Dave Cox Interview

Aug 03
1. At least 2 bands, a record label, gig promoter and you’re from Colwyn Bay. Are you the Neil Crud of the new millennium (ha-ha!)?Erm… I hope not. (and its only one band now, read answer to question 5). also, the label isn’t anything proper, just Leigh’s computer cd writer and a few punk bands (and Ste started Pig Town Records, not me. May I add he ASKED TO MENTION THAT!! hahaha). Plus, I’m not from Colwyn Bay; I live there but I’m from Manchester. So, no – I’m not the Neil Crud of the new millennuI’m, sorry.

2. With the punk scene pretty vibrant now there is a lot of crossover in North Wales with punk bands getting along with the indie kids, do you see yourself strictly as a punk rocker or just a part of the whole local scene?

Its hard to say, I care more about the local punk scene rather than the whole local scene in general, but that doesnt mean I’m against any other kind of music, I just personally can’t stand it thats all. Each to their own an all that palaver.

3. Was it an intention to get actively involved in promoting other bands or was it thrust upon you?

Its not just me who puts on the gigs, the rest of The Cox (Leigh & Ste) do too. And Leigh’s the one who does all the technical stuff (like sortin out the PA and doing the levels etc). Me and Ste just help carry stuff an help out putting out flyers an plugging the gigs as much as possible on link2wales guestbooks. We all help decide who to get to play though. Back to the question – erm… yep, it was intentional. We wanted to start putting on nights similar to D&B’s nights and I’m quite proud of what we’ve got set up now. There ya go.

4. Anymore releases planned on Pig town records, how do you find sales of your products?

Once we’ve all saved up our cash and bought some decent stuff (like a good drum kit and a big fat bass amp) we’re gonna hit Leigh’s garage again and record about 20 odd songs. That will probably be around September/October time now (even though we were planning on doing it in spring/summer ’03). No one’s noticed though which is pretty handy. There’s a band from Japan who want us to release their new album. They’re called “Everybody’s Enemy” and they’re a bit Minor Threat / Pennywise-ish which is always good. That should be ready in the next few months as they’ve just finished recording it. Then they’ve gotta find a big enough pigeon to carry a CD all that way. I think that’s it so far but we’d like to have a lot more releases. As for “record sales”… well…. ermm… yer. We havn’t sold very many! Ha-ha its probably for the best.

5. I’ve seen you in various guises, guitar for Chinese Chicken Balls, in Hektor & drumming for The Cox. Do you find spreading yourself thin means you can’t dedicate enough tI’me to one project or do you thrive on the pressure?

Have you seen me recently? “Spreading yourself thin…”?? anyway, I never played guitar for Chinese Chicken Balls. I played drums for Chinese Chicken Balls and Hektor (which are the same band by the way, its just Hektor is the new name). I played guitar for Terminal CC (which later became the Floaters Revenge). basically, I kinda stopped playing guitar because I really can’t play it very well at all!! I can do chords (bar chords) but thats it, I’m not patient, confident or talented enough to try and get good at it so what’s the use? That’s why I tried out drums instead which I’m better at by millions than I am on the “axe”. Another thing you need to know – I’m no longer playing drums for Hektor as I caught them in bed with my mum. Leigh’s now playing drums for them. You heard it here first folks.

6. With The Cox, are you just a good time trashy punk band or is there an underlying message?

Well, basically we started the band from a jam just havin a laugh and that and we all really enjoyed playin’ punk together so its carried on since. If it starts not being fun then we’ll stop (thats what happened to the Floaters Revenge). We write songs about whatevers on our minds. We’ve got a few serious songs (about anti-bnp, anti-war, unity, education, failure etc) and a few funny songs (Nailbomb The Dancefloor, I Wanna Be Ron Jeremy, Itchy Pants, Whats The Point In Johnny? etc). In general our songs are about looking out for each other and doing what you want to do no matter what people say or do (and lobbin grenades in discos).

7. Being Dave Warburton you’ve come under fire from poison pen campaigns on the Internet; does this bother you? Do you lose sleep over it or what?

Nah, I dunno. I dont care about it but it pisses me off when people slag us off (The Cox) and don’t even bother to leave their name. Especially when they don’t even leave a good reason why they dont like us. I can be an arse wipe so I’m not that surprised when people slag me off and I know for certain that Lantern want me in a box. But, fair enough if people don’t like us or our music or whatever, cos everyone’s different, musical tastes and people’s personalities can clash. What the fuck am I goin’ on about now? Whatever, basically, we dont give a shit if people like us or dont like us (musically or personally).

8. Is The Dudley in Rhyl an ideal venue for your Punk in Drublic shows, do they give you a fair deal with door money? And was the demise of the Breeding Ground the opportunity you saw to get a dirty punk venue on the go?

I think the Dudley is a pretty nifty venue to have punk nights. Its a dirty little pub with a tiny little stage an a low roof, there’s always a good atmosphere, what more do ya want? Its on the door usually and Pete (the owner normally gives us about ? to pay the bands with, apparently he needs the rest to pay for the entertainments licence but I think its really to fund his internet paeodophile addiction). It wasn’t the Breeding Ground that inspired us to start promoting punk nights though. And in my opinion the Breeding Ground wasn’t even that good, it was just somewhere to go to watch a mediocre band and get drunk with all your mates. Apart from the odd one where there was a decent punk band playing. The last night of “The Stand” was the best, the bit where everyone started breakin’ stuff an goin’ mental was the best part, but we dont encourage that at the Dudley, oh no no no. no seriously, don’t break stuff. To be fair though, you can’t please everyone and the DJ at the Breeding Ground was trying to please everyone by playing a bit of everything and getting bands of all styles. It’s alot easier doin’ punk nights in a little pub.

9. There seems to be good network with the Birkenhead scene, was it through D+B Promotions you got involved & how has Holly helped you?

Hocky (from Instant Agony) puts on punk nights there cos thats where he lives as you know, an we’re all mates from the D&B nights. He’s sorting us out a gig there in October or November I think. Holly’s helped us loads, when we first started in January he sent me a big fat list of contacts for loads of punk bands. Some people would be a bastard an get jealous or turn into rivals or whatever but Holly’s been sound an really supported us & even mentioned our upcoming nights in the D&B mailing list and sendin’ out flyers etc.

10. Any advice for a girly mosher like myself?

Show us ya tits!

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