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Jack Flash – band of mid-70s, feat Dave Tattum (later of Skin Deep, Angelwitch). See also Resistance. More info req’d

Jack Knifed Caravans – Rhyl based fuck-soul-indie-rock’n’roll band (foremd 2014), feat; Jon Hayes, Gez Jones, Josh Jones (fb)

Jacknife Juggernauts – Caerwys band (formed 2003), feat; Ben, Rhys (drms), Carl, Dudley, Tom (gtr) 

Jacko – Bethesda based outfit (pre-1992). More info req’d.

Jack Sharp & the Three Stone Cops – Bangor band (1997-98), feat; Jack Sharp (gtr,voc), Andy Culshaw (bass) (ex Valleum), Mikey McMahon (drms) (ex Vaffan Coulo now Valleum). Played 5 gigs – 2 in Barrels, Bangor, one of which had the funniest review ever courtesy of the Chronicle, 2 at The Old Glan another in the Vic with Valleum. Before this outfit, Jack had been selling one-off tapes of his music/poetry/rantings for drinks at the Harp, Bangor. This brief attempt at super stardom sounded 50% Syd Barrett & 50% Half Man Half Biscuit. Andy admitted that playing with Jack was an unbelievable experience, especially the gig with Valleum – Jack was semi-conscious & was having a lot of trouble standing, let alone singing, there would be 20 min instrumentals inbetween verses! Had a song Hallelujah – Jesus Has Just Walked Into The Supermarket’ (played by Adam Walton on BBC Radio Wales, who subsequently gave him a session – aired 07.08.05). Some thought they sounded like Captain Beefheart. Jack used to give demo tapes away in exchange for beer. Jack started recording new material in 2005 with Duncan Black and also had early tracks like Bearded Wizards played on link2wales radio. Rel an EP ‘Diet Coke & Golden Virginia’ on R-bennig (Jul05), and had a session aired on Adam Walton’s show 07.08.05 . Rel debut LP ‘Rock is The Treasure’ (thru iTunes). (video)

Jacobi – Colwyn Bay band (formed late05), feat; Matt W (ex Deus Ex Incendia), Damir Bojanic (now of Klaus Kinski, Teenage Mafia, Sex Hands), Hector (drms) (now L’Homme de Papier), Chris M. Band stuttered when 3 of them moved to Manchester late06. Chris and Matt formed Cahiers de Cinema (Feb07), and they officially announced their split 14.2.008 

Rebecca Jade – Indiana based Rebecca Dien-Johns (b.Jan 1980) who was vocalist in Science and hails from Penmaenmawr. Rel album ‘The Distaff Muse’ (01.06.12) (website)

Jahbulon – indie duo (mid 90s?) of Llandudno consisting of Eric James & Dave Evans. Played around N Wales & were in the process of signing a deal with CBS but they split.

Jakokoyak – Mold project by Rhys Edwards (2003), relocated to Cardiff. Rel a CD of material from 1998-02 ‘Am Cyfan Dy Pethau Prydferth’. Also supported Super Furry Animals in Japan, and performed at the Maida Vale Studios with Mogwai. The EP Flatyre was released in 2006, and its lead track Eira was voted Record of the Week on XFM. Rel single Look Away Now if You Don’t Want To Know the Score (Oct08), and the LP ‘Aerophlot’ (Aug10) (spotify)

James Dean Experience – mid-80s project by John Hughes (ex The Rebles, Glass Display). With the use of a drum machine, demos were recorded that resembled an unholy copulation between The Beatles and The Buzzcocks, brazen buzz saw power pop with motorik beats. Demo sent to Rough Trade was sent back with the legendary putdown – “Too Power-Pop”!

Jynine James – Singer /songwriter from Abergele (b.30.03.72), app on S4C’s Popcorn (28/11/03). Landed an acting part in the new Carry On London film. Also collaborated with songwriters like Tim Sanders (The City Zones) and Steve Millington (Kes) as well as performing on records with Peter Frampton and Paul Burgess (10cc). Signed to Fast Track Recs 

Siân James – (b.1963) trad Welsh music folk singer listed here more for her connections rather than contributions to the alternative scene. Formerly of Bangor student band Bwchadanas in the 80s before rel the 1st of 5 solo LPs Cysgodion Karma & most recently Birdman (On BBC Wordwide Recs) feat; Steve Allan Jones. On drums is Siân’s partner, Gwyn Jones (Maffia Mr Huws). Prod/eng on the latest LP was Ronnie Stone (who has worked with Pete Wylie, Republica & Mansun to name but 3).

Jam Pilots – Colwyn Bay band (mid-90s?), feat; Pete Ryan (drms) (ex Wild Orchid later of Pocket Venus), James Cassidy (see Westheads, Radionic) & Andy Herdman. Played Telfords Warehouse, Chester.

Jane – vocalist, pianist & songwriter with The Exit (late 80s-early 90s) before forming The Dean’s Daughter with Steve Allan Jones. She also did a few solo performances & rec plenty of demos infl by Kate Bush & Fleetwood Mac. Moved to London but returned 1999 after being messed around by Collosus recs. Performs live as Kandina Jane & The Sonar Band (Apr06), feat; Gordon Milton (gtr,keys), Wyn Pearson (gtr), Matthew Roberts (drms). Rel LP ‘Move Forward’ (2005) ‘Back To Lillie’ (May07) (website)

Jap Connection – Prestatyn synth pop trio of late 70s. feat; Dave Julien (keys), John Hughes (drms) (pic) (both later of Frightened by Strangers) & David Steel (gtr). The band took their name from the fact that they all played Yamaha instruments & the song Cossack was on the ‘Systems of Attraction’ comp tape. Also billed on the CND benefit festival at the Queens in Rhyl 21.2.81 & played with VOTS at North Wales Inn 17.1.81 (review)

Jayhawk – Llandudno/Colwyn Bay band (formed May04), feat; Tom Whittaker (voc), Seb Stables (bass), Matt Whitley (gtr), Alex Ford (drms).

Jazzy Geoff & The Brassica Band – Wrexham band, formed Feb01, feat; Huw Selby (gtr), Ian Crowther (gtr), Amy Parry (voc), Neil Chapman (gtr), Craig Martland (gtr), Lee Andrew (drms). 5 releases, latest on Jazzy Sprout Recordings.

Jecsyn Ffeif – Welsh language funk reggae band of late 80s/early 90s from Bethesda. Feat; Gareth ‘Jake’ Sion. Debut release Anniybyniaeth Barn. Rec sessions for Radio Cymru & S4C’s Fideo 9.

Jed is Dead chester 141012Jed is Dead – 2-piece techno-indie Wrexham project (formed 2010), feat; Emily Gresham (voc,bass) (from Llandudno, who first appeared on the scene as a 15 year old singer songwriter in 2001) and Mickey Harmina (keys,programming). Orig began as a traditional guitar band. Play very often on the circuit and have had support slots with 65daysofstatic, Death in Vegas, The Orb, Pop Will Eat Itself and Sonic Boom Six. Known for their dynamic performances, they existed to be heard live and at high volume. Changed name to Def Neon (soundcloud)

Jen Jerino – Llanrwst Welsh language band (formed 2005), feat; Eryl Jones (voc), Gwion Schiavone (gtr,bass,keys), Llyr Pari (gtr,keys,bass), John Alderton (bass), Kyle Robertson (drms). Rec’d plenty of media attention, rel EP Tallahasse (Tramp 1.12.06) (website)

Jesse – Colwyn Bay duo/project that became The Racketears  (formed 2003) feat; Oli Jones (gtrs,keys), Tom Edney (voc). Rel Curious Moments EP, rec’d airplay on Adam Walton’s BBC Radio Wales Show.

The Jets – Llandudno beat band (1960s), feat; John Prytherch (sax,keys) from 1964-70 & 1972-74. Clive Pilbeam (drms), Shaun Keegan (bass,voc), Rory Keegan (gtr) later Alan Wormsley (gtr,voc), Dudley Hare (keys,voc), Brian Groves (Billy Naish). All live in the Llandudno / C.Bay area & are all involved with music of one form or another. John began the N.Wales Bluegrass Festival in 1989. The Jets existed for 23 years! – with different line-ups, but the above personnel were the orig dating from about 1958. More info req’d.

Jill The Ripper – real name Julie Smythe, born 1969 Glossop. Contributor to early editions of Crud, having met the Crud crew initially at an Alien Sex Fiend gig in Manchester 14.02.87. Artist behind the punk sheep on a skateboard on Anhrefn‘s debut LP but she was credited as ‘Jill The Kipper.’ See also write up on the missing Crud 3.

Jimmy Hill Experience – Colwyn Bay band (1989), feat; Nic Allen (voc.gtr) (ex Anakonda, NRG, FOAD), JJ (bass) (ex NRG, FOAD) & Huw Roberts (drms) (ex Anakonda, now Mexican Walking Fish). Played one gig at Ysgol Bryn Elian. Nic Allen left for Brighton & joined Buckinghamshire band Luke in 1995.

Jina – Penmaenmawr based outfit (pre-1992) formed from the ashes of Llwybr Cyhoeddus, feat; Ken Jones, (his girlfriend) Jackie Williams, Tony Parisella (bass) (see also Mwg, Harvest Moon, Company), Hefin Huws (drms). Rec at Cottage Macclesfield 1990 a short album ‘Yr Llwybr’ which sounded the dogs & they got loads of work. Brilliantly, however, Jackie dumped Ken while they were recording Yr Bocs for S4C – they were arguing while doing the shoot. Tony said; ‘It was fucking fantastic. Bottom line was Ken out, Jackie new leader – she was a good looking girl & we got plenty of work with her.’ Ken was replaced by Pwyll ap Sion (currently playing with Dafydd Iwan) & he & Jackie took over the songwriting. Cue interesting 2nd LP rel on Fflach c1994. As befitted Pwyll’s musically academic training a strong jazz funk element started taking over. However popularity was now on the wane & 3rd LP ‘Dwylo’ c1996 was half done on Pwyll’s workstation thus alienating Tony & then drummer Gareth Huws (brother of Hefin) – still killer title track still gets played on the radio. By ‘97 it was all over.

Jinxed – short lived Prestatyn punk band (c2006). Feat; Gav Lawton (ex Carbonari, Lucid, Dred, Torn Asunder)

Jives Room –
Rhyl band (formed Dec01) feat; Kyle Lee (voc,gtr) (also of Gintis, Sona, Mexican Walking Fish, Cow), Wayne Jones (gtr) (also Inner City Sumo, Something Personal, Grand Park, Mexican Walking Fish), Lewys Ball (bass), Gwynn Jones (drms) (both also of Grand Park). Alun Williams (gtr) (ex Polythene) was added Sep03. Initially renowned, much to their dismay for their song Tight Pussy. Have had tracks Man Lives Up A Radish Tree & MAC off 2nd demo (also feat Manon Hughes on keys) played on Adam Walton‘s show (Jun,Aug03), & rec session for the same show Mar04. Gwynn and Kyle also perform separate solo acoustic sets. Orig formed as 3-pc (Dec01) with Gwynn, Wayne & Lewys playing Muse & Nirvana covers, playing debut at Rhyl High (Jul01) with Polythene. Kyle joins in Jan02. Largely been inactive since 2008 and very occasionally get together for one off gigs.

Jiving Daleks – Chester based punk band c1979-81, fronted by female singer Maz Richards, with Sven Harding (bass), Alan (Shem) Sharples (gtr) (later of Rev Rev), Earl (gtr) and Paul Williams (drms). Made live debut at Chester Arts Centre (Aug79) with a pile of other local bands, with another one a month later at Smartyz (on Love St), played 3 more gigs in Oct79 (Chester College, Sandicroft Village Hall and Gateway Theatre before landing a big break by supporting The Clash in front of 12,000 people at Deeside Leisure Centre in Jan80. Shem remembers, ‘We played mostly our own songs, except a version of the Stones’ “Paint It Black” which we rearranged and Maz wrote her own words to, we called it “Paint It Blank”. Other songs were “The Spy”, “Shuffle-Stink”, “The World’s Nearly Over”, “A Contortionist’s View Of Life”, “61 To 64”, “I Have Just Shot Beryl”, “No Flower Grows”, “I Heat Up, I Cool Down”, “Hell”, “Two Faced Bitch” and we had a version of the Stooges’ “1969” which we rearranged and sung about “1980”.’ After that the band split, making one cameo appearance playing “Two Faced Bitch” at South View Community Centre Feb80.

Joe’s Bad Haircut – Llandudno band (formed 1999). Feat; Dave Waddington (voc,gtr), Michael Gennoe (drms), Chris Rowley (bass) (also Defect). Wrote skate-/pop-punk inspired songs and rec a demo, “Eleventy-Nine” feat 7 tracks; Bad Shirts, Stare, Different Way, Fatboy, Fool, Fear Of Flying and Catch-22.  Played a number of MASE concerts and rec live CD at the 30/06/2001 show.

Joel – drummer with She Said, rec a track of industrial noise Chaos Disorder, which was aired on Shore FM‘s Xsentrik Selection 14.04.98.

Johnny Horizontal – Denbigh ambient-shoegaze-rock band (formed autumn05), feat; Hef (voc,gtr), Daf (gtr), Guto (bass), Owain (drms). Rel a live EP in 2010 (soundcloud)

Johnny R – man behind R-bennig recs in Anglesey, A5 outfit & Egni fanzine. Also has alter egos inc, Shadowy Proprietor, AAA. Rel his own solo projects on the label inc a series of ‘blog’ narrated LPs

Johnny Rawhide & The Cowhornspseudonym for 4Q thought up by Edi Filmstar when they had to play under different guises in order to get gigs, the name was ironically used after Edi had left the band.

Daniel & Sarah Johnson – brother and sister alternative acoustic act from Rhyl (c2007), did add a 3rd member briefly late 06. Have played Bar Blu many times.

John Wray Blues Band – band, feat; Roger Burke (drms), Steve Oldfield (bass) (ex Amsterdam), John Wray (gtr), Bob Hewitt (voc,hrmnca). Steve describes the band as, ‘Bit like Misery Bros really, but without Jim and with John Wray’s guitar solos.’ Andy Hamer (drms) was also involved. Played Musicians’ Collective gig at Bee Hotel Rhyl, 31.07.88. When Bob left they continued as a backing band for Bob Garner (ex Merseybeats, Creation) and toured the UK (Bob owned owned the Star Inn, Meliden).

Joie de Vivre – Rhyl based late 80s band feat Philip Wood, Dave Griffiths (he of Kavern Recs fame) and Alan Peters (drms) (ex Tyrant) who were a sort of acoustic post-Joy Division set-up. Philip was listening to a lot of Tom Waits at the time which probably explains a lot! He went on to host monthly reggae nights at The Bistro in the mid-90s. Alan says, ‘We only played one gig, which was in Rhyl supporting Mercenary Skank in the Shoemaker. I have the bootleg with lots of talking in the background by Aaron Broster to prove it. Happy days!’
Had 4 tracks Such Sorrow, Fortunes, For You, Ashes  on ‘Unknown 4’ compilation tape (1987). Dave (a resident of Henllan) sadly died in June 2015. Speaking after announcing his death, Alan said, ‘Over the last few years Dave recorded a CD of his acoustic guitar songs which he called “Happenstance” and sent me a copy. I have to say that it was probably the most beautiful collection of music I’ve ever heard.’

Jon Bon 10pthe act that John Shuttleworth so blatantly ripped off, everything he did Jon Bon 10p had done before only better! Bon 10p was Neil Crud with his sidekick Ken Karaoke (sounds familiar doesn’t it) better known as Robin Reliant Ringpiece & formed out of an argument over whether Neil could actually play the trumpet. The Floral Dance was rec in its out of tune hilarity & the duo began making guest appearances as a warm up for the Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials (1st app Xmas91 at Bee Hotel, Rhyl) as well as headliners themselves. Robin lost interest & Tommy Lee (PSST drummer) assumed the role as Ken, bar one disastrous app by Paul Hammond. Although the potential & the market was there to take the spoof renditions of I’m in The Mood for Dancing, Tiger Feet, I Will Survive etc a lot further, it all came to an end in Jul92 at the Abbey Hotel, Rhos-on-Sea. With Robin back as Ken & Neil a month earlier being sacked by PSST, Jon & Ken bowed out to the public with a final performance. Shaddup ya Face was rel on the Music & Elsewhere comp Showcase 2 (Jan95) & was attributed to the Sons of Selina, the rec actually feat Neil, Robin & Paul Hammond. The Floral Dance rec enjoyed a brief spell as ‘Stumpy’s Theme’ played on Shore FM‘s Breakfast Show 1997-99. (see video)

Daf Jones – bilingual singer / songwriter from Llangefni (active since 2010). Rel single Stone (Feb16). (fb)

Dave Jones – see Dave Macher

Dave ‘The Rave’ Jones – born 1975. Dave began his musical career as a 16 year old bassist in Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials, & stayed with them through their various guises of KKKK, GMX Stuns, PSST. Joined Fluff & in 2000 Cacamwki on a casual sit down & play the synths basis while his curiosity with keyboards & programming led him to form Agent 1475 with Bonehead, performing at large raves across the country. Relocated to London.

David Stewart Jones – much travelled Denbigh musician (b. 09/06/66), with Giro Gypsies, Tyrant, Monza, Company HQ, Do Be Waa, Energy Orchard & countless others, incl being feat on Lee Scratch Perry’s new album (Aug10) alongside Keith Richard and George Clinton. (biog)

Gareth Jones – real name of Gaz Top, & what he prefers to be known as in modern times (see Gaz Top)

Meilyr Jones – guitarist / artist from Aberystwyth, orig of Radio Luxembourg / Race Horses, and after they split worked with Neon Neon and an Euros Childs collaboration called Cousins. Rel his 1st solo single Refugees (on Moshi Moshi Aug15) followed by LP of same title.

Sion Jones – guitarist from Bethesda with Maffia Mr Huws, replaced Dewi Gwyn in Anhrefn in late 80s. Still plays live with Maffia for reunion gigs and special shows. Also played with Welsh Rebel Outpost (2015-2018)

Steve Jones –  aka Bonehead, guitarist with Sons of Selina, Hobo, Agent 1475, RT-Zed. Went onto be a roadie for The Alarm, Sex Pistols, The Cult, Muse, Paolo Nutini & Rapture amongst others.

Steve Jones – original drummer with Pyw Dall (early 90s) before being replaced by Tudur Owen.

Steve Jones – guitarist from Denbigh for Supermania, Pocket Venus, Hogchild

Steve Pablo Jones – member of Karac, Bad Moon, formerly with Stone Cold, Y Profiad, Burn, Heroes on a Beach, Picture House, White Tygerz & Harvest Moon. Professional hairdresser sold his Lox Box chain & moved from Dyserth to Caernarfon. He paints masterfully, & teaches performing arts in schools & occasionally hires out his PA rig.

Steve Allan Jones – keyboardist with early Rhyl punk bands Stripey, Amsterdam, X Men, moved to London (1981) Joined the Berlin Blondes (signed to EMI & toured Europe & UK). Met up with fellow ex-X Man & Grids member Pete Picton to form Shazam in London Also involved with The Alarm, First Hand Fury, Spear Of Destiny & TV read biog – (website)

Steve Allen Jones – real name of Crud columnist Satan. (see Satan for more details).

Terry Jones – one of the Monty Python crew. Born in Colwyn Bay in 01.02.1942, Jones moved to England as a child, growing up in Surrey. A keen historian, he also wrote several children’s books and was a big critic of ‘The War On Terror’. As well as acting in them, Jones also directed three of the Monty Python films. Terry sadly died on 21.01.20 from complications of dementia, at his home in North London, aged 77.

Jonny Panic – Saltney based indie band 2001-2005 now changed name to Shibumi

Joop – nightclub in Bangor on the site of the old Barrels club (before that the Normandie). Closed Aug10 and has since become a Dance Academy.

Jovial Christmas Choir – name attributed to the backing for Jon Bon 10p‘s Christmas Again track that app as a bonus on PSST‘s Like it or Lump it demo.

Joy Formidable – Mold band, came to the fore in late 2008, feat; Ritzy Bryan, Rhydian Dafydd and Matt Thomas. Also feat Justin Stahley at some point. Now based in London. Ritzy & Rhydian were orig in Manchester bands Tricky Nixon & Sidecar Kisses (c2007). Rel singles Austere followed by Cradle (2.2.09), and LP ‘A Balloon Called Moaning’ (Pure Groove Feb09) this was only available in Japan, but appeared in shorter forms thru Music Glue. Rel debut LP proper ‘The Big Roar’ (24.01.11 on Atlantic) and several tours of USA followed, where they spend a lot of their time. This album produced 4 singles and was followed by ‘Wolf’s Law’ (21.01.13 on Atlantic), with 3 singles coming off it. Wasn’t as well received as The Big Roar due to it’s polished finish. Next LP ‘The Hitch’ (2016) (website)

Joyriders – Caernarfon based indie band (2000), formerly called Hitchcock.

Jude The Obscure – Abergele based band c1992. feat; Steven Edge (bass), James Goldingay (gtr) (see also Slouch, Stale Elvis), Michael Cole (drms), Simon Guido (voc). Played Metallica covers etc. See also Noise Yard

Judgement House – Rhuddlan based AOR band (mid-90s), feat; Mike Jones (ex Cellophane Boys), Tony Babbington (drms)

Judmusic – label run by George Kempson of Stiwdio Eglwys. Rel LP by Duncan Black ‘Ubiquitous Guitar Mercenary.’ (May05) (website)

Juggling Grenades – Colwyn Bay punk-covers band (formed 2009), feat; Milton (voc,gtr), Didi (bass), Ron (drms) (website)

Jukes – blues band from Bangor area, 1980/90s.

Junebug – Abergele band formed winter ’95, feat; Ralph Latham (voc,gtr) Guy Latham (keys,voc), Adam Slater (bass), Olly Williams (drms). App on S4C’s “Garej”, & Gary Crowley’s show on Xfm, on BBC Radio Wales (Adam Walton’s Musical Mystery Tour), participating in acoustic & live broadcasts. 1998 saw the band travel to London, playing The Garage, Water Rats & The Falcon. The track Cryogenic Blue is feat on ‘It’s an Artrage’ EP, (Townhill Recs). Obscurely, the band took a year off their own material to tour as a Beach Boys covers outfit. Then resurfaced with a far mellower sound in session on Adam Walton & their EP Sweet Mellow Water. May02 they changed their name to Spector, then back to Junebug a while later. Rel LP ‘First’ (Planet 8 Recs, Aug04). Revamped in 2005, with Adam leaving and Guy taking over bass & Warren Gilbert (drms). 

Juniper Music – label used as an outlet by The Great Escape (Jon Yale) 2001

Junk –  Anglesey punk band c2006 (more info req’d)

Jupiter – Chester / Deeside psychedelic rock band (late90s), feat; Howard Williams (voc), Thor Brown (gtr) (ex Rev Rev, later Hidden Persuaders), Dan Dan (bass) (ex Baby Milk Plant), Steve Lee (drms) and Richie Jones (keys). Played regular gigs at Telford’s Warehouse, Tivoli and the Shropshire Arms also a number of gigs in L’pool inc Lomax. Also played many times at Camden Monarch in London. Rec at Marc Joy’s Banana Studios and formed own label – Splash One to produce CDs.

Jurrasic Punk – Rhyl based band (1996) feat; Mark O’Grady (later of Sentient). Formerly called Infectious

Just Left Of Nowhere – punk band with elements of jazz (2002) from Wrexham, feat; Nick Cogger (gtr,voc), Neil Davies (gtr), Kip (bass), Martin (drms), Ella (keys,voc). More info req’d.

Just My Luck – Denbigh pop-punk band (2005-08), feat; Aaron Wood (voc,gtr), Aaron Richards (bass,voc), Callum Hughes (drms). ‘Our highlights were getting offered a record deal and our last gig got everyone thrown out of the theatre because people dancing too much and ripped the chairs from the floor.’

Juz – (pic) hip-hop artist (c2006) from Colwyn Bay, also part of DLO, moved to Falmouth spring 2008 (website)

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