass,voc), Sean Martin (cornet), Myfyr Prys (drms). Orig called Yr Idiots, then Hoist Owls of Goi, then Y Duwai Gwallgo. Made debut at Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff (Dec04), gigged on Welsh circuit and had session on Radio Cymru. Rel single Talach Na Iesu (Ciwdod Oct06) and LP ‘Y Capel Hyfryd’ (Slacyr 2008) Took 2010 off for Conor to work in Africa (website)

Plantfoot – Prestatyn band, formed 2002, feat; Tom Carroll (voc,gtr) (later Betty) (who’s the son of Aaron Broster, see Aladdins Cave), Emlyn Roberts (voc,gtr), Paul Astles (drms). Music is similar to T-Rex, Clash & Anal Beard. Played their final gig in Bar Blu, Rhyl (Jul06). Tom moved to Liverpool and went on to perform with Pete Wylie and Wah! (c2014) as well as Bad Mood, The Trestles, Big Unit Agricultural Regime.

Plastic – Bangor metal/grunge style band (1990s) feat; Andy Brady (ex Skinflick), D. Shooman, I. Panchaud & Noaksey (latter 2 later of Roach City). Played a few gigs in NWales area. Changed their name to Father Karrus. 1st gig was headlining the all day Tapeworm Soup festival. Andy is now an artist and made a video for Skinflick’s Halo of Flies. Click here to listen to Time off Tapeworm in The Banana comp.

Plastic Cup Politics – Chwilog based punk band, formed 2012, feat; Timothy Forshaw (voc,gtr), Sam Forshaw (drms), Bryn Bin Cronin (gtr,voc) (later Redwood Avenue), Vanessa Bads Jones (bass). Rec EP (Jul12). (facebook)

Plastic Entrails – One off band for Llandudno Aberconwy Centre gig. Name a pun of Ozric Tentacles & played pretty much same stuff. Andy Hurdman (voc,bass), Eric James (keys), Dave Robinson (keys) (later Pocket Venus), Gaz (gtr), Mike Hartley (drms) (ex Blacklisted, Box of Frogs). Andy, Eric and Dave all worked at the time in Gogs Music. Eric is married to Paula, owner of Llandudno’s Yamaha Music School.

Platonic – (2001) 5-pc band feat; Jackie (voc), Ed (gtr), Chris (gtr), Daf (bass), Tom (drms), involved with MASE organisation (played 12.11.01). More info req’d.

Pledge – C.Bay band (2001) feat; Jonathan (voc,gtr), Matt Pipkin (bass) (also of Suicidal Mushrooms, ex Floaters Revenge, Infest), Tony (drms). Infl by Butthole Surfers, Metallica, Green Day.

Plumloco – Mold band (2004), feat; Ste Layfield (gtr) (ex Angeldrive), Nick Roe (drms) (ex Angeldrive), Tim (bass)

Plutonic – (2001) band involved with MASE organisation, feat; Cat (now of Perfectly Flawed). More info req’d.

Pleasure Field – acclaimed Rhyl (?) band (2000)

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