North Wales: O

o1 – Llanberis chill out band (2002). More info req’d.

Dean Obscene – Stage name for Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials guitarist Dean Roberts

Oblivion – Llanrwst thrash metal band (c1989) feat; Dominic Pitcher (voc) (ex Dinistro y Dinuwedd) (died in 90s age 22), David Childs (gtr), Chris Manning (gtr), Mark Halford (bass), Peter Manning (drums) played a few times under the guise of Yr Angof so they could get some Welsh only gigs such as Corwen Rock where they started a bit of trouble by starting the set off in English and carrying on until the PA was switched off and having to make a back door exit to save getting killed. Fflaps and Yr Orsedd and FFa Coffi Pawb (I think) were on the same bill.

Oceanblue – Wrexham band (formed Apr05), feat; David Schwarz (gtr,voc), Ashley Davies (bass), Delwyn Derrick (drms). Rel 3-track and 7-track demos. Won Chester Battle of The Bands 2005. Members have been in Red Sky, The Rocks, Cause of Death Unknown, Pneuma

Ocean Music Scene – Attempt by Max Hodges (Wanted, Dirty Work) and John Heath to get a regular live music event going in Llandudno at the North Wales theatre’s Ocean Room (downstairs bar), it feat 4 or 5 bands a night, and ran monthly for about 6 months or so… Quite good crowds most of the time, but eventually, the continual drain on resources and hassles of organising it proved too much, and it got shelved.

Ocean Rane – pop band from Rhyl / Prestatyn in the 1980s, feat; brothers Paul Davies (gtr,voc) & Lee Davies (bass,voc), Rob Ireland (keys,voc), Terry Jackson (drms). Performed on Rhyl Band Stand in 1984 while still at school. Have also feat Iain Tucker (ex ‘Darling Buds Of May’ actor) & Paul Williams. Had 4 nights a week residency spots in Rhyl holiday camps in 1987. Managed by Steve Rastin. Prolific gigging. Demo; Kaleidoscope / All I Want rel 1988. Rob tended to float in and out of the line-up, primarily cos he hated playing live. Other members were Boz (gtr) & Mark Reece (keys) (later of Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials). See also Grasshopper, Hooper, Mo-Tone Company Band, 4 Sticks, Goat Roper Rodeo Band

Ocean Size – Bangor based thrash drive melodic indie band of early 90s. Gigged around the same time as Babies With Rabies. Did about 10 gigs incl the famous packed out Trax gig in Bangor with BWR and Elysium.

Octane – Ruthin metal band (formed 2002), feat; Joe Lewis (bass), Rob Harness (gtr), Tom Poxton (gtr), Tom Mooney (voc), Kieran Elsdon (drms) (son of Bomb Disneyland‘s Mark Cooper). Split Dec04 to form Hell Grave.

Offaxis – Wrexham / Cheshire funk rock fusion band (formed 2012), feat; Stuart Bellamy (voc,gtr) (ex Labyrinth, Saraband), Glen Bellamy (keys,sax), Andy Roberts (bass) (ex Labyrinth), Steve Baker (drms). Debut gig was at Brymbo Social Club. Stuart quite often appeared live with Terminal in the 80s (website)

Officially Unnoticed – Prestatyn post-punk band (c1978), feat, Paul E Mer (Paulspizzle), Muss (Mark Jones) and Duggie (John Douglas), who would soon form One On The Clapometer

Les Morrison
Offspring –
Bethesda based outfit (early 80s), feat; Les Morrison (ex Cut The Mustard), Hefin Huws (later of Maffia Mr Huws, Anhrefn), Alan Williams (gtr), Kevin Roberts (drms), Mik-E Punk (gtr). The band also feat a Red Indian Blackfoot girl called “Quapa” who had a voice like Buffie St Marie (she now resides back on the reservation in Wolverhampton!!) on backing voc with Tracy Kennedy. Did a session on John Peel’s BBC Radio 1 show 03.05.83 and actually managed to perform 4 songs (the rule was that 3 could only be performed – One More Night / Beautiful Eyes / Baby / Round And Round). Rel a single Get It Right on a Swansea label Cottage (1983), run by Richard ‘Moz’ Morris’ (Vortex/Trobwll). It was recorded at Richard’s Blue Cave studio in Ystalyfera, Swansea valleys. (youtube)

Ofn Records – Ty Croes, Gwynedd based label, rel records by experimental, industrial Welsh language innovators Plant Bach Ofnus and the pop-oriented, electronic Eirin Peryglus members Fiona and Gorwel Owen.

OK Blues BandColwyn Bay blues band, prolific giggers (1986- 92)

Okok Society – Bethesda based ‘witch coven’. Rel 7″ ‘Gwaith Dirgel EP’ (Jan03) on R-bennig Recs

Old Age Remedy – Prestatyn / Rhyl rock band (c2010) prev called Blackjacks, feat; Tom (voc,gtr), Dan (bass), Chris (gtr), Murray (drms) (website)

Old Black Tattoo – Flint rock band (c2009), feat; Charlie Blackie (gtr), Karl Harvey (gtr,voc), Josh Oldfield (bass), Dylan Tattum (drms) (later Bluebottle Veins, Depraved State). Rel ‘Liars Wings EP’

Ollie – (Andrew Oliver) former editor of Funky Fringe zine & one of those who survived early 4Q gigs. Later formed the Necrobastards in 1988 with Groz. Relocated from his native Rhyl to York Uni & joined Delerium Recs signed band, Suicidal Flowers as flutist. Also editor of Astro Zombie and involved in 2006 project The Premonitions as well as co-founding the Northern Star label with Scott Causer

Omaloma – pop project feat; George Amor and Llyr Pari. Have several releases on Recordiau Cae Gwyn (links)

Ominous Dr Clip Clop – Bangor project by Maeyc Hewitt (later Strength Through Joinery, Radio 23 and Nixon & Jarvis among others). Each performance featured a different selection of guest musicians providing back up for the Doctor’s idiosyncratic but ultra-catchy songs. The Doctor himself would sometimes appear on stage with a fake second head protruding from the neck of his white lab coat. During his run of gigs in 1981, the cream of the local music scene queued up for a stint in his group – John Cratchley, Rebecca Ward, Annie Williams, Alan Holmes, Mark Thomas, Chris Pilditch, Owen Hughes, Scott Saunders, John Lovering, Phil Layton and of course the glamorous Clopettes – Annie Stubbs and Maria Hycz all making appearances. (blog and music)

Omnicide – Colwyn Bay heavy metal band (formed 2002), feat; Hunsley (voc), Henry Mahy (gtr), Jonathan Mann (gtr), Alexander Roebuck (bass), Nick Prescott (drms).

One Infinity – electro-trance project from Rhyl / Prestatyn (c2010), feat; Ross (website)

One+on+the+clapometer+imageOne On The Clapometer – Prestatyn band early 80s, feat Stephen Hughes, Simon Roberts, Tim Roberts & Mark ‘Muss’ Jones, editor of zine Live From The Foxes & manager of Prestatyn punk band The Vaj. Paul Spizzle (see Puking Mice) also jammed with them when they were called Thursday Night is Music Night, before being sacked over musical differences. They practised at Prestatyn FC changing rooms. Released single in 1980/81 ‘Seven Inch LP’ on Beard Trout Recs (S/81/CUS 1187) & feat; Mystery Car, As Time Goes By, Hip Sounds from the Orthopaedic Ward which John Peel played on his show. (also called Legendary Cheesy Snack Brothers, Officially Unnoticed and Stray Twats). Spizzle moved to Norwich. Muss worked for North Wales Newspapers before heading to Fleet Dtreet.

One Style – reggae band on Crai Records, although based in London, apparently have a strong affinity with Wales.

1000 Words Productions – video production company began in 2005 based in Llandudno, run by Paul Sutherland (see ESP) and initially Neil Crud (ex 4Q, Sons of Selina, Spam Javelin). First paid work came from EMI filming 13 separate videos (Nov05) for The Alarm LP ‘Under Attack’. Later worked on projects for Spear of Destiny, Gene Loves Jezebel, The Gathering, Sonic Boom Six, Complete Control Music. 

One To One – Rhyl based Studio band formed Oct85. Feat. Nicky Connop [voc], Stuart Mortimer [keys/voc] [ex Partisan Grey, later GMX Stuns], Scott Mark [bass], Rhys Evans [gtr], Jon Farrington [drms] [ex Le Venger, Cover] Produced by Dave Evans (ex Harvest Moon). Played Duran Duran/Spandau Ballet type songs. Signed deal to work with Nigel Wright ex Shakatak. Band split after they were offered a tour of either Europe or America supporting a major band but no names were mentioned. They had three weeks to get ready for it. Nic and Jon declined because they had other commitments which signalled the end of the band.

On Hold – Menai Bridge band. feat; Mitch (drms) (later of Violated, Caezium)

OORYA – project (c2021) (pronounced ‘who are ya!’) by Stephanie Finegan (ex Glove, Arms Like Legs). Announced 16.12.21 that she had signed to Society Of Losers Records, debut single Irons (rel 12.01.22), followed by Grow (Feb22) and Chips (Nov22). Also rel a double album ‘Voice Memos Vol?.?1&2 (OO&R) & (Y&A)’ – Steph says, ‘I have secretly released two volumes of my telephone voice memos (whenever I write a song or a crimp or just have a mess around I put it in by there) These have been laid out cosmic across two cassettes.’ (bandcamp)

Open Channel D – band of early 80’s feat; (possibly London based) Andrew Tunnicliffe, (definitely) Mark Perkins both later of Mercenary Skank. (more info req’d).

Open Defiance –
Colwyn Bay punk band, formed in early 80’s by Derek Butterworth (drms) [pic above] and Tim (gtr), closely followed by Dean (voc), Fred (bass) having met Paul in college he was drafted in as backing vocalist the band lasted approximately 3yrs playing gigs in Colwyn Bay Friendship Club, Foxes Nightspot in Conwy supported by another local punk band called the Crazed, also played The Raven in Flint and disbanded and mutated into Acrid Device and later Wulfe (see pics)

Opium – Holyhead band (c2005), feat; Gavin Malone (gtr,voc), James Morgan (bass), Gareth Roberts (drms), changed name to Eutonium (Apr07).

Orange Trick – Obscure Colwyn Bay pop duo feat, Robin ‘Reliant’ Hemuss (see also RRS, Sons of Selina, 4Q) (gtr,keys,drm prog) & Pete Marsh (gtr,voc). Formed 1990. No gigs. Never split up, just stopped doing stuff. Last collaboration was about 92/93. There are a whole load of recordings incl; Reggae Rapping which is really a ‘Pete Marsh’ solo project, feat; guest vocalist Elv, and guitarist Martin Wilding (both at time of Boogie Run). The uncredited song ‘Touch Me Inside’ on the RRS demo Ringpieces 4 is also a Pete Marsh song, although it was actually written by someone else – don’t know who.

Orbit – (Old Rockers Back In Tune) Llandrillo Tech lecturers playing rock’n’roll covers for charity

Ordzu –
sound project (c2013), feat; Zoe Skoulding (Parking Non-Stop), Alan Holmes (PNS, Ectogram, Fflaps) and Sa?a-Liviu Stoianovici. Live debut at Schiphorst, Germany (21.06.13) (website)

Orient Machine1
Orient Machine –
Wrexham guitar band, (2011-15), feat; Dave Morait (voc,gtr) (ex Gallops, also of We Are Animal, Nemonix, Kela Topan),  Andrew Stokes (bass), Jason Williams (drms) (later Baby Brave). Rel d/load singles The Shame (10.12.11) and Flood Plains (17.05.13). Jessica Ball (gtr) (later Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard) joined, making her debut at Central Station (26.12.13). Rel 3rd single Amity (12.05.14), delayed release of their follow up single Hecktor and announced a name change to Gobow (10.03.15) and subsequently imploded  (website)

The Origin
– Wrexham indie band (c2013), similar sound to Muse

Orgasmic Funkers – Colwyn Bay punk band (pre-1994) feat; Phill Taylor (drms), Mark Dusty Moo (voc/gtr), both later of Babakin. Rec 3 demos Sonic Rejections / Land of Dope ‘n’ Tories’ in 1992 & a year later, Pure Main Heads. Dusty would end up in The Affliction, West Coast Sickline

Orphan – Colwyn Bay 4-pc (c1990), feat; Paul White, Geoff. Played Bistro, Rhyl. More info req’d

Orpheus – early incarnation (c1999) of Snowblind (who became Nineteeneightyfour), feat; Jimmy Manley (gtr,voc), Mark Wegner (gtr,voc), Owen Ireland ‘Ogz’ (gtr). Played one gig at a school band night in Colwyn Bay.

Yr Orsedd – 4-piece Welsh language indie band from Llanrwst and Pentrefoelas with an aggressive, punky edge (1987-90). Osian Hughes (bass,voc), David Williams (gtr), Geraint Jones (drms) (was later an engineer at Sylem studio) and another David Williams (gtr). Made quite an impression on the Welsh music scene in the late 80s. Their album “X” containing excellent tracks like Angau Gwawr, Niwcliar and Can Serch gained Yr Orsedd high acclaim. Had 2 tracks on the ‘Creme De La Cremlin’ comp tape. The group appeared on various Welsh radio and TV programmes & a class act live. Supported Darling Buds in Bangor, played Newport Eisteddfod both in ’87 and at Mic Ar Y Meic in Rhyl (’89) which was filmed by Fideo9. Orig line-up got together (Aug04) to re-record the ‘X’ EP at Sylem studios which rec’d airplay on BBC Radio Wales & link2wales radio. (youtube)

The O.T.B’s – Bethesda based outfit (pre-1992). More info req’d.

Our Recent Deceased – Orig name (c2005) for Blaenau Ffestiniog metal band Murder Scene Love Affair

Outback – 3 piece from Prestatyn (?) gigged around the UK for a number of months up to Apr00, Eddie James (voc,gtr) (formerly of Utopia), Carl Hogan (bass) & Richard Potter (drms). (Carl Hogan left in Apr00).

Outlaws MC – formerly The Henchmen, motorcycle club of North Wales

Out From Animals – Chester band, feat; Andy Morgan (voc,gtr), Paul Bunker (bass), Sean Howe (drms) (all ex The Wayriders). Rel a couple of singles before the album ‘E Is For Education’ (on Rough Edge 2006) (youtube)

Out Of Order – Rhyl based band feat; John Wray, Dave Potter, Tim Stone (bass) (later worked at Rhyl’s main post office). Quote from Roger Subway, “We saw them many times in local venues, each time having to suffer John Wray’s gratuitous guitar solos in every single flippin song! – we all still carry the mental scars!’

Out of Use – hardcore punk band from Rhos-on-Sea (1998-2004). Aaron ‘Ron’ (voc) left July 2000, Jay (gtr) (later Minus Nine Lives), Day (bass), Tinman (James Anton) (drms) (later Instant Agony, Stuntface, Chugga). More involved with the L’pool punk scene than NWales. Recorded 1st 17 track demo/album on cassette, ‘Lost’ (Mar99), released 2nd demo Fail To See The Funny Side(Jan00). Recorded 4-track CD, On The Side (May00), then ‘Until The Next Time’ EP (2001). Rel LP ‘More of The Same’ (2002). Split and some members formed Seize The Day. Aaron later sang for Basingstoke band Ill Gotten Gains (discogs)

Overgrown – Deeside indie band (formed late02), feat; Tom Jones (voc,gtr), Tim McIver (gtr), Adam Crawford (bass), Rich Ford (drms). Rel; Left of Nothing EP and The Broken Picture EP.

Overtones – Denbigh band formed (2006) by students of The Music Factory, Chris Wood (gtr,voc), Rhodri Roberts (bass), Harrison Jones (drms). Played debut at Pudstock 2006

Fiona and Gorwel Owen – married folk duo from Ynys Mon. Originally used the name Pondman for their debut album ‘In Between’ (Dec02), followed by ‘Spring Always Comes’ (Apr08) and 2015’s ‘Releasing Birds’. Fiona was in 80s synthpop act Eirin Peryglus and Gorwel is a renowned producer and chief of Stiwdio Ofn  (bandcamp)

Live at Bar BluOysterboy – Prestatyn band (2005-06) feat; Adam Edwards Chatterton (ex Hyper Traffic, Rialto Burns – see L’pool section), Ryan Cairns (bass), Mark ‘Mayhem’ Mayhew (drms) and Anthony Parry (gtr). Rec 2 tracks Grain, Breathe It In. Adam and Ant reappeared in Marble Molly (c2017) (archive)


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