North Wales: Mj – Mz

MJM Agency – promo company run by Mike Jones (c2006), who was the engineer at The Windings in Wrexham. Put gig on at The Plough in St Asaph & Nant Hall, Prestatyn.

Model Citizens –
Colwyn Bay punk band (c1986), feat: Quiff (gtr), David Braid (bass), Iwan Tudur Jones (drms), had songs like Beaky Is a Rocker and My Car Has Yellow Headlights. Supported Anhrefn at the towns Leisure Centre 29.11.86 during which, Neil Crud gatecrashed the stage & sang Anti-Nowhere League’s Woman. More info req’d.

Model Superb – Ruthin post-punk band (2003), feat; Jess Balla (voc), Tom Barrie (drms), Rhys Carrington (bass), Will Hesketh (keys), Henry Hobson (voc,gtr), Evan Morgan (gtr,voc). Rel 4 track demo ‘Miracles Are Gone’ (Mar03) and rec’d plenty of airplay on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales Show, followed up ‘Am I To Blame EP’ (rec Sep03) without Jess, but became disillusioned and split. Evan last heard of going to India.  Prev called Fistycuffs.

Modernaires – Holyhead post-punk band (1978-80) feat; Huw Hughes (bass) (ex Red), Brian Jones (voc,sax,gtr) (later of Clouds) & Dave Baynton-Power (drms) (ex Red, later It’s Immaterial, Pink Military, James), Phil Bradley (gtr) (ex Red). They wore smart monochrome stage gear, excellent musicians, ripping songs, super lively on stage. High energy choppy rock with odd times thrown in, big drama. Supported pre-op Wayne County on UK tour, played all over, very talked up, but nothing happened after the release of their LP ‘The Way of Living’ (Illuminated Recs 1980). Band moved to Chester, and once Welsh language TV channel S4C was launched, they became Y Brodyr Y Ffin (Brothers on The Border) and rose to fame in Wales. Huw was tragically killed in a house fire in Chester 1985). Phil Bradley became a freelance sound engineer. (download LP)

Modern Fossil
– name Paul Bryce of Bangor uses for his folk project. Can often be seen at open mic nights in the city. Played live session on Neil Crud’s TudnoFM Show (29.08.16) (listen) – see also Bryce Amps

Modern King – two piece band from Wrexham, (formed early 2014), feat; Matt Thomas (voc,gtr), Chris Platt (drms). Both ex-The Riffs. Played Out of The Ashes Festival (E.Port). Rel single Mata Hari (2014) (facebook)

Modern Tradition – band (2002) from Bodelwyddan, feat; Gez Ruggario (gtr), Gwyz Hughes (bass,voc), & Joe Booker (drms) (also of Gintis, Secretaire, Telefair), & John Calvin (gtr) joined Dec02, left Feb03. Formerly called Elapse & before that Condemned. Fizzled out by 2006

Modest Ego – Rhyl band (2003), feat; Simon Parry (bass) & Matthew Jones (drms) (both later of Dressed Naked, Sabretooth). More info req’d

Mogga – Rhyl based musician, former bassist for Harvest Moon, Scratch, Charlie, Swan amongst many others. Had the only rehearsal room in town called Bermuda Studios (opposite Happy Colin’s old sound centre) & everyone used it at some point (incl, The Toilets). Steve Allan Jones quotes: ‘I remember turning up one day & Sara Sugarman (now a movie director- Mad Cows,Valley Girls) was singing with Glyn Crossley & Nigel I think)’. Mogga still plays in show bands Think Lizzy & Dizzy Mamma & has been heavily involved in the local folk club scene. His son, John Morris fronted Carpet.

Mojo – Anglesey band (formed 1986), feat; Bedwyr Morgan (voc,gtr), Simon Barton (perc,voc), Ken Jones (gtr,keys) (also Mwg, Jina), John Williams (keys), Peter Elias Jones (drms), Tudur Morgan (bass). Have also feat at some point Huw Smith (also Mwg, Llwybr Cyhoeddus, Jina, Celt). Still going strong, rel 4 LPs on Sain Recs. Played Celtic Film Fest (Ireland) and gigged in Scotland and London.

Molly’s Chamber – new name (late06) for Think Lizzy

Mona Boot Boys – one off EP Rel on R-Bennig Recs (R-BEN057) (c2004) that has all the hallmarks of being the work of label proprietor johnny R

Mona Flying Club – Mona Flying Club are Gethin Slac & the Fastest Guys Alive. They have a great name, & their music is a mad collage of Hip Hop, Rhumba & loads of old Welsh samples from Qualition & Teldisc records…. They fly in Sessna formation down to St Moritz, light a John Player Special, catch some debutante’s eye as she gets back into her sugar daddy’s Bentley, then fly back to Mona aerodrome in the dead of night! Why? Because they can. That’s why. Debut E.P. ‘Columbian Connection’ Rel on R-Bennig Records…. R-BEN046 (c2003)

Monastery – Death metal band from Holywell, early 90’s. Feat; Sean (bass), Mark Pensom (voc), Richard Jones (gtr), Steven Lee (drms). Rel, Blessphemy demo, played support slots at Wrexham Memorial Hall a couple of times, Tivoli also Rhyl Town Hall where they all swapped instruments to play Smells Like Teen Spirit. Orig called Dark Entity. Paul from Bagillt remembers, ‘They did do a second demo which was very good, more Nine Inch Nails than their Sepultura inspired Blessphemy Tape, outstanding tracks on the second tape were Nerve Juggler and Puppet Lake, they did a live cover of 2Unlimited’s Twilight Zone at the Crazy House which was a bloody stormer. Anthony joined them on vox for a bit when Pensom’s lung collapsed while he was reading Viz on the bog laughing ha ha ha, he was stapled up like an extra from Hellraiser. Ste the drummer is teaching Drama now in Ireland, Rich is still about, he was the Chef in The Mongolian Banquet place in Chester for a while’

Moneyshot – Hawarden band (2002). More info req’d.

Money Spongers – Wrexham / Chester(?) band (c1990). Rel demo ‘Justine’ (pic), rec at RPM, Wxm, played with Boo Radleys. More info req’d

Mongolian Dethkit – Holyhead band (c2004), feat; Rowan (drms) (also of Kipperwig), Rob (gtr) (Kipperwig), Matt Watkins (gtr) (ex Wendykurk, Suma Suma), Dan (bass) & Adrian (voc). Played Smwnchfest Nov04, noted for being total lunatics on stage & song! Split Aug05 when Matt decided to move to Manchester. See also Dethkats, Penny Dreadful

Moniars – Welsh language band described as ‘making a strong showing with young audiences in the north, with a raucous electric bass-&-drums approach to Welsh-language song.’

Monkey Rash – heavy rock covers band from Rydal School, Colwyn Bay (c1999-00). Played at Lunacy, Bangor. Now disbanded. More info req’d.

The Montagues
– Rhyl based indie/rock band (formed 2019), feat; Kyle (Parry) McLean (voc,gtr), Jack, Johnny and Mike. Rel debut EP ‘Calibrate’ (Nov19) and played live session on Neil Crud’s TudnoFM Show the same month (listen)

Monte Cassino – bilingual metal band (formed 2006) from Mold/Shotton, feat; Ben Griffiths (voc,bass), Steffan Jones (gtr), Gaz Jones (gtr), Ian Farr (drms). Some members were in Neb. (website)

Monza – North Wales based rock band (1980-90s) led by Mike Pritchard (now of Sunspy), Russ North (voc), Boz (drms)

Moo Father – Manchester based band (2000?) formed by Pete Ryan (drms) (ex Wild Orchid, Pocket Venus) & Dave Wilson (ex Wild Orchid), who moved there from Colwyn Bay. Made a demo & played the usual haunts in the city.

Mooi – North East Wales duo (formed 1999), feat; Rachel (voc,gtr), Laura (voc,gtr). Had track Sway on 3 diff comps.

MoonMonkey recording studio (2000) in Conwy.

Morffe – Colwyn Bay punkish band (formed May11), feat; Julian Neale (bass), John Hargest (drms) (both ex-Carpet, Dive), Dave Malam (gtr) (ex Dive, Whitewash, Alien Matter, Courteous Thief). Rel 3-track bedroom demo ‘Today Was Bright’. Debut gig at Ram & Shackle, Manchester (28.05.11). Announced they split 17.04.12, due to family commitments. Reformed early 2017 to play a string of gigs. Julian later turned up in Wobbly Hearts and formed Holy Gloam (reviews) (website)

Jake Morgan – former bassist with hardcore band Discharge in the early 90s. Moved to rural Llanberis (c2010)

Les Morrison – Bethesda-based engineer & producer. Stiwdio Les in Bethesda High Street became a popular haunt for many top Welsh bands in the 80s & throughout the 90s chart acts like Super Furry Animals have recorded there. Morrison was at the forefront of the blossoming ‘Bethesda scene’ of the 70s & 80s where bands like Maffia Mr Huws, Celt & Jecsyn Ffeif emerged. Les himself is a laid back dude who has always risen above the Welsh-English divide, being equally comfortable & conversant in either language. Was even in a few bands himself including the original Offspring. He sadly died Apr11

MortalitasUK – formed 2020, Gary Appleby (9xDead) solo Gothic Doom project set up during Covid quarantine.

Mortuary – Prestatyn thrash band (early 90s), feat; Jon Waring (drms) (later Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials), Jace. More info req’d.

Gwilym Morus – vocalist from Wrexham with Drymbago, lived in Birmingham & played with blues / soul bands. Rel folk orientated solo LP ‘Traffig’ (Rasal 1.3.05)

– punk/metal band from Conwy (formed Jun17), feat; Iwan Lewis (bass,voc), Aled Lewis (gtr,voc) (ex Emissaries Of Syn), Chris Williams (drms,voc) (ex Bonzai Massacre, Abductors). Rel EP ‘Motorviolence’ (06.03.18) – see also Middle Name God

Mosaic – Colwyn Bay based band (c2000) feat; Matt, Stu (now of Crippen) & Gaz Roberts, who has demoed some solo acoustic & is currently living in Switzerland. (see also Beeker)

(((Mother of Six))) – Wrexham rock band (c2008), feat Neal Thompson (now Roseville Band, ex promoter at Central Station, now promotes Focus Wales), have been played on numerous radio shows (inc 6music), rel download single Castell (03.08.09) and eponymous EP (02.11.09). Returned to live scene with Focus Wales appearance Apr15. Ill health eventually led to the band’s demise and members form Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard (website)

Mo-Tone Company Band – Rhyl band (c2005), feat; Lee Davies (voc,gtr), Paul Davies (gtr,voc) (brothers ex Ocean Rane, Grasshopper, Hooper). More info req’d

Mountaineers – Wrexham band (c2004), feat; Alex Gaermain (voc). Rel EP ‘Motions of Interplanetary’ (on Northern Ambition 14.2.05). Things didn’t work out with the band so Alex went and studied music to reappear in 2010 producing avant garde ambient stuff.

Mountain Music – Bethesda based outfit (pre-1992). More info req’d.

mowbird gustoMowbird – slacker pop band from Wrexham (formed 2010), feat; Ben Sawin (gtr,voc) (also Eitha Da), Sue Dempsy (keys,voc), Mike Smith (bass), Ben Trow (drms) (Smith and Trow are also in Seazoo). Ex-drummer Andy Jones is now in Baby Brave. Rel ‘Excellent, OK’ EP (01.11.10), Gusto single (24.12.10), Yeah, Jackie! single (29.04.11), ‘Ilk’ EP (20.05.11), Empress single (05.12.11), ‘We Sell Maternity Swimwear’ EP (07.05.12), ‘The Quiet Despair Of The Starship Enterprise’ EP (01.11.12), Be My Jill Valentine single (14.02.13), Happy Active Horse Organ single (on Popty Ping (06.01.14) and debut album Islander (on Shape Recs 10.02.14). Illness halted live shows by the end of 2014, but sprang back into action in 2015 and released a cassette album, ‘One Offs’ (09.10.15) feat various demos and collaborations, followed by 7″ EP ‘Greetings All’ (website)

MPO Mike Peters Organisation, basically his fan club set up in 1991 and run by his wife Jules

MR – solo project by Mark Roberts (ex Cyrff, Catatonia, Sherbet Antlers, Y Ffyrc). No longer in his native Llanrwst, Cardiff based Mark rel his 1st solo album ‘Oesoedd’ (25.10.18) which was shortlisted for the Welsh Music Prize. This was followed by ‘Amen’ (24.10.19) and ‘Feiral’ (04.12.20), ‘Llwyth’ (15.10.21) and ‘Misses’ (09.06.23) (bandcamp)

Mucus – Bangor thrash-speed-booze-metal band (early 90s). Feat; Duncan Black (gtr) (ex Papa Lazaroo, Skinflick, Skink, Rabo De Toro and many more), Danno (Daniel Alexzander) (gtr) (ex Army of Crows, Fubar, Skink), Chris Squirrel (drms) (ex Fatal, Babies with Rabies, Eugene Saunders, Y Profiad, Karac) Rec 3 demos. Always pissed when playing, noted for interested guitar solos. Reformed to play 1st gig in 15 yrs (28.10.10), feat; Duncan, Chris  Danno and Declan Parry (bass) (ex Army of Crows, Soriant, This Thing, Darkside, Power Groove, Wenflam, Fatal, Hitchcock, Reno Corrado Pimps) (early live tracks from 1992). Rel long awaited album ‘Hulk Spunk’ (17.10.18) (website)

Mark Mucus  – rhythm guitarist with 4Q, lasted one gig (the band’s 3rd, Aug87) before they sacked him.

Mudshark Records – Record shop in Bangor, and as of Feb15 the only record shop in Bangor! Situated in Castle Hill Arcade and run by Jeff Hopson. Specialising in new vinyls, out of print CDs as well as second hand stuff. Moved to larger premises at 128 High St on 12.03.16 (website)

Mudslide – Wrexham covers band (formed 1999), feat; Johnny Phillips (voc), Graham Dodd (voc), Gareth Morris (gtr), Mark Roberts (gtr), Timmy Tinsel (bass), Adam Price (drms), Steve Parker (keys). (website)

Mum & Dad – female fronted band from Shotton (2002). More info req’d.

Mumph – Wales’ foremost political cartoonist – particularly when it comes to Welsh politics. Real name Mal Humphreys. – website.

Mundane – hardcore punk band from Denbigh area, formed 1998. Various line-up changes until settled with Joe (voc/gtr), Dave (gtr), Harley (bass), Ed (drms). Cite Discharge as an influence performing a couple of their songs. Own songs incl; Obey, Nothing.

Murder Scene Love Affair – Blaenau Ffestiniog metal band (c2006), feat; Rikki Chaps (voc), Ricky Hall (gtr), Iwan Bryn (bass), Tom Richards (drms). Prev called Our Recent Deceased. Debut EP ‘Choke & Die’. Members have prev played in Girl Fell Dead, TSG, Hecate

Music – Bethesda based outfit (pre-1992). More info req’d.

Music Factory – workshop set up in Theatr Twm o’r Nant, Denbigh (c2005) to help young musicians get off the ground, in similar vain to MASE.

Music For Life – compilation tape of Rhyl bands (inc The Alarm) released to raise money for Live Aid. More info Req’d

Musical Mystery Tour – Adam Walton’s weekly 3 hour show on BBC Radio Wales, Saturdays from 10pm. Dubbed the John Peel show of Wales for its content & band sessions. Used to be aired 4 days a week for an hour but response showed the new format was preferred, was on Sunday nights and Adam decided in 2007 to dedicate the almost entirely to new Welsh based music. It was also an informative feat; downloads, playlists, writings from Adam’s Daily Post column, gig guide & news. (session list)

Musicians’ Collective – Rhyl collective, held their 1st meeting at Rhyl library 30.04.88, aimed at raising funds to buy a collective PA, accessing various facilities & assessing potential venues for local bands

Mutants – Chester punk band, (formed Dec76), feat; Bill Wednesday (voc), Keith Wilson (gtr), Rodent Gilliard (gtr), Al Waters (bass), Paul Codman (drms). Started gigging May77 and signed to Rox Recs (Aug77). Rec demos at Cannon Studios, Chester, had tracks Boss Man, Backyard Boys, School Teacher. More info req’d

Mwg – Bethesda based band (1988 ?), feat; Tony Parisella (bass) (see also Jina, Llwybr Cyhoeddus, Harvest Moon, Company), Huw Smith (also Llwbr Cyhoeddus, Mojo, Jina, Celt), Ken Jones (Jina, Mojo). More info req’d.

Mwg Drwg – Llanrwst rock band, formed 1971-73, feat; Ithel Jones, Gwyndaf Williams and Phillip Jones (see also Y Mellt). Reformed in 1975 with a new front man Bryn Fon and changed name Crysbas

Mwrthwl – Thrash metal band from Coleg Normal in Bangor.

Mwsog – (pic) 5-pc post-classical-ambient-weird bilingual band from the St Asaph area, formed late ‘99, feat; Huw Evans (voc, keys), Sam Roberts (bass), Wil Roberts (drms) (Sam’s brother), Robin Edwards (gtr) (later R Seiliog), Gwyn Williams (gtr). Rec 3 track session for Gang Bangor (Radio Cymru) after winning the battle of the bands comp at National Eisteddfod 2001. Gigged with Topper, Anweledig, Pep le Pew, Pocket Venus, Big Leaves, Cacan Wy

Rhys Mwyn – bassist with Anhrefn (1984-1996), known as the forefather of Cool Cymru being a tireless campaigner for the Welsh cause through alt music, realising that Wales needed saving from the Welsh as the closed mentality was killing the language. Launched Recordiau Anhrefn Records (1983), running concurrently with the band. Promoted Welsh bands through Crai records (c2002) before becoming an independent promoter, formed Mangre (c2000), and reformed Anhrefn in an almost folk style in 2007. Published his autobiography ‘Cam O’r Tywyllwch’ (2006) – available (so far) only in Welsh.  Began a project in 2012 called Welsh Rebel Outpost with Dewi Gwyn (ex Anhrefn), Sarah Louise, Owen Cob and Neil Crud, with the intention of a benefit for the families of Welsh artists who’ve died along the way. Also played bass for White Ether up until 2020. Rhys is also a keen archaeologist, conducting tours, talks and has written books on the subject. As of early 2016 he began presenting a weekly show on BBC Radio Cymru called Recordiau Rhys Mwyn. (website).

Mylk – (pic) indie band (c2007) from Henllan, changed name to Streams

Mynd Am Dani – ‘Cymcore’ (funk/punk) band from Porthmadog (1989/90) described themselves as ‘orgasmic anti-poll tax’. Feat; Osian (voc), G Lewis (gtr), Dylan Glo (gtr), Antony Piercy (bass), Jamie Charnley (drms) (latter 2 prev of Vicious Pink Houses)

Mysterons – Prestatyn band (c1980), initially called Captain Black & The Mysterons). Eventually became The Vaj. More info req’d.

Mystery Girls – feat; Mark Perkins as session saxophonist. (more info req’d)

My Best Attempt – Wrexham punk band (formed 2011), feat; Tom Beckett (voc,gtr), James Wilcox (gtr), Jordan McCaughey (bass), Joe Cook (drms). Debut gig at Horse and Jockey, Wxm (website)

My Turn To Kill – (pic) Holyhead hardcore/screamo band (formed Nov03). Feat. Steve White (voc), Lee Crimes (gtr), Baz Jones (gtr), Mike Walker (bass), Shaun Humphreys (drms). Played loads of gigs across UK in 2006. Rel EP ‘Kids of Cancer’ (mid07). Now called Through Colour (website)

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