North Wales: E

Earth – Bethesda based outfit (pre-1992). More info req’d.

The Earth – soul project (based in Cardiff) by Llanrwst and Bangor natives, Mark Roberts (ex Cyrff, Catatonia, Ffyrc) and Dafydd Ieuan (of Super Furry Animals, ex Ffa Coffi Pawb), with Dionne Bennett (ex The Peth). Rel double A side ‘Rubbish Man / Too High’ on Strangetown Records (2012) followed by LP, ‘Off/On’ (2013) and LP ‘Keltic Voodoo Boogaloo’ (2014)

Easy Livin’ – band (1975-76 Llandudno) feat; Tony “Sully” O’Sullivan (drms) (later Harvest Moon), Chris Scrubs Jones (gtr) (later Swan, Stone Cold, Informers, Trilogy), Gaz Williams (ex Can), Kevin Gibbons (voc).

Eazy To Smile – Abergele high school band (1991) feat; Steve Buckley (bass,voc), Steve Hughes (both later of GMX Stuns) (drms), Andrew Harrington (gtr). Played all orig material and filled the school hall several times.

Steve Eaves – Steve Eaves and Some People (or Steve Eaves and his Trio as he was prev known) have rel at least 5 LPs. feat; Steve Eaves (voc,gtr), Iwan Llwyd (bass), Pwyll ap Sion (keys ), Jackie Williams (voc), Richard Wyn Jones (drms), Elwyn Williams (gtr), Dafydd Dafis (voc,sax). Additional members Paula Gardiner (dbl bass), Owain Arwel (trombone), Bari Gwilliam (trmpt), Edwin Humphreys (sax), Les Morrison (gtr,voc). Steve comes orig from Stoke on Trent, but now lives near Bethesda. The band rec for Stiwdio’r Felin, Felinheli and Sain in the early years, but now they are on the Ankst label.

Ebb – original name for Wrexham band Malso.

Eclipse Records – Record shop in Shotton (c.late 70s- early 80s). Run by Arthur. Had a kick-off with the Anti-Nazi League and windows were smashed.

Ectogram – Bangor bi-lingual band, feat; Ann Matthews (voc,gtr) (ex Alternative Destinations Fflaps), Alan Holmes (gtr) (ex Parking Non-Stop, Lungs, Reinheitsgebot, Third Spain, Fflaps), Maeyc Hewitt (drms) (ex Third Spain, Nixon and Jarvis, Lungs). They became Ectogram when original Fflaps drummer Johnny Evans decided to call it day in 1992, and they decided to change the name. Rel 7 albums so far, 1996 I Can’t Believe it’s not Reggae! – (Ankst) / 2000 All Behind the Witchtower – (Ankstmusik) / 2002 Tall Things Falling – (Ankstmusik) / 2005 Electric Deckchair – (Ankstmusik) / 2006 Concentric Neckwear – (Pure Pop For Now People) / 2007 Fluff on a Faraway Hill – (Klangbad) / 2012 Exo-Celestial – (Turquoise Coal). Maeyc sadly died (01.10.15) Read biog.

Edge and Speed – Rhyl based dance act (1998), rel single My Way.

Edj – producer and remixer from Holywell (better known as Martin Devaughan of Green Dragon). One of the originals on the Manchester punk scene in 1977, Martin left the “glam and bright lights” and moved to North Wales (when everybody else was moving to Manchester), hoping for a quiet life. Unfortunately he was recognised by a night club manager in Rhyl as one of Manchester’s top club DJs and was asked to do a guest spot the following week. Nearly 15 years later, too many late nights and disillusioned with the way the club scene was going Edj went back to his roots musically and started making his own music. Now with 7 albums of his own (and 2 of his mates’), countless production credits and demand growing for remix work Edj can finally sit back for that quiet life, picking and choosing which projects he works on. Ironically, and much to Edj’s amusement some of his work has for the past couple of years graced the dance floors of Ibiza, the very music scene he was trying to get away from!!! Edj’s style, is like Edj himself, quirky, original but with that underlying hint of danger. Once described as “FatBoy Taff” Edj never wanted to be in the spotlight, but was never far from it’s shadow.

Edward H Dafis – Welsh language rock band big in the 70s, named after a newspaper critic who said they didn’t have what it takes. Feat; Dewi ‘Pws’ Morris (voc), also Caryl Parry (now TV presenter). Played Corwen Pavilion and Rhyl Dixieland. Reformed Aug01 to play the Faenol Festival in front of 7000. More info req’d.

John Selwyn “Redeye” Edwards – orig roadie (along with Gareth “Gaz Top” Jones) for Seventeen and The Alarm. Can often be seen in Alarm videos (68 Guns where if you look closely towards the end the camera pans out to reveal Gareth and Red waving their hands in the air). Began to work with other bands during the late 80’s (All About Eve for one) and eventually settled in San Francisco. Has been Bob Dylan’s stage manager/drum tech for much of the 90’s

Efa Supertramp – social-anarchist punk-folk singer from Pwllheli (real name Efa Thomas). Former member of Stilletoes. Relocated to Cardiff after travelling the world and released debut solo LP ‘Rhyddid Yw Y Freuddwyd’ and embarked on a hitch-hiking tour of Europe to promote it (summer 2015). Follow up album ‘Apocalipstick Blues’ (rel Oct20). Has since lived in London, Bristol and on the South Coast. and in May17 played live in Tenerife. Also sings/shouts in Brighton based Killdren. Had session broadcast on Neil Crud’s TudnoFM show in Feb19.

Eggary – band feat; Dave Egg (gtr,keys) and Gary Masone (drms). A lot of people from the Llandudno / Conwy / Colwyn Bay area still seem to have fond memories. They rec 4 cassette LPs “Golden Vodka”, “New Water”, “A Future For My Leg” and a live album “Bloody Hell”. Dave Egg followed these with 6 solo LPs. Its all now on CD and if anyone wants copies He gives them away. Favourite numbers were “Rancid Banana”, “Metal My Head” and ” Fuck Off You Twat, You Fuckin’ Cunt” – a love song.

Egni – fanzine by Anglesey based Johnny R of R-bennig recs.

EIIE – R+B band from Anglesey feat; Terry Rielly (gtr), Rav Roberts (bass), Clive Garrod (all ex Story Dogs), Ritchie B (keys) (Blue Room), Laura Sutton (voc). Rec LP “Red Hot Lover“.

Eirin Peryglus – (Translation- Perilous Plums) formed in 1986 when Robin (keys) met Fiona (voc) whilst recording with his synth-pop band Second Thoughts. When Second Thoughts dissolved, the two began working together, and Alun (gtr) (ex Chwyldro) joined. In August 1986 they played their first gig in the legendary event Tethau yn Ffrwydro gyda Mwynhad in Aberystwyth. In 1987 their first single ‘Bronson/Y Dyn Newydd’, which was produced by Gorwel Owen (Fiona’s husband) appeared on the new label Ofn. This was followed by a series of incredible singles, cassettes, and EPs including ‘Dafydd yn Gwneud Teisen / Merthyr’ and ‘Y Llosg’, and, as well as the important support of TV shows such as Fideo 9 and Y Bocs, and Radio Cymru, John Peel started playing EP 12 ‘Y Llosg’ on Radio 1. The band’s only full-length album ‘Noeth’ was released in 1992. After releasing the mini-album ‘Lleuad Mehefin’ there came a natural end to the band and Alun left to live in Kenya in 1994 for a period of twenty seven years. Eirin Peryglus were unique. They were trailblazers as a band that combined electronic music with guitars and strong pop melodies through the Welsh language but were also trailblazers in their politics: their songs discussed topics such as animal rights and the environment, and they contributed to compilations by organizations such as Cymdeithas yr Iaith, PAWB, Artists for Animals etc. With Gorwel’s daring and creative production and the fact that all of the records were released on the influential label Recordiau Ofn, Eirin Peryglus has inspired a number of other artists, producers and labels, and the catalogue is the product of an exciting and essential era in the history of Welsh pop music. And Eirin Peryglus is pop. You only have to listen to Merthyr, Y Cyfarfod or Anial Dir, to only name a few, to understand that.  As of Dec21 they reissued their back catalogue on bandcamp  – (more)

Eitha Da
– Wrexham based project (c2018) by Ben Sawin Dempsey (of Mowbird). Kind of angry fuzzy garage indie in genre! Rel album ‘Voma’ (Feb18) after the single Kentucky Fried Ruthin a month earlier. Assembled a band and played Focus Wales 2018. Ben also played live session on Neil Crud’s TudnoFM Show (Mar19) to promote his ‘Dungeon Crawler EP’ that was rel 24.05.19. Rel EP ‘Fizzy’ (28.02.20) (listen)

Elapse – band formed (Sep01) as Condemned all under 16’s, feat; Gez Ruggario (gtr), Gwyz Hughes (bass,voc), and Joe Booker (drms) (also Gintis, Telefair, Secretaire). Aled (gtr) left the band and country. Changed to Elapse Feb02 and rec demo with Neil Crud at Rockcliffe. Changed name to Modern Tradition

El Borracho – messed up country project from Ynys Mon (c2020) by Jxhnno Reynolds (voc) (Entity), Alun Beans (gtr) (Seagull Kinevil, Glitches), Ian Warby (bass) (ex Valleum), Luke Williams (drms). Rel track Shallow Water (Apr20), then ‘Pinecone EP’ (20.04.21) (bandcamp)

Electric Company – Final name of The Immediate (1997). Played one gig at the Savoy Bistro in Rhyl (with Blush?) and then reverted back to The Immediate for their ill-fated last gig.

Electric Sunroof – Conwy indie band, feat; Roger Hughes (voc,gtr) (ex Kona), Chris Ryan (gtr), (ex Kona Pocket Venus, also Pinc Ffloyd), Vinit Malhotra (bass), Tommy Bell Hughes (drms) (ex Kona). Track Sensless was Adam Walton’s Demo of The Week (9.8.09). Rel EP ‘Party (2006) then LP ‘An Island’ (2010) . Orig bassist was Henry Griffiths. (website)

Electrip Records – record shop in Rhyl in late 70s. ‘Magic’ Pete ‘Kavern’ Conroy (pic) used to work there. It was huge for its time and stuffed with obscure albums as well as the chart stuff, with patchouli oil in the air. It was where Rosie o’Gradys is – and there used to be an Electrip poster in the back window up until a few years ago. They had their own carrier bags – very posh.

Elektraz Vortex – avante dance project by Sean Pritchard of Conwy, rel ‘Left To Fester’ LP and ‘Minimalist Blo Job’ on R-Bennig (Jul05)

Element – orig Wrexham based line up of Nameless, played two gigs under this name before changing it to the present name and relocating to South Wales. feat. Al Nameless and The French

Elephants Home Rhyl indie band of the 1996-98 explosion, feat; Jon Yale, Steve Buckley (later of Mr Big Time recs) on bass, Steve Hughes (drms) (later of Pineapple). Noted for tracks like I’m Only Dreamin’ and Get High. Rec a track for TV show The Electric Chair (HTV Wales), Paul Hammond from The Forge then introduced Jon Yale (voc,gtr) and fellow band member Tim Higgins (gtr) to Steve Buckley and Steve Hughes to play two showcase gigs in Rhyl. The Elephants Home later split a few months after the showcases.

Bethan Elfyn  – Radio One Sessions In Wales presenter and freelance journalist from Bangor, moved onto Radio Wales (c2008) presenting an early Saturday evening show. Has also been editor of Intro zine and BBC Horizons (see South section) (website)

Elfyn Presli ac y Massey Fergusons
– Welsh farmer psychopunk band feat on the Words of Warning EP The First Cuts Are The Deepest along with Anhrefn. Any band with a song Seig Heil Jackboots Maggie Thatcher would seem to have a bright future, unfortunately, this band became heroin addicts, heavy drinkers and/or potheads, but this turned out to be a rumour started by Anhrefn‘s Sion Sebon!. Reknowned for being an excellent live band, reviews in The Observer were pretty good to them. John Peel was a fan and would like to have played “Jackboots Magi Thatcher” but it was banned by the beeb, but was played by Neil Crud on BBC Radio Wales (2004). Elfyn Presli stopped when the driving force (Bern) behind the band just had enough, and called it a day after a monumental session in Aberystwyth (c1987). Of the band members (we think) Gethin Jones lived in Russia, Chris Shutes comes back up to North Wales occasionally, and Bern (Bernard Davey) stayed in the area, supping a beer or seven and pontificated on the meaning of beer, music, and the state of the economy. He sadly died 25.04.10. (read obit) Dic Ben and Gethin teamed up again in 2015 to play Elfyn Presli songs as part of Welsh Rebel Outpost.

Ella Mae Sueref – singer/songwriter in a jazz-style (c2009) from Abergele. With a voice like honey, Ella occasionally has a backing band to accompany her piano, feat; Liam Rickard (gtr), Alex Gibson (gtr), Zacky Storm (drms) (website)

Carwyn Ellis – Anglesey native (b.09.08.73) who is in Cardiff based Colorama and also operates as Zarelli. Has also worked as producer, arranger, sessionist for several artists such as Edwyn Collins, Shane Macgowan, Oasis, Unkle, The Pretenders.

Chuck Burial and The Embalmed – short lived Rhyl punk band of 1977 feat Chuck Burial (Dave Sharp of The Alarm). More info req’d

Embassy – nightclub (and occasional venue) in Bangor, opened in 2011. Based in a Grade Two listed building that was used as the city’s main post office until early 2008. Closed 31.12.13

Emily – Ruthin indie band (late 80s) who had a short-lived career on Creation Recs. Feat; Mark Williams (bass) (ex Rejected), Geoff Davies (drms), Ollie Jackson (voc,gtr), Splink (gtr). They appeared on the Creation comp LP Doing It For The Kids and rel 12″ Irony, rec LP for the label but wasn’t rel.
It emerged in Mar05 that the band were still active (mainly in Italy) where Gian says, ‘After Creation we recorded Stumble (EP) and the albums Rub al Khali, Beyond the Barn, The Attic Sessions. Emily are Oliver Jackson (voc,gtr), Nick Jaques (drms), Gian Binelli (sax) and any old bass player we can find.’ All recordings are available in CD format. Rel a retrospective LP ‘A Retrospective’ (on Firestation Recs 05.02.16)

Emissaries of Syn –
Conwy noise/grind band (formed 2012), feat; Mark Watson-Jones (bass,voc) (ex Blacklisted, Skinflick), Gwyn Jones (drms), Matt Black (gtr). Rel ‘Off Message EP’ as download and ltd CD 01.05.15, then ‘Split Seven Inch EP’ with Spam Javelin (on link2wales Recs 29.04.16). By mid-2016, Aled Lewis (gtr) (ex Bonzai Massacre) who had been filling in for Matt became a permanent member with Matt relinquishing the duty. Rel ‘Accept, Adjust, Advance EP’ (23.03.17) and an eponymous compilation album of their releases (also Mar17), ahead of playing in Moscow and St Petersberg (Apr17), then played Czech Rep and Germany (Aug17). In Oct17 it was announced that Aled was leaving the band to concentrate on Morvo. Luke joined early 2018 and was replaced by Raz Casket in 2019. Rel a split 12″ EP with Psycho and MxOxMxMxA (on link2wales recs – among others)  (bandcamp)

Emo On Sunday – Holyhead band (2004), feat; Daniel Garrod (drms) (ex Caezium, Violated, later Bastions) and Richard Lewis (gtr) (ex Caezium), Joe Stuart (bass), Moema Meade (voc). Played Hendre Hall, Bangor (Apr04). Band split with Rich and Daniel forming Subterfuge

Empire – Bangor band (c2010), rel EP ‘We Are Monsters’ (website)

Emyr ac Elwyns – small independant record shop on Rhiw road in Colwyn Bay (1978 – 88). Craig Davies says, ‘I don’t know when the shop opened but I started buying records there in 1978.’ Emyr (Gary) ac Elwyn Williams where a successful Welsh folk duo(c1969), released a now very rare 7″ EP Cariad (Cambrian Recs – famous for rel 2 early Mary Hopkins singles). Emyr (pic left) became an actor/comedian. Iwan Parry says, ‘I used to love that shop as they had a box of punk sinlges on the counter & survived as an ongoing business with a stock of about 50 records & a load of Max Boyce cassettes, ogi ogi ogi blah blah blah…’

Electronic Art – Bethesda based outfit (pre-1992). More info req’d.

Endaf, Skylrk & Fairhurst – Collaboration c2021, released on track Gweld Dy Hun and rec’d airplay on BBC Radio Cymru from Lisa Gwilym (11.08.21)

Endevour – Wrexham band (formed 2002), feat; Carl Harrison (voc), Daniel Kehlenbeck (gtr), Daniel Pierce (gtr), Elliot Knox (bass), Nick Roberts (drms). Rec demo ‘This Is Our Time’

Engage – name used by Deeside band Your Ancestors after they dropped their orig SlipStream name

Engage The Enemy – rock band (c2012), feat; Sam Hender (voc,gtr),  Aiden ‘Pudsey’ Parry (gtr),  Jake ‘Spoons’ Scott-Jones (bass),  Dylan ‘Sid’ Collett (drms) (website)

Enigmatics – soon to be biggest new band in North Wales

Ensnared – doom-metal band from Bangor (c2010), feat; Jim Scarborough (voc), Josh Cantrill (gtr), Bloombag Darell (gtr), Beni Parsons (bass), Matt Davidson (drms,keys,gtr) (website)

Entity –
experimental Hardcore funk death metal 2-pc band from Ravenspoint Anglesey. Formed 1995 in Holyhead, various line up changes throughout to present day (once had Ben Henchman from Wendykurk on gtr). Most recognised line up; Beetle (bass) (also Carbon Vein), Worm (gtr), Whizz (beats), Jxhnno Reynolds (voc) (later Carbon Vein). Only one rec available. Jxhn Entity guesting on Fubar‘s ‘See How They Run’ EP 2001, track ‘Broken‘. Became a 5-pc  playing ‘Brutal Lounge Metal’ feat; Reynolds (voc), Beetle (gtr), Ben Norris (bass) (also Anti Life Theory), Meyer (drms), Johnson (gtr). Took a hiatus in 2008, new bassist Mike joined late in the year. In 2019 Jxhn, Beetle, Chris and Mike reformed and played live session on Neil Crud’s TudnoFM Show (09.12.19) (listen) before playing their first gig in 5 years (in Bangor on 13.12.19). Jxhnno is also in El Borracho

Epil – Bethesda based outfit (pre-1992). More info req’d.

Episode Three – mod band from Mold (c.late80s), feat, Paul Davies (voc,gtr), Stuart Davies (bass) and the legendary Gary Thomas  (later of Godzilla Breadvan)

Epitaff – Llanrug band formed Autumn 1997 by 3 6th form students of Ysgol Brynrefail, Dewi Thomas (drms), Huw Llywelyn (gtr), Ynyr Gruffudd (voc). Joined by Eurig Roberts (bass) and Mathew Thomas (gtr). 1st gig in Nov97. Signed to Gwynfryn Recs in Apr98. Rec studio session (‘Ram Jam’) and 4 acoustic sessions for BBC Radio Cymru, and numerous TV appearances on S4C’s ‘i-dot’, ‘Heno’ and ‘Uned 5’. Rel split EP 13.03.99 with Maharishi. 2nd EP Follow Me rel 29.09.00 and Geiriau, the opening track on the CD was chosen as the title music of S4C’s “Mae Gen i Gariad” programme. Rel 7 track EP Nov01 Un Cynnig, again rec by Bob Galvin at the Gwynfryn Community Studio, Waunfawr. More info req’d.

Epitaph – Anglesey metal band (c2006), feat; Martin Pritchard (voc) (also Anti-Life Theory), Anthony Ross (gtr), Rich Moore (bass), Joel Youngs (drms). (website)

Erazed – Anglesey band (c2005), feat; Richard Wills, Jason (bass) (now of Gola Ola). Announced 29.9.05 that they were ceasing activities. (website)

Eryr – Pen Llyn based band (2000), feat; Caron Williams (voc,drms), Aled Hughes (bass), Sion Dorkins (gtr), Dafydd Dabson (gtr). Max Hodges rec 4 track demo of the band in 2000-01, (he’s related to Daffyd). Dafydd is at Cardiff doing some form of music degree. The band are still writing, and playing whenever possible, Dafydd plays the “Sexy” White heartfield guitar from Max’s past. Have won several band competitions, and had radio exposure in 2004.

Eskimo Spies – new name (Jan08) for largely covers band Cellar Door

ESP Productions – film company from Llandudno, ESP standing for Ed Evers-Swindell (of Cellar Door), Paul Sutherland and Sian. Produced a low budget sci-fi horror movie – Infestation, mainly filmed in North Wales, which was sold at Cannes Festival to 9 countries in 2004. Paul has also filmed (2002) fly-on-the-wall footage of Pocket Venus for over 12 months and also headed 1000 Words Productions

Estella – Blaenau Ffestiniog band feat; 2 brothers (prev in Mistêcs) and their sister Lauren. More info req’d.

Eternal Flame – Rhyl band of late 70s, feat; John Hughes (voc), Johnny Wray (gtr), Mike Vitti (drms), Phil Hill (bass). Played mainly private parties and a lot at Rhyl High in the drama studio as they all attended that school (except Vitti who went to Blessed Teds and used to gallop around on a horse!). Played rock covers AC DC, Black Sabbath etc and were musically very good, better than any band in Rhyl at the time.

Ethania – R-Bennig Recs project (2002 onwards), feat; Johnny R and Marc Anthony Real. Rel Pennod Un EP. Held Banquet Ethania in Menai Bridge (2004) and rel CD ‘Wedi Pydru’ (Jul05)

Ether – band c2009 (Rhyl?) formed from the ashes of The Asbos and DXP. More info req’d

Ethergy – Rhyl band, formed 2003, feat; Chris Goddard, Matty Goddard, Lewis Collinson (gtr), Jon Hayes. During 2005 came runners up in the Emergenza Festival regional battle of the bands in Liverpool, playing at the Barfly, the Academy and the Carling Academy. Won the Radio Wales new talent competition winning a support slot on the Big Buzz at the Events Arena and 2 days in Bryn Derwen recording studio. Signed to Leaping Cat Recs (late06) and feature on ‘First Wave’ comp LP (Feb07)

Ethos – 3-pc school punk band (2003) from Ruthin, changed name to Crasis (Feb04), feat; Isaac Birchall (gtr) (brother of Neil Crud), Kieran ‘Bambi’ Eldson (drms), Robert ‘Twiggy’ May (bass). Had also feat; Alex Tuck (gtr), Nicola Richards (bass), Katherine (voc).

Eutonium – Holyhead rock band (changed name from Opium Apr07), feat; Alec Chant (voc,gtr), Grant Leach (bass), Gareth Roberts (drms). Also feat; Dave Burr Pritchard (now Anti-Life Theory) (website)

Evans – Caernarfon based band (2001), gigged across Nwales rec EP on Sylem recs then stopped doing anything. More info req’d.

Gareth Evans – manager of Stone Roses (b.1950). He was an ex-hairdresser who knew almost nothing about the music business, and signed them to Silvertone; one of the most iniquitous recording contracts in history (his legal adviser was a mortgage specialist from Manchester).  He was a successful businessman in the 70s and also ran the International venues in Manchester during the 1980s. He moved to Trearddur Bay in 2002 and was in the news in 2006 when he was hospitalised after being attacked on his doorstep.

Lee Evans – well known comedian / actor (born in Bristol 1964). Listed here as he moved to Rhyl in his teens. Played drums in a London punk band called The Forgotten Five shortly after leaving North Wales.

Alun Evansh – Pandy Tudur based former member of Dail Te Pawb, Boff Frank Bough, It Might Be  Also editor of Welsh zine Brwas. Disappeared from the scene approx 1993 (to Ireland) and re-emerged 10 years later as Alun Tan Lan. Formed surf instrumental band Y Niwl in 2010.

Everyday People – basically ABBA tribute Metabbalism minus mullets and spandex – covers band, based Buckley/Deeside. Named after classic Sly Stone track !

Evolve – St Asaph band (formed Jan03), feat; Jonathan Taylor (gtr), Martin Hughes (gtr), Arran Hands (drms), Julian Watson (voc), Geraint Alexander (bass). Play mainly covers.

The Executioners –
beat band (orig called The Kelts) based in Rhewl near Ruthin in the mid-1960’s. feat: Dave Evans (gtr); Ray Williams (gtr), Dennis Davies (drms), Chris Birchall (voc,bass) who is Neil Crud and Isaac Birchall’s father. Performed at local Saturday night dances, Social Clubs throughout the region.  Made an EP but the company went bust before the demo pressings were produced! Offered a tour of Hamburg but turned it down due to college / apprenticeships / marriage etc.  Chris says, ‘We had graduated from the local village hall dances, through the Chester and Deeside working-mens clubs, to earn our place on the Mersey Beat scene. We played the Cavern, The Iron Door, Tower Ballroom New Brighton and many other Merseyside Clubs, alongside the likes of the Searchers, The Big Three, Freddie Starr and the Midnighters, The Black Abbots, and the Undertakers. Sadly, we were never on the same bill as The Beatles, so I never got to meet John Lennon.’ Band eventually split about 1966/7 for the same reasons. (more pics)

Existentionalists – Mold based band of early-mid 90s. More info req’d.

The Exit – Rhyl based band pushed for the big time in the never-never land between indie and mainstream pop, supported big names like Primal Scream and All About Eve, but ran out of inspiration. Featured singer, pianist and songwriter Kandina Jane (later Deans Daughter, Sonar, V8s) and one time Sons Of Selina bassist Ken Mainardis, Paul Douglas (gtr), Mark Ormesher (drms). Rel 12″ EP The Room (1990) on their own GWA label.

The Exits – Colwyn Bay punk band (c1981),  Neil Pickering (gtr), Trevor Ackley (bass) (later Scargills), Dean Philips (drms), ? (voc). Played a gig at CBay Friendship Club (02.01.81). Manager/roadie Stuart Loughland (of Nightlyne) now a famous magician

The Extremes – punk band of early 80’s from Mold. Formed by Dave Pollard (now lives in Australia). They wrote their own songs and covering Buzzcocks, Sham 69, Clash and SLF.

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