North Wales: Ma – Mi

MacDonald, Eddie – (b. 1.11.1959), bassist with The Alarm and Seventeen. Now lives in South England working as a photographer. He joined Mike Peters on stage at the Gathering in Jan97 to play guitar on 2 songs, and re-appeared at the after-show party of the Gathering in Jan08 to play a Clash tribute set in aid of the Love, Hope and Foundation charity.

Macher – prolific Denbigh based fanzine 1st published Dec88 and ran for 4 years. Unique that it promoted mainly Welsh language bands in English print in an attempt to bridge the gap Welsh bands needed to attract a wider audience, and to a degree it succeeded. 12 copies were made which rec’d reviews on both radio and TV. Edited by Dave Macher. Back catalogue now virtually non-existent. If you have issues 2,5,7 or 10 please email me.

Dave Macher – real name Dave Jones, (b. 9.6.1965) (Prev known as Belchin Winedecker, Wank Williams, Cap’n Davie Bly). A huge fan of Anhrefn, newspaper journalist Dave promoted their cause through his fanzine Macher. Like Anhrefn he was ridiculed by the ‘Welsh luvvies’ – those very people who don’t exist anymore since cool Cymru emerged. Dave has been a recording artist since 1987 with short-lived acts Windshite, Howlin Wind and Wank Williams leading to the formation of his first band, Pyw Dall in 1988. Hosted a radio show, Into The Valley (1999) on Shore FM championing early punk bands, noted for the ease into which he took on the role as a radio presenter. (Apr00) rel CD under guise of Quill Bones. New project – The Amazing Expanding Indian – was also planned. (biog)

Machine Elves of Hyperspacepower pop band feat; Greg Baghurst (gtr) who later joined Real Crazy Apartment. Played the Unis of Nth England.

Machlud – Bethesda based outfit (c1982/83), rehearsed in an old village hall, feat; Martin Beattie (voc) (later of Celt), Neil Roberts (gtr) (later of Celt) (now local quarry worker), Aled “Jelly” (last known, landlord of Harpoon pub Caernarfon), Andrew Roberts (gtr), Gruff Rhys (drms) (now of Super Furry Animals). Had a track Ery Gloyw on side 1 of the Cam o’r Twyllwch comp LP on Anhrefn Recs.

Mad Bill – metal popsters (mid 1980s) from Buckley. reformed early 2004 to mark the 40th Birthday of lead singer Rob. Orig members Wetleg (gtr) and Bryn (drms) were joined by bassist Mason (who replaces the late Spadge).

Mad Dog – Rhyl punk, aka Andy McGit (born 02.12.1967), doorman at the punk nights in the Dudley Arms. Was shot with an air rifle when he was 18; the pellet went through his eye and into the brain. This left him wheelchair bound and blind in one eye. Determined rehabilitation now means Mad Dog can walk unaided and has recently published a book/fanzine about himself called ‘Not Very PC, But Fuck It’

Madigan – session guitarist, toured the UK with the Durty Hat band playing country Lead guitar from 1999-01. Works on and off with Jon Hiseman (Colloseum, Colloseum II). Opened Imperial Music Studios in Buckley, 2003. Fully equipped with Protools HD3 setup. Is reloacting to Stockholm where he will tour playing Jazz guitar for the next 12 months.For more info contact the studio on 01244 544528

Maffia – Bethesda based outfit, formerly Maffia Mr Huws.

Maffia Mr Huws – One of Wales’ first ever supergroups emerged in the early 1980s in the Welsh music stronghold of Bethesda. Feat; brothers, Gwyn Jones (drms) and brother Sion Jones (gtr) (later Yr Anhrefn), Deiniol Morris (bass), Neil Williams (voc) (who replaced orig voc Hefin Huws also of Llwybr Cyhoeddus, later of Anhrefn). Once attracted the ears of top England-based producers who likened their reggae/rock style to The Police and Men At Work. The band was devastated in 1987 when keyboardist Alan Edwards was killed in a road accident in Brittany, but they carried on playing under the name Maffia. Their influence will never be forgotten. Aug00 saw them reform and play at the Bryn Terfel Festival as a 3-pc Gwyn, Sion and Neil, also stated their regret for not singing in English to catch a mainstream audience. Gitar Yn Y To (7”, 1982), Sesiwn Sosban (LP comp, 1982), Yr Orchr Arall (LP, 1983), Nid Divedd Y Gan (7”, 1985), Da Nim Yn O’th Gem Fach Di (LP, 1986?). Occasionally reform to play local events.

Maggs – heavy rock trio from Bangor who were probably the earliest, heaviest and best of the Welsh language scene. They formed from the embers of one of the many line ups of the Welsh language band Brân. Members were: Louis Thomas (voc,bass) who was an ex-Hells Angel/biker and member of a few English bands and also Brân.), Len Jones (gtr) (ex Brân) who, with John Gwyn who went on to produce the Channel 4 rock programme The Tube in the 80’s. Brian Griffiths (also ex Brân) on drums. Len Jones went on to play with loads of bands, Rhiannon Thomas a’r Band, Louis a’r Rocers, Omega (with Delwyn Siôn of 70’s band Hergest). Brian also drummed for a load of the same bands. Never released a record but did record 4 songs for a weekly Radio Cymru rock programme called Sosban. Classics such as ‘Mynd i’r Jêl’ and ‘Rosaline’ featured.

Magyars – new project (c2009) by ex-members of Der Bomber

Maharishi – prolific Bangor 5-pc band (2000), feat; Gwilym Davis, Rich, . EP Stafell Llawn Mwg. LP out Feb01 Merry Go Round. Nominated for Welsh band of the year 2001.

Ken Mainardis – orig live bassist with Sons of Selina and previous with The Exit, and The Deans Daughter. Played with SOS during their early shows inc, Mark Radcliffe Session. Left the band in 1995 to move to London and work for Reuters.

mainesMaines – noise band from Llandudno Junction (formed 2012), feat; Dave Podbury (gtr,voc) (ex Spitting Pips), Rob McGoona (gtr) (also of BBR), Alice (bass), Craig Hughes (drms). Rel debut EP ‘Frequencies’ (on link2wales recs Jun16), followed by ‘Spring EP’ (27.03.20) (bandcamp)

Mainline Power Squadron – electro-rock project in Betws y Coed (c2012) by Rich Eardley (ex Melys, Peakz) (website)

Mainstream – rock ‘n’ roll band from Lixwm (formed Dec04 at Mold Alun High School), feat; Ben Vickers (drms,voc) (also Pilot Blue), Mitch Blythen (gtr). Ben orig played gtr but replaced Sarah Boyd (drms) who left summer05. Adam Lawrence (voc) was later added to the line-up along with Rich Leahy (gtr), Jack Lawrence (bass) who replaced Liam Newman (voc,bass) (also Pilot Blue). (website)

Makabre – Menai Bridge metal band, (c2005), feat; Emyr Payne (voc,gtr), Iwan (gtr), Iestyn (bass), Simon (drms). Played Bar Blu, Rhyl (28.09.05). Emyr and Simon now play for Nightmares By The Sea (c2010)

Malarki – bilingual electronica band from Porthmadog (formed 2000), feat; Shar (voc), Jon (gtr,prog), Joe (perc). Rec LP Aug01. Were associated with Smokin Shark Recs. (website)

Mal-de-Mer – Rhyl band (1991); feat; Graham Bevins (also of Mercenary Skank, PSST) (bass), Andy Davis (gtr), Morris Garnett (gtr), Kev Wilson (drms) and Debbie Wilson (keys,voc) and is now married to Graham. Played a few gigs inc, the Bistro. Graham still plays bass and gigs occasionally and Debbie performs regularly in musical theatre and occasionally gigs as a backing vocalist.

Malfunctions – band from Llandulas (early 90s), feat; David Skelsey. More info req’d.

The Maligned – 2-piece punk band (with a twist) from Rhyl, (formed 2012). Feat; Mike (voc,drms), Gav (gtr). Rec LP at Orange Studios, Penmaenmawr (13.07.12)

Malso – Wrexham indie rock band, formed autumn 1999 (orig as Ebb), 1st gig 28.11.99 at Telfords Warehouse, Chester. Songs incl ‘Far Too Long’, ‘Numbers’, ‘Alibi’ and a very nice rendition of the old ‘Cliff Richard’ classic: ‘Wired For Sound’. (audio samples)

Mammals Of Cold Blood – hard rock band from Bangor, began playing in school talent show (Eisteddfod) covering Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Dani California for fun in summer 2013. John Mahon (voc,gtr) and Arron Jones (gtr) would jam at revision breaks in the music rooms when they were open, Working on riffs and annoying music teachers with loudness. Later performed with Shaun Thomas their 1st paid gig under the name Hair Of The Dog at an Air Cadet Awards Ceremony. Education meant line-up changes due to Shaun (bass) going to Aberystwyth Uni, so the skilful Jake Owen became the new bassist, with Andy Holden on drums.

Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard
– doom laden band from Wrexham, (c2015), feat; Jessica Ball (bass,voc) (ex Gobow), Paul Michael Davies (gtr,keys) (ex Mother Of Six), Wez Leon (gtr), James Carrington (drms). Rel 30min single Nachthexen (on Bandcamp 26.02.15) and made available on limited 100 copies cassette (Aug15), followed by highly acclaimed vinyl LP ‘Noeth Ac Anoeth’ (Dec15 New Heavy Sounds), ‘Y Proffwyd Dwyll’ LP (2016) then ‘Yn Ol i Annwn’ (2019)  (bandcamp)

Managing Directors – Blaenau Ffestiniog based band of early 80s feat; John Griffiths and Kevs Ford (later of Llwybr Llaethog)

Manalishi – was formed under the suspect auspices of digital music advancement in 2000 by ex Harvest Moon members Glynn Porrino and SteveJones. A two man, big-sound, CD and live performance based act, combining expertly crafted original material (so rare these days, don’t you think?) interspersed with hugely memorable versions of such great classics as “Mistreated” by Deep Purple and “Kashmir” by Led Zep – feat 3 entire digitally recorded orchestras, by God!. They were popular in the North Wales/North West regions, and split when Jones got fed up of driving himself to gigs. .

Mandiqua – Anglesey band (1979) feat; Terry Rielly (gtr), Clive Garrod (see also Story Dogs, EIIE), Wayne Ashford, (now in South Africa) and Gorwel Owen (now producer for Super Furry Animals amongst many others).

Mangre – (Welsh for The Dwelling), short lived project (Nov00) by the brothers who were the mainstays in Anhrefn, Rhys Mwyn and Sion Sebon.

Manito – Prestatyn 4-pc metal band, feat; Dave. Played Bistro 1990 and described as having ‘a crap vocalist’. More info req’d

Mank – project by Ben Powell (since 1998) of Menai Bridge. Rel Ecaz Nous EP (2001), Death Studies EP (2002), and Vegetable Milk EP (2002) and Erleichda EP (Mar03), Meridian (2004), Madarch EP (Mar05) which rec’d Radio 1 airplay, Cephalization EP (Oct06), Isbjorn (Dec07), Llyn y Cwn (2009), Awen (Mar10), Esoteria (29.6.11), Gutta-Percha (2013) and III:KA (under the name Llyn Y Cwn (Jan15), Solipsism (01.12.15), Agartha (2018) and rec’d airplay of Radio Wales’ Musical Mystery Tour. Also compiled a special 27 min session for the same show, aired Feb 02, and remixed Kentucky AFC‘s Bodlon single. Ben was also a member of Micrographia (website)

Mantra – Prestatyn based Led Zeppelin covers band (c1990), feat; Colin. Played Bistro couple of times.

Marble Molly – Prestatyn indie band (c2016), feat; Adam Chatterton (voc,gtr), Anthony ‘Paz’ Parry (gtr,voc), Ben Mclellan (bass,voc), Stuart Hastings (drms). Rel ‘Get Your Sticks Out EP’ (Aug16). Played live sessions on Neil Crud’s TudnoFM show (19.12.16) and (07.04.19). Adam and Paz were in P’tyn band Oysterboy, Adam then joined L’pool based Rialto Burns. Stuart stood in on bass for Melys on their UK tour (Dec16). Rel Somethin’ Good as download single (Apr19) to start a regular monthly set of releases (FB)

Marble Parlour – Holyhead rock band (c2016), feat; Ryan Bristow (voc,gtr), Ben Roberts (bass), Connor Roberts (drms). Rel ‘This Changes Everything EP’ (2016)

Marchog – Bethesda based outfit (pre-1992). More info req’d.

MarksGoodLove – solo project (c2001) of Mark Fell-Crook from Prestatyn. Was working on a 6 track ep for RedButtons label – unsure if this was released.

Martin & The Brownshirts – Chester based punk band (formed Mar77), feat; Norman Graveney (voc), Paul Urmston (gtr), Addy Adams (bass), Willie Williams (drms). Described as a cross between The Tubes and Frank Zappa. Rel 7” single Taxi Driver / Boring (Tabitha Recs in Belgium, then Lightning Recs 1978, then Breakout Recs 2003). Willie said in Mojo (2001), ‘I left school at 16 – two months later I was in London making a record, and two months after that we split up.’ Their name attracted a lot of Right Wing Nazis to their gigs which wasn’t what the band were about. Played many gigs locally as well as London’s Vortex. May have changed their name to Angry Young Men.

Martin John – singer/songwriter from Dolgellau. Debut EP ‘Para Am Oes’ (on Rasp 2003)

MASE (Music and Sound Experience) – North Wales based youth music project founded 2000 to help young bands get off the ground, ran by Erica Woods. Gigs held in Llandudno. Mar01 saw the release of their No Boundaries comp CD. Opened recording studio at Min-y-Don Park, Old Colwyn run by Charles Hildrew who says, ‘We would very much like to see as many individuals/groups using it as possible to help us prove the need for such facilities locally. We have worked hard to secure funding so that we can offer recording time at a sensible rate and the more people that use it the cheaper it will get. All income is returned into the project and the studio spec is getting better all the time. The studio and rehearsal room operate from 10am to 9pm so we can generally find a time that suits most people.’ Fizzled out by 2006 and kind of morphed into TAPE in Old Colwyn.

Masters in France – Bangor based rock-indie band (formed Mar09), feat; Ed Ellis Jones (voc), Mathew Ellis Sayer (gtr), Owain Ginsberg (gtr), Owain Jones (bass), Sion Edwards (drms) . Rel EP Nagazaki (14.12.09), Greyhounds (17.5.10 Bone Dry Recs) became single of the week on Radio 1. Their track Playin With My Friends was used by IKEA for a TV advert campaign (Oct12) (website)

Masters of Tedium – band from Rhyl area (?), rel ‘Greatest Hits’ tape in 1981. More info req’d.

The Mayors – Wrexham rock band (formed Oct02), feat; Baz Masters (drms), Roofus T. Grumbleheimer (drms), Elfboy (drms,perc,voc), Sistafista (bass), Sadly Born Roy (gtr), Diva Vorto (keys), Dayglohobo (abuse), Gun Sex Phil (voc), Tonystar (voc), J Experience (voc). Rec ‘All It Takes Is A Little Magic’, play the Redi Nights in Wrexham. Did a gig feat 13 clowns, confetti and a pie fight. Also played Chester Deaf Centre, where smoke machine set off the fire alarm before the first song but the bar staff didn’t notice for ten minutes. Now that’s Rock’n’Roll! Rel 7″ single One Last Cigarette (2014) followed by CDEP ‘Folie A Deux’ (May16)

Stuart Maxwell – Rhyl based guitarist, brother of Leigh. Former bands incl, Flourescent Daydream, Colonel Shrub, PSST, Sigmoidoscopy. The Fluff and now Science and keys for Imperial Leisure (website), and bass for Ingo Star Cruiser (website). Did music tech degree in London and now runs a studio, Leisure Lounge (website) and working on a solo project, (website)

Mazion – Flint based band (c2008) (website)

MC Jester– alter ego of Paul Hammond. Announcer of acts at the Trancemission in Rhyl, dressed up as a jester (1997).

MCM(1986) From Llandudno, lasted one gig before Andre, Matt and Julie formed That Voodoo

MC Mabon – Alter-ego of Gruff Meredith, orig from N.Wales now based out of Cardiff. Formed in 2000 and has released 12 albums including Jonez Williamz and The Hunt for Meaning. MC Mabon’s unique sound comes from fusing hip-hop, punk, folk and little bits of this and that. MC Mabon has produced, co-produced and performed with several other Welsh artists such as Swci Boscawen and DJ Saizmundo. Gruff Meredith was formerly in the bands Tystion and Datsyn. (website)

Meantime – Oswestry indie band (formed Jan04), feat; Todd Edwards (gtr,voc), Jake Baines (bass,voc), John O’Brien (gtr), Kit Bryan-Smith (drms)

Mechanical Owl – Mold project (c2009) by Mike Payne (also Half Avian) who got a live band together feat; Matt Stenning, Ian Davies, David Parr, Greg Michel. Had session aired on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales show 18.10.09. Rel ‘Snowdonia EP’ same year. Went on a hiatus and re-emerged in 2015 with a full length album ‘Winter Songs’ (on Drum With Our Hands Recs 21.02.15) and a new band to play it live, feat; Meirion Ginsberg (gtr), Andy Garside (bass), Theston Jones (drms). (website)

Meeker – a RedButtons label super group who had both members of MarksGoodLove and Lunatic Magnets.

Megabatz – Bangor band (formed 1983), feat; Maeyc Hewitt (voc,gtr) (Ominous Dr Clip Clop), Ian McMillan (bass), Mark Thomas (drms) (ex Inadequates, Ghostriders, Hot Water). Later joined by Phil Layton (sax,keys) (ex Karnarvon Kastle). Regularly gigged and even supported Haircut One Hundred and The Smiths. Split summer 1984 when Phil’s Uni course finished and he moved away. Maeyc and Ian formed Reinheitsgebot. Gig at Bangor Uni in 1984 available here to download

Meilir – solo artist (Meilir Tomos) from Mold (b.27.02.81). Rel CDLP ‘Cellar Songs’ (2011 on his own Gwdihw Recs), then a CD single Arabella (17.11.14). Vinyl album ‘In Tune’ (Apr20). Played live session on Neil Crud’s TudnoFM Show 27.01.20.

Rhodri Meilir – actor from Mold (b.18.11.78), best know for his role as Alfie Butts in the TV sitcom My Family

Melaphobia – Prion band (formed 2004); feat; Beth (b.25.1.87) (voc), Faye (b.26.6.87) (gtr), Kerry (b.24.2.87) (gtr), Cath (b.11.2.89) (bass), Gareth Aled Williams (drms) (now of Asbos). Played debut at Denbigh High School (Nov04) & Bar Blu, Rhyl (Aug04). Gareth was unable to play at Pigstock (2005) and was replaced by Neil. Band split when the girls all left for Uni

Y Mellt – Llanrwst band (1967-76) feat; Elfed Williams, George Jones, Gwyndaf Williams (later Mwg Drwg, Crysbas), Rhianwen Williams, Glyn Jenkins. Began life as Lightning Rwsters. These were the orig members but over the years there were a few changes in the line up, other members were Ithel Jones, Phillip Jones (both later of Mwg Drwg, Chrysbas) and James Roberts. Gwyndaf is now one half of a country duo ‘Closing Time’ with Len Roberts from Trefriw.

Mellt – Aberystwyth pop-punk band (c2015), feat; Glyn Jim (voc,gtr), John ‘Texas’ Walker (bass,voc) and Yankee Jake (drms). Rel ‘Cygod Cafarwydd EP’ (2015) (soundcloud)

Melys – (1997-2006) indie band from Betws y Coed. Paul Adams (gtr/keys/voc) (see also Meringue), Andrea Parker (voc/penguin tambourine), Gary Husband (drms), Rich Eardley (bass) (ex Skabbz, Peakz, later The Awakes). Carys Jones (keys) no longer with band. Signed their deal with Pinnacle on Mount Snowdon. “It was the middle of winter. It was freezing,” Andrea says. “We found a bit of rock that was quite flat and we signed with the executives from the record company standing round. All the climbers coming down must have thought we were crackers.” Track included on the “S4C makes me want to smoke crack Vol. 2” compilation CD and they were signed to the Ankst label who released their 1st EP prod by Gorwel Owen. Rec 11 (ELEVEN!) Peel sessions 1st 23/4/97 (rptd 2/7/97). 2nd 23/6/98: live session from Maida Vale featuring Welsh Male Voice Choir. 3rd 17/2/00. Released 4 LPs with a 3rd in Holland as a best of the first 2. Reached No.1 in John Peel’s Festive 50 in 2001 with the superb Chinese Whisper. They left Pinnacle to start up their own label and Sylem Studios. 2006 sort of saw an end to activities with Paul and Andrea opening a restaurant in Conwy. Reformed to play a few gigs in late 2009 and again in 2016, supporting Wedding Present on a UK tour.

Meltfest – festival on Anglesey, held it’s 2nd annual event Aug02.

Memory Clinic – Llanfair PG psychedelic/indie band (c2013), feat; Phillip Burrows (voc,gtr), Dafydd Williams (gtr), Alex Morrison (bass), Alex Bailey (drms). (hear)

Memory Lane – Prestatyn based 60s revival group (1991-96) feat; Bob Garner (bass,voc) (ex Merseybeats, The Creation) and backed by The Jon Wray Band, Jon Wray (voc,gtr), Andy Hamer (drms), Steve Oldfield (gtr). Worked throughout the country playing many top venues and summer seasons at the top holiday venues. Garner continued to write and penned The Woolpackers hit Hillybilly Rock and more notably the great Painter Man with Creation, before he sadly had to retire from public performances to serious ill health.

Memory 31 – Prestatyn mod/r’n’r band (formed 1998), feat; Chris Detton (voc), Anthony Parry (gtr), Ryan Cairns (bass), Gary Pennington (drms). Few local gigs, mostly in Llandudno, with the likes of Dive, Wild Mornings. Rec 6-track CD at The White Rooms, Llandudno (never rel). Detton had to leave on doctors orders with serious throat problems. Eddie James (ex-Utopia) replaced him. But in the meantime Pennington joined Towyn’s X-Ell and the band soon split. Chris Detton is still living in Prestatyn, Anthony Parry lives in Prestatyn but plays in a L’pool based band. Ryan Cairns is in Buckinghamshire Chilterns Uni studying for a BA(Hons) Music Industry Management and Live Production degree. Eddie James is an electrician in Prestatyn.

Mental Block – metal band from Bagillt (c2010)

Mephistophelean Engines of Pleasure – Caernarfon based band (c2006) feat; Danny (drms), Gwyn (gtr), Jess (voc,gtr), Martin (bass). Made live debut at The Dudley Arms, Rhyl (Jan06). Shortened name to The Mephs (2007). Jess left Jul08 although was spotted fronting the band in May09

Mercenary Skank – punk/new wave band from Rhyl in the early 1980’s met and formed at Kelsterton college. Inspired by the clash, Mekons, SLF and the Ruts. Orig line-up; Tudor Parry (gtr/voc) (d.2011), Mark Jordan (gtr), Graham Bevins (bass) (later of Mal de Mer, PSST) and Chris Turner (drms) (later of Frightened By Strangers) who had begun life as The Disturbed. When the band moved to London Chris and Tudor split to be replaced by Andrew Tunnicliffe (gtr) – (see also Grids, Vicious Circle), Scratch (Mark Downing) (voc) who worked at Kavern Records, Mike Crees (drms), Mark Perkins (sax) (also played in Open Channel D and Mystery Girls). Rel – No More Dancing 12″ EP and Work Of Giants 12″ EP. A CD of the above and another 6-10 tracks has been threatened, but nothing as of yet. Also billed on the CND benefit festival at the Queens in Rhyl 21.2.1981. Band moved to London to seek fame and fortune and very nearly did it. Managed by Caroline Reed who also managed the Stone Roses who supported MS in 1984. Andrew Tunnicliffe went on to play in Hammersmith based Ironic High Style in mid-80s. Neale Parry (ex Shop and brother of Iwan of Pinhead Recs) the band’s roadie/photographer/artwork designer who moved to London with them in the early 80’s & still lives in Surrey. (see full biog)

Merciless Savage – black metal band from Llandudno (c2010), feat; Raz (voc,gtr) who initially started the band as a solo project in 2007, recruited Nige Dennan (gtr) (Hecate Enthroned),Mark Watson-Jones (bass), Ben Neal (drms). Played debut gig at Speakers Corner, Colwyn Bay 13.11.09 and their final one in Feb14. Have also utilised the services of Gwyn Jones (drms), Iolo Hughes and Rich Sawle. Raz announced 10.04.21 that the project had ended – he has started Devod (website). Raz, Mark and Gwyn are also in Emissaries Of Syn

Merger – Bangor band (c1978)… More info req’d

Meringue – Llanrwst based indie pop band of mid-90s, fronted by Paul Adams (later of Melys), and Greg Foley (later Box of Frogs, Catdandy, KGP). Co-fronted the Smash Apathy campaign with GMX Stuns.

Merlin Music – Flintshire based recording company specialising in location recording. Based at Y Lloches (The Den) studio in Cilcain, near Mold. Prev based at Castle Hill Studios in Ewloe. Whilst at Castle Hill, prod a couple of rec sessions with The Fluff, including live recordings of Do do do, Dreamer and Duckin’ and Divin’ with Krissy Reynolds singing. Started album project with The Fluff, which were later aborted as the band split. Have recently launched pop label ‘Spank Records‘ to release work by local artist, and some international names as well.

Messy Facials Colwyn Bay punk collaboration, feat 8 or 9 people (c2006). Rec track Into Ya Home. More info req’d

Metamorffic – 4-pc rock band from Llanrwst (c2001) feat; Ed Olezsko (voc,gtr), Rhodri Gwyn (voc,gtr), Rhydian Hughes (bass), Steffan Hughes (drms). Rel 5 track bi-lingual CD in Dec 01.

Metroland – Mold-based 4 piece, feat; Richard Harrison (bass), Daniel Johnson (voc), Adam Walton (bass), Duncan Farmer (drms). Orig called Daisy Chain. Pseudo-Mod, 60s influenced indie pop that preceded [and completely missed] the Britpop bandwagon by 3 years. Signed to Thunder and Lightning Productions for a Marshall cab and a bag full of tie-dyed t-shirts [although the band didn’t realise they were tie-dyed at the time.] Relocated to Blaenau and were subsequently never heard of again. Kicked Daniel out in late 1992 for ‘being shit’. Adam took over vocals. Renamed to The Immediate. A recording surfaced in 2021 and Adam noted, ‘The first studio we (Daisychain / Metroland with Dan Johnson singing) went in (when we were kids) was Marty’s Studio X in Holywell. He was brilliant. Very patient and keen to do whatever he could to make it good for us. We then went to Rockcliffe in Llandudno. I think the studio may even still be there. I haven’t heard the recordings from there for over 30 years and I remember the experience being pretty horrific (he insisted I DI the guitars and add FX later, which was wrong wrong wrong…  and I swallowed a wasp drinking a can of lager on the wall outside the studio. Just found a couple of those recordings. By god, they sound bad. We saved up our dole / gig money and I remember how heartbreaking it was to come out of the studio with something that didn’t sound anything like we imagined we sounded. We were 18 or 19 and a bit shit, granted, but – you know – that’s when it matters most, really. Offered as a salutary lesson…’

Metabbalism –2003- Mullet and spandex approving heavy metal ABBA original tribute band from Buckley-Deeside. Feat; ex-members of Hand Relief, This Is Seb Clarke, Mindwerx and the Goodfellas. Headlined Xmas Bash III at Theatr Clwyd 2003, rec demo 3 track at LIPA Liverpool.

The Mexican Walking Fish – Bangor / Liverpool alt-country-folk band (formed 2012), feat; Kyle Lee (voc.gtr) (also Jives Room, Gintis, Sona, Cow), Huw Roberts (gtr) (ex Anakonda, later Ameto), Wayne Jones (drms) (ex Jives Room, Inner City Sumo, Something Personal, Grand Park). Ramin (trmpt) (later Landfill), Rel EP ‘When We’re Lost’ (on their own Americana Country Club – Feb15). Announced on 28.12.19 that they had split (fb)

Miaow Beasts – Cemaes Bay post-punk band who briefly exploded onto the local scene in 1981. Feat; Tony Byrne (voc), Alan Wills (drms), Dennis Wills (bass), Jeff Turner (gtr), Nelwyn Jones (sax). They could be regularly found at Cemaes Bay’s long lamented Faraway Club, site of many classic Northern Soul gatherings in the 70s, but would occasionally make it as far as Bangor and a rec does exist of a gig they played at Plas Coch, Llanedwen (22.09.81). From the start, it was obvious that they were destined for bigger things either collectively or individually, and before long, Alan Wills moved to L’pool to play drums with The Wild Swans, who were one of the hottest tipped groups in the country at the time. He went on to play with The Lotus Eaters, The Room and Shack and more recently set up Deltasonic Records, where he has brought us a whole new generation of L’pool groups including The Coral, The Zutons and The Dead 60s. Dennis Wills tragically passed away later in the 80s while Tony Byrne popped up working in the music biz in London a little later. We don’t know what happened to the other members – maybe someone out there does?

Michael Stand Band – feat; Robin Hemuss (also of Sons of Selina, 4Q, Astro Monsters) This was an RRS studio project on going from 1989-1995ish. In Robin’s words; ‘Some excellent songs, all unfortunately tarnished by my whale-killing vocals. The concept album *is* complete – just unlikely to make it past the demo stage.’

Micrographia – Pentraeth band (formed Nov03), feat; Ben Powell (keys) (also of Mank), Dave McCann (gtr) (ex Antishoe, Whales, Skinny Limbs), Andy Jones (bass) (ex Legends For A Day). More experimental than a band, played live along the coast. Rel eponymous 7-track EP (Nov04) which rec’d airplay off Adam Walton and link2wales radio. Rel 6 Track CD ‘Everything Will Turn To Heat’ (Nov05), played reunion gig in Bangor Oct11 (website)

Middle Name God – Conwy dark noise project (formed 2019), feat Morvo‘s Iwan Lewis (bass,voc) and Chris Williams (drms,voc) (ex Bonzai Massacre, Abductors)

Midlife Crisis – Denbigh 5-pc band, feat; Gareth Davies (voc) (ex Crator), Pete Jones (gtr) (later Spooky Joe), Nigel Peters (gtr) (ex 5th Column, Terminal, Company HQ), Rob Thomas (bass), Stu Wynne(drms) (ex 5th Column). Russ Pierce was orig vocalist Mainly covers from 70’s 80’s and 90’s. Formed summer 02. 1st gig was at Pigstock 10.08.02. Feat on Radio Wales’ ‘In Your Town’, 2 tracks were aired Boom Boom & Tie Your Mother Down. Split 2008 (website).

Midnight Snack – mid 90s outfit feat Andy Pierce (aka Andy Dreads) (now of Footprint), Danny Cutler (bass) (ex Papa Lazaroo, now of Logic of Impossibility and Dirty Angel Thing. More info req’d.

Mikey J Appreciation Society – small but committed spoof group of North Wales based fans of New Zealand’s Gisbourn FM breakfast show DJ, Mikey J. Sleeping Dogs BBC TV programme screened a short feature on the society’s 3rd gathering (April 2000).

Milestone – Colwyn Bay / Wrexham hardcore band (c2012), feat; Dani Washington (drms), Brad Allen (voc), James Anderson (gtr), Jacob Collinge (bass), Eddie Edwards (gtr). Rel demo 31.07.07, and ‘Choices EP’ (11.07.12) (click to hear) (website)

Milksafe Productions – company based in Wrexham who have rel Dust Sucker LP by Capt. Beefheart in May02. The connection was Llansantffraidd promoter, the late Roger Eagle who was a friend of Beefheart’s, who had the masters since 1976.

Milkwood – 1st incarnation of Valleum Feat. Aaron B (voc), Marcus (gtr), Warb (ex Kresta; Valleum) (bass,gtr), Andy (bass,gtr,voc), Phil (ex Kresta)(drms). Named after the popular Smile song ‘Milkwood 2000’, none of the band members can really remember anything about this period due to massive intoxification. Played one gig in May 97 using experimental sound…lots of effects on the vox and plenty of impro after late nite sessions practising in Aaron’s shed, at Barrells, Bangor supporting Gwacamoli..

Mim Twm Llai – Blaenau Ffestiniog band (2003), feat; Gai Toms (voc,gtr). Rel LP ‘O’r Sbensh.’ More info req’d

Mindwerx –1990s’ Buckley based experimental rock band, feat; Greg Lovelock (gtr) (now Alf’s Garage, ex-Agent Orange), Horst Sliklick (ex-Metabbalism, Institute of Air Guitar, Bastard Squad), Al Humphries (ex-Calamity Jane, Hozz) and Mark Fowler (Hozz, Redhouse).

MinelsTheGround –
Bangor moonrock band (c2003), feat; Liam Berry, Andy Chown, Andy Tomlinson, Steven Jones. Played Bangor Uni 26.03.03 and took part in People & Planet Protest. More info req’d

Minus Nine Lives – Hardcore punk band from Colwyn Bay (Jan09-Mar10), feat; Ron (voc), Steve Brute (bass) (ex Global Parasite, Cox, Spam Javelin), Jay (ex Seize The Day, Out of Use), Tinman (ex Out of Use, Stuntface, Instant Agony). Rumours around of a reform (Oct15) featuring Jamie Burne (Bastions, Sleep Beggar) but nothing emerged (as yet) (website)

Miracle Cave – Bangor band (c1983), feat; Alan Holmes (later of Fflaps, Ectogram, Parking Non-Stop etc), Maria Hycz and The Grand Master. Rel 2 cassette albums, ‘Coping With Illness’ (1983) and ‘Turquoise Coal’ (1984). Never played live. (free download)

Miracle Eye – psychedelic rock band from Rhyl, Pensarn, Prestatyn (c2016), feat; Sam O’Brien (drms), Martin Pearson (bass), Quilter (voc,gtr) (website)

Mirus – Mold band (c2002), feat; Dan (drms) (later Cyris). More info req’d

Misery Bros – Rhyl blues band (1988-92), feat; Jim Taylor (gtr) (Parlour Jim), Bob Hewitt (gtr/hrmnica), and the legendary Andy Hamer (drms) (all ex Howlin’ Wilf), with Steve Oldfield (bass) (ex Amsterdam) who joined because Mogga was in 4 other bands at the time. Roger Burke took over on drums for a while (?). Bob (now a police photographer) was photographer with the Visitor newspaper and set up the Alarm flood relief (Towyn) gig at Pontins Mar-Apr ’90. The Misery Brothers supported at that gig and also played Musicians’ Collective gig at Bee Hotel Rhyl, 31.07.88.

Mishap – Holyhead emo band (formed Oct03), feat; Mark Higgs (voc,gtr), Ashley Jones (gtr) (later First To Die), Jamie McDonald (bass) (now Bastions) and Andrew Perkins (drms). Rel EP, ‘Between The Static’ and were managed by Green Dragon.

Miss Ball’s Big Jazz Band – Rhyl band feat; Mike Jones (later of Judgement House). See also Cellophane Boys. More info req’d.

Mistêcs – Blaenau Ffestiniog based band (1988-92) used to be called Misstakes before jumping on the Welsh bandwagon. Feat; Daniel (gtr), Neil Wayne (voc). Apparently featured the two sons of ex-Llwybr Llaethog man Ben Bentham. They went on to form another band (name?) and are now in Estella, along with their sister Lauren. Also feat, Antony Piercy just before they split. Released tape 666 on Fflach.

Mr Big Time – internet record label launched 01.04.00 run by Paul Hammond and Steve Buckley (see also Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials, DNA Project, GMX Stuns, Sentient, Xsentrik Selection) label was free domain with downloadable MP3 files and promo CDs for the press. Discontinued 2002

Mr Grimsdale – indie band (c1994) from Glan Conwy feat; Osian Hughes (bass,voc), Geraint Jones (drms) (both ex Yr Orsedd), Llanrwst based Dave Martin (voc,gtr), Steve Campbell (gtr,voc) (both ex Spoilt Victoria.). Appeared on BBC Radio 1’s Steve Wright in the morning show. Also played for the Smash Apathy campaign. (discography)

Mr Huw –
ex-member of Kentucky AFC Huw Owen (from Pen Llyn) went solo in 2006. Rel single Gwyneb Dod (on AM Recs Dec06) and his website says, ‘he sings about killing himself, cum faces, digging shallow graves for his family and glory holes.’ Debut LP ‘Llond Lle o Hwrs a Lladron’ (2008), followed by ‘Hud a Llefrith’ (2009) which was voted best album at BBC Radio Cymru’s Roc a Pop Awards 2010. Rel LP ‘Dirty North Walians, Gogleddwyr Budur’ (free download 6.12.10), then vinyl LP ‘Cariad Afiach’ and ‘Du Llun EP’ (31.08.15 – on Cae Gwyn). Rel 5th LP ‘Gwna Dy Feddwl I Lawr’ (again on Cae Gwyn 25.11.16). Played live session on Neil Crud’s TudnoFM show (21.11.16) (website)

Mr McFee – Denbigh band (2003), feat; Guto Evans (bass), Hefin Roberts (voc,gtr), Sion Evans (drms), Rhys James (gtr)

Mr Phormula – beat-boxer, rapper and producer Ed Holden from Llanfrothen. Rel album Cymud (on Rheidol Recs 14.03.14). This ex-member of Pep Le Pew has performed globally to high acclaim. Rel EP ‘Llwybrau’ (2016) (website)

Mr Ween & Mr Git – parody project by Dean Roberts (Mr Ween) and Paul Hammond (Mr Git), both of PSST. Rel 8-track covers album ‘We Love You!’ (on Chronic Recordings 2002) feat; Turning Japanese, Ballroom Blitz, One Step Beyond and more.

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