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Kailon Faltersindie-punk band from Wrexham (formed Nov04), feat; Chris (voc,gtr), Ben (gtr,keys), Tom (bass), Tobi (drms).

Kabana – Conwy / Denbighshire band (2006-11), feat; Gerry Barlow (gtr) (ex Tarot, Sindicate, STD Band, TSU), Mike Norris (drms,voc), Anna Ciepcek (voc), Marian Jeruslowenski (bass), Dave Parker (gtr). Formed from ‘pool’ of bands & players, played in North Wales and culminated in tour of Poland. Original band split 6mnths later when Anna and Dave went onto join local studio and record. Band continued with new rhythm player and latterly new bass player. Demised in mid 2011. (pic)

Kabir – Colwyn Bay band (c2005), may have feat members of Die Kast Messiah. Unsure if they got to giiging stage

Kaleidoscope Deep – orig name for Ruthin’s Underground Love Conspiracy. Played few gigs (inc The Bistro, Rhyl) and rec 4 track demo.

Kameelion – dance project by Rhyl based Ben Williams (c2011) (website)

Kandina Janesee Jane, Kandina

Karac – Caernarfon rock band (c2007), feat; Glynn Porrino (gtr) (Stepping Stones, White Tygrz, Nightwing, Manalishi, Harvest Moon), Steve Jones (gtr) (ex-Stone Cold later of Heroes on a Beach, White Tygrz, Burn, Picture House, Harvest Moon & Profiad), Colin Roberts (voc, bass), Chris Monkey Boy Jones (drms). (website)

Katzenmusik – politically driven project by Bangor’s Joe Shooman (ex Vaffan Coulo) for a radio session on Neil Crud’s TudnoFM Show in Jan20. Although Joe has done a previous session for the show under his own name in a similar vein (with Neil providing the music on both occasions)

Ken Karaoke – sidekick character (c1992) to Colwyn Bay based Jon Bon 10p, plays guitar solos for Floral Dance and provides interesting backing vocals to Imagine. Mainly played by Robin Hemuss during the early shows but character then taken over by Tommy Lee and once by Paul Hammond.

Kärnarvøn Kästle –
elusive Bangor band, feat; Alan Holmes (drms,trmpt), Ann Matthews (sax,bass,voc) (both later of Fflaps, Ectogram) and Phil Layton (gtr,bass,voc,sax). Played only one gig; at Glanrafon, Bangor (13.08.82). The group stood out from many of the other names of the period by their eccentric policy of only rehearsing at sunset in the deserted Iron-age village of Tre’r Ceiri, on the summit of a mountain some 25 miles from their home. After carrying out this strange ritual three times a week for the month leading up to their gig, the group then spent an hour jogging around the streets of Bangor that evening before running straight onto the stage to perform. To further complicate matters, their set was then performed largely on instruments they hadn’t previously played the material on, due to the obvious logistical problems of carrying them up the mountain – only the saxophones and trumpet had featured in rehearsal. Despite this the spiritual unity, telepathic intuition and discipline instilled by their rigorous routine almost paid off, and their performance teetered at times on the edge of competence. (download tracks)

Katch 22 – Wrexham band (2004), managed by Chris Roberts. More info req’d

kavernKavern Records – independent record shop chain that started as an alternative stall at Rhyl’s indoor market. Had 2 major outlets in Rhyl (Sussex St, then High St) and Llandudno (Upper Mostyn St) with a number of video hire outlets between the towns. Run by Kevan Cripps. Prev employees incl; Scratch (ex Mercenary Skank), Magic Pete and Dave Griffiths (ex Joie de Vivre). The store in Rhyl closed in 2005, followed by Llandudno late06

KC and the Tinted Glasses – Krev’s (bassist with The Fluff) solo project (c2000), messing around with Grooves, sound, noises, rhythm and beats and music etc. at Dublysound Studios in Fluff towers using 16trks (8Digital) (8analogue) synced to the computer and sampler and other midi stuff. The Tinted Glasses are any guest musicians that feature on the tunes, usually Stu (Fluff) on his Horn and Organ or Rene Cabasa on Congas and Latin percussion.

Keaf – Colwyn Bay / Llandudno based band (c2001), later called The Static.

Kela Topan – post-grunge band from Wrexham (c2017), formed by Dave Morait (voc,gtr) after the break-up of Orient Machine / Gobow.  Also feat; Gareth Thomas (bass), Haydn Craig (drums), Maff Stenning (keys).

Bob Kelly – Prestatyn based promoter/agent. Managed She Said and Green Dolphin Street during the 90s and part financed the recording of Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials‘ debut 7″ Stuart. Last known to be promoting local ‘girl’ pop acts.

The Kelts – Denbigh beat band (c1964), feat; Chris Birchall (bass) (later of The Executioners), Ronald Lloyd (drms), Richard Davies (gtr), Iwan Pritchard (gtr). Appeared on TV programme Y Dydd(cutting)

Kennedy Complex – Bangor band (formed 2006), feat; Orrin, Danny, JC, Mr Caleb Cage. More info req’d

Kentucky AFC
Kentucky AFC
– (prev Cacan Wy Experience), from Pen Llyn formed 1998. Endaf Roberts (b.1978) (voc,gtr), Huw Owen (b.1977) (bass), Gethin Evans (b.1979) (drms) former drummer was Robyn Williams. Session on Radio Cymru Aug02 and on Adam Walton‘s Radio Wales show (Nov02). Early demos were more raw trashy punk rock and barely recognisable to their later output. Rel Left To Die demo Sep02 and rec Bodlon for R-bennig recs (Jan03) which was rel again (Apr03) as a remix by Mank. Rel single Outlaw on Complete Control recs (Dec03). Picked up a record 5 gongs at The BBC Radio Cymru Rock and Pop Awards. Rel debut eponymous LP (Boobytrap Recs Sep05), rec a follow up LP but the label folded and they sat on it for 2 years before fizzling out. Endaf became Endaf Presli, Huw formed Mr Huw and Gethin formed Genod Droog (reviews)

KGP – Llandudno-Colwyn Bay band (2003), feat; Kev Jones (voc,gtr), Greg Foley (voc,bass) (ex Meringue, Box of Frogs, Catdandy), Pete Jones (drms)

Kicking Seagulls – Talacre punk-ska band (formed 2018), feat; Terry Foster (voc,gtr) and Tony Foster (drms) (both ex Homespun). Rel ‘Demonstration EP’ (2019)

Kidneys – Denbigh punk band (1982) formed after the demise of Racket, feat; Neil Crud (then known as Oxide Terror, and later as Ostrich) (voc) and Yosser (gtr), Chris Vandal (Neil’s step-brother) (bass) and cousin Ratty (drms). This time it was different to Racket, they had instruments! A propaganda campaign saw the name (with the ‘N’ written backwards) emblasoned on the schoolbags of many children in Denbigh, as well as an advert in ‘Sounds’ asking for a bassist. Their only musical get together was at Denbigh Youth Club, Chris was unavailable for some reason so Neil played bass as they painfully tried to play The Clash’s White Riot. Within 20 minutes, in which Ratty made as much noise as possible on the drums, the local residents had complained and the youth leader, Bill Williams, pulled the plug on the band, and the Kidneys. (see 4Q, Sons of Selina)

The Kids – Colwyn Bay band (c1960s). More info req’d

– Wrexham indie band, feat; Lance Williams (voc,gtr), James Stickels (bass), Sophie Ballamy (voc,gtr) and Ash Turner (drms). Rel ‘Higher EP’ (30.08.13), ‘So Long, Emptiness EP’ (03.04.15), Cut Yourself Loose (single 26.02.16) and Heartache (single 08.04.16) – all available via bandcamp

Killa Kru – orig name for Clinic Promotions.

Killing Bagpuss – Bangor indie band (1994) feat; Ragz (Gareth Horne) (gtr) (ex Fubar, Babies With Rabies, Skink), Spaggz (Leon Craggs) (bass) (ex Fubar, Babies With Rabies, Vinegar, Skink), Rubin (voc) (later of Vinegar), Tom Squirm (bass), Dave Taylor (gtr) (later of Vinegar). Described by Spaggz as the worst band in the world ever playing indie pop kid music with 2 bassists (a la Neds Atomic Dustbin). Months of rehearsals led to one gig where Rubin wore curtains and an eye patch, and Tom walked off before the end of the set.

Killionaire – band from Lleyn Peninsula (c2006), feat; Osian Rhys (voc,gtr), Iwan Jones (bass), Chris Gaffey (drms). Rel single (demo) Someone / Poppers. Prev called Bechdan Jam

Kindred – Colwyn Bay band (1987) prev called Anakonda, changed their name to Kindred and immediately split.

Kini Con Carnage – Mold band (c2010), feat; Connor Leckenby, Alex Trasmundi, Calum McKinney, Isaak Garside (website)

Kipperwig – 3 piece rock outfit from Holyhead and Gaerwen, formed early 2001; feat; Rowan (drms), Rob (gtr), Matt Cave who is also involved with Bandnight at the Phoenix in Holyhead. Played with Valleum, also in Scotland with Tarantism. Involved in side project called Mongolian Dethkit

Kismet – band from St Asaph (formed 1997) (spelling maybe Kismit) feat, Andy Laffin (voc,bass), Phil Boulton (gtr), Dan Howard (drms). Rel 5 track promo CD Time Flies By (2000), opening track Kill The Face likened to Travis and U2. Regular gigs in the area, incl, unfortunately for them, the ill fated Pulse day at the Events Arena in Rhyl Jul00.

Kixxstart Kitty – Conwy glam-rock-trash band (c2009), feat; Zacky Storm (voc) (ex Bite, Freaky Peach, later Spitting Pips), Karl Doobwah (gtr) (ex Freaky Peach), Kidd (bass), DD Lee (drms). Name has also been spelt Kickstart Kitty, as well as KSK. Changed name Apr12 to Artisfiction. Split 2014 (website)

KKKK – (Krazy Koloured Killer Kookies). Bizarre name given to the band Paul Hammond formed (1993) after the demise of the Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials, soon changed line up and name to GMX Stuns.

K Klass – Wrexham dance act/remix team, Debut LP, Universal (Deconstruction / Parlophone) feat; ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr on one track.

Klaus Kinski – experimental noise band from Llanfairfechan (c2005). Feat; Edwin Stevens (gtr,keys,voc), Jake McKenna (bass,keys,voc,drms,gtr) both ex-Gape. Line up was extended by Oct06 with James Starkey (voc,keys,perc), and Dylan Hughes (gtr,keys,perc,bass), and later with Dominic Tanner (aka Damir Bojanic). Rel debut EP ‘BATS!’ (Nov06 Gianthammer recs). Sounds very no wave-ish, noise-rocky, horror-punk dirtness. First gig was at Seacroft, Trearddur Bay (Oct06), made mostly noise (with a song or two) for 20 mins and went home. Rel single Happiness Happiness (Ankst Recs 2.11.09). Have an excellent knack of emptying venues; credit to them. Rel debut LP ‘Skellington Horse’ (Ankst Feb10). See also Irma Vep, Sex Hands (website)

Kneejerk – punk band from Rhyl (c2003), feat; Andrew Treadear (voc), Oliver Gill (gtr), Neil (gtr), Ben Young (dbl bass), Spikey Cat (drms) who left Jan04. Made live debut at Dudley Arms (07.06.03). Ollie left to go to Uni, playing final at Bar Blu 15.9.04. Rel 4 track EP ‘Talking Backwards’ (2004). Prev called Face Ache. See Scott Bakers, Tequila Mockingbird

Knight Buskers – folk band from Rhyl area (c2012), feat; Chris Iles (gtr), Jay Williams (bass), Rowan Peers-Davies (drms)

Kobe – band (formed summer 01) from Caernarfon, orig line up incl former members of Depth. Feat; John W Bowden (gtr) (ex Angel, Darkside), Jason (drms), Adam Roberts (bass), Iago (voc). Played lots of local gigs early 2002, rec session for Gang Bangor Radio Cymru show, and rel self-titled album on CD. Line up and style changed dramatically in 2003, feat; Guy Barlow (voc) (ex Dammerung, now Army of Crows), John Bowden (gtr), Declan Parry (bass) (ex Ysoriant, This Thing, Hitchcock, now Army of Crows) and Cliff Owen (drms). Line changed again Jan05 when they stripped down to 3-pc with John taking on vocals, Cliff (drms), Dave ap Carreg (bass), and rel EP ‘Oh La La!!!’ (Website)

The Kolors – Llandudno band (c1960s). More info req’d

Kona – Llanrwst based 5 piece band (2001) feat; Tommy (later of Hub) – played Conwy festival. More info req’d.

Korky The Cat – Bangor band (c1978)… More info req’d

Kosha – Deeside based 4-piece indie/grunge band formed 1997, feat; Dean Salisbury (voc), Nathan Warrilow (gtr), David Mullen (bass), Pete O’Connor (drms). Latest of 2 demos is FlyBy and they have gigged across the UK and have a development deal with Ronnie Stone’s Stun Productions. (Website)

Krank – Garndolbenmaen noisy-rock band (c2017). Rel rough demo Out Of Controle on Soundcloud. Play lots of gigs in Bangor and beyond

Kresta – Amlwch based punk band formed 1995, feat Alun Jones aka Beans (voc,gtr) (later Bootnic), Ian Warburton (bass), Phill Hulse (drms), Dewi Jones (gtr), played on Anglesey, and in Telfords Warehouse, disbanded in 1996, Ian and Beans later joined Valleum/Seagull Kinevil

Kubla Khan – Llysfaen based indie-punk-mod band (2001), feat; Oliver, Richard, Warren and John. Have 3 tracks on the MASE ‘No Boundaries’ CD – Teleton, That’s Alright, Paper Friends. More info req’d.

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    Used to visit that record shop in Llandudno around 1997-2002 …actually I was having a whale of a time!!!! It was such a Great era for me..and often wonder what went wrong, probably the internet being invented….which is fair enough….


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