North Wales: Da – Di

Daemonum – Wrexham based metal band, formed from Amethyst. Feat; Ian Maiden (voc) (later of Stuntface, Fuckerpunch), Nige (gtr), Marc (gtr), Mark Watson-Jones (bass) (ex Blacklisted, Skinflick, Finite Death, Merciless Savage), Gary (drms), Steve (keys). Rel demo “Dreams to Mourn”. Band became Hecate Enthroned.

Dail Te Pawb – Abergele band (1990) feat; Alun Evansh (bass) (see also Boff Frank Bough, It Might Be, Brwas, Alun Tan Lan, Y Niwl), Fonzie (gtr), Huw Jones (drms), Geraint Jones (voc). Hotly tipped at the time as the new Anhrefn. Songs incl; Ysgol, Magi, Prifathro. More info req’d.

Dai Muscles – psychedelic band (from Rhyl?) of early 70s. Prev called Technicolour Dream. Rel a single. More info req’d

Daisychain – Mold-based 4-pc. Formed 1990. feat; Daniel Johnson (voc), Adam Walton (gtr) (later Immediate), Richard Harrison (bass) (later Rope), Duncan Farmer (drms) & Simon Penketh (keys). Played 1st gig summer 1990 at Kings Arms, Wrexham supp Goodnight Said Florence & Emily. Kicked Simon Penketh out because he tucked his shirt into his kecks. Maelstrom EP (rec at Studio X Holywell) sold over 500 copies at various gigs in Chester (60s Winebar, Raphaels), the Tivoli (supp the Real People, Havana 3AM, Dr Phibes etc.). Name changed (for obvious reasons) to Metroland in 1991. Adam is now BBC Radio Wales DJ

Daisy Soup – Rhyl Grrrl band (early 90s), feat; Joanne. More info req’d.

Damir Bojanic – Acoustic solo project (2003) from bassist of Die Kast Messiah Dominic Tanner (now of Klaus Kinski) (website) (myspace)

Dammerung – gothic trio from Bangor. Formed orig in 1997 as a 5-pc feat; Steve (drms) (later Bum Sting Spiders), Pete Jones (gtr), Sandy (bass), Ian (voc) & Westhead (gtr). Played debut gig at the Crypt. Pete & Sandy left soon afterwards & Tab (bass) joined, but Ian left in summer ‘98 through illness & they split. Reformed again in 1999. Nov02, line-up is Guy Barlow (voc,gtr) (later Kobe, Army of Crows), Tab Giles (bass) (later Skinflick), Steve Groom (drms), band went on hold in 2002. Rel ‘Mortal Angel EP’

Damm Yankee – Prestatyn noize band (1987-88) formed by Dean ‘Obscene’ Roberts (formerly of No Answer) who went on to play guitar for Hate Time & Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials. Stuart (or Dave) (bass) & Haydn (drms) who committed suicide 1998. Not really noted for their musical ability but their opening gig was worth seeing. Spelling variations have been Damn and Dam.

Damn Blags – Wrexham based alt-indie band (c2008), feat; Daniel Owens (voc,keys), Daniel Edwards (gtr), Chris Prydderch (voc,bass), Dylan Powell (gtr,keys). Had session aired on Adam Walton’s Show 05.10.08 as Danblagroyd (changed name Sep09) and relocated to Cardiff (website)

Danblagroyd – prev name for Damn Blags until Sep09

D&B Promotions – brainchild of Dave Hollerhead & partner in crime Bob Owen, who promoted punk gigs at the West Shore Social Club in Llandudno since April 1998, where the likes of U.K.Subs, Vibrators, Guitar Gangsters, 999, Half Man Half Biscuit, have played along with a host of local bands. The West Shore was closed in early 2001 but the concept was revived at The Old Hall in Penrhyn Bay (Feb 02), went into hiatus 2005-07, and re-emerged in Sep08 to co-promote the Dirty Weekend (website)

DanTay Music – recording studio in Kinmel Bay (c2010), run by Daniel (website)

Dare – rock band from Rowen (1988-present) in the outbacks of rural North Wales formed by the former bassist of Thin Lizzy Darren Wharton. 1989 Dare signed to A&M Records for 1st LP ‘Out Of The Silence’. LP Belief features Simon Gardner (ex Trinity, TKRK) (b.voc,keys), & his brother, Julian (drms) & briefly Martin Wilding (gtr) (ex Boogie Run, Sons of Selina). Very big in Germany & Scandanavia.

The Dark – Gothic band from Llandudno in the mid-eighties feat; Phil (voc), Pete The Canadian (gtr), Sean O’Neill (bass) & Paul Hulme (drms) better known as Paul Puke, founding member of 4Q (also of NRG). Played 3 gigs, one at Penrhyn Old Hall & 2 at Tiffanys, Llandudno (owned by Ray Gardner, father of Rockcliffe Studios‘ Simon).

Dark Compass – podcast from Holyhead by Rowley since 2003, touching upon his outlook on life and playing some meaty music (website)

Dark Entity – orig name for Holywell’s Monastery

Darkest Hour – Rhyl band (early to mid 90s). More info req’d.

Darkside – Caernarfon based metal band – late 80’s – present? Orig line-up feat; Glyn (voc), Bryn Moore (gtr), Ian Cadmore (gtr), Declan Parry (bass) (later Kobe, This Thing, Army of Crows) and Andrew Gregson (drms). Rumour has it they used to open their set with the theme from Star Wars. This line-up rec one demo but they had a lot of arguments (they came to blows at one point) and split soon afterwards. Declan and Ian joined Dirge, Bryn Moore went on to play for Red and Hatework. Andrew and Glyn joined Ysoriant. Ian Cadmore resurrected the band name a couple of years later with a completely different line-up incl Iolo (drummer for DFA) and did a small tour. John Bowden (gtr) (also Kobe) – now a soundman at Bangor SU, joined the band for a bit. Ian was last seen recording under the Darkside name, but he hasn’t played live in a long time

Darvula – 5 piece hatecore/evil from the darkest corners of Anglesey, formed 2003-04. A collection of artists, shrouded in mystery and drawing inspiration and ideas from the black majik arts, lucid nightmares and Darvula herself. Stageshows include ritualistic seance’s, and the summoning of the forest witches…not for the faint hearted.

Datsyn – band from North/Mid-Wales area, formed 1994, feat, Gruff Meredith (voc,gtr), Iwan Pierce (bass), Ifer Gwyn (drms), Nick Fenwick (keys,gtr), Steffan Cravos (xtra sounds,smpls). Gigs in Carmarthen (with Gorkys), Porthmadog (with Super Furry Animals) & also Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff. 1st radio session was recorded for Heno Bydd Yr Adar Yn Canu on Radio Cymru; & incl; the tracks Be ‘Di’r Plot?, Sbe’s a Kinky Bitch.

Dau Cefn – electronica band of Aberystwyth, feat; Aled Roberts (voc) (ex Boff Frank Bough, Corridor), Scottish born Lindsay Macpherson (of Abergele) (keys), Iwan Williams (gtr) (ex Corridor). Rel LP Cousins (Early Experiments) 2001. Also feat on the No Apathy Dim Apathi LP on Dockrad Recs. Rel Mozzarella LP (02). More info req’d.

Dau Gog A Compiwtar – name translates as “Two Gogs (North-Walians) & a Computer). As this suggests, they are 2 people from North Wales. Graham Land (drms) & Dafydd Pierce (gtr) who create sequenced instrumental music using computers. More information on the “Gwyneb Arall” website.

Alan Daulby – BBC Radio Wales producer involved (amongst other shows) with Adam Walton’s Musical Mystery Tour. Based in Mold and working from the BBC in Wrexham, Alan used to present a show on the now defunct BBC Radio Clwyd. Heavily into T-Rex

Dauwd – dub-ambient-dance artist from Bangor (or at least his mum is) (c2015). Had several 12″ single releases inc; Could It Be, What’s There, Heat Division, Saleh, Jupiter George. (soundcloud)

Dale Davies – Llandudno based singer/songwriter (orig from Rhyl). Began writing songs c1996 and rel LP ‘Eternal Bachelor’ (2006). Attained plenty of airplay and industry interest (website)

Stephen Davies – artist from Bangor area (c1983), had track Getting Up feat on local comp tape ‘Just When You Thought We Were Dead’

Day Before Mortality – hardcore/metal band from Mold (formed late07), feat; Scott (voc). Jimmy (gtr), John (gtr), James (bass), Mike (drms). Rel EP ‘Ever Decreasing Circles’ (Dec08) (website)

A Day of Origin – screamo band from Abergele (c2009), feat; Alex Davies (v0c), Ash Lewis (gtr), Matthew Hoyle (bass), Owen Twidale (drms) (website)

Day Snails – Mold band (c1991), feat; Jamie Davies (gtr), Jamie McCarthur (drms), now a soloist.

DC/79 – Sealand based AC/DC tribute band (formed 2000), feat; Ali Todd. (website)

Y Dderwen Bop – 
compilation album released on Crai Recs (1998), feat contemporary bands of the time like Big Leaves, Cerrig Melys, Cacan Yw Experience, Tokyu, Gwacamoli amongst others (some of whom were utter rubbish)

Ddraenen, Y – student magazine but it had something for everyone. It is/was published every fortnight by the students of Bangor Uni edited by Simon Fisher (1995). Last known to released 13 issues covered many topics, bands, politics, local issues, even an interview with Prince.

Dead Boys – band from Rhyl (c1990), feat; Boz (voc,gtr), Dave Spud (gtr), Tommy Lee (drms) (later Psycho Sexual Sex Terrestrials)

Dead By Dawn – Denbigh band (2004), feat; Paddy Owens (b.2.9.88) (gtr,voc), Danny Cummings (b.2.10.88) (drms), Chris Davies (b.25.9.88) (gtr), Fill Hickman (b.5.10.88) (bass). Have played the Dudley, Rhyl.

Dead Clones – Denbigh band formed Dec03, feat; Klówn (bass,voc), Cadafer (drms), Chucky (gtr), Azz (gtr). Orig feat; Ben (voc) who was replaced by Razor who then left.

Dead Hedgehog – young band (2001-02), feat; Chris Walker (later of Sansara, Secret Shows) (gtr), James Latimer (bass) (ex Psilo Psybin, later Anti Virus), Chris Heath (ex Aneurism, later Sansara), played in Swallow Falls, Betws, played a mixture of punk & ska covers.

Dead.Is.Forever – metal-screamo band from Chester (formed Nov14), feat; Tom Evans (voc) (ex Luminova), James Stevens (gtr) (ex Babies With Rabies, Real 7, Indiana), James Wright (drms). Rel, single Photosensitivity, followed by EP ‘Open Your Eyes’ (Jan16). Mike Washington (bass) joined Jan16.

Deadlight Spiral – Colwyn Bay band (formed late07), feat; Daz Roddick (voc,gtr) (ex Dive, Whitewash, Alien Matter), Rob Loughlin (bass) (also Alien Matter), Cumi Pants (drms) (ex 4Q, Franks Dad, Sons of Selina, Alien Matter, Affliction, later Courteous Thief, Welsh Rebel Outpost) was sacked 2010. Played debut gig at Speakers Corner, Colwyn Bay 11.01.08, rel EP ‘Full Circle’ Jan08. Roddick now plays in Brighton band Cap In Hand (website)

Deadline – 4-pc covers band (c2005) from everywhere! Feat; Adrian Harrison (drms) from Port Dinorwic, Steve Newbegin (bass,voc) from Prestatyn, John Watson (gtr,voc) from Saltney (ex Route 66), Mark Thatcher (gtr,voc) from Ruthin (ex Llwybr Cyhoeddus, Grams, Route 66)

Dead Men Walking – (pic) ‘supergroup’ feat; Mike Peters (ex-Alarm), Kirk Brandon (Theatre of Hate, Spear of Destiny), Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols) & Pete Wylie (Mighty Wah). Glen left 2003 replaced by Capt Sensible (Damned), Wylie left 2000 replaced by Slim Jim (Stray Cats). Rel LP ‘Graveyard Smashes Vol 1’ (Dec06)

Dead On Arrival UK – orig name for DeMask (changed name Jan06) due to Canadian band DOA. Played Banquet Ethania & feat on the comp CD, which was aired by Adam Walton on BBC Radio Wales. Rel 5-track EP ‘Officially Arrived’. (gig review)

Dead Sexy – (pic) label and outlet for the darker side of industrial, run by Judas and MWJ of Skinflick. Releases by Skinflick, Mantra, Finite Death etc. Ceased c2007

Deadsexys – (pic) project title used by Paul Scouse Hammond for his remix work (c2007). Many of the recordings have appeared under the PSST and DNA Project banners. Made a live app at Billys, Rhyl (summer07) with Sleeping With The Fishes as his backing band. (website)

Dead Wired – Oswestry punk band from 1984. More info req’d.

Deans Daughter – described as a vehicle for Kandina Jane’s (now Sonar) solo songs at the tail end of The Exit’s career. Feat; Kandi (voc), Ken Mainardis (bass) (ex Exit, later Sons of Selina), Martin Wilding (gtr) (ex Boogie Run later Sons of Selina), Sally (b.voc) & Steve Allan Jones (keys/samplr/dat). 12 songs arranged & rec by Steve. This line up did 2 shows at the Little Theatre Rhyl & got good reviews. The world wasnt ready for the progressive big keys Pink Floyd thing. Kandy & Ken moved to London

Decidian – Dolgellau metal band (c2012), feat; Garin Hughes (drms), Michael Jenkins (gtr), Joseff Lea (bass), Stuart Rose (gtr), David Robert (voc). (facebook)

Declan Swans – Wrexham based band (2001) & pisstake merchants, named after Declan Swan (from that advert). Returned in late 2007 after a 2yr hiatus (website)

DeeJays – Llandudno band of late 60s (prev called Sundowners), feat; Lemmy (later of Sapphires, Hawkwind, Motorhead). Ended up on the wedding & dance circuit. More info req’d

Dee in The Park rock festival held in Wepre in summer 2000, attended by approx 3000 punters. Feat bands Relatives, Real Crazy Apartment

Deeside Leisure Centre – one time main circuit venue during late 70s – early 80s. Rubber mats were shipped in to cover the ice rink to allow 14,000 people to watch bands, usually getting water logged by the end of the show & punters with very cold feet. Used to be the 6th largest capacity venue in the UK & hosted the likes of The Clash, The Jam, Adam & The Ants, Judas Priest, Bob Marley & Blondie.

Def Con One – venue based at Trotters in Rhyl (1993) run as a collective business on giros by GMX Stuns. Hosted a Gathering day for fans of Mike Peters.

Defect – Llandudno based band (formed 1998) feat; Ben Pugh (voc,gtr), Chris Rowley (bass) (also Joe’s Bad Haircut), Martin Amies (drms), Rob Outram (gtr), Tom McDonald (decks). Described as punk, rap, metal & hip-hop, rec EP (Apr00) feat; Worship The Rock, Lost, Maybe You and Living Regret. Lost appears on the MASE ‘No Boundaries’ CD – Lost.

Defod – black metal project by Raz Casket (of Emissaries Of Syn, ex Merciless Savage). Rel EP ‘Cerrig Hynafol’ (20.03.21), followed by LP ‘The Lengthening Shadow’ (15.11.21).  Announced 02.04.22 that he had put a band together with Nige (gtr) (ex-Merciless Savage, Hecate Enthroned) and Tom on drums (bandcamp)

Defy All Reason – Wrexham band (formed 2011), feat; Gav (voc,gtr), Daz (gtr), Skeggsy (bass), Rad (drms). (website)

Dekay – short-lived hardcore grunge band (c2005) from Gwespyr feat; Gav Gun Lawton (voc,gtr) (ex Carbonari, Lucid, Dred, Scramble Joe, Torn Asunder), Chris Bad Pint Hughes (bass), Steve High (drms).

Deliquescent Crystals – project by Manky Ben, rel album ‘Time Turns Into Space’ (21.06.22). See also Mank, Llyn Y Cwn (bandcamp)

Delirium – band from Caernarfon area (early to mid 90s). More info req’d.

Delta Nine – Denbigh band (formed 2005), deat; Sam Cattell (voc,gtr), Danny Cattell (gtr), Alfie Cattell (keys), Sion Rogers (drms) and 2 others. Rel 6track EP ‘Sustainable Trees’. Played Bar Blu, Central Station¸ Springstock as well as other venues. Orig called Lumpheap

Delta Radio Band – dark-blues-rock project in Wrexham (formed 2017), feat; Steve Nicholls (gtr) (also of Camera, Baby Brave). Rel ‘Embassy EP’ (10.05.18) (bandcamp)

DeMask – Holyhead punk band, formerly called Dead on Arrival UK. Feat; Amy Hargreaves (b.1989) (voc,bass), Tomi Hargreaves (b.1990) (gtr), Karl Hargreaves (b.1993) (drms) (website)

Denbigh Festival – organisation behind Pigstock festival & the original name before 1998. Close links with the folk scene & the band Redhill.

Sue Denim – one half of Robots in Disguise and since 2012 a resident of Bangor. Rel single Bicycle (28.5.12)

Denuo – Colwyn based band (c2006), feat; Tom Mason (voc), Dan Williams (gtr), Sam Barnes (bass), Harry Jones (drms). Rec EP ‘Less Motion More Vision’ at Mase Studios. Relocated to Cardiff and became darlings of the scoustic-indie scene (website)

Depraved State
Depraved State – 
hardcore powerviolence noise band from Criccieth and Mostyn (formed 2015), feat;  Ifan Roberts (voc,gtr),  Dylan Tattum (drms) (ex Old Black Tattoo, Bluebottle Veins). Played debut at The North, Rhyl (07.01.16) which ended in nudity! Orig started as a 3pc with James Cooper (voc) (ex Terminal Voyeurs, Teeth Crack). Renowned for explosive 15 min live sets. Rel a 6 track casssette called ‘Demo 2016’ on Footloose Recs (31.08.16). Ifan moved to Cardiff in 2017 ceasing band activity. (bandcamp)

Depth – Nirvana influenced rocky band from Bangor area, formed 1999, feat; John Bowden (gtr) (later Kobe), Cynnog (bass), Barry Nolan (drms), Martin (voc) born & bred in Caernarfon with a strong American accent. Nolan’s drumkit used to belong to the Macc Lads until he swapped with them for an FX pedal!

Der Bomber – (pic) Rhyl band (formed Feb05), feat; Remo (voc), Carl O’Neill (gtr) (later Secretaire), John (gtr), Craig (bass), Jamie Cardno (drms) (ex Fathead, Floaters Revenge) who replaced Mike after 5 gigs (Jun05). Played debut gig at Bar Blu 11.5.05, rec session for Adam Walton on BBC Radio Wales (17.07.05). Caused controversy getting banned from Bar Blu, The Dudley and Hendre Hall (Bangor), which subsequently led to their non-appearance at Pigstock (Denbigh). Rel 9 track EP ‘Der Bomber’ (Dec05). Jamie left in summer06 and they toyed with the idea of John playing drums and looking for a keyboard player. By Sep06 Dave Cox (drms) (ex Chinese Chicken Balls, Floaters Revenge, Cox, Global Parasite) joined, adding extra bite to their sound. Split 2008. (website)

Derwyddon Dr Gonzo – funk-afro-ska Welsh lang band (formed 2006), feat; Jamz (perc,voc), Cai Sgons (drms), Smilin Tom (gtr), Bomshell (voc,gtr), Berwyn (trmpt), Bassically (bass), Ivan David (keys), Sion Corn (trmpt), Mei Slei (sax). Rel single KO (Ciwdod 2007), Their second EP, Chaviach/Bwthyn was released on the Copa Label in 2008, followed by their 2nd album, Stonk! (Copa 27.07.09) (website)

Design By Fire – hardcore metal band from Mold (formed Nov02), feat; Jeff Hardbattle (gtr,voc), Mike Watkinson (gtr,voc) (ex Sullen), Thomas Morris (bass,voc), Dan Buckland (drms). Rel, ‘Apparitions E.P.’ (Mar00), ‘Aura-shift E.P.’ (Jan04), ‘Close Your Eyes To Stay Awake E.P.’ (Sep04).

Destroy Babylon – Thrash metal band from Holyhead, feat; Spike T Smith (voc,drms), Simon Lewis (gtr,voc), Burton (bass,voc). Formerly known as Alternative Attack & used the DB name only a few times as they were banned from many places under the old name as Burton was always stealing stuff and causing fights. So changed name to Destroy Babylon and did a set of Bad Brains covers, the name comes from song by The Bad Brains on their 1st LP ‘Rock for Light’.. the band figured no one would know as they were pretty unheard of in those days especially in North Wales. Spike went on to play for Sacrilege, English Dogs and then he played for Morrissey on one of his epic tours and the Damned for a bit, was also in a band with ex-members of English Dogs, and in 2018 sessioned for Cockney Rejects. Burton roadied for The Prodigy. Gig review from 1987.

Destroyed – Maiden meets Wolfsbane style band with lots of dual guitars and “hooky” riffs from Prestatyn c1991. Feat; Rob Maxwell (gtr,voc) (later of Templegate), Matty Roberts (drms) (later Sonar), Dave Maxwell (bass), Jason Hudson (gtr). Played at the Bistro & also feat at some point Jon Waring (soon to join Psychosexual Sex Terrestrials). Supp Paul Dianno’s “Killers” at the Tiv in Buckley.

Dethkats – psychobilly, surf, goth punk band based in Manchester but members are all Welsh (formed Aug05) by Matt Watkins (gtr) (ex Mongolian Dethkit, Wendykurk, Suma Suma), Lee Roberts (bass) (ex Torturhaus), Moema (voc,gtr), Emily Selimes (drms). Rec Dragula demo (2006), plan to rec EP (website)

Deus Ex Incendia – Colwyn Bay band (formed Apr06), feat; Matt W (gtr,keys), Marc (drms). Ceased Sep06. (website)

Dav Devalle – artist from Bangor area (c1983), had track Side feat on local comp tape ‘Just When You Thought We Were Dead’. Also in Ghostriders

Devastaters – Shrewsbury punk band (pre-1984) feat; Dean Obscene (later of PSST). Formerly called The After Birth.

Devilock – Bangor band (c1989), feat; Duncan Black (gtr,voc), Pete Denny (gtr,voc), Chris Jones (drms), Malcolm Owen (bass) (He has now bizarrely changed his name to Jez Kelly). Duncan says, ‘We played the following cover versions,  Black Sabbath – ‘Paranoid’, Beastie Boys – ‘Fight For Your Right’, Theme from Batman and Metallica – ‘Seek & Destroy’ – I must have been in fifth form doing my GCSEs at Ysgol David Hughes.’ (more)

Dexadrina – Wrexham based Glam art/punk band (2000)

– Caernarfon punk band (c1987), feat; Keith Morris (voc,gtr) (later White Ether), Iolo (drms) (later White Ether), Gareth Jeffs (bass), Sion Parry (gtr). Rel ‘Dead Elvis EP’ (1997 – reissued on bandcamp 2020). Jeffs bought an 8-string guitar and joined Irish metal band Xerosun (who relocated to Germany)

Diablo Rojo – scum rock band (c2011), feat; Geth Tomos (bass) (ex Gwacamoli) and Gareth Roberts (drms). Scum rock, mixing in overloaded effects, damaged electronics, and gimmicks like masks and in-mouth mics, nice! (website)

Dick, Dick & The Dicks – Bangor band for late 70s, feat; Glyn Shipham (voc), Marc d’Abiville (gtr), Tony Travis (bass), Owen Hughes (drms) (later Hot Water, Fay Ray). Reformed with Brenda Prescott (voc) replacing Glyn and Roy Smith (perc) (later of Menai Straights). Became Brenda & The Hot Dicks.

Die Kast Messiah – (pic) Colwyn Bay horror-rock band, formed Jan01. Feat; Kirk Lovell (voc), Damir Bojanic (Dominic Tanner) (bass), Lee Borrett (keys), Russell Pritchard (drms). Debut gig was 17.09.01 at the MASE in Llandudno. Orig guitarist was Andy Jones & Shaun Cull (gtr) was also with them prev. Damir & Lee were also in Repercussion

Diems – Bethesda band (pre-1995) feat; Deian Owen (keys), Gronw Roberts (bass) & Ed Cox. Rec three commercially rel LPs, incl; one for Fflach label & gigged regularly, headlining in their own right as well as supp such acts as The Super Furry Animals, Catatonia & Gorkys Zygotic Mynci. The band also made live & video appearances on S4C. (see also DNA, Cint).

– Bangor art-core  industrial sludge band (formed 2018), feat; tArt (bass,voc), Gen (bass,voc), mWhup (perc,voc), jPump (gtr,voc). (one of these is James Phillips). (fb)

The Dimensions – Bangor band (c1960s). More info req’d

Dinistro y Dinuwedd – Llanrwst punk band (late 80s) feat; John Henry (gtr), Huw Jones (drms), Dominic Pitcher (voc) (ex Oblivion), Simone Channer (gtr,voc), Aldean Channer (bass,voc). App on Fideo9 on S4C & supp Cyrff & Yr Orsedd many times. Dominic sadly died in the 90s aged 22.

Dipsomaniacs – Nwales band (2001). More info req’d.

Direction Music – cassette label based in Pentraeth started by Peter Harrison in Mar89 (more…)

Dirge – Anglesey based thrash-metal band, 1990-92. Line-up changed a lot, feat amongst others; Duncan Black (gtr) (ex Mucus, Skinflick), Chris ‘Squirrel’ Jones (drms) (ex Red, FBF, Mucus, Y Profiad)., Gareth ‘Bobs’ Brindle (bass) (later Red, Hatework), Ian Cadmore (gtr) (ex Darkside), Bryn Moore (gtr) (later Red, Hatework), Dan Alexander (gtr) (ex Mucus, Fubar, Skink), Johnny Piers (gtr), Chris Moore (voc) (later This Thing), Declan Parry (bass) (later Kobe, This Thing, Army of Crows), John Vietnam (voc) (ex-Vietnam), Malcolm Owen (voc) (later of Near Dark). Band stupidly changed name to Fatal Mistake and did a couple of ill-received gigs at the Normandie. Chris’ lightning speed drumming was legendary though

Dirty Angel Thing – Felinheli band (2001), feat; Ali Roberts (voc) (ex Hamish McDoodle, KKKK), Steve Twigg (voc) (ex Papa Lazaroo, Tarantism, Band With No Name), Danny Cutler (bass) (ex Papa Lazaroo, Midnight Snack). Rel self-titled EP (Feb03), described as Nine Inch Nails meets Massive Attack. Side project by members of Logic of Impossibility. Twigg later (2010) surfaced in Manchester blues-rock band Electric Radar (soundcloud)

Dirty Dogs – Prestatyn covers band (formed early06), feat Terry Jackson (bass) (also of Mo-Tone Company Band)

Dirty Static – project feat; Anthony ‘Paz’ Parry (voc,gtr) (ex Djenifus, HyperTraffic and Oysterboy). Later joined by Steve (bass), Lonny (drms). (website)

The Dirty Weekend – punk festival that originated in Rhyl in 2004 and organised by Dave Cox and his Punk In Drublic associates, with the first event at The Morville Hotel. It moved to Dudley Arms in the town from 2005-07, before heading to Hendre Hall (near Bangor) in 2008 and was headlined by Discharge and Subhumans. There was a 4-year hiatus before Elliott Capper joined forces with Dave and they relaunched the event in Wrexham in 2012-13 (where Extreme Noise Terror managed to melt the electric supply fuse box). Since then Matt at Pumpkin Records took over the reins with Elliot, but the (incorrect and gossip fueled) reputation of the bands and ‘punks’ have meant it has had to relocate several times since, and it was decided to change the name to Common Ground. Llandyffin, Forest Of Dean and Bristol have all hosted the event, with the last one being in 2017. (facebook)

Dirty Words – band (c2008), morphed into After an Alibi after playing their final gig (in Bethel 13.9.08)

Disciples of Spess – Mold band (1981 – present). Rel single on Grimble Recs (1988) (website)

Disco Fish – 5-pc Indie/Funk/Punk/Metal/Ska band from Buckley (1994-97), feat; Peter Crank (drms), Mark Gunning (gtr,voc), Carl Ridge (bass), Chris Pugh (gtr,sax), Steve Davies (keys). An orig band with some pretty cool ideas that split just as they were getting good. Pete & Chris joined a band in Coventry called Colonel Mustard, Carl joined Wrexham based band Flood, Mark writes his own stuff and doesn’t think Steve plays anymore.

Disdainful Existence – Amlwch thrash band (c1992). More info req’d

Diseased Mind – fanzine from Rhyl (1990), by Steve Haldane. So offensive that even the liberal minded Kavern Records refused to stock it. Printed on a photocopier so heavy and large that it actually warped time. Anarchic commentary mixed with whimsical poetry, comic strips drawn with an undoubted warmth and a somewhat trembley appearance. Jesus Jones interview was a high point.

Disenterpretation – Buckley band formed 1999 who soon became V-Plates

Distant Cousins – Bangor outfit of 80s, feat; Sheila Macartney (voc) (ex Weetabix Express, Hot Water, later Fay Ray), Martin Wilson (gtr), Alan Wilkinson (bass), Mark Thomas (drms).

Distorted Background – band (2001) from Llandrillo Tech feat; Phil Pearson (voc), Dan Harris, Wil Walker. Involved with MASE project.

Disturbed – Rhyl punk band (formed 1981), feat; Graham Bevins (bass) (later Mal de Mer), Tudor Parry (gtr,voc), Mark Jordan (gtr), Chris Turner (drms) (later Frightened By Strangers). First rehearsal was at Inter Leisure’s function room (next to the Golden Gate). Just under a year of practising led to no gigs and they eventually became the initial line up of Mercenary Skank

Dive – Colwyn Bay based grunge band- formed ‘98, Daz Roddick (gtr,voc) (later Whitewash, Alien Matter, Deadlight Spiral), John Hargest (drms), Julian Neale (bass). Ste Watson (gtr) for short period during ‘98. 1999 Dave Malam replaced Ste Watson as guitarist. Hargest & Neale left Sep99 to join Carpet (both later in Morffe, Wobbly Hearts). Jason Dicken (drms) (later Lantern) & Mike Owen (bass) replace departed members. Roddick/Malam/Owen/Dicken line up lasts for a year and a bit. Malam leaves sometime during ‘01, Dive continue as 3-pc. Later that year Malam rejoins & leaves again. 2002 Mike Owen leaves to go to Uni in Manc land. (more).

Dizzy Mama – Legendary Deeside based pub rock band (formed 1988), orig feat; Andrew Ellis (voc) (also of Superbad), Chris Harris (drms), Bert ??? (gtr), Dave Hoyle (gtr), Wayne (bass). Hoyle left and was replaced by Wetlegg, then Ellis left in 1992 to be replaced by Fred who takes up the commentary, ‘The next to leave about 8 months later was Chris, who was replaced by Gary Jones the next to leave was Wetlegg who was replaced by Lee Brooke who left and was replaced by Ray Mcalister who left and was replaced by Dave Hoyle. He was now on his 2nd term with Dizzy Mama. I then quit myself and they did not replace me for about 9 months, then Wayne moved away and he was replaced by Pete (voc,bass). They did a charity gig at Theatr Clwyd in 2001 that line up was Andy Ellis,  Chris Harris, Bert, Dave Hoyle And Mogga (ex-Think Lizzy, now We Are 0151). I would like to say that I had 8 good years with Dizzy Mama and enjoyed every minute with them.’ Vaughan (bass) (ex-Goodfellas) also passed through the ranks.

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